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Information Worker

  1. 1. SharePoint Introductie Danny Burlage
  2. 2. Introductie Wortell • Opgericht 1997 • 3 specialismen – Core IO: (Windows Platform & Managebility) – Unified Communications – Information Worker Solutions ‐ Sharepoint • 95 specialisten Focus ‐ Passie – Innovatie
  3. 3. Microsoft’s Kenniswerker Strategie
  4. 4. Kenniswerkers vandaag
  5. 5. Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business productivity server:  Integrated capabilities Familiar Environment ERP CRM Integration Relational Database Structured Hard Drives Enterprise Data and File Shares Apps Processes
  6. 6. Groeiscenario Extranet Enterprise Internet Division Team Individual Business Applications (SAP, data warehouse, custom…)
  7. 7. Intranet
  8. 8. Extranet
  9. 9. Website
  10. 10. Scenario’s Server‐based Excel  Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs,  spreadsheets and data  wikis, e‐mail integration, project  visualization, Report Center,  management “lite”, Outlook  BI Web Parts,  integration,  KPIs/Dashboards offline docs/lists Business Collaboration Intelligence Enterprise Portal  template, Site  Rich and Web forms  Platform Directory, My Sites,  based front‐ends,  Services Business Portal Workspaces, Mgmt, social networking,  LOB actions,  Forms Security, Storage, privacy control enterprise SSO Topology, Site Model Content Search Management Integrated document  Enterprise scalability, management, records  contextual relevance, rich  management, and Web  people and business  content management with  data search policies and workflow
  11. 11. The Devil Wears Prada
  12. 12. Het nieuwe werken
  13. 13. Wat is “Het Nieuwe Werken?” …
  14. 14. Transformatie Wortell…
  15. 15. Wat moet er gebeuren? • Gebruik technologie adekwaat – Tijd/plaats onafankelijk – Virtueel samenwerken • De nieuwe werkplek • De nieuwe organisatie • De nieuwe medewerker • De nieuwe manager
  16. 16. Globalisatie Altijd actief en Transparante Nieuwe Keten bereikbaar organisaties generaties integratie Vinden van Eenvoudiger Verwachtingen Beter beheer en informatie en samenwerken managen beveiliging meer inzicht in informatie bedrijfsvoering
  17. 17. Het Nieuwe Werken Verbind Mensen en Informatie met behulp van Software
  18. 18. Communicatie vandaag de dag Samengevat: chaotisch, kostbaar, gefragmenteerd en veeleisend Overvloed aan communicatie Hoe kan ik prioriteiten stellen in de almaar toenemende stroom van communicatie en toch effectiever zijn? Samenwerken met collega’s, klanten en partners Hoe kan ik collega;s faciliteren om gemakkelijker en effectiever met elkaar, partners en klanten samen te werken? Hoge kosten van communicatie Hoe kan ik de bestaande ICT infrastrctuur en het internet inzetten om kosten te besparen? Niet op elkaar afgestemd Hoe kan ik communicatie, mijn netwerkinfrastructuur en PC’s op elkaar afstemmen.
  19. 19. Verschuiving in communicatie Mensen en informatie verbinden met software Bedrijfs Telefoon Gescheiden Management E-Mail & Gedeelde ervaring Gemeenschappelijk beheer Vermindering Instant Messaging van kosten Unified Messaging Audio Conferencing Conference Messaging Telefoon E-Mail & Bedrijfs Instant Video Conference Web Conference Voice Mail Platform Communicatie silo’s Geintegreerd platform Inefficiënt Gebaseerd op standaarden Overvloed aan communicatie Overal toegankelijk Parallelle infrastructuren Eén enkele database
  20. 20. Unified Communications Verhoogde productiviteit door gestroomlijnde communicatie E-Mail/Calendaring Across Devices Team Across Identity & Presence Workspaces Networks Application Instant Integration Messaging Conferencing VoIP Waarde Gestroomlijnde Ingebouwde Klaar voor de maximalisatie communicatie beveiliging toekomst van ICT
  21. 21. Microsoft UC Portfolio Geintegreerd geheel Conferencing Voice (Unified Messaging, Enhanced VoIP)
  22. 22. Korneel Bullens UC Team Lead Wortell
  23. 23. De 6 kerngebieden
  24. 24. PORTAL
  25. 25. Intranet / Extranet Portal • Website voor gebruik binnen organisatie / in  samenwerking met partners • Centraal staat de “persoonlijke” ervaring;  toegang tot datgene wat JIJ nodig hebt
  26. 26. Portal
  27. 27. Social Networking / Web 2.0
  28. 28. Social Networking / Web 2.0 Profiles – My Sites Search Aggregation & Social Feedback RSS Social Bookmarking Tagging Rating
  29. 29. MySite
  30. 30. MySite View colleagues Track colleague current status. activity. Receive tacitly generated View portal and RSS info that is recommendations automatically generated based on your portal colleagues to of activity and connect with. profile. View your tag cloud for quick access to content. See colleagues birthdates. Update your status. Establish custom reading lists.
  31. 31. Bouwstenen
  32. 32. DEMO Portals
  34. 34. Teamsites
  35. 35. Vergader‐ en documentwerkruimten
  36. 36. Project Sites
  37. 37. DEMO Samenwerken
  38. 38. ZOEKEN
  39. 39. Enterprise Search from Microsoft Server-Side Search Platform Client-Side Search Platform Line-of-business systems Web sites, People, External Web and file shares, expertise E-mail messages, Documents, sites structured data sources Lotus databases, appointments, programs, and Microsoft® and and subscription Exchange Server instant messaging media services public folders, SharePoint® sites, and Documentum FileNet
  40. 40. Simple, Clean Interface
  41. 41. Easy-to-Use Results Page Tabbed user interface Hit highlighting
  42. 42. Easy-to-Use Results Page Sorting options Query correction Result summaries
  43. 43. Query Refinement and Alerts Query refinement with keyword query syntax E-mail alerts and RSS feeds
  44. 44. People Search: Results List Find people and expertise Filter results by relevant attributes
  45. 45. Structured Data Search: Results List Search for structured information in databases and line-of-business systems
  46. 46. Structured Data Search: Single Result Integrate information from the line-of-business system into the result summary Use business actions to create customized result pages
  47. 47. Preview: Federated Search Results Federated Search Results Top Federated Search Result
  48. 48. DEMO Zoeken
  50. 50. Document Management • DoD 5015.2
  51. 51. Wat is ECM? Policy based retention of records Centrally organize, store, protect content Audit trails Library Functions (check-in/out, version) Hold records under discovery Collaborative Authoring Records Document Management Management Content Lifecycle Management Web Content Imaging Management Scanning, indexing paper documents Templated system for authoring content Automate processing of these documents Manage multi-lingual websites Archiving digital images of documents Deliver web content to users
  52. 52. Waarom ECM? Risk of non-compliance with regulations Reusing information is difficult Risk from improperly retaining content Inability to protect sensitive information Retaining records for business continuity Efficiency in collaborative authoring Records Document Management Management ECM Web Content Imaging Management Categorization of paper based info Webmasters are a content bottleneck Automation of high volume processes Multiple site types increase mgmt. costs Brand assets are improperly used
  53. 53. ECM in SharePoint 2007 User Interface 3rd party apps Microsoft Office Web browsers ECM Components Document Records Web Content Forms Management Management Management Management Unified Services Library Workflow Metadata Policies Services Security IRM Collaboration Search Unified Storage Architecture
  54. 54. ECM in SharePoint 2007 Enterprise scale repositories Retention/Auditing policies Per item security and integrated IRM Vault behavior Information Management Policies Manage legal holds Records Document Management Management Web Content Imaging Management Scalable repository Unified SharePoint foundation Workflow foundation Rich, in-place authoring capabilities Integrated Forms capabilities Server side conversions
  55. 55. DEMO Document Management
  57. 57. Formulieren
  58. 58. Formulieren
  59. 59. Resultaten
  60. 60. Workflows
  61. 61. DEMO Formulieren en workflow
  63. 63. Microsoft Business  Intelligence Improving organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions Complete and integrated BI offering Widespread delivery of intelligence through Microsoft Office Enterprise grade and affordable o Anytime Anywhere Access o Mission Critical server Platform  o Real time, Heterogeneous integration o Integrated developer environment o Robust Analytic and Reporting
  64. 64. Our End‐to‐End BI Offering DELIVERY SharePoint Server Excel Analytic Reports Dashboards Workbooks Scorecards Plans Views END USER TOOLS & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPS PerformancePoint Server Excel BI PLATFORM SQL Server SQL Server Reporting Services Analysis Services SQL Server DBMS SQL Server Integration Services
  65. 65. Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 An Integrated Performance Management Solution Scorecards Analytics Cascading Multi‐dimensional  scorecards with slice and dice for  interactive charts advanced analytics  and data from including  multiple sources decomposition tree,  including SAP performance map,  BW 3.5, and and perspective view other relational sources Planning & Consolidation & Budgeting Reporting Plan, budget, Multiple GL data forecast at integration including corporate, pre-built integration divisional, and with Dynamics AX, operational intercompany levels with visual eliminations and modeling, driver- reconciliations, based ‘what if’ multiple currency scenarios, and translations, and process report wizards. management
  66. 66. Office Excel 2007 New powerful analysis tools for up to 1M rows of data Conditional Data Connection Formatting Library Spot trends and Quickly access exceptions in the most your data to common data better inform sources in your your decisions enterprise for data analysis Pivot Table Publish Against SQL The Server 2007 Server Analysis Enhanced Services Sorting and Analyze data Filtering with new Sort by cell color PivotTable tools or filter data by and enhanced quarter to work support for SQL with only the Server Analysis data you need Services
  67. 67. Office SharePoint Server 2007 A single entry point for all your information Publish from Excel Excel Services The Excel Services Create fully menu enables interactive you to specify which web based items to display and data-bound how users can work worksheets, with the work-sheet. including charts, Then save directly tables, and to SharePoint PivotTable views Server 2007 without any custom coding Secure Sharing Dashboards Safeguard Create rich, sensitive interactive information by dashboards that controlling access assemble and to worksheets. display business With Excel information from Services Web- disparate enabled access, sources, using you can limit what built in web parts users can view, such as dynamic protecting the (KPI) and Office underlying data Excel 2007 and models spreadsheets
  68. 68. SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Enhanced OLAP and data mining capabilities KPI Framework Unified Experience the Dimensional manageability of a Model rich centralized Enjoy the power repository for of a combined definition and metadata model – storage of KPI’s the UDM – that are easily bridging the made available flexibility of for end-user relational reporting consumption via with the e.g. BSM, Excel performance of SharePoint the classic OLAP Business Data Mining Intelligence Create new Wizards a breed of Enable even the predictive analysis most novice users applications to build BI models through a rich and projects set of data addressing some mining tools of the more and predefined complex BI algorithms scenarios
  69. 69. SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Presentation Quality Enterprise Reporting  Report Report authoring management Visually design Manage report reports & categorization, layout via the data sources, Report security, Designer subscriptions via the Report Manager Model design End user report Design creation semantic Enable end users models that to dynamically map to real create their own business Ad-hoc reports entities via the via the Model Report Builder Designer
  70. 70. SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Enterprise Data Integration Platform Metadata Development Management Productivity Development Impact and Environment Lineage Analysis with visual from source debugging and systems to cubes version control Enterprise Data Extensible Integration Architecture Plug Scalable data in custom integration components platform with written in C# or parallel pipeline call existing architecture business logic using VB.NET
  71. 71. DEMO Business intelligence