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Case study on Training Needs Identification

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HRD Case Study

  1. 1. Humantalents InternationalHuman ResourceDevelopment(HRD)Case studyAbstractThe objective of this case is to present the importance of human resourcedevelopment in the economic growth of a society. To address this issue, a case studyis presented to be analyzed. The problem solving criteria need to be explained inthe context of human resource development.IntroductionDespite its key role within economic development, human resourcesremain a fundamental challenge for most countries. It is widelyaccepted that human resource development is an important factor ineconomic growth and for influencing changes in economicstructures. Material standards of living, the character of social andcultural life and the well-being of societies are being widelyreorganized to be associated closely with human resourcedevelopment.Jayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 1
  2. 2. Humantalents International Manpower development is the cornerstone of the developmentprocess. Quality of the human resources is the most importantindicator of the level of development and should receive thecorresponding attention. Therefore, human resource developmentcan be argued to be a more realistic, reliable and pervasive indicatorof development than any other single factor since it is invariably anecessary condition for growth of any forms.Case studyMala was a careful, hard-working employee in a private company. Shehas been serving as a book keeper or more than seven years beforeproblems developed with her performance. Many employees begin asclerks and progressively move up to lead book keeper. As such, Malawas responsible for a large, active petty cash fund and was workingwith dedication and utmost responsibility.During a spot check by the internal audit of the company, herimmediate supervisor noticed pencil erasures on expense reports andassumed that employees had been directed by memo to record theirexpenses in ink. Mala’s immediate supervisor called Mala andconfronted her. When the supervisor called Mala, other employeesbecame aware of the fact that some unpleasant incident has takenplace. The situation in the department became very hostile as Malawalked to the office of the supervisor.Mala confessed to temporarily borrowing some money from thepetty cash fund. She explained that her child had been in and out ofthe hospital for a few months, and she had exhausted the familyresources. She explained that she had to pawn her jewelry to performsome expensive medical tests. Mala admitted that she used the petty cash money to pay the bills ofthe last medical test of her child. Mala further said that she has neverdone anything of this sort before and that this was the first time sheJayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 2
  3. 3. Humantalents Internationalborrowed money intending on returning the money immediately.Mala apologized and pleaded with her immediate supervisor statingthat this incident is one of the most extraordinary situations she hasexperienced in all her life.The immediate supervisor told Mala that he would consult thecompany’s HR manager and let her know of the decision. When theimmediate supervisor consulted the company HR manager, he saidthat while he did not want to sidestep his responsibility and plannedon making a final decision, he wanted to consult the HR managerfirst for his opinion on this matter.Speaking as a certified HR practitioner, the manager said that he hasa clear course of action for this kind of incident. He said anyemployee who steals should be terminated. The immediate supervisorfelt very uncomfortable applying the manager’s principle to Mala’scase and was uncertain of what decision to take.Instructions1 Read the pages 1- 2 of case document individually.Please do not read the section appearing after the instructionstill your teacher directs you to do so2 Answer the following- What are the possible HRM issues in the above case?-Do you think that there are training needs in this organization?-If so, what are those needs?-Who should be trained and in what?Jayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 3
  4. 4. Humantalents International3 Form sub groups and discuss your findings with the groupmembers4 Submit a written report/assignment based on your findingsPlease do not read the section appearing after the instructionsuntil your teacher directs you to do soPoints to be considered when reviewing this case1This kind of a situation can be analyzed as a potential conflict wheredifferences in management need to be addressed.2 Goals of Mala’s immediate supervisor and that of the company HRmanager clash.3The company HR manager believes it is the responsibility of him tofire anyone who is dishonest. The immediate supervisor questionswhether dismissal is fair if clarifying circumstanced exist. Differencesin goals or methods between supervisors and employees in differentunits can cause conflict within the company.4One problem that arises is that professionals are not very sensitiveto the needs and hardships of the people. They are much moresensitive to the needs of the administration. But both believe thatthere is a great need for trustworthy employees, and the needs of aneffective and efficient system for handling petty cash. This case raisesmany questions. Not only the relationship between the immediatesupervisor and the employees, but also the relationship between themanager and the immediate supervisor do not appear to beJayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 4
  5. 5. Humantalents Internationalvery close.5 If Mala had a financial crisis, she should have asked for advice fromher immediate supervisor. Restricted relationships betweenemployers and employees are causing organizational problems of thecompany.6In solving the problem of Mala, it is necessary to take steps toprevent this kind of situations in the future while advising Mala abouther actions, granting her some leeway as this has happened for thefirst time in her long career.7 Mala’s case may even bring some conflict management issues dueto the disagreement of the decisions of the immediate supervisor andthe manager. The executives require an ability to select a deliberatestrategy to solve the problems with a combined understanding.8 However, relationship building, communication and dialogue skillsneed to be addressed as human resource development criteria givingemployees alternative choices in crisis situations.9 Human resource development needs to focus extensively on work/life and compensation agreements to create a better workingenvironment for employees.10 Creating an environment that encourages open, multifacetedcommunicationJayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 5
  6. 6. Humantalents International11Have managers serving as role model for the characteristics andpractices expected of employees.12These measures need to be explained thoroughly and highlightedin company ethics.13Companies should value employee development and give priorityto training, which will definitely strengthen the employer andemployee relationships.14 This case highlights the fact that human resource development is aprocess consisting of knowledge, skills and attitudes of all the peoplein a society.15 In economic terms, it could be described as the accumulation ofhuman capital and its effective investment in the development of theeconomy.In political terms, human resource development prepares people foradult participation in the political process.16 From the social and cultural point of view, the development ofhuman resources helps people lead fuller and richer lives boundlessby tradition.**The above case proves that commanding, directing, organizing andcontrolling have become factors of production.Yet dealing with human beings requires a different approach.Jayadeva de Silva 077 7272295 6