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When choosing the correct paint for you, know that there are features like waterproofing, infrared reflection and environment-conscious solutions

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  1. 1. Paints have always been part of society’s attempt to modify itssurroundings and impose a measure of control. Be it practical oraesthetic in nature, people have always relied on paints forpreservation of culture, expression of thoughts and impressions ofbeauty. It’s very rare for any community to exude and convey anypositive message without the aid of colour. Made ofpigments, binders, resins, solvents and additives, paint is one of themost abundant liquid apart from water and fossil fuel that have beenas integral part of any society.Different from the paints that are used in works of art, industrialcoating has a niche all its own. Defined more by its protectiveproperties than its beauty although it can exhibit both, these kindsof paint are used mainly on buildings. They provide:
  2. 2. • Protection from water/rain and other elements• They protect metals from corrosive material/substances• They provide protection from fire• They sometimes provide insulation
  3. 3. Since they are classified as industrial type, this kind of paint is used commonlyin:-• Buildings, houses and other similar structures They can be used more particularly in beams, metal armatures, support frames, railings, building walls, ceilings• They are also used in floors especially on some garage and sports facilities that need glossy but non-slippery surfaces They can be applied using paintbrush, roller or pressure tank outfitted airbrush tools.
  4. 4. Previously thought of as an oxymoron, there is nowsuch a thing as a safe and environment friendly paint.Some buildings or vehicles are even coated in an anti-fouling paint.Modern buildings now are very rarely seen without anelastomeric coating. Using elastomeric paint canrender any building waterproof and thus protected fromelements longer. Waterproofing is just another way ofsaying the building should be coated with paint that isresistant to elements, should not flex, flake or fade overtime. Whether you use it as wall or roof paint, it isimportant to make sure that your supplier provides youwith the correct type of paint.
  5. 5. RenderWaterproofing Roof Paint Texture Coating
  6. 6. When choosing the paint supplier foryou, take note that they not only carrygood selection of paints but alsoconsider if they can suggest new-agesolutions as the previously mentionedelastomeric paint, infrared heatreflective coating or those that arelow in VOCs. A company that does allthese things are ones that know howto make any building look as elegantand attractive as possible whilecontributing to the socialresponsibility that we all share.
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