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Use sms api to manage keywords and distribution lists


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Use sms api to manage keywords and distribution lists

  1. 1. Bulk SMS can be send to any kind of appthat has internet access is possiblethrough SMS API. Similarly, SMsgateway is a network facility to send andreceive infinite number of SMS to and froany network that support SMS service.This feature is used to send and receiveinnumerable SMS, e-mails to single ormultiple contacts. To set up keywords andmanage distribution list is an easy taskusing SMS API.
  2. 2. Some of the significant features of SMS API areas follows:-• The feature is easily accessible.• It is easy to integrate and because of SMS gateway interfaces.• Sending infinite messages instantly is possible.• Has global reach.• Users can use sub-users and can report, make payments online.• Has cent per cent guarantee for uptime
  3. 3. Receiving and sending text message anywhere across the world toone or multiple persons can be done instantly by using textmessaging software. It works on the simple HTTP interface so that itbecomes easy to use. It is possible to send messages to manyrecipients simultaneously that too directly from the server that youhave when you use text messaging software. All the inbound textthat you have whether they have dedicated, short or inbound getsforwarded to your server so the recipients get messages from yourserver directly. A text message can be sent to as many mobile usersas you want through the text messaging gateway server.The clients or the recipients of the text messages do not need to haveSMS gateway installed in their system. SMS API supports the deliveryof reports to the multiple messages that you sent. Even if thekeywords are not there in the messages they get delivered directly toyour server.
  4. 4. Using API, messages can be sent to eithersingle person or to multiple recipients andthe messages that you wish to send latercan be scheduled. It also sendsverification codes to your contacts andthen adds them. It is easy to set up andhas multiple advantages. Like you canmodify your distribution lists.You can add or delete information, canupdate the existing contact list, can eithercreate or delete the lists etc. Also, you canuse API to manage your mobile keywords.You can check, create or delete keywords.You can update the settings of keywords.You can send notification through email orSMS and can manage advance mobilekeyword options.
  5. 5. Managing your mobile keywords gets easy when you use SMSsoftware. The incoming keywords text messages when you use APIsoftware. You can make use of several features like schedule for thelater delivery, message with keywords and controlled frequency etc. Itprocesses the incoming SMS using mobile keywords.There are many developers of SMS Gateway in the market and onceyou find the reliable developer things get easy for you. Try to get holdof API that can cater the needs of your business and can work wellwith any language or system. Once you have a dependabledeveloper, it takes hardly half an hour to get it setup and to startreaping its benefits immediately.
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