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Customer care& PR handout

  1. 1. Humantalents InternationalCustomer Care & Public RelationsJayadeva de SilvaBy the end of this training session you will understand theimportance of Customer Care and the part this plays in your role as atrainerExercise /Ice breaker  At one of a training seminar a participant who works at a deli counter asked the following question  "How do you politely deal with a customer who is talking on a cell phone while youre trying to take their order?"  What would you do ???Quality Service and Customer CareCustomer care depends on four fundamental 077 7272295 1
  2. 2. Humantalents International1 The company is fully committed to providing excellent CustomerCare and the customer is the key focus throughout the Company.2 All staff are aware of, and committed to, the vision of excellentCustomer Care.3 All staff are trained to provide the highest – quality Customer Care.4 Systems and procedures are designed to enhance Customer Care.RememberYOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCETO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSIONWhat is Customer Care and Quality Service?Customer Care and Quality Service is giving people a little bit morethan they expect.Giving that little bit extra means:  Keeping promises  Showing interest in the personal experiences  Acting in advance rather than waiting to be asked  Remembering names  Paying attention to detail, smiling first, looking people in the eye…  Acknowledging everyone you meet  Saying that you can, not what you cannot doRememberCustomer Service is a matter of inches not miles!Customer Care and Quality Service really matters because 077 7272295 2
  3. 3. Humantalents InternationalGreater competition within the industryHigher customer expectations – if competitors raise their levels ofservice, customers expectations are raisedThe need to retain customers in order to build a profitable businessRemember It costs five times more to get a new customer Than to keep and existing one We must cherish our loyal customers!Why is Customer Care important? Some more reasonsThe average business never hears from 96% of its unhappycustomersFor every one complaint received the average company has 26customers who experienced a problem.The average customer who has a problem with a company tells 10other people.It costs five times more to get a new customer than to keep anexisting one.60% of the population now work in service industries – this makes60%of the population are very particular about service!Quality is remembered long after the price is forgottenThen, What is Quality Service?Quality refers 077 7272295 3
  4. 4. Humantalents International 1 The quality of our Establishment – clean, modern andattractive – a pleasant environment for “Working Out” andworking in. 2 The Quality of our Staff – people who are knowledgeable,friendly and helpful; people who have the ability to perform well andthe flexibility to adapt to the challenges of working in a busyenvironment.3 The Quality of our Service – The quality of our services to meetthe needs of all our customers.A person providing the excellent Service and Customer Carehas the following characteristics: A friendly disposition A positive attitude A prompt and appropriate response The ability to identify your needs in that situation A willingness to help A knowledge relating to all products An ability to communicate well A readiness to provide “that little extra something” Courtesy, concern and careCustomer Care and Quality Service is all about:Treating customers with care, courtesy and efficiencyFollowing established systems and procedures effectivelyCarrying out your job tasks effectively and getting them right firsttimeHaving a positive attitude towards work and customersSetting high standards for the way you 077 7272295 4
  5. 5. Humantalents InternationalWhy is it so important?Customer Care and Quality Service is at the heart of all good serviceoriented organizations.Whether it is the local swimming pool or an organization like yours,competition is keen.Customer Care and Quality Service is good for the company.Customer Care and Quality Service is good for our clients.Quality Service is good for you!Customer Care and Quality Service is more than a campaign for youand your colleagues, it will become a guiding principle, which affectseverything that you do during the course of your working day.Customer Care and Quality Service and YOUThe clients who come into to contact with your establishment wantmore than the facilities we offer, they want to be treated well!That is where you have an important contribution to make:The service that you give to your customers depends very muchupon your attitude towards your work. Customer Care and QualityService thrives on a positive attitude.Being PositiveThe way that you approach your job, yourself, and other people hasa direct effect upon everything that you do.It is the difference between waking up in the morning and thinking: “I feel great today” And “Oh, another boring day!” 077 7272295 5
  6. 6. Humantalents InternationalTen tips to a positive attitude Be willing to learn new things about your job and your company. Show an interest in other people – members and colleagues. Cultivate a sense of humour, and get some fun out of your work. Try to be cheerful, even on bad days. Be punctual – good timekeeping is a measure of your reliability Take pride in your work, every task no matter how trivial it seems is an important one. Get organized – plan ahead and make more time for your priorities. Be a good listener – it is not easy as it sounds. Show willingness to help. Set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve themRememberThe quality of your life – both inside and outside of work isdetermined to a large extent by your attitude.Customer Care and Quality Service thrives on a positive attitude.Only YOU can control this!Why is it important to be positive? Because if you feel good about yourself: You will tend to laugh off some of the things that tend to make you feel down. You will have more enthusiasm for your job and for life in general. You will focus on what is good rather than what is not so good. You will work more efficiently. You will use your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You will criticize less and praise more. You will gain more job satisfaction. You will have better relationships with colleagues and 077 7272295 6
  7. 7. Humantalents InternationalAnd what could be more important than that!Customer Care and Quality Service and ClientsEver heard comments like these?“They are a miserable lot…… doesn’t cost much does it?”“I asked what kind of service they offered…….and no – one seemsto know!”“He was really rude…….said it wasn’t his department!”“She said she would have a word with the manager about it and Istill haven’t heard a thing!”You are probably familiar with the types of things people say whenthey do not get good service – hopefully you will not hear them atthis establishment!How to make clients come back  Be pleasant to clients – even when you don’t feel like it.  Deal courteously and promptly with clients’ queries.  See problems as challenging and look for ways to overcome them  Learn as much as you can about the products and the services we provide.  Note all clients’ comments and suggestions.  Keep clients informed at all times.  Try not to take clients’ complaints personally.  Provide service over the above and what clients expect from you.  Remember that each and every client you help, no matter who you are, how new you are, what job you do – you are the establishment!Remember The customer is the reason we are 077 7272295 7
  8. 8. Humantalents International And not an interruption to our work Putting yourself in Customers’ Shoes•The thing that motivates people to return is the way we are treated•Facilities attract people to use the company•By positive feelings, created by your behavior, keep them comingbackSo remember•Be on your best behavior•Treat people, as you would expect to be treated•Put your customers first…meet their needsUnderstanding your customers We need to treat people as individuals We need to be proactive in the way we deliver Customer Care if we are to remain competitive We need to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes – understanding their needs and wants, meeting them and exceeding them when we can We need to enjoy giving people a little more than they expectRemember“Our quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”People always remember experiences……….Customer Care and Quality ServiceAnd Colleagues Why is it important?The quality of the service that you extend to your colleagues is just asimportant as that given to the clients, for the following 077 7272295 8
  9. 9. Humantalents InternationalIt creates a better working atmosphereIt makes everybody’s job easier and more satisfyingThe way you treat one another has direct repercussions on the wayyou treat membersWhat is good for the member is good for everybodyKey PointsCustomer Care and Quality Service is:Being the best not one of the rest!Giving people a little more than they expect!Making the little things matter as much as the large!Treating people as you wish to be treated yourselfRecognizing that what is good for the clients is good for colleaguestoo!Making sure our clients return – again, again, again!Not so much a slogan, more a frame of mind!A continuous processTake a critical look at the way we do things – with a view toimproving the service we give to colleagues and to clients.MOMENTS OF TRUTHAll Points of Customer Contacts are important and should bemanaged well.-Most successful people feel good about themselvesreverse is also true. If you want to be successful _feel good aboutyourself-Behaviour breeds behaviour-Customer is always right-Never argue with a customer. We can win the argument and loosethe 077 7272295 9
  10. 10. Humantalents InternationalDimensions of QualityPerformanceReliabilityDependability on after Sales ServicePerceived ValueTIME IS MONEYA Revolutionary Change in OptimismHALF OPEN orHALF CLOSED4 Psychological StatesMadSadScaredGladMOST IMPORTANT LAW IN CUSTOMERSATISFACTION  Set Realistic Expectations  And Exceed Expectations  Never Promise Anything That You Know Well You Cannot Deliver  Satisfied Customers Recommend You to Others .That Is The Most Effective Form Of Advertising.  Customer satisfaction  Customer delight  Customer 077 7272295 10
  11. 11. Humantalents InternationalHow To Handle Angry Customers  Learn to Listen  Develop Empathy  Tell What You are going to do  Do itJayadeva de SilvaJayadeva de Silva obtained Master’s degree in Science from Russian Friendship UniversityMoscow and Diploma in Personnel Management from National Institute of BusinessManagement( SriLanka). He is a fellow of both the Institute of Personnel Management IPM) andInstitute of Training & development.(SLITAD) He is also professionally qualified in training systems& curriculum design with an ILO fellowship.A strong advocate of Human Talents Development, Jayadeva is the Principal Consultant/Directorof humantalents Unlimited, a professional practice that provides training & consultancy inManagement. Jayadeva has carried out several consultancy projects and conducted numerousmanagement development programs/strategic planning workshops, and has been trained in manymodern management and leadership concepts. He has contributed articles (over 50) and authoredthe trend setting book ‘Human Talents Management’.He founded humantalents International and HRSriLanka virtual learning Groups. Jayadeva deSilva functioned as Group Manager (Human Resources Development) of Hayleys Group ofCompanies and Group Director–Human Resources of Brown & Co.He also serves as a resource person for professional and Post graduate courses primarily in theareas of HRM & HRD at Post graduate Institute, University of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna,ICFAI University (India), , SriLanka Foundation Institute IPM & SLITAD.He is a past president of HRDGateway, an International organization of over 45,000 HRProfessionals worldwide. He is featured in the millennium registry of SriLankan 077 7272295 11
  12. 12. Humantalents International------------He can be contacted as followsE mail djayadeva@gmail.comTel 011 2562449 077 7272295Web humantalents@yahoogrops.comSome of his publications are available for fee download 077 7272295 12