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Kisp leadership team bulletin 30 march


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Published in: Education
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Kisp leadership team bulletin 30 march

  1. 1. 1. Statusa. Digital Stories- there are several digital stories already posted in the KISP maingroup:  Canada - school under McGill University o St. Lambert Elementary School: international-school-project/forum/topic/digital-story-%E2%80%93-st- lamber-elementary-school-quebec-canada/  China o schools under Nanjing University  Youku: project/forum/topic/digital- story%E2%80%94%E2%80%94participating-schools-of- njunanjingchina/  YouTube: project/forum/topic/digital- story%E2%80%94%E2%80%94participating-schools-of- ecnunanjingchina/ o schools under ECNU  Shanghai Huangpu: international-school-project/forum/topic/digital-story-of-huangpu- school%E2%80%94%E2%80%94participating-school-of- ecnushanghaichina/  Baoshan District Experimental Primary School: project/forum/topic/digital- story%E2%80%94%E2%80%94participating-schools-of- ecnushanghaichina o schools under SCNU  for submission (schools under SCNU participated in KISP at a later date)  Korea
  2. 2. o Daegu Wolam Elementary School: international-school-project/forum/topic/digital-story-wolam-elementary- school-korea/  Philippines o for submission (schools were busy with final exams and graduation ceremonies)b. Student data worksheets - please refer to the table below for the status of the studentdata worksheets: Country School TEI SubmittedCanada St. Lambert Elementary School McGill University YesChina BaoShan District Experimental Primary School East China Normal University Yes; no stu Shanghai Huangpu School Yes; no stu Nanjing Hankou Lu Primary School Nanjing University Yes; no stu The Primary School Attached To Nanjing University sent Nonglinxia Road Primary School South China Normal University No Puiching Primary School NoKorea Daegu Wolam Elementary School - YesPhilippines Iligan City National High School Mindanao State University – No Integrated Developmental School – MSU IIT Iligan Institute of Technology No2. Schedule (please refer to this link to view the KISP Gantt Chart and Task Details: Introduction through a Digital Story, comments from KISP participants Due on: March 23 for the digital stories, March 31 for the comments Progress: As mentioned, there are some KISP participants that have not yet sent their digital stories. Also, there are schools that have not sent the student worksheets; we need the email addresses of the students to invite them to the KISP main group Action required:
  3. 3. o For TEIs with schools who have not submitted the digital stories, please inform us how much time they need to prepare and submit the digital stories and the student data worksheets o For all TEIs, please inform the schools under your guidance to have their students and teachers register in the EC and in the KISP main groupb. Project Themes / Topics Due on: March 30 Progress: will have to be moved to a later date to wait for the digital stories and comments from the KISP participants Action required: o TEIs, please help your schools decide on what project themes / topics to take on for their national project. The forum thread for this is still open: project/forum/topic/for-all-members-project-topics/ o TEIs, once the schools have decided on the project themes / topics, please have them post it in the same forum thread: project/forum/topic/for-all-members-project-topics/ o As mentioned in our recent online meeting, we mentioned that we would like a school to pick "weather" as its project theme / topic, as it is something that anybody can talk about. Also, talking about the weather means talking about a lot of other things - food, culture and tradition, clothes, leisure activities; it is an excellent starting point for conversation among the participants. Please let us know if your school/s would like to work on this topic by posting on the same forum thread: : project/forum/topic/for-all-members-project-topics/3. Other Concernsa. How to improve interaction among participants in the KISP main group - first thingsfirst, we have to get the teachers and students to register in the EC and the KISP maingroup - wed appreciate if you can send the student data worksheets soon (for thosewho havent). We think one of the objectives of the project is to engage the students ingenuine interaction, that is, not limited to just posting their projects on the EC. It wouldbe great if they can make new friends through the KISP group! Your ideas are very
  4. 4. much welcome; please post them in the "How to Improve Interaction among KISPparticipants" forum thread: Introduction through Digital Stories - if you will refer to the instructions we provided onhow to proceed with the digital story activity, we wanted the participants to form smallgroups (4-5 members) so they could have more time for individual introduction in thevideo. We have noticed that several schools decided to prepare a digital story for theentire class; as a result, many of the students were unable to introduce themselvesindividually. Thus we would like to ask you to have the KISP participants post an entryin the self-introduction forum: participants can also leave a "Hi" or a "welcome"comment to acknowledge their entries in the forum thread.If you have other ideas on how to facilitate introduction and "breaking the ice" amongthe participants, please let us know and post on the "Improving interaction among KISPparticipants" forum thread: next online meeting - we are due for an online meeting next week; please expect usto ask for your available schedule on Monday (2 April)Thanks!Ave