Cnci certificate courses 2-2010


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New series of Certificate Courses on supervisory Management and secretarial practice

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Cnci certificate courses 2-2010

  1. 1. 27th October 2010 Sir/Madam, “CNCI Certificate Courses - Series 2- 2010” The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI) is pleased to inform you that the Series 2 of Certificate Courses for 2010 is scheduled to commence in November / December 2010 as detailed below. Objective; To provide Quality Training, and enhance awareness and proficiency in selected subject areas, combined with developing the desired confidence towards improved performance in a competitive working environment. All Courses are periodically revised and updated with appropriate teaching techniques, using qualified and highly experienced resource persons. Certificate Courses offered under Series 2 1.Practical English Tuesdays - 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (14 weeks) Commencing Date - 30th of November 2010. Fees - Rs.12,000/= + 3% NBT and 12% VAT Participant Profile: A participant friendly Course for frontline staff (Receptionists, Counter Staff, Junior Level Secretaries and others) wanting to improve their spoken and written English skills and manage stage fright. Resource Persons - Mrs. N. Perera B.A., M.A., Dr. Sudharma Wickramasuriya, PhD. 2. Advanced Secretarial Practice Wednesdays - 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (14 weeks) Commencing Date -1st of December 2010. Fees - Rs.15,000/= + 3% NBT and 12% VAT Participant Profile: A highly interactive Programme for Senior Level Secretaries, Personal Assistants and others in similar positions. Resource Persons - Messrs. Jayadeva De Silva, M.Sc. FIPM, FITD. Claude Perera, FCIB Lond, FCPM. PATRONS: Nihal Abeysekara, Patrick Amarasinghe CHAIRMAN: Sunil Liyanage DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Preethi Jayawardena VICE CHAIRMAN: Gamini Marambe, Gamini Gunasekera, Tissa Seneviratne, Raja Hewabowala TREASURER: Ruwan Edirisinghe SECRETARY GENERAL/CEO: Kumara Kandalama
  2. 2. 3. Supervisory Management Wednesdays - 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. (12 weeks) Commencing Date - 01st of December 2010. Fees - Rs.15,000/= + 3% NBT and 12% VAT Participant Profile: A comprehensive Programme for Middle Management, Executive and Supervisory Level Staff and others in similar positions. Resource Persons - Messrs. Jayadeva De Silva, M.Sc. FIPM, FITD, V.M.Karunaratne, C.Eng, M.I.Mech.E (Lond), M.I.E.T.(Lond), MIE SL. Claude Perera, FCIB Lond, FCPM. 4. Business English Thursdays - 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (14 weeks) Commencing Date – 2nd of December 2010. Fees - Rs.15,000/= + 3% NBT and 12% VAT Participant Profile: Specially designed for most employed persons who possess a working knowledge of English, and those pursuing or aspiring to pursue professional tertiary level Programmes. Resource Persons as in Programme No. 1. 5. Export / Import Procedures – Emphasis on Banking and Customs Fridays - 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (12 weeks) Commencing Date – 3rd of December 2010 Fees - Rs. 15,000/= + 3% NBT and 12% VAT Participant Profile: An advanced and comprehensive Programme for Middle and Senior Management Personnel and Entrepreneurs. Resource Persons - Senior Officers from Banks, Customs, SLECIC, BOI and SLSI. Commencement - Commencing Dates and Time Tables will be intimated to participants direct. The respective Course Contents and a Registration Form are attached. Duration: As scheduled - No classes will be held on Poya Days and Public Holidays Medium: English Fees: Payments should be made only after commencing dates have been notified. A discount of 20% will be extended to organisations nominating 5 participants or more. Instalments: Fees could be paid in 3 to 4 instalments on request. Special note: A unique feature in our Programmes is that participants will have the option to select subjects of their choice. Example, only Banking, Stress Management, Time Management, Spoken English, Presentation Skills, or the 5S concept. Fees will accordingly be levied pro rata based only on the number of segments followed. For details contact the Director HRD and Industrial Relations or Ms. Iresha Fernando. Venue: Auditorium - The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries 20, 1st Floor, Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3. Registration:Registration will be on a “first come” basis. For registration or further details call over or contact: - Iresha or Nilanthi on Tel. 2452181, 2339200, Mobile 077 9603 857, 2331444, Fax.2331443, 2587137Email Yours sincerely Nihal Rangala Director HRD and Industrial Relations
  3. 3. COURSE CONTENTS 1. PRACTICAL ENGLISH Basic Essentials of English. Tenses. Sentence Structures. Letter Writing Importance of Writing Well, Common Errors in Writing, Routine Business Letters, Special Business Letters. Reports – Basic Business Reports, Conference Summaries, Business Documents, Dialogue, Informal Dialogue, Formal Dialogue, Situational Dialogue, Business Dialogue, Telephone Behaviour & Voice Techniques, Assertiveness, Presentation Structuring. 2. ADVANCED SECRETARIAL PRACTICE Society and the World of Work, Organisational Structure, Role & Functions of a Secretary Secretarial Skills, Effective Communication, Process and Barriers to Communication and How to overcome, Empathic Listening and Body Language, House keeping based on Five S’s Concept Business Letter Writing and Report Writing, Corporate Structure Formation and Function, Corporate Planning and Strategy, Human Relations, Public Relations, Problem Solving, Office Systems and Procedures, Presentation Techniques, Information-Sources, Storage and Retrieval, Time Management, Convening Meetings, Organising Conferences, Seminars, Interviews and Host Activities, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Recruitment of Staff, Disciplinary Procedures, Career & Personality Development 3. SUPERVISORY MANAGEMENT Introduction to supervisory Management, Who is a supervisor, Importance of supervisors , and supervision for an organization, Supervisory skills, Do you have the needed supervisory skills (Supervisory Skills? Assessment), Planning and organizing aspects , Planning tools, Effectiveness & Efficiency, Time management, Control function , Budgets, Documentation, Follow up, Directing, How to lead and motivate staff, How to prevent demotivation, Leadership skills, Understanding human behaviour, Team building, Inter personal skills, Monitoring, Performance Management, Productivity, Communication Skills for Supervisors, How to give instructions & feedback, How to avoid communication breakdowns, Listening Skills, Problem solving, Harnessing creativity, Grievance handling & Discipline, What are Grievances?, Preventive measures, Misconduct, Progressive discipline, Counselling Skills, Performance Counselling, Psychological Counseling, Training & Development, How people learn, How to train, Self development, Mind Programming, Occupational Safety & Health, Factories Ordinance 4. BUSINESS ENGLISH Importance of English in Business, Letter Writing, Planning a Letter, Structuring, Writing Styles, Business Letter Writing, Routine Business Letters, Special Business Letters, Classified Business Letters, Reports & Speeches, Preparing a Report, Business Reports, Fact-finding Reports, Business Speeches, Conference Summaries, Business Documents, Dialogue, Managing Stage Fright, Informal Dialogue, Formal Dialogue, Business Dialogue, Situational Dialogue, Preparing a Presentation, Delivery, Critique by Participants, Peers and Facilitator. 5. EXPORT / IMPORT PROCEDURES – Banking and Customs Banking - Introduction to International Trade. Method of Payment in International Trade. Types of Letters of Credit. INCO Terms and Exchange Control Regulations. Documentation in relation to U.C.P. Bank Finance. Foreign Exchange. Customs - Customs Laws. Import procedures. Classification. Valuation. CusDec. Automated Processing of CusDec. Manufacturing - in-Bond Scheme Procedure. Inward Processing Scheme. Export procedures. Re-export of Imported goods. Facilitating Procedures for Temporary Imports for Exports.
  4. 4. The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries Tel: 2452181, 2339200, 077 9603 857, 2331444 Fax: 2331443 E-mail:, REGISTRATION FORM Personal details (To be completed by applicants) Course ____________________________________________________________ Name ____________________________________________________________ Designation ____________________________________________________________ Organisation ____________________________________________________________ Address Off .____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________ Telephone Off. ______________________ Fax. _________________________ Signature ____________________________ .............................................................................................................…………… (For office use only) Date _______________ Paid Rs. ___________________________ REMARKS ____________________________________________________________ NOTE: Please draw your cheque/s in favour of The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries, crossed A/C Payee Only. Photo copies of this form could be taken as required.