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Italy Trip II


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Italy Trip II

  1. 1. Hi, you can read an article, after you can watch some pictures with it. Nap les is great place. Na ples has a lot of graffiti on the beautiful  buildings. The people dry some  laundry on the bal c on ie s. And you can often see some rubbish  on the streets here. The Mafia ( Camorra) is heavy in Nap les . It controls the export of the rubbish. The land near by Vesuvio is fertile. A year has three harvests.
  2. 2. Nap les
  3. 3. Nap les
  4. 4. Nap les
  5. 5. Nap les Vesuvio
  6. 6. In 29th  Century the island Kapri belonged to Naples. At that time emperor August arrived on Kapri. A beauty of the island stunned August. He exchanged Capri for the island of Isk'ya (it belonged at that time to the Roman empire) Today, Capri is an expensive resort and the place of  rest for celebrities from the all world.
  7. 7. The Kapri
  8. 8. The Kapri
  9. 9. The Kapri
  10. 10. The Kapri
  11. 11. The Kapri
  12. 12. Rome is a beautiful city with the buildings build 2000 years ago. Here I went for a walk  during the day and during the night. The rubbish on the embankment and the graffiti on the walls not good looking in Rome.  It wasn't possible to buy some products on Saturday after 21:00. All stores were closed. I lived in an appartment with the enormous veranda on the last floor in the center of Rome. It was possible to look what did a neighbors in the house opposite. In Rome is the good ice cream. I did not have time to eat in a normal restaurant. There were many tiny cars. Drivers can stop a car at the road and quietly converse with each other.
  13. 13. Rome
  14. 14. Rome
  15. 15. Rome
  16. 16. Rome
  17. 17. Rome
  18. 18. The continuation will be soon!
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