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Bicycle 1


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Bicycle 1

  1. 1. What kind of bicycle is good for you?
  2. 2. A velocipede ( BICYCLE ) is a vehicle, which uses the muscular force of the man through the foot pedals. In the majority of bicycles there are two wheels, but there are three-, and four-, and even one-wheeled bicycles. More than a billion bicycles are used in the world now . The Bicycle is the most popular vehicle . Because it has a low cost, a ease weight, a small sizes, an absence of the need for  petrol and it`s safe. In 2005 in Great Britain, the bicycle was acknowledged as the greatest technical invention since 1800. The bicycle has a speed 90 km/h or 56 m/h.
  3. 3. In 1817 a german professor baron Carl von Drez created the FIRST TWO WHEELED BICYCLED . It had a handlebar and looked like the bicycle. But it didn`t have a pedals and it had a wooden body.
  4. 4. MOUNTAIN BICYCLE is used for the ride on the impassable road. It has many speeds (usually more then 20), some wide tires, powerful wheels.
  5. 5. HIGHWAY HIGHWAY BICYCLE use for the fast riding along the bituminous road. It has a thin and light body, a bent handlebar, a narrow wheel.
  6. 6. Urban bicycle is used for the convenient ride around the city. It`s comfortable but it has a slowly speed. It has convenient seat but a heavy body. It has a good protection from the mud.
  7. 7. Titanium Flat Road EB has an electric motor. One charge allows the distance 10 km. (6 miles) You can  charge it at home. You can use only engine, or only pedals or both together.
  8. 8. The general difference between the woman bicycle and the man`s is the location of the top tube. When the women began to ride on a bike, they  wore a long skirts. They must to raise a foot, to sit on the bicycle. The manufactures of  bicycles changed the location of the top tube. Now the woman bicycles made, so that the women can sat down on them in the skirt
  9. 9. The tandem is a bicycle for 2 people. It has two pairs of pedal. The cyclists sit one behind another. The first cyclist steers a bicycle. There are bicycles for 3 and more people. There was a bicycle for 40 people.   
  10. 10. This slidecast was created by Alexei Alexei studies English online with Avatar Languages See more student work at /podcasts