Avia-tek Corporate Presentation


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Avia-Tek is the leading aviation and aerospace consulting firm in China with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Hong Kong and the U.S. This presentation gives a brief overview of the company and its specialties.

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Avia-tek Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Company Presentation Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets Hong Kong • Shanghai • Palm Beach www.avia-tek.com 1
  2. 2. Corporate Information • Avia-Tek provides market research, management consulting, and M&A advisory services to the global commercial aviation and related industries. • General Information  Headquarters: Shanghai, China  Date of incorporation: March 2010  Ownership: Privately-held • Legal Entities / Subsidiaries  Avia-Tek Limited  Avia-Tek Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.  Avia-Tek Management Consulting USA LLC • Co-Founder, Managing Director  Mr. Todd SIENA www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 2
  3. 3. Our global network of industry experts, partners, and staff… Partners Industry Experts Supporting Staff We build teams of world-class experts to achieve your objectives www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 3
  4. 4. …support our clients with the following services Three types of services… Market Research Management Consulting M&A Advisory Services …are provided to our clients in the following sectors Commercial Aerospace Manufacturers www.avia-tek.com Airlines and Leasing Companies Business and General Aviation Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets Investors, Government, and Other Related Industries 4
  5. 5. Market Research • A Customized Market Study evaluates the prospects of a market for your product and services by studying customers, competitors, partners, barriers to entry, and any other aspects of the market you want to understand. • We can provide Competitive Intelligence to help your organization make smart strategic decisions in line with industry best practices. • We also have ready-made Market Analysis Reports that cover a wide range of topics on the Chinese aviation industry and are available for purchase online. Market Research Process Define your market research objectives www.avia-tek.com Proposal and acceptance Data collection and analysis Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets Alignment meetings Final acceptance of deliverables 5
  6. 6. Market Research – Avia-Tek Industry Insights • We also regularly create ready-made reports such as the Avia-Tek Industry Insights series. Examples of reports include:  Analysis of China’s MIIT Civil Aviation Medium Long-Term Plan  Civil Helicopters Market Overview  China Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Industry Assessment  Analysis of China’s Civil Airport Development Plan  Business Aviation Market Overview  China’s Regional Aviation Market Overview www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 6
  7. 7. M&A Advisory Services • Avia-Tek offers a range of cross-border financial advisory services for companies seeking to raise capital or develop their international business through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances with Chinese firms. • Utilize our high-level relationships with government and industry to gain access to more buyers and strategic partners involved in aviation, manufacturing, and finance. N W • Leverage the deep expertise our Industry Experts have in finance, cross-border M&A, engineering, operations, government affairs, and supply chain management to increase shareholder value. www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets E S 7
  8. 8. M&A Advisory Services Preparation       Marketing Transaction Proposal of M&A advisory services Preliminary valuation analysis Preparation of unique offering documents Preparation of a financial memorandum Development of merger or alliance strategy In-depth research for prospective buyers or strategic alliance partners www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 8
  9. 9. M&A Advisory Services Preparation     Marketing Transaction Contact prospective buyers or targets Coaching for conference calls and visits Detailed activity reports Follow-up in a professional, staged manner www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 9
  10. 10. M&A Advisory Services Preparation        Marketing Transaction Valuation of company or product line Management of the negotiation process Review and negotiate Letter of Intent Coordination of attorneys and accountants Structuring the transaction Guidance of due diligence process Assistance in closing and funds/stock transfer www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 10
  11. 11. Management Consulting • Avia-Tek offers practical assistance and support to firms operating in sectors that are highly regulated and in which the State plays a large commercial role, directly and through SOEs. • Our management consulting services include strategic advisory, technical consulting, professional development (training), and specific services for airlines and leasing companies. www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 11
  12. 12. Management Consulting – Strategic Advisory • Feasibility Study • Business Plan • Implementation Plan • Strategy Workshops & Executive Trips www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 12
  13. 13. Management Consulting – Technical Consulting • Avia-Tek has the capability to build cross-functional teams that can integrate with your own organization for a period of time from project definition to completion. Our process is as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Assess your needs and technical requirements Define the project and submit a proposal Proposal acceptance and contractual engagement Assemble a cross-functional team of aviation experts Execute the project through a combination of remote and on-site technical consulting Conduct training of the local team as required Project finalization and performance evaluation Follow up training provided as needed www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 13
  14. 14. Management Consulting – Professional Development • Aerospace and aviation expertise is globally in short supply - Avia-Tek can bring in our aviation experts to train your staff • Here are a number of examples where we would be able to offer technical training support:  The client is setting up a private pilot training school, but needs someone to train them in FBO management.  The client is setting up an aerospace component manufacturing facility, but have encountered highly technical problems that is taking them a long time to solve.  The client needs technical training and support in the planning and establishment of their aftermarket support system. • Our team of aviation experts are ready to bring the necessary know-how, procedures, and best practices to your organization. www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 14
  15. 15. Management Consulting – Airline & Leasing Co Services • Avia-Tek provides experienced senior executives with a proven trackrecord who have the necessary competence in the required airline domains to achieve the changes necessary whilst motivating the staff and ensuring that service levels are maintained or enhanced • Our adaptive approach, either to single departments or to the organization as a whole, consists of implementing changes in a controlled manner involving management and staff so as not to affect the on-going airline business. The particularities of the airline as well as the cultural aspects are taken into account so as to ensure that any restructuring changes made are long-term, effective and practical in order for these to have a lasting effect well beyond the consultancy period. The involvement of the staff is necessary for such changes and good communication is the key. • We are providing a result oriented solution providing short and long term benefits whilst enhancing the efficiency and therefore the profitability and competitiveness of the airline. www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 15
  16. 16. Management Consulting – Airline & Leasing Co Services • • • Strategic Services  Airline Organization Review  Airline Start-Up Commercial Services  Aircraft Suitability Analysis  Request For Proposal Assistance  Aircraft Lease Agreement Consulting  Aircraft Purchase Agreement Consulting Airline Operations  Airline Cost Efficiency Review  Maintenance Reserves Provision Analysis  Maintenance Reserves  Heavy Maintenance Supervision  Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE Management) www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 16
  17. 17. Client References and others… www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 17
  18. 18. Disclaimer Avia-Tek Ltd. hereafter referred to as “CONSULTANT” will provide advice based on our business experience, knowledge, and best efforts in achieving the goals within the scope of this agreement. CONSULTANT is not responsible for any changes in market conditions, changes in Chinese laws, and/or any changes by potential targets that may adversely affect the client and/or the outcome of its business and/or investments. CONSULTANT is not a qualified or certified law or accounting firm; nor are we licensed to practice law or provide legal advice; nor licensed to provide accounting services. Any legal recommendations and/or financial projections that we provide are based solely on our business experience. The client is strongly advised to get appropriate legal and accounting advice prior to making any financial investments based on CONSULTANT’s recommendations. www.avia-tek.com Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets 18
  19. 19. Avia-Tek partners with our clients to help them navigate the aviation and aerospace industry in China and emerging markets.    Market Research  Customized Market Studies  Competitive Intelligence Management Consulting  Executive Trips & Strategy Workshops  Feasibility Studies & Business Plans  Technical Consulting & Training M&A Advisory Services  Sell-Side  Buy-Side  Strategic Alliances & JV Learn more at www.avia-tek.com or feel free to contact us directly. Todd Siena Founding Partner Fluent in English Fluent in Chinese (会说中文) + 86 189 1707 4921 siena@avia-tek.com © 2013, Avia-Tek. All Rights Reserved North America John Siena, Partner jcsiena@avia-tek.com +1-561-797-8818 Aerospace Consulting – Emerging Markets Asia and Rest of World Avia-Tek Head Office info@avia-tek.com +86-21-5157-2179 19