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Jack Johnson - The Boxer

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Jack Johnson - The Boxer

  1. 1. Jack Johnson
  2. 2. Hi, everibody! This podcast about the world`s boxing champion Jack Johnson (March 31, 1878 - June 10,1946) Jack father was a priest. He wanted his son to become a priest too.
  3. 3. But at 12 years old Jack had a fight. Some boy hurt his sister. After this fight he was absorbed in the boxing. At the 16 years he began boxing as a professional.  
  4. 4. At this time the blacks stood at lowest level of American society. The white boxers refused to box with the blacks. Jack won the all white champions. America hated him, when he became the world`s boxing champion.
  5. 5. Jack was for seven years the world`s boxing champion.
  6. 6. The government incorrectly charged him. He was sentenced to 1 year of prison. Jack escape to Europe. His wife couldn`t take the persecution and to commit suicide.
  7. 7. He spent money on women, the casino and the elegant cars. Henry Ford gave to him a “Lincoln” each year. He died in the car wreck when he went to the boxing match.
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