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FL Technics Engine Washing Program


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FL Technics Engine Washing Program

  2. 2. Part of Avia Solutions Group • Base maintenance • Line maintenance • Spare parts & component support • Military aircraft component support • Engine, APU and LG management • Full aircraft engineering • Technical training and consulting • Logistics and customs clearance to Russia • Inventory & service locator • Artificial Intelligence-based solutions • Market analytics tool • Supplier management tool • Inventory publishing tool • Ab Initio and Type Rating training for airplane and helicopter pilots • Cadet program for airlines • Recurrent training • FI, TRI/TRE training • Cabin crew, ground handling personnel training • Crew leasing service • FFS AOG solutions • Business and training management system, MOMook Consulting • Short-term recruitment solutions • Long-term recruitment solutions • Aviation job search portal • Passenger handling • Aircraft handling • Fuelling • Catering • Airport terminal engineering • Hazardous freight • Business charter • Aircraft management • Airport construction & development • Launch of airport services • Airport management
  3. 3. Company Profile: Facts & Figures • 20 years of experience, almost 1000 professionals • Boeing Edge/GoldCare partner • Hangars in Lithuania, Russia • Extensive network of Line Maintenance support across Europe, Asia Pacific and the CIS • Leading partners worldwide, including Kellstrom Industries, Ametek MRO, Seal Dynamics • EASA Part-145, Part-M, Part-147, Part-21 certified company, FAA, Russia, Gulf, etc. approvals • Offices in Lithuania, Russia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Malaysia • Part of Avia Solutions Group, a WSE-listed aviation company • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 - The International Standard for Quality Management Systems ONE STOP SHOP MRO SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, A LOCAL FIRST CHOICE ALTERNATIVE TO GLOBAL MRO BRANDS
  4. 4. Company Profile: Hangars & Line Stations
  5. 5. Engine contamination Engine contamination leads to: • Restricted airflow • Higher exhaust gas temperature • Increased fuel consumption. All engines become contaminated through normal operation
  6. 6. Why Engine Washing? • Improved EGT margin • Increased Time-On-Wing • Reduced expenses for maintenance Improved propulsive efficiency: • Reduced fuel burn • Reduced CO2 emission
  7. 7. Maintaining the improvements Periodical Engine Wash needed as engines become re-contaminated Illustration of engine washing process
  8. 8. When applied to the fleet of CFM56-5B or -7 engines: • EGT margin could be improved by 12°C • TSFC could be reduced by 0,8% Engine Washing Program For EU registered operators: • Opportunity to sell surplus of GHG allowances on the market according to EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Maximum benefits achieved when applied to the whole fleet
  9. 9. Why FL Technics? Geographical proximity: • Engine Washing in multiple locations on clients’ route map • Engine Washing at clients’ base airports Consulting services on: • Reduction of shortage of free GHG allowances • Possibility to sell a surplus of GHG allowances