Great Ideas 2010 Presentation Sheri Jacobs


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Presentation by Sheri Jacobs, CAE at the 2010 Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs, CO

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Great Ideas 2010 Presentation Sheri Jacobs

  1. 1. Making  Your  Voice  Heard:   How  to  Write  Marke5ng  Copy  that  Sells     Presented  by   Sheri  Jacobs,  CAE   President  +  Chief  Strategist   Avenue  M  Group,  LLC   ASAE  &  The  Center   Great  Ideas  Conference  2010   March  8,  2010  
  2. 2. Name  something  you’ve   recently  bought  that  you   really  love.   Why do you love it?
  3. 3. I  love  my  camera!  
  4. 4. What  do  I  love  about  my  camera?   • Fits  in  my  pocket.     • I  can  take  great  pictures  from   anywhere.   • It  is  so  easy  to  use;  I  actually  appear   in  pictures  from  family  vacaPons.  
  5. 5. Lumix Panasonic with mega OIS image stabilizer.
  6. 6. Another  approach…Nikon  D40  
  7. 7. Nikon:  Real  people,  real  words.   •  Benefit:  Simple  to  use.   •  Proof:  Large  sample  audience  (200   residents).   •  Technology:  Nikon  used  a  microsite  called   Picturetown.   •  People:  Seven  stories  of  people’s  lives  and   experiences  with  examples.  
  8. 8. Outcome/Results   •  Nikon  became  the  brand  most  likely  to   purchase.   •  Changed  percepPon  from  'for  professionals   only'  to  'easy  to  use'  cameras  'for   everyone.’   •  Web  site  engaged  visitors  with  9.5  million   pictures  viewed.   •  Increased  market  share  by  30%.  
  9. 9. People don’t read ads. They read what interests them and sometimes that happens to be an ad.
  10. 10. It’s  easy  to  market  when  this  is  your   product.  
  11. 11. That’s  great.     But  I’m  selling   membership,   conferences  or   advocacy!  
  12. 12. Your  challenges…   • Being  heard.  Gefng  my  message   read.   • Numerous  audiences  –  creaPng  a   segmentaPon  strategy   • Reaching  new  audience  segments   • What  else?  
  13. 13. What  do  you   hope  to  learn   today?  
  14. 14. MarkePng  is  about  3  things…   1.  Unique  value  to  the  audience.   2.  IdenPfying  the  most  trusted  sources/ channels.   3.  The  right  words  to  connect  with   customers.  
  15. 15. To sell anything you must know everything you can about… •  Who  you  are  selling  to.   •  What  you  are  selling.   •  Your  compePPon.   •  The  best  channels  to  reach  your  customers.   •  What  moPvates  your  customers.  
  16. 16. It  all  starts  with   understanding  your   prospects  and  what  you   are  offering.  
  17. 17. Do  you  know?   •  How  prospects  find  you?   •  Why  do  they  join,  register  or  purchase?   •  What  other  organizaPons  they  belong  to?   •  What  they  need  based  on  their  size,  locaPon,   business  or  other  factors?   •  What  is  keeping  them  up  at  night?  
  18. 18. Don’t  know…ask!  
  19. 19. 4  out  of  5  Online  Adults  Now   Par5cipate  in  a  Social  Network   Source: 2009 Razorfish Brand Experience Report
  20. 20. How  omen  do  you  parPcipate  in  the  following  acPviPes?   More than Less than once Not at all once a month a month I visit social networking sites (Facebook or LinkedIn) ✔ I update my pro le on social networking sites ✔ I read customer reviews on Amazon ✔ I post reviews on Amazon ✔! I read blogs ✔! I post comments on blogs ✔! I use Twitter ✔ I follow others on Twitter ✔ I use a wiki to research a topic ✔ I watch videos on YouTube ✔! I visit the Association Web site ✔
  21. 21. How  much  do  you  trust  informaPon  from  the  following  sources?   1 = Low Trust 2 = Some Trust 3 = High Trust Information posted on a listserv ✔ Email from a friend ✔ Email from an association ✔! Online article from the association’s publication ✔! Online advertisement, banner ✔! Information on a blog ✔! Information found on Wiki ✔! Reviews posted by someone you know ✔! Reviews posted by an unknown source ✔ Information on Facebook ✔! Information on an Association Web site ✔!
  22. 22. High  Response  Rates,  Increase  ROI   Very  AcPve,  Low  Trust   Very  AcPve,  High  Trust   •   AssociaPon  Web  site   •   Blogs   •   Online  forums   •   Banner  Ads   •   Email  from  a  friend   •   Wiki   •   Twioer   •   Program/Product  Reviews   Not  AcPve,  Low  Trust   Not  AcPve,  High  Trust  
  23. 23. How  well  do  you   know  what  you   are  trying  to  sell?  
  24. 24. Asset  Audit,   Benefit  Analysis  +   MarkePng  Brief    
  25. 25. How  well  do  you   know  your   compePPon?  
  26. 26. How  do  you  compare?   What  do  prospects  see  when  they  look  at  other   organizaPons?   •  MarkePng  and  promoPons   •  Product  line   •  Brand  strength  and  recogniPon   •  Strengths  and  weaknesses  (resources,  staff   size)  
  27. 27. 20  Ways  to   Improve  Response   Rates  
  28. 28. Know  the  triggers   95%  of  the  reasons  a   prospect  buys  involve  a   subconscious  decision!   Source:  Triggers  by  Joe  Sugarman  
  29. 29. 1.  Proof  of  Value   Should  I  spend  $1000  for   a  laptop?  
  30. 30. Price:  $3,848.00        Ouch!  
  31. 31. Price:  $989.00        Yes!  
  32. 32. Proof  of  Value   All  the  features  I  need  in   a  laptop.     $3,848+  vs.  $989  
  33. 33. 1.  Proof  of  value   Show  two  pricing  opPons,  one   being  considerably  more  expensive.     •  Premium  membership  and  regular   membership   •  Your  organizaPon  vs.  compePtor   •  Regular  fee  vs.  special  offer  fee  
  34. 34. 2.  Tone   What  is  the  nature  of  what  you  are   selling?  Is  it  Serious?  Fun?  Luxurious?   Inexpensive?     •     Free,  freebies   •     Exclusive,  InvitaPon  only   •     PresPgious   •     Serious    
  35. 35. 3.  EmoPon   What  emoPonal  needs  will  your   product  solve?   •  Staying  afloat  during  the  recession   •  SorPng  through  an  avalanche  of  informaPon   •  Budget  constraints  –  no  money  to  travel  and   aoend  conferences  
  36. 36. 4.  Address  objecPons   If  cost  is  an  issue,  talk  about  it.     •  Membership  is  less  than  $2/day   •  Offer  freebies  to  offset  the  cost  to  aoend  a   meePng   If  lack  of  Pme  is  a  concern…   •  Tell  how  aoendees  can  stay  connected  at  the   conference  
  37. 37. MarkePngProfs  Conference   What  you  get  with  the  cost  of  registraPon:   1.  Free  copy  of  B2B  Marke)ng  in  2009:  Trends  in   Strategies  and  Spending     2.  A  free  Premium  Plus  membership  for  Basic  and   Non-­‐members.     3.  Free  one-­‐to-­‐one  expert  advice   4.  Free  ongoing  private  (exclusive)  networking  with   fellow  aoendees  on  Facebook,  LinkedIn  and   Twioer.   5.  Free  meals  throughout  the  enPre  conference    
  38. 38. 5.  Involvement  &  Ownership  
  39. 39. A  good  involvement  device  in   direct  response  adverPsing  has   doubled  and  even  tripled   response  rates.   “Write  down  3  issues  you   want  to  address  when  you   come  back  from  the  the   Great  Ideas  Conference.  
  40. 40. 6.  Storytelling   A  good  story  should  capture  a   person’s  aoenPon,  relate  the   product  or  service  to  the  sales   message,  and  help  you  bond  with   the  prospect.  
  41. 41. Actual  Copy   WSAE  holds  eight  1/2  day  educaPonal   programs  each  year  presenPng  some  of   the  best  naPonal  and  state  speakers   discussing  cufng  edge  soluPons  to  the   challenges  faced  by  associaPon   execuPves.    
  42. 42. Another  way  to  say  it:   WSAE  offers   educaPonal   programs  “that  are   worth  gefng  up  at   5:00  am  and  driving   halfway  across  the   state  to  aoend.”  
  43. 43. 7.  Authority  and  Credibility  
  44. 44. 8.  Logic   In  today’s  economy,  people  need  to  jusPfy  the   purchase  –  membership,  aoendance,   adverPsing,  sponsorships.   Remember  two  main  points  about  logic  as  a   trigger:     (1) You  buy  on  emoPon  and  jusPfy  the  purchase   with  logic   (2) View  logic  as  the  answer  to  the  unspoken   objecPon,  “Why  should  I  buy  this  thing?”  
  45. 45. EmoPon:  BMW.  The  UlPmate  Driving  Machine!   Logic:  UlPmate  efficiency.  Well  equipped.  No-­‐cost   maintenance.  No-­‐cost  BMW  Assist  Safety  Plan.    
  46. 46. 9.  SaPsfacPon  Guarantee   UncondiPonal,  no-­‐hassle,  money  back   guarantee   Membership:  We  will  refund  your   money  if  you  are  not  saPsfied  -­‐  up  unPl   the  very  last  day  of  your  membership   MeePngs:  We  will  refund  your  money   and  let  you  keep  the  course  materials   if  you  are  not  completely  saPsfied.   What  type  of  guarantee  could  you  offer?  
  47. 47. 10.  Sense  of  Urgency   •  Introductory  price/offer   •  Limited  quanPty  –  only  the  first  20  people   who  register  will  receive  a  free  white  paper   •  Pricing  based  on  number  of  seats  sold   •  First  10  seats  sell  for  $49   •  Second  10  sell  seats  for  $99   •  Third  10  seats  sell  for  $149  
  48. 48. 11.  Exclusivity   •  Create  a  sense  of   exclusivity  by  sefng   limitaPons  on  who  can   buy,  join  or  register.   •  Offer  other  exclusive     products  to  prospects   have  parPcipated,  joined   or  aoended  a  session.  
  49. 49. 12.  KISS  –  Keep  it  Stupid  and  Simple   Make  it  so  easy  to  register,   join  or  buy  that  all  the   customer  needs  to  do  is   click  or  sign  on  the  dooed   line.   Unless  you  are  going  for   exclusivity!  
  50. 50. 13.  Be  Specific   “Top  rated  educaPonal  program”     or   “95%  of  past  aoendees  of  the  Great  Ideas   Conference  rate  this  meePng  as  one  of  the   most  important  moves  in  advancing  their   career.”  
  51. 51. 14.  Create  a  Must-­‐Read  Headline   The  enPre  purpose  of   the  headline/subject   line  is  to  get  the   prospect  to  read  the   next  line .  
  52. 52. To  build  a  fan  base,  pick  a  fight  
  53. 53. 15.  Use  the  words  “How  to”   Old  Headlines  (Actual  Ptles)   •  CopywriPng  101   •  TacPcs  for  Avoiding  RehospitalizaPons   •  ExcepPonal  Customer  Service  Builds  Business   Revised  Headlines   •  How  to  Write  MarkePng  Copy  That  Sells   •  How  to  Avoid  Losing  PaPents  to  Other  Hospitals   •  How  to  Grow  Your  Business  and  Keep  Clients  happy   Amer  the  Sale  
  54. 54. 16.  Use  a  number  in  your  copy   The  numbers  5  and  0  feel  manufactured.   When  you  use  a  number  such  as  6,  7  or  9  it   feels  more  real.   11  Steps  to  a  Successful  Virtual  Conference   or   10  Steps  to  a  Successful  Virtual  Conference  
  55. 55. 17.  Cut  your  copy  in  half!   Use  short  simple  sentences.  Avoid   complex  jargon.   Provided  that  -­‐  -­‐  If   In  order  to  -­‐  -­‐  To   The  majority  of  -­‐  -­‐  Most   Accordingly  -­‐  -­‐  So   Facilitate  -­‐  -­‐  Help   Frequently  -­‐  -­‐  Omen   Commence  -­‐  -­‐  Start   Nonetheless  -­‐  -­‐  But    
  56. 56. 18.  Use  Curiosity  to  Get  Them  Interested   Program:  Physicians  and  health  care  reform   50%  of  Physicians  Report  Health  Care   Reform  Worsened  CondiPons  for  their   PracPce   In  this  session,  you  will  understand  the  key   implicaPons  of  health  reform  legislaPon  impacPng   OEM  physicians.  The  session  will  cover  health  and   producPvity  strategies,  how  to  market  your  services,   and  the  key  condiPons  that  are  driving  up  cost.  
  57. 57. 19.  Be  AuthenPc.   Show  your  personality.   Don’t  filter  their  comments.   Aoribute  comments  to  their   owners.  
  58. 58. 20.  Avoid  Clichés   Clichés  are  trite  and  overused  expressions.   They  will  make  your  markePng  invisible!  
  59. 59. MarkePng  with     Direct  Mail.  
  60. 60. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   1)  End  your  price  with  a  7  or  a  9.   There  is  a  psychological  price  point  –  a  dues   amount  that  ends  with  a  dollar  amount  of  a   “7”  or  “9.”  For  example,  an  acquisiPon  price   of  $139  will  typically  generate  more  revenue   and  members  than  a  price  of  $150.    
  61. 61. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   2)      Leave  out  the  brochure!   •  Change  the  process  from  a  “sales   effort”  to  a  personal  communicaPon   •  Test  with  a  brochure  and  without  
  62. 62. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   3)    End  your  copy  with  a  quesPon  people  will   always  say  yes  to.   •   Do  you  need  to  stay  up-­‐to-­‐date  on  xyz?   •   Are  you  looking  for  ways  to  cut  costs  yet   sPll  deliver  great  service?  
  63. 63. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   4)  Design  the  brochure  so  that  it  can  easily  be   skimmed.  Use  graphics  instead  of  words.   When asked how young professionals (YP) first learned about their How  do  young  professionals   association, 76% of survey first  learn  about  your   respondents selected colleagues and associa5on?   56% selected employers. A significant Colleague  76%   percentage of young professionals also become aware of the association through the organization’s website (70%) and through their academic Website  70%   environment (66%).
  64. 64. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   5)  Offer  installments  to  lower  the   perceived  price.   If  your  members  are  resistant  to  paying   $599  to  aoend  your  educaPonal   conference,  try  offering  it  for  three   installments  of  $199    
  65. 65. 6  Ways  to  Get  People  to  Act  Now   6)  Keep  your  envelope  blank   An  envelope  with  no  wriPng  has   to  be  opened  to  see  what’s   inside.    
  66. 66. MarkePng  in  the   age  of  Web  2.0.  
  67. 67. 6  Ways  to  Ensure  They  Open  Your  Email   1)  Use  the  “from”  line  to  brand  your  email.   2)  Send  it  on  a  Tuesday  or  Thursday.     3)  Focus  on  what  is  seen  in  the  preview  pane.   4)  Make  sure  your  email  is  readable  when  the  pictures  aren’t   downloaded.   5)  Use  bullets  and  keep  your  copy  short.  No  long  paragraphs.   6)  Test  one  variable  at  a  Pme  such  as  day,  offer,  copy.  
  68. 68. One  final  thought…  
  69. 69. d up your If we mixe teral colla eting her mark anot with would assoc iation ne no tice? anyo
  70. 70. Q  &  A   Do  you  sPll  have  quesPons?     Contact  me.   Sheri  Jacobs,  CAE,  President  +  Chief  Strategist   Avenue  M  Group,  LLC   T.    847.849.3396