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Florascent Organic Perfumes


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Beautiful organic fragrances from Florascent, the master perfameurs.

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Florascent Organic Perfumes

  1. 1. TraditionalArt of Perfumery FLORASCENT Parfumeurs
  2. 2. „Toujours auService de Parfum“ FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 3
  3. 3. The ScentManufactory The Florascent fragrance manufactory presents Florascent Parfumeurs, its extraordinary collection of precious natural perfumes that revives the tradition of the European art of perfumery of the 17th century. This tradition is for our manufactory a commitment to use the most exquisite natural raw materials that give our fragrances their distinctive individuality. Each flacon is hand-bottled, hand-sealed, and packed in stylish handmade paper tubes which have already become a hallmark of Florascent Parfumeurs. For both our perfumes and their tasteful outfit as well bear the signature of our perfumer Roland Tentunian. His artistic sensitivity, craftsmanship, and technical skill made a dream come true: to give a new lease of life to the traditional art of 17th century perfumery in a modern product line. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 4
  4. 4. The Traditional Art of Perfumery The traditional art of European perfumery dates back to the 17th century, when at royal courts leather gloves became a fashionable clothing for various occasions. Yet the gloves exhaled an acrid smell because of the acids used in tanning. So glove makers looked out for a solution to this problem. And, beginning to scent their leather ware, they laid - almost incidentally - the foundations to the future tradition of European perfumery. Before long a number of them had focused entirely on producing perfumes, as their fragrant waters became increasingly popular among ladies and gentlemen of the nobility. The rising demand of citrus fruits, jasmine, roses, lavender, violet, and many other ingredients needed in perfumery fostered the cultivation of aromatic plants all around the European parts of the Mediterranean, while precious resins and spices continued to be imported on ancient trade routes from the Far East. 5
  5. 5. Production Techniques For the production of our natural fragrances we use in our manufactory purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts - also known as ‘macerates’. They are the very basis our creations are built on. Therefore most conservative distillation and extraction techniques are used to preserve natural and untainted the unmistakeable aura of our materials. In a maturation period of several months our scent compositions are given time to develop their distinctive and mellow character. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 6
  6. 6. 7 Treasures fromEssences In addition to a deep insight into traditional production techniques, the creation of a natural perfume requires a lot of experience in handling rare and expensive materials. It is this long-standing experience from two decades work as a perfumer, along with a comprehensive knowledge of natural fragrances, which conveys a unique character to Roland Tentunian's compositions. Often it takes a long way and many approaches until a new perfume is accomplished and the result lives up to his high demands. Of vital importance is also the perfumer's knowledge where to obtain the best basic materials for his creations. Therefore unremitting quality controls and a careful selection are indispensable prerequisites to guarantee the high value of Florascent Parfumeurs products. Handmade Luxory 7
  7. 7. FLORASCENT 8 Parfumeurs
  8. 8. The Nomenclature of Fragrances Like their predecessors from the first acme of European perfumery, the creations of Florascent Parfumeurs allure with their natural charms. Our collection embraces pure-flower fragrances (which are also called soliflores), aromatic waters and Oriental style scent compositions. It is completed by an exquisite choice of fragrances for men and fanciful creations. The Florascent collection comprises over twenty exclusive fragrances which - or a better orientation - are divided into five different categories: AQUA FLORALIS embraces pure-flower fragrances based on purest plant absolutes. AQUA ORIENTALIS stands for the mystic world of Oriental scents. AQUA AROMATICA is the name of our aromatic and revitalizing perfumes. AQUA COLONIA comprise our fragrances for men. AQUA COMPOSITA are thematic scent compositions. The concentration of our natural fragrances is comparable to that of a common eau de toilette.
  9. 9. Collection The The choice to choose FLORASCENT Parfumeurs
  11. 11. aqua flor alis Delicate Floral Dreams Bright impressions from southern gardens. Our flower fragrances cover a whole range of styles from classical elegance to exotic mystery. Rose aqua floralis A perfume for falling in love. The top vibrates with the bright colours of fruity apricot. A heart of finest May roses from Grasse with their typical delicate floral scent. At the base a soft and smooth breeze of clove within a bouquet of white flowers. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 12
  12. 12. Pivoine aqua floralis Greetings from a fragrant springtime garden. A fresh and fruity top of Sicilian lemon and tangerine. An enchanting bouquet of peony with fruity tonalities. A rapprochement of rose blossoms and jasmine. 1 er Mai aqua floralis Springtime feelings! Green tangerine combined with a slight touch of galbanum. In middle resonates a translucent flower chorus of rose and bloomy jasmine. In the base delicate tonalities of champac with a tinge of tuberose. 13
  13. 13. aqua flor alis Jasmine aqua floralis A royal scent. The prelude comes with a top of fine cedrat oil with green tangerine. The fruity and flowery heart note is headed by finest Italian jasmine. The balmy background is built on fine benzoin and tuberose. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 14
  14. 14. Ylang aqua floralis Intriguing and exotic. A bouquet of white flowers in the top. Exquisite ylang-ylang flowers from Madagascar exhale a sensuous and tempting balm. It is harmoniously embedded in a chalice of tuberose and orange blossom. Mimosa aqua floralis A whiff of spring, tender and alluring. A verdurous and fruity top of violet leaves. A feminine rapprochement of mimosa flowers and delicious roses. A balmy and smooth base of tonka and fine rosewood. 15
  15. 15. aqua orientalis Oriental Scents Indulge in the mystical world of oriental scents where sweet balms and resins combine with exotic flowers and spices. Ravishing creations to entice the senses. Ksar a q u a o r i e n ta l i s The very essence of the Orient. The savour of Arabian Mocha with cardamom. A mystic composition of Oriental spices with a counterpoint of galbanum. Resinous olibanum blends with a rapprochement of cedar and sandalwood. 16
  16. 16. Tishka a q u a o r i e n ta l i s Scheherazade’s favourite. A top of floral and aromatic notes with pimento, clove, and ginger. A mesmerizing heart of Moroccan Rose and Arabian jasmine. In the base a blend of benzoin, opoponax, and precious iris root. Casbah a q u a o r i e n ta l i s A mystic scent from the very heart of Morocco. A bright and limpid top with mimosa flower, black tea, and cardamom. A heart full of delicate Moroccan roses and bright rosewood. Indian Cashmere spices and precious ambergris unite in a delicious finale. 17
  17. 17. aqua orientalis 18
  18. 18. Medina a q u a o r i e n ta l i s The magic of an oriental bazaar. An exceptional and striking prelude with a herbal note of Artemisia, sage, sambac, and hyacinth. A heart with a vibrating chord of precious spices, patchouli, and saffron. A woody base with notes of Atlas Cedar, orris, and vetyver roots. 19
  19. 19. aqua colonia AromaticWaters quot;Catherine de Medicis used to refresh herself with a cup of delicious water scented with orange blossom, rosemary, and bergamot.” We present you sophisticated inventions of aromatic waters—refreshing and vitalizing. Regia aqua aromatica A classical cologne sparkling with esprit. A refreshing approchement of bergamot and Sicilian lemon. The heart is a harmonious tune of neroli with rosemary and noble bitter orange. In the base a fruity note of tangy cassis with woody inflections. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 20
  20. 20. 17 Lavande aqua aromatica The Provence feeling. The top breathes the refreshing savour of sage and thyme. Finest Haut-Bar lavender effuses a stunningly fresh note. A woody and spicy base of rockrose and ambergris. 21
  21. 21. aqua aromatica Violetta aqua aromatica A scent of limpid harmony. Delicate, flowery, and verdurous in the top, with an agrumen complement of bergamot. The fruity note of framboise is a special quality of the Parma violet. The base variegates in moisterous and woody nuances of precious orris root. ThéVert aqua aromatica Aromatic Waters Refreshing and limpid. The fresh top is tinged with the tangy and verdurous aroma of Chinese tea. Fruity citrus notes blend with Indian jasmine and the soft velvet of Osmanthus flower in a delicious melange. FLORASCENT In the base a bright note of cedarwood. Parfumeurs 22
  22. 22. 23
  23. 23. aqua colonia Du Soleil aqua colonia A whiff of sunny garrigue in a spicy summer fragrance. The prelude is a chorus of Mediterranean herbs. Wild tarragon and sage, rockrose and a blend of precious woods in an aromatic marriage. The base is dominated by Tuscan cedar and precious woods. 24
  24. 24. Fragrances forMen quot;Moisten thyself with delicious balms and enjoy life with the woman you love.” Already the Tales of Thousand and One Nights, the Sun King’s court and Shakespeare’s plays knew of men who were not that sparing in using perfumes. Habanna aqua colonia Classical elegance for men with a Cuban feel. A spicy and tasteful prelude of pimento, cardamom, and rosewood. A heart of gardenia and orange blossoms. Honey-like facets of Briar wood join with tonka bean and oak moss in a mellow finish. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 25
  25. 25. aqua colonia Patchouly Men Cologne ´s aqua co lonia Sensing the sixties. In the top a chorus of Turkish rose with fresh bergamot and sage. The heart bewitches with an unmistakable woody note of patchouli. Ginger gives it a warm tonality. Santal aqua colonia An extravagant scent from the very heart of Mysore. The top comes with a cultivated prelude of finely tuned Cashmere spices. The heart is a chorus of rose, jasmine, and delicious davana. A full-flavoured note of volouminous and warm sandalwood underlines the velvet features of this fragrance. 26
  26. 26. Vetyver aqu a colonia A stylish fragrance for stylish men. A noble prelude of dry and juicy grapefruit and geranium. A spicy blend of clove, Bay Pepper, and galangal in the heart. In the base precious-woodlike tonalities of finest vetyver root. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 27
  27. 27. aqua composita Compositions Monsieur Balode a q u a c o m p o s i ta These creations are dedicated to the nostalgia for the smoothness of Belle Epoque perfumes and the wild A tribute to gentlemen. fragrances of the „années folles”. Outmost refinement Exquisite velvet in a prelude of tonka bean and aromatic hay. in fragrant blends and harmonies gives them Barrique wood, linaloe, and Cire d’Abeille their perfect individuality. in a stylish blend with finest geranium. This aristocratic composition is culminates with intriguing patchouli and fruity davana. Tango a q u a c o m p o s i ta A scent of passion and dedication. A daring top of gardenia and wild orchid flowers, combined with delicate notes of alluring opoponax and benzoin. In the base a chorus of erotic patchouly and balmy notes. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 28
  28. 28. 29
  29. 29. 24 aqua composita Compositions Umami a q u a c o m p o s i ta Simply delicious! The top is an unbelievable prelude of yuzu and vanilla. Aromatic notes of precious pimento and ginger combine in a gently warming harmony with delicious osmanthus. A lavish base of fine tonka bean and sandalwood tops off this unforgettable composition. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 30
  30. 30. Pipapo a q u a c o m p o s i ta Feminine, extravagant, and very enticing. The prelude is a fanciful bouquet of Bulgarian roses and soft jasmine. A bewitching heart note of finest tuberose. Warming notes of sandalwood blend in a stylish base of vetyver, tonka bean, and vanilla. FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 31
  31. 31. Extrait deParfum FLORASCENT Parfumeurs 32
  32. 32. Pure Luxory
  33. 33. Extrait deParfum A perfume is a work of art, in so far as it takes form from a creative act and obeys an aesthetic desire.It results from the harmonious combination of various fragrant ingredients. In general,`perfume` refers to the extract in contrast to Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. Our`Haute Parfumerie`offers an exclusive collector´s edition. Three extravagant perfume extracts in valuable, hand-blown crystal bottles.Let yourself be seduced back to the Belle Epoque. Every bottle is filled by hand and sealed according to traditional methods. 30 34
  34. 34. 35
  35. 35. Dauphine E x t r a i t d e Pa r f u m An aristocratic mix E x t r a i t d e Pa r f u m of finest elixiers. Mandarin, majestic rose and velvety tuberose lend this charming scent its exquisite notes. 36
  36. 36. Cherubino Liaison E x t r a i t d e Pa r f u m E x t r a i t d e Pa r f u m A fragrance full of A fragrance full of passion and gentle warmth and elegance. abandon. Sensual A bouquet of exquisite roses combine with blossoms and woods jasmine and the velvet gives this heavently scent touch of a precious its precious character. Florentine iris. Pure seduction. 37
  37. 37. „Toujours auService de Parfum“ FLORASCENT c Florascent 2007 Parfumeurs 38
  38. 38. florascent duftmanufaktur ltd. waldstraße 91 76133 karlsruhe / germany phone +49(0)721-9415381 fax +49(0)721-9415382