FL Technics Engines


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FL Technics Engines is a global provider of integrated aircraft
engine support solutions.

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FL Technics Engines

  1. 1. Part of Avia Solutions Group • MRO Services & Supply Chain Solutions • Pilot & Crew Training and Aviation Staff Leasing • Ground Handling and Aircraft Fuelling • Aircraft Management and Private Charter • Airport Management Avia Solutions Group – a public limited liability company, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange 2
  2. 2. About FL Technics “We are a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul” • • • • 20 years of experience, almost 1000 professionals Boeing Edge/GoldCare partner Hangars in Lithuania, Russia Extensive network of Line Maintenance support across Europe, Asia Pacific and the CIS • Leading partners worldwide, including Kellstrom Industries, Ametek MRO, Seal Dynamics • EASA Part-145, Part-M, Part-147, Part-21 certified company, FAA, Russia, Gulf, etc. approvals • Offices in Lithuania, Russia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Malaysia • • Part of Avia Solutions Group, a WSE listed aviation company Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 - The International Standard for Quality Management Systems 3
  3. 3. Integrated Technical Solutions Base maintenance Line maintenance Parts and components, repair and overhaul Military aircraft component support Engine management Landing gear and APU management Full aircraft engineering Technical training and consulting 4
  4. 4. About FL Technics Engines • Global provider of integrated engine support solutions • Capabilities: all major engine types of aircraft including but not limited to CFM56, CF6, PW 2000, PW 4000, V2500, CF34, Rolls Royce RB211 families • Total engine support: scrap replacement materials, exchange, sale, purchase and lease of an engine or its components • 24/7 AOG Support: 24 to 48 hours deliveries of any type of engine; full customs clearance; fast and reliable transport solutions aircraft 5
  5. 5. Services • On-Wing and On-Site Services • On-Site Presence During Service • Contract Review • Work scope Consulting • Material Cost Savings • Record Management 6
  6. 6. On-Wing and On-Site Services „24/7 services delivered by dedicated AOG professionals“ • Assistance in the case of almost any trouble to aircraft engines, such as foreign object damage, bird strike, EGT loss, general troubleshooting • Engine line maintenance services cover all types of engines • Consulting on assessment • Assistance by phone or email as well as by sending a team on site in order to save downtime and reduce costs • Professional team available 24/7 • Full compliance requirements aircraft with engine national maintenance and facility international 7
  7. 7. On-Site Presence During Service „With us, you will have another pair of eyes to confirm findings“ • Detailed table inspection with independent reporting and digital documentation including analysis, real time questions, and immediate identification of problems • Facilitating communication between the customer, the shop, and the lessor both before and after the table inspection and during the shop visit • Specialists are available for the on-site presence next day at all shops in Europe and within several days anywhere in the world 8
  8. 8. Contract Review „We make sure you know what’s in it BEFORE you sign it“ • Detailed review by our engineering and finance specialists, ensuring best contract conditions at the maintenance facility • Comparison of offers from various MRO facilities in order to negotiate the final contract and receive best services • In-depth analysis of shop capabilities in regard to subcontracted service volume, in-house capabilities, exchange fees, mark-ups and scrap rate limit coverage 9
  9. 9. Workscope Consulting “We ensure you get best service – every time” • Independent analysis and comparison of engine works copes • Continuous review of work scope and its modifications during maintenance • Detailed analysis while evaluating the original, revised, and final work scope and possible implications to airlines, owners, and/or lessors • Assistance in managing and improving repair processes by setting clear objectives through measuring and evaluating workshop planning and work scope definition • Our services, built on a thorough understanding of the business, help aircraft operators avoid misunderstandings and get the best result while dealing with service providers 10
  10. 10. Material Cost Savings “We help you reduce waste and increase productivity” • Assistance in using the airline option to provide customer supplied parts, as per your maintenance contract • Services with no limitations to contracted parts supplier/engine shop arrangements covering access to the entire global market for spare parts • Analysis of the effects of parts exchange, upgrade and modifications as well as how it affects the fleet or future engine service • Evaluation of actual needs and offer of refurbished materials • Managing purchasing deals for spare engines, as well as sale and lease back of these engines 11
  11. 11. Record Management “Accessible data whenever you need it” • A full scope of services related to document storage and retrieval • Storage, on site scanning, on line access of engine maintenance history and individual documents, and maintaining service records, as well as Life-Limited Parts records • All information is available through 24/7 AOG Support Line • The whole process has been designed to support customers whenever they need to use their technical and other documentation 12
  12. 12. Why us? Reasonable prices and optimal service times We offer integrated solutions which can save customers’ money compared to the European Union prices. Due to the combination with short service times, we bring cost effective solutions with a greater value Customer-oriented attitude We are dynamic, flexible, and customer-focused. We are developing all the time and this is the way of delivering world-class services to our customers Convenient location FL Technics Engines operates from Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. The location makes us attractive to customers from many different regions, like Europe and Asia Independent providers We are independent from engine shops and the makers of related materials. We use this advantage to deliver the solutions that best meet any client’s requirements 13
  13. 13. The way we work.. Fluent service We have an experienced team monitoring the whole service process to ensure that our solutions are delivered smoothly and seamlessly Availability and flexibility We are buying a large number of engines therefore we can offer a great variety of materials, flexible logistics, effective repair of spare parts and excess to the surplus materials pool. In addition, we provide reviews of materials and scrap materials in regard to possible alternative repairs Various options to customers Usually shops offer replacing as many components and LLPs with new ones. To ensure our customers get best value, we evaluate the needs and offer different options, such as lease and exchange 14
  14. 14. The way we work.. 1. We are getting an overview of your business 2. We develop comprehensive solutions 3. We deliver services keeping our promises and deadlines Time to choose.. 15
  15. 15. FL Technics T: +370 (5) 252 5015 F: +370 (5) 252 5646 E: engines@fltechnics.com Office address: Rodunios str. 2, LT-02189 Vilnius, Lithuania Correspondence address: Rodunios str. 18, LT-02188 Vilnius, Lithuania AOG Support Line 24/7 T. + 370 (5) 277 0011 E: aog@fltechnics.com www.fltechnicsengines.com