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  1. 1. 80 % Sex and 19% Football
  2. 2. <ul><li>Days ago a friend Regina said to me I am going to tell a secret to you. I asked – Have you a lover? She answered no, I haven’t. It is about the football and the men. </li></ul><ul><li>Then she said –When I was young I hated football and I always thought hopefully that if I get married or I have a boyfriend someday, he doesn’t like football. But the statistics were the 99% of the men like football. The miracle happened as my husband is of these 1% that doesn’t like football. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>I didn’t know that she would want tell exactly, but I heard her until the end. Regina told me, the men think 80% his time about sex and they think 19% his time about football. Then she said to me, generally women can’t to speak about sex with men, well the women need speak and know about football to chat. </li></ul>
  4. 4. My friend said, for example: <ul><li>Yesterday I worked in the office and a man client wait that a workmate will finish a work that he needed. The client was very nervous then I started to speak about football, I had watched the sport news in TV and I mentioned the football to him, the client smiled his eyes shone and he began speak I appeared very interested; in fact his passion was interesting. In summary the client relaxed and my workmate finished his work. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Regina said to me you must know and be informed about football, but you can’t know much because the men feel that they are invading “men’s subject”, in this time you must know:
  6. 6. - The Manchester United won The Champions League 2008 in a dramatic sudden-death penalty shoot-out victory over Chelsea in Moscow, the Wednesday 21 may 2008.
  7. 7. - The Liga Deportiva Universitaria of Quito won The Copa Libertadores of America as well in penalty shoot-out against Brazilian Fluminense in Rio of Janeiro, the Wednesday 2 July 2008.
  8. 8. - The Manchester United and The Liga Deportiva Universitaria of Quito has qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup 2008 in Japan from December 11-21. They will play against champion clubs from the other four continental confederations, plus the champion of the organizing country .
  9. 9. - The best player and most expensive at the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo who plays in the Manchester United and he is Portuguese.
  10. 10. - The next Fifa World Cup will be the 2010 years in South Africa.
  11. 11. - Lastly, but It isn’t less important; you must know something about local football .
  12. 12. Finally my friend said to me, I always work with men in my profession and speak about football could be a good tool to communicate. Then I reflected, what said my friend seemed to me reasonable and I decided prove her theory and I said to a friend- what do you think about football? He spoke for 1 hour about the subject.
  13. 13. Now Regina says I don’t hate the football neither am I passionate about it, but the football is an entertaining and interesting sport. I agree completely.
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