Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue


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Logona\'s catalogue for 2008/9 showing their complete range of certified organic beauty products

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Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue

  1. 1. LOGONA History German Quality lC ura o 3 sm Nat yea0 Why German personal care products anyway? etic r of s Manufacturing personal care products and cosmetics using natural, herbal ingredients has LOGONA History Ex pe very deep roots in Germany. Long before the beginnings of LOGONA, German companies led r ti s e the world in terms of both quantity and quality for these products. The relatively new generation of German natural manufacturers, among which LOGONA still counts itself, stands firmly on The story of LOGONA is closely associated with the shoulders of this tradition. 1978 the rise of the German natural marketplace, where the company today serves as a leading Strong competition increases quality and stimulates innovation supplier of natural personal care products. Many strong natural brands of personal care products thrive in Germany, and During the 1970s, a wave of environmental new companies emerge with new brands every year. This large group of suppliers, consciousness and activism rolled through competing for the same consumers with similar arguments for similar products, Europe, giving life to many alternative has helped create a very vibrant market. To succeed, a supplier must first meet enterprises and political groupings. Organic 1985 the high quality standards of the competition. The products must also perform agriculture, renewable energy and well to meet consumer expectations. Finally, to remain successful, a German environmental responsibility became the supplier must continually innovate and keep pace with market developments. watchwords of this movement. In 1975 in Hanover, Germany, a group of friends opened a shop featuring the few available products The German natural product industry enforces its own high standards Quality creates Trust that fit the values of this new, green alternative Despite the sometimes intense competition, German manufacturers of natural personal care products have recognized that common Manufacturing personal care products without synthetic movement. To expand their store’s selection, 1992 interests and values bind them strongly. For example, they have adopted a common definition for the term “natural”, as it applies to preservatives requires especially careful procedures to handle this “Lorien Goods” group began to import personal care products. Moreover, they have accepted a tough (and costly) enforcement mechanism, overseen by the trade associa- both raw materials and finished products. Only the slightest products, and then to wholesale these products tion BDIH. The BDIH “Certified Natural” seal of approval is awarded only to products that conform to the published criteria, described contamination can ruin an entire production run. LOGONA to other stores. In 1977, they tried their hand on page 39 and, in more detail, on the website www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de. This highly successful program grows from year utilizes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharma- at manufacturing simple bodycare products, to year, and now includes many products from countries outside Germany. ceutical production standard, to guide its manufacturing. In and the LOGONA idea was born. spring of 1999, LOGONA successfully completed an Government controls protect consumers “Environmental Audit” of its entire operation, conducted Bodycare products manufactured and 1998 under mandate of the German federal government. packaged from a broad ecological standpoint Unlike the American FDA, which also establishes rules for ingredients in personal resonated with a growing number of care products, German governmental agencies enforce their rules rigorously. For 30 Years Expertise with Natural Personal Care consumers. The product line has steadily example, government agents visit manufacturers regularly to inspect expanded over the years to meet growing manufacturing procedures, and to take product samples for testing. The testing Table of Contents Despite its steady growth, LOGONA has remained true to its consumer interest. Today, over 200 natural includes checking the accuracy of ingredient declarations printed on packaging. founding principles. Many personnel from those early days personal care and cosmetic products carry the As a result, fraudulent ingredient listings have been practically eliminated. By still work with the company today. The collectively organized History 2 LOGONA label. contrast, accepting the truthfulness of American personal care products requires 2004 LOGONA employs more than 220 full time employees, and German Quality 3 from the consumer a leap of faith in the honesty of the manufacturer. Facial Care 4-16 places special emphasis on social responsibility and fairness Strict ingredient quality standards have always Natural Nails Series 17 towards employees and community. been fundamentally important to LOGONA Active media role increases consumer confidence Color Cosmetics 18-21 product formulation and manufacturing. Makeup Removers 22 LOGONA product quality standards have continually The German consumer enjoys a high level of accessible, quality information to LOGONA products utilize the highest quality, Hair Color 23-27 improved to correspond with advances in manufacturing assist in evaluating products. For example, the monthly magazine, ÖKO-TEST, natural raw materials, such as premium Hair Care 28-29 know-how and more rigorous ingredient standards. For publishes critical reviews of consumer products from natural and environmental botanical oils, herbal extracts and essential oils Mineral Cleansers 30-31 example, every LOGONA product complies with the stringent 2006 standpoints. It analyzes leading brands from both the natural and conventional derived from organic agriculture and Daily Care Series 32-33 BDIH ingredient criteria as a certified natural product, and marketplaces in terms of ingredients, packaging, performance and price. The wildcrafting. Body Care 34-39 carries the BDIH Seal of Approval. magazine has been a leading factor in increasing German consumer awareness, LOGONA Free 40 manufacturer responsibility, and product quality. LOGONA for Man 41 Aside from rigorous ingredient standards, No advance in product quality, however, has come at the Baby Care 42 LOGONA products must also conform to cost of the company’s steadfast commitment to environ- See page 46 for a listing of LOGONA products recently evaluated by ÖKO-TEST. Child Care 43 industry leading ecological standards regarding mental responsibility. The goal to make quality personal care Oral Care 44-45 minimal resource consumption during products with minimal impact on the planet and its resour- 2007 ÖKO-TEST & Animal Testing 46 manufacturing, and minimal and recyclable Vegan products in the brochure are identified by this symbol. ces remains foremost. BDIH Certified Natural 47 packaging for the finished products. This brochure is printed on chlorine-free and acid-free bleached paper from sustainable forestry. 2 3
  2. 2. Facial Care Facial Care Cleansing Facial Scrub Cream The biological rhythm of skin The gentle formula contains very finely ground particles dry and sensitive skin and refreshing cleansing agents to exfoliate dead skin cells Underlying the LOGONA facial care program is a and impurities, producing a radiantly fresh skin tone. solid knowledge base focussed squarely on the Cleansing Milk Wild Rose natural functions of human skin. Derived from The silky formula gently Facial Toner Wild Rose both modern dermatology and traditional herbo- frees the skin from particu- This mild, alcohol-free toner gently harmonizes and logy, this expertise enables development of lates and makeup residue. stimulates the skin after cleansing, and prepares it optimally products which gently, but effectively stimulate Ideal for daily use. for the moisturizing or treatment product to follow. the skin’s own powers of correction and healing. Corresponding to the natural rhythms and require- ments of your skin, LOGONA formulates its facial Dry skin care products to deliver moisture and protection from external influences during the day, and to stimulate Dry skin is characterized by a finely pored, thin and somewhat the skin’s regenerative functions during the night. brittle surface layer. It tends to suffer from patches of irritation and red blotchiness, and frequently lacks elasticity. Symptoms In this way, the LOGONA program of coordinated that accompany dry skin include uncomfortable feelings of day-and-night facial care supports optimally the tension, itchiness, and premature wrinkling. External influences, protective, regenerative, and self-correcting such as solar radiation, cold, wind, and indoor heating, generally functions of our skin. aggravate dry skin symptoms. LOGONA facial care for dry skin employs a rich phytocosmetic Sensitive skin care blend of deeply moisturizing, healing and soothing botanical Show the world ingredients, as well as natural moisture retaining agents. Mild vegetable oils ease skin tension and support natural regeneration Sensitive facial skin is characterized by a very low your most beautiful face processes to increase skin elasticity, providing immediate and tolerance to external or internal stress factors. These tangible textural can include environmental and climatic factors, or Experience the unique pleasure of naturally beautiful, improvement. emotional upset and inner disharmony. Sensitive skin healthy skin. LOGONA products protect and nurture reacts with red blotches, irritated patches, tightness of Day Cream Rose your skin using gentle botanical forces. Active phyto- the skin, or itchiness. This increased level of sensitivity delivers the deep, lasting cosmetic ingredients and premium plant oils deliver can occur as a temporary condition for all skin types. hydration your dry skin your skin all it needs to retain its natural radiance and needs. Cocoa butter and healthy good looks. LOGONA facial care products for sensitive skin contain other natural moisturizers, active phytocosmetic ingredients that soothe, protect premium botanical oils, and LOGONA formulates its facial care products to meet and moisturize skin. They provide relief to the troubling rose blossom extract the individual requirements of your particular skin conditions of blotchiness, irritations, and uncomfortable combine to restore a supple, condition. All formulations incorporate the latest skin tautness. The products also contain stimulating silky texture to your skin. advances in dermatology, and take into consideration and enlivening ingredients, intended to reinforce and the changing environmental influences impacting your Night Cream Rose strengthen the skin’s own resistance and natural repair skin every day. supports your dry skin's natural regenerative functions as it rests functions. through the night. Rich in premium oils, natural moisturizers, and LOGONA follows the principle of skin self-correction moisture retaining agents, this treatment cream restores healthy Day Cream Aloe skin balance and elasticity, and reduces tiny wrinkles and fine delivers the stimulating moisture and protective care LOGONA facial care features Human skin is alive and sensitive. It reacts to seasonal lines. your sensitive skin needs. Aloe, almond oil and green changes, to changes in life’s circumstances, and to + 100% BDIH Certified Natural tea extract help reduce problem skin tension and environmental influences. These factors can cause – 0% synthetic colors, fragrances, or reinforce your skin‘s own protective functions. Your preservatives normal, healthy skin to become oily, dry, or highly skin feels cared for and relaxed. – 0% paraffins or other ingredients sensitive. The typical approach of skin care products Eye Gel Quince & Aloe derived from petrochemicals to add oil and moisture to dry skin, or to withdraw them for dry and sensitive skin Night Cream Aloe – 0% ingredients derived from animal from oily skin, is simply not adequate. With this delivers ideal, rich hydration to firm the slack, supports your skin‘s natural regenerative functions as suffering or death approach, the skin generally receives the wrong signal sometimes puffy skin around the eyes. It helps you rest through the night. Aloe, jojoba and avocado + Dermatologist testing to ensure superior to correct the underlying problem. LOGONA products reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles. Your skin skin compatibility and effectiveness of oil soothe and relax your sensitive skin, and supply the work differently. looks refreshed and enlivened. every product moisture it needs. Regular use helps reduce chronic skin tension and tiny wrinkles. 4 5
  3. 3. Facial Care Facial Care Supplemental Care for the special needs of your skin Combination skin care Vitamin Cream Avocado provides rich, intensive care for skin areas deficient in both Combination facial skin is characterized by the moisture and oil. Premium avocado, almond and olive oils, simultaneous occurrence of both dry and oily skin soothing chamomile extract, and moisture retaining glycerin areas. Typical for this condition is an oily area of combine to provide lasting care and a noticeable improve- larger pores in the forehead, nose, and chin ment in elasticity and skin texture. Natural Vitamin E supports Cleansing products for combination and blemished skin the skin's own protective functions against free radicals and (the T-Zone), and a dry area of fine pores in the other external stressors, which can lead to premature ageing. cheeks. The oily areas frequently tend to develop Facial Scrub Gel Cleansing Foam Mint skin blemishes. very finely ground particles and frees the skin from particulates, Vitamin Cream Linden mild foaming agents exfoliate excessive skin oil, and makeup delivers your skin stimulating hydration around the clock. LOGONA addresses the unique requirements of excess skin oil, dead skin cells and residue with gentle sudsing The light composition of jojoba and almond oil, linden combination skin with products containing impurities. action. A natural botanical com- blossom extract, and natural moisturizing agents, gives your Vitamin E and Provitamin A help improve your skin's natural A balanced ingredient complex plex protects the skin from mois- specific active ingredients known to have skin a soft, supple feel. Natural Vitamin E enhances your resistance to external stressors, which can lead to premature preserves the skin’s natural ture loss and helps produce a skin's resistance to free radical damage, which can lead to signs of ageing. harmonizing effects on the natural functions of smoothness. clear, finely-textured complexion. premature signs of ageing. skin. The goal of each product is to induce more Hydrating Gel Aloe balance in the skin. LOGONA combination skin Cleansing Mask Mint Facial Toner Mint Vitamin Cream Carrot a light, oil-free moisture gel that refreshes and stimulates skin products also hydrate the skin intensively, which clarifies and controls shine, and clarifies and refreshes the skin gives your complexion a fresh, radiant tone. Premium with nourishing aloe vera combined with the extracts of fights blemish producing bacteria after cleansing with an anti- is critical for this condition to achieve a naturally botanical oils and phytocosmetic extracts provide lasting horsetail, eyebright and rose petal. Your skin appears enlivened with an active botanical complex. bacterial formula supplying care and stimulating hydration to all skin types. Natural and refreshed, and wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. attractive, fine complexion. Removes excessive skin oil, potent botanical ingredients, and particulates, and dead skin cells prepares the skin optimally for without irritating skin. the treatment product to follow. Blemished skin care Natural Lip Care The delicate skin of your lips is extremely sensitive. With no Youthful skin is especially sebaceous glands to supply susceptible to skin eruptions and protective oil, and blemishes. Hormonal changes only a thin epidermal layer, it tends to dry accompanying puberty tend to out readily, cause an overproduction of sebum appearing chapped (skin oil). The often enlarged skin and sometimes pores can become blocked, pre- even tearing. venting the normal flow of sebum This becomes especially and metabolic waste products to problematic in the skin surface. The resultant extreme climate Day Cream Hamamelis bacterial infection causes the conditions. delivers the harmonizing care and hydration formation of a whitehead or Clear Skin Moisture Fluid Sage & Mint your combination skin needs. Mild botanical oils blackhead blemish. delivers light, refreshing moisture to oily, blemish-prone skin. The antibacterial agent and soothing extracts of witch hazel, mallow Lip Balm Usnea barbata, coupled with the active constituents in sage and mint, help clarify and chamomile help regulate your skin‘s oil and provides your lips a and refine your skin‘s appearance. Using natural cosmetic expertise, moisture balance. Promotes an even, matte and balanced supply of both oil and finely textured appearance. LOGONA Clear Skin products moisture with a blend of premium Clear Skin Blemish Stick Sage & Mint offer an effective, systemmatic The Blemish Stick, rich in botanical botanical oils and waxes. LOGONA delivers targeted, natural, antibacterial treatment to troubled skin areas. A gentle Night Cream Hamamelis approach to combat the problem antibacterial agents, provides Lip Balm will not make your lips but effective botanical blend of sage, mint, rosemary and Usnea lichen extracts, in supports the natural regenerative processes of “dependent”, as is sometimes the combination with pure organic ethanol, helps control the bacteria that causes of blemish-prone skin. The light targeted treatment to problem spots. your skin. The light, harmonizing formula with case with paraffin based products. blemishes, without irritating your skin. Moisture Fluid nurtures the skin Finally, during the day, the Blemish mild botanical oils, witch hazel and mallow helps naturally balance your skin‘s oil and moisture with necessary hydration, while Concealer effectively covers Clear Skin Blemish Concealer needs. Promotes a harmonious, cared-for stimulating the skin’s own healing blemishes, allowing you to relax covers pimples and blemishes effectively. Extracts of sage, rosemary, and Usnea appearance. and regenerative processes. about your appearance. lichen also help control the bacteria that cause blemishes, without irritating the skin. 7 6
  4. 4. Facial Care Facial Care Cleansing Hydration and Protection Facial skin needs regular cleansing to remove Every good skin care moisturizer and treatment product has the ultimate accumulated dead skin and dirt particulates, goal to regulate and stabilize the skin’s own acid mantle, a very thin layer excessive oil, perspiration and metabolic wastes, and of emulsified oil-and-water with a slightly acidic pH. This mantle, or hydro- makeup. Cleansing opens the pores, preparing the lipid film, varies according to skin condition and type. The closer a skin skin to receive subsequent treatment. A good facial product matches the mantle’s composition, the more readily the skin will cleanser must function gently, without irritating the Facial Care 101 absorb it. With this in mind, LOGONA utilizes only carefully selected, purely skin with aggressive ingredients. LOGONA cleansers natural botanical oils, natural moisture retention agents, and botanical contain only the mildest cleansing agents, plus extracts to stimulate the skin’s self corrective mechanisms. natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize. Cleanse twice daily, in the morning and before LOGONA Day Creams reinforce the fragile acid mantle, deliver it additional retiring. moisture, and protect it from negative environmental factors. Since these Toning creams often underlie foundation and other makeup, they penetrate readily An important step of a facial care program, toning, into the skin quickly, and leave hardly a trace. follows cleansing and precedes moisturizing or similar facial care treatment. Applying a toning lotion LOGONA Night Creams support the natural regenerative functions of the provides a supplemental cleansing and facial rinse, skin. Each night cream delivers to the acid mantle a specific blend of active and floods the open pores with pure botanical and nourishing ingredients, selected to benefit a specific skin condition. extracts selected to benefit a specific skin condition. Botanical extracts stimulate and strengthen the self healing and regeneration LOGONA toning lotions target specific responses of the skin. In this way, the skin can recover during the night from the from vital skin functions. exertions and stressors which it encountered during the day. Despite their Apply after every facial cleansing. Either massage rich content of active botanical ingredients, LOGONA night creams have a and pat directly into the skin with your fingertips, or fine, light consistency. Heavier creams can interfere with the skin’s respiration use a couple of toner-moistened cotton pads to wipe and metabolism during the night. skin completely. Deep cleansing For blemished skin, hydration is best achieved with a very light emulsion, A skin care program designed for combination and/or like LOGONA Clear Skin Moisture Fluid, which binds excessive surface skin blemished skin should include periodic deep oil (sebum) for re-absorption. This also reduces the shininess of the skin. At cleansing provided by a facial mask. This cleansing the same time, antibacterial agents counteract inflammation associated with step complements and reinforces the regular daily blemishes. skin cleansing. Because this skin type tends to react to external influences with excessive oil production For maturing skin, the standard approaches to hydrate and protect the skin or skin eruptions, the cleansing mask should contain almost always require supplementation of specialized, therapeutic products. only very gentle ingredients, carefully chosen for LOGONA offers a six product series of facial products, the Age Protection their positive effect on blemished skin. LOGONA Mint series, formulated to address the unique requirements of maturing skin. Cleansing Mask, for example, contains soothing herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Care and Protection Use once or twice weekly. Follow with an application for the delicate area around the eyes of toning lotion. For the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which contains practically no Exfoliation oil and very little water, a specialized hydration and treatment product is Most skin types benefit from occasional gentle exfoliation by a facial cleanser containing finely ground particles generally recommended. These particularly dry skin areas tend to develop that loosen dead skin cells, open encrusted pores, and stimulate circulation. Skin generally appears smoother premature wrinkles. In the area below the eyes, watery deposits and puffiness and clearer following exfoliation. However, gentle ingredients and a gentle technique are both important to tends to develop. Cooling, soothing moisture gels, such as LOGONA’S Quince avoid irritating the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, LOGONA offers a creamy, non-foaming exfoliating cleanser, & Aloe Eye Gel, are particularly well suited to moisturize and firm slack, puffy and for combination and blemished skin, a sudsing gel. skin and reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles. Use once or twice weekly in place of your regular cleanser. Follow with toning lotion. 8 9
  5. 5. Facial Care LOGONA Age Protection Comprehensive protective care with Nature’s finest ingredients What happens to your skin as it ages? LOGONA Age Protection products provide a very high level Viewed scientifically, your skin begins to age in your mid-20s, of skin care and treatment, reflecting the much more when metabolic, circulatory, and lymphatic systems all begin demanding requirements of maturing skin. These products to slow down. The resulting lowered intake of nutrients and rely upon three kinds of mutually reinforcing ingredients: oxygen causes a reduction in the skin’s fatty tissues, which are concentrated phytoactive ingredients, natural moisturizing needed to bind and store moisture. Lowered moisture retention agents, and premium botanical oils. They compensate for creates the conditions for line and wrinkle formation. Also, the skin deficiencies, stimulate the skin’s own self-correcting depletion of skin oils and moisture weakens the skin’s natural capabilities, and improve the skin’s acid mantle. repair functions and its resistance to external influences. Comprehensive protective care at this level produces in Weakening of regenerative powers reduces your skin’s self- maturing skin a natural radiance and healthy vitality. correcting capabilities. The first signs are increased dryness, reduced elasticity, and increased sensitivity of your skin. LOGONA Facial Care Vegan products are identified by this symbol. • BDIH Certified Natural • free of synthetic colorants, fragrances and preservatives • free of paraffin and other petrochemical derivatives • free of ingredients derived from animal death • Dermatologist tested for compatibility and effectiveness 10
  6. 6. Facial Care Cleansing NEW Age Protection Cleansing Foam frees your skin gently but thoroughly of particulates, make- up residues and excess skin oils, and prepares it optimally for the skin care treatment to follow. The mild formula, which includes aloe vera, extracts of bamboo and algae, and a small amount of plant-derived sudsing agents, gives your skin a fine, matte texture. The pleasantly mild foaming action leaves your skin feeling clean, supple and smooth. Botanical skin nutrients moisturize and protect it from dehydration. Application: Gently massage LOGONA Age Protection Clean- sing Foam into your moistened skin and rinse with ample warm water. NEW Age Protection Clarifying Toner refreshes and clarifies maturing skin after cleansing, optimally preparing it for the skin treatment to follow. The stimulating combination of aloe vera, circulation-improving natural caffeine, and the extracts of witch hazel and rosemary flood the open pores of cleansed skin for maximum benefit. Application: Use after cleansing your face, morning and evening. Apply to cotton pad and gently massage into your skin – face, neck and décolleté. Age Protection Facial Steam Bath NEW relaxes your skin, opening the pores fully to make your skin optimally receptive for the skin care treatment to follow. Premium extracts from orchid, papaya, chamomile, horsetail and silky lotus blossom help refine and improve the skin structure. The subtle fragrance of pure essential oils enhance the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. Application: We recommend a steam bath once a week after cleansing with LOGONA Age Protection Cleansing Foam. Pour the content of one ampule into a bowl with about half a liter of very hot water. Lean over the bowl and let the warm steam work into your facial skin. Prepares ideally for subsequent facial care product, such as the Age Protection Moisture Treatment, Wrinkle Therapy Fluid or Night Cream. 11
  7. 7. Facial Care Application: Apply before retiring to the cleansed, toned skin of your face, neck and décolleté. Ideal for use after treatment with LOGONA Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive improvement of skin moisture – reduced depth of lines and wrinkles Facial Care Age Protection Day Cream protects and cares for the special needs of maturing skin with a carefully selected blend of premium oils and essences. Shea butter, broccoli seed oil, and argan oil leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and silky. Extracts of aloe vera and samphira deliver deep, essential hydration. The active ingredient complex of white tea, isoflavones and Vitamin E protects skin naturally against external stress factors, such as free radicals. Your skin develops a radiant, well-cared for appearance, as fine lines and signs of fatigue diminish. Application: for optimal results, apply to clean skin every morning. Age Protection Eye Wrinkle Cream delivers nourishing moisture and care to the delicate Clinical dermatological studies have shown: skin surrounding your eyes with a creamy, phytoactive Highly effective skin protection against complex of certified organic almond oil and calendula free radicals extract, plus grape seed oil, shea butter, and eyebright extract. It reduces tiny dry skin wrinkles and lines, giving skin a lively and refreshed appearance. Age Protection Night Cream NEW Application: Morning and evening pat gently into the promotes the natural regeneration of mature skin with an delicate skin surrounding the eyes. If you tend to have extremenly rich blend of bio-active ingredients. puffiness below the eyes, we recommend the Eye Gel An effective ingredient complex of premium vegetable Quince and Aloe for dry and sensitive skin. oils and essences, including shea butter, jojoba oil and bamboo extract, nourishes the skin with deep, lasting hydration. Precious argan oil supports the natural repair functions of the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and Clinical dermatological studies have shown: supple. Natural caffeine combines with the highly + improved skin moisture content effective extracts of samphira and Indian myrrh to activate – reduction of depth of lines and wrinkles cell metabolism, improvingelasticity and retarding wrinkle development. For re-freshed and radiantly beautiful skin. 12
  8. 8. Facial Care Age Protection Eye Gel NEW reduces fine lines and signs of fatigue of the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, and leaves the skin feeling instantly refreshed. An effective ingredient complex consisting of eyebright, quince and natural caffeine nourishes and stimulates the skin, while reducing puffiness and dark rings under the eyes. Aloe vera and vegetable-based glycerin provide vitalizing moisture, and bamboo extracts leave the skin feeling incredibly smooth. The gel reflects incident light in a way that also reduces the appearance of fine lines Application: Apply morning and evening by gently dotting around the eyes. The gel may be refrigerated prior to application for an added freshness effect. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + high efficient improvement of skin moisture – reduced depth of lines and wrinkles Age Protection Lip Contour Cream NEW relieves the microtensions that cause tiny wrinkles of expression in the delicate area around the lips. Aloe vera, precious argan oil and jojoba oil deliver nourishing, intensive moisture and care. Concentrated active components from Indian myrrh minimize and diminish wrinkles. The result is visibly smoother lip contours. Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance NEW Application: Apply morning and evening reinforces the natural barrier function of your skin's to the skin surrounding the lips. hydro-lipid film, also known as the acid mantle. It retards moisture loss, and provides increased elasticity. The startling 2-phase consistency of the product stems from immiscible botanical oils and moisturizing Clinical dermatological studies have shown: agents. White tea, one of nature's best antioxidants, slows premature skin ageing. The vitamin-rich Sea + distinct improvement of skin firmness and elasticity Buckthorn oil soothes your skin and, thanks to its slight coloration, instantly freshens your appearance. Asian bamboo extract leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily smooth and delicate. Application: Shake well before use. Mix in palms of hands and apply to face, neck and décolleté. Can be used as an alternative to day cream, or in the evening for added intensive moisture, prior to application of LOGONA Age Protection Night Cream. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive enrichment of skin moisture – significant reduction of wrinkle depth 13
  9. 9. Facial Care Age Protection Lifting Serum Age Protection Wrinkle Therapy Fluid NEW produces instantly visible lifting effects. The treats the full range of skin ageing issues, delivering long luxurious, delicately fragranced serum contains a lasting moisture, protection and care. Its phytoactive high concentration of phytoactive ingredients, ingredient complex includes certified organic jojoba, soy including bamboo, gotu kola, witch hazel and oil, and sea buckthorn oil, plus hyaluronic acid, shea Indian myrrh, which visibly reduce wrinkles. butter, grape seed oil, and the extracts of bamboo and Premium nourishing substances such as jojoba oil quince. and Shea butter leave the skin feeling silky and It stimulates your skin's own repair functions, tightening smooth. Natural caffeine and the highly effective skin tissues and giving your skin a supple, velvety texture. extract of Indian myrrh stimulate cell metabolism Facial fatigue and stress, fine lines and wrinkles are and prevent the development of wrinkles. significantly reduced. Skin feels fresh and looks fresh. Application: Apply a thin layer mornings and/or Application: Apply a thin layer morning and evening to evenings after cleansing and toning to face, neck the cleansed skin of face, throat and décolleté. To enhance and décolleté. Follow with your regular LOGONA the effectiveness of the Wrinkle Therapy Fluid, we also Age Protection day or night cream. recommend using LOGONA Hydro Active Ampule Cure on a monthly basis. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + increase in skin firmness – significant reduction of wrinkle depth Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive enrichment of skin moisture – significant reduction of wrinkle depth Age Protection Skin Firming Gel refreshes appearance of dry, maturing skin immediately following application. The gentle, purely botanical formulation stimulates cells and refines pores. Vitalizing hydration produces a measurable improvement in skin texture. Balancing and nurturing herbal extracts strengthen and tighten facial contours, reducing the depth of tiny, dry skin wrinkles and fine lines. Skin appears firmer, smoother, and finer-textured. Application: Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin in the morning and evening, and follow with your customary LOGONA day or night care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + facial moisture – tautness and strength 14 12
  10. 10. Facial Care Age Protection Hydro Active Ampule Therapy stimulates cellular activity and natural regenerative processes with a rich blend of phytocosmetic concentrates. Moisture retention visibly improves, and skin texture becomes finer, smoother, and firmer. Application: Use over a 10-20 day period, massaging the contents of one ampule into the cleansed skin before retiring at night. Follow with your customary LOGONA care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + improvement in skin moisture + skin tautness and elasticity Age Protection Moisture Treatment hydrates dry and maturing skin deeply with a very rich formulation, producing moisturizing benefits you can see and feel immediately. Grape seed oil and natural humectants protect from renewed moisture loss and restore a healthier, suppler skin condition. Fine lines and tiny wrinkles are reduced. Application: 1-2 times per week apply generously to cleansed face, throat and décolleté, and allow to penetrate for 20 minutes. At your option, remove excess with warm compresses or cotton pads. Follow with your customary LOGONA facial care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + skin tautness and elasticity 15
  11. 11. Facial Care NEW Foundation Age Protection Cream Foundations provide a radiantly beautiful complexion throughout the day. Three shades, derived from the combination of nourishing botanical oils, moisturizers, and light- reflecting mineral pigments, produce even, balanced and natural skin tones. Conceal fine lines and fight premature skin ageing. The luxuriously silky texture applies easily and blends into your skin readily. Application: After cleansing and skin care treatment, apply Age Protection Foundation to your forehead, nose and cheeks, and massage in gentle downward outer movements. Finish by smoothing foundation out towards neck and hairline. Simplicity, subtlety, and natural balance Tinted Day Creams from LOGONA give your skin an even, natural tone, and nurture it with the lasting care of a quality moisturizer. Available in two shades, beige gold and golden bronze, for both dry and sensitive skin types. And for combination and oily skin types, the two shades beige gold matte and golden bronze matte. 16
  12. 12. Nail Care NEW LOGONA Natural Nails and nails for naturally beautiful hands Beautiful hands and nails are simply part of a well-groomed appearance. Hands and nails in particular call for special care as they are subject to external factors such as heat, cold and mechanical strain. In addition, the skin in these areas is especially sensitive and tends to lose elasticity quicker than other areas. LOGONA Natural Nails offers you everything you need for beautiful hands and magnificent nails – without any nail polish or chemicals whatsoever. Nail Repair Therapy reinforces and protects soft nails LOGONA Nail Repair Therapy hardens your nails and naturally your skin with rich care and make it soft to the touch. strengthens their structure. The regenerating formula with myrrh Almond oil and a mixture of natural essential oils add a extract also helps prevent bacterial inflammations. subtle fragrance. Myrrh extract and bisabolol, a constituent Apply to unpolished, brittle nails in need of regeneration twice of chamomile, work to prevent inflammations and support a day for two weeks, and then 1-2 times a week as needed. the natural balance of the skin. Apply sparingly. Because the Nail Repair Therapy contains nourishing oils, it cannot be combined with nail polish. Glass Nail File for extra gentle nail care Cuticle Fluid cares, protects and strengthens cuticles LOGONA Glass Nail File gently shapes your nails, sealing their edges and preventing nail breakage. Ideal for brittle LOGONA Cuticle Fluid cares for and protects both your cuticles or soft nails. and nails. Premium vegetable oils, such as certified organically File your nails only when they are dry. Always file from the grown almond and jojoba oils, smooth your skin, and help outside inwards, in order to prevent the nail from breaking. prevent hard skin formation and cuticle splitting. Occasionally rinse off the file under running water. Chamomile and calendula extracts support healthy skin regeneration, and myrrh extract helps prevent bacterial inflammations. Highly recommended to promote naturally Buffer beautiful, healthy nails. for naturally shiny nails Application: Gently massage into your cuticles daily or, if With the LOGONA Nail Buffer you will easily have shiny, necessary, because of an acute problem, more frequently. well-groomed nails – without nail polish! The first phase removes ridges and irregularities, the second phase Hand Care Concentrate smoothes the nail, and the third gives it a wonderful shine. ultimate care for stressed hands Always buff across your nails. Refresh the shine as needed with the polishing side. To care for the nails we recommend LOGONA Hand Care Concentrate intensively cares for stressed the LOGONA Nail Repair Therapy and Cuticle Fluid. hands. Premium jojoba, grape seed oil and shea butter provide 17