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CMHT Ambassador's spring 3


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CMHT Ambassador's spring 3

  1. 1. C M HAmbassador’s T
  2. 2. Committee Leader Message Shirley Sanchez, committee leader of Volunteer/Community Service has contacted the Animal shelter to set up volunteering times. Her connection Mindy, is working with the head volunteer, Amy, to pick out a date for a required orientation and official dates/times to volunteer at the shelter. The date will most likely fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Are you interested in helping ?
  3. 3. Committee Leader Message A Facebook group for the event committee has been made. If you are interested in joining the event planning committee friend Kyle and she’ll add you- (Kyle M is her name on fb ).If you’re already in the committee please begin thinking of 5 realistic companies that you would like to hear from at the CMHT Event or things that you would like to have discussed. Keep in mind this event will be for the whole CMHT, what would the student body want? If you could post these ideas to facebook she’ll try to start forming a list of potential people and subjects. Any ideas that anyone has for the CMHT Event just post it to the event committee wall and she will look into it, and have a great spring break!
  4. 4. Progress Report Graduation Cords We’re just waiting on an official invoice to complete the purchase for graduation cords !!!
  5. 5. Progress Report “Friday Pride Day” The Coordinator of the “Friday Pride Day” mentioned that they are working with the Merchandising and Fashion departments to put on a fashion show showcasing new UNT gear. The show will be on April 20, 2012 (7:00p.m. subject to change) Our help and staffing would be welcomed.
  6. 6. Eagle Awards Would we like to nominate the CMHT Ambassador’s for an Award ?
  7. 7. Fundraising Opportunity We have been given an opportunity to join Merchandising Inc. in the Texas Motor Speedway Fundraiser in April. If you would like to help please contact Jasmine, and as soon as she receives more information she can pass it on to you.
  8. 8. OrgSync Add our Orgsync Page! CMHT Ambassadors- Events/Pictures/News/Updates will be posted here
  9. 9. Relay for Life We wanted to invite you to consider creating a team for Relay for Life – which will be held on campus at Fouts Field – April 21-22, 2012 Click on the link below to register your team for only $25 (there is no limit to the size of your team): Maybe a collaboration with Merchandising Inc., and CMHT International?
  10. 10. Homecoming Planning Dr. Knight has suggested that we coordinate the homecoming activities for CMHT each year ! Are we up for the challenge ?
  11. 11. M T C H Ambassador’sNext Meeting willbe March 29,2012