Introduction to Avazu DSP


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Avazu DSP is a display advertising platform connecting billions of real-time biddable ad impressions. For more information please visit

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Introduction to Avazu DSP

  1. 1. The Evolution of Display Advertising Direct from Publishers 1996 1998 Ad Networks 2005Ad Exchanges 2009 DSPs
  2. 2. What is Avazu and Avazu DSP? Avazu is a recognized provider for audience targeting and display advertising.
  3. 3. What is Avazu and Avazu DSP? Avazu DSP is a media buying platform, connected to billions of RTB-biddable ad impressions everyday. Our DSP platform allows advertisers to manage hugely scalable and efficient online media buys.
  4. 4. How we outperform traditional display ads? Pre-impression optimization Traditional Avazu Ad Targeting frequency targeting, geographic targeting, daypart targeting all basic targeting, audience targeting and retargeting Media Buying pre-selected and static publishers, small inventory size RTB real time bidding – dynamic bid for each ad impression, large inventory size with over 85% coverage Post-impression optimization Optimization manual optimization algorithmic optimization based on prediction algorithms towards CTR, CPC, CPA Creative static banner ads dynamic and personalized call-to- action creatives Results non-guaranteed guaranteed ROI and pay for conversions
  5. 5. Ad Targeting: Personalized Retargeting A wide rang of audience websites: Web portals、news websites、 social websites、blogs/BBS、 content websites Personalized Retargeting can realize communication with potential customers, even when they are not on the e-commerce websites Avazu will automatically provide the ads which they want to see, according to their traced behaviors and surfing habits. Potential customer visits your website While those people are surfing in the Internet, Avazu recognizes them using cookies Your customer left without buying anything Your potential customer also browses on other websites Finally, the users will click these ads, go back to the websites of advertisers and turn into a conversion. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  6. 6. Ad Targeting: Audience Targeting 1 Those data are collected, segmented and saved into our cloud-based storage systems. 2 Advertiser’s target groups are compared with our existing audience segments. Suitable audience segments are defined and selected. 3 Media buying based on targeted audience segments. 45 We gather data on all user behaviours from our partners and publishers. 6 Targeted users see creatives across different web sites.
  7. 7. Media Buying: RTB – Real time bidding? Ad Placement Publisher/Ad Network Advertiser Hey, we have 1 mio impressions to sell on, give me 5 USD CPM and you can get them! Hmm, ok, give me a geo targeting, send me an IO and we will take it and give it a try. Traditional media buys: RTB media buys: Ad Placement Publisher/Ad Network Hey, we have 1 mio impressions to sell on, those inventories are now avaiable over RTB. RTB auctions for each ad impression Avazu DSP Advertiser Thinking about the value of each ad impression I give you the budget and you deal with all those media buying stuff, I just wanna see the results… Static inventory, static pricing and manual contractual insertion orders. DSP bids 50 cent Dynamic, auction- based and ready-to- buy inventory
  8. 8. Media Buying: RTB – Real time bidding? and a lot more… A selection of RTB-enabled publishers: Brand Safety Auction-based Buying
  9. 9. Creatives: dynamic and personalized call-to-action creatives Advertiser Logo Opt-out clause Switching Products To Product Page Product Image Zoom Social Engagement For people left your web site without buying:
  10. 10. Creatives: dynamic and personalized call-to-action creatives Individual message for abondonned users Opt-out clause Shopping cart reminder For people abondonned in the shopping cart: At Avazu, we believe that the influence of creative optimization significantly impact the success of our clients, therefore we put a strong focus on optimizing and adding new product features into our creative engine.
  11. 11. Our clients and customers 电饭锅