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Sonny Liston - The Boxer


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Sonny Liston - The Boxer

  1. 1. Sonny Liston
  2. 2. Hi everybody, I will tell you about big champions.. or about the interesing things in their live. Not all of then good boys, but they were the best boxers in the world. Sonny Liston will be first in my slidecast.
  3. 3. Liston was born on 8 May 1932. He was 24th child in the family. His face and body were similar to King Kong.
  4. 4. The father of Liston grew cotton on the rented land. He often beat the wives and the children. In 1950 - 1952 Liston was arrested for an attempt of robbery of gasoline refuelling. He began boxing in prison.
  5. 5. In 1962 he became the champion of the world in the heavy weight in boxing. He won a fight at first sight, but not by the first blow.
  6. 6. He instilled more horror than M.Tyson. Liston had the enormous hands, therefore the gloves were made to order for him. He had the phenomenal memory.
  7. 7. He didn`t like the question: "How old are you?“ In fact, Liston did not know how old he was. He did`t know how to write, to read, and didn`t have any table manners. When Liston with him manager came to the restaurant, he said that he doesn`t know how to eat a chicken.
  8. 8. Liston had the additional work. Sometimes  he beated the blacks, which had a problems with the mafia.
  9. 9. In 1964 Liston lost  to Mohamed Ali.
  10. 10. He died in 1970 in mysterious circumstances.
  11. 12. The end.
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