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Avatar - Brief (English)


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Agency brief in English.

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Avatar - Brief (English)

  1. 1. company brief
  2. 2. about us Founded in Argentina, 2001. ➡ + 95 Employees. ➡ Three production units (Buenos Aires / México DF / Tandil). ➡ Commercial operations in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, USA, ➡ Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, El Salvador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Tanzania, RDC, Senegal and Switzerland. Our services are aimed towards offering Integral Consulting Solutions, ➡ Interactive Communications, eBusiness and Emerging Technologies.
  3. 3. our strategical services Concept Digital Marketing Strategies We believe that the best way to put our Consulting Services services to good use is to operate them in a complementary manner. In this PR 2.0 SEO section we detail the scope of each area, and although each area can be SMM SEM hired independently, our goal is to generate an organic supply of services and tools, tailor-made to suit our Buzz Monitoring customers’ needs. Analysis & Metrics
  4. 4. our strategical services Buzz Monitoring Monitoring of social media and editorial content. This service is oriented towards detecting brand awareness and main topics that concern brand and product online presence. Through recollection and analysis of massive amonts of data, we identify both opportunities and threats, suggesting action strategies for each case. Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM) Brand and product active inclusion and participation in social media environments through relevant content related to identity, positioning and personality, capturing and motivating influencers and binding relationships. Optimization of preexisting organic contents in 2.0 platforms.
  5. 5. our strategical services PR 2.0 Reinforcement of a possitive online presence. Detection and selection of influencers, generation of channels of online presence, content formatting to achieve relevance and possitive feedback. Reputation management, issue management. Search Marketing Services (SEM & SEO) Organic keyword placement in relation to URLs in search engines. Indexation through key concepts, on-page and off-page factors optimization. Planning, implementation, optimization and management of paid campaigns (pay per click).
  6. 6. our strategical services Email Marketing Services Opt-in email campaign generation. Design of conversion and client retention strategies. Development, segmentation and optimization of subscribers databases with prior authorization (opt-in). Content development and spread, tracking and campaign reporting. Digital Marketing Strategies Marketing strategies for digital media. Generation and distribution of viral and promotional content in interactive milieus geared towards communicating with target audience.
  7. 7. our creative services Our creative services aim Concept Development towards building innovative and relevant concepts related to each brand’s potential and the means Information Architecture UI & Visual Design available to accomplish their implementation. We cultivate Usability Testing fresh ideas, but not for the sake of “creativity” itself: our creative output must always generate results. Content Development & Mangement
  8. 8. our creative services Concept Development Cualitative research and requirements’ analysis. Data model, communicational model and functional business model. User Interface & Visual Design Analysis of user needs, experience and abilities, and also of system consistency. Definition of user- system styles of interaction and of search patterns. Static and dynamic content-visualization modelling. Best practices and development guidelines. Interface prototyping. Evaluation against usability specifications. Information Architecture Analysis of structural and semantic components. Mapping, hierarchization and content inventory. Controlled vocabulary. Blueprints. Prototypes and style guides.
  9. 9. our creative services Usability Testing Profiling and tester selection. User-environment empathy. Task selection and test design. Result analysis. Evaluation and optimization of UI according to testing results. Content Development & Management Search-results relevance parametrization. Content structure and identification of keywords meant for search engines and social networks. Content spreading strategies through hyperlinking, replication and social media channels.
  10. 10. our development & technology services Consulting Services Our development & technology services area is in charge of the design, Project Management Quality Assurance development, customization and integration of diverse tech solutions applied Application Development to our clients’ business models. & Integration Furthermore, this area focuses on research, development and standardization of tools and technologies developed inhouse. Emerging Technologies Managed Hosting
  11. 11. our development & technology services Application Development & Integration Our development & technology services area builds organic solutions such as Web Applications, Web Services, Rich Internet Applications, Content Management, e-learming, Single Sign-On, created with an assortment of technologies, such as: Operating Systems Microsoft Windows; Unix (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX); Linux (Red Hat Advanced Server, Novell SuSE, Ubuntu among other distributions). Programming Languages Java J2EE; C/C++; .NET (ASP.NET, C#, WinForms, ADO.NET, Enterprise Services, etc.); Scripting Languages (Javascript, VBScript, PHP, Perl, Python, etc.); Web Services; RIAs; Adobe  FLEX, Ajax. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) Oracle; PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server; IBM UDB, IBM DB2; IBM Informix; Sybase; MySQL. Integrated Development Environments Microsoft Visual Studio .NET; Borland JBuilder; Oracle Development Suite; Eclipse; SAP NetWeaver; IntelliJ IDEA; BEA WebLogic Workshop; IBM Rational Software Architect
  12. 12. our development & technology services Consulting Services Applying exploration and documentation methodologies, our Consulting Services build the project vision and strategy, making sure sure that we deeply understand the process and its contextual relationships with all parts involved. Quality Assurance (QA) We arrive to predictable results through our commitment to assure the quality of our deliverables, through QA practices like case and intrusion testing, test-driven development (TDD) and security audits.
  13. 13. our development & technology services Managed Hosting Our managed services are hosted in world-class data centers. They offer full availability and support for websites and web applications. Emerging Technologies We integrate with applications and emerging protocols such as (mobile devices, smartphones, Bluetooth, iTV).
  14. 14. our framework All three of Avatar’s areas are conceived to establish an intertwined flow of inputs and outputs which each other, which allows for the development of high quality products and services. Each area will exercise its creative force and expertise and work together to achieve an organic result.
  15. 15. main clients
  16. 16. main clients Disney / Camp Rock
  17. 17. main clients Disney / High School Musical
  18. 18. main clients Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Light
  19. 19. main clients MetLife - MetAFJP Banco de la Nación Argentina - Portal Financiero
  20. 20. main clients Adidas
  21. 21. main clients Peugeot Minicooper
  22. 22. main clients Whirlpool Latinamerica
  23. 23. main clients Mastercard
  24. 24. contact information