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Thentix presentation


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A presentation for the HBC by Thentix A Touch of Honey.

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Thentix presentation

  1. 1. At THENTIX we have helped thousands of people all over theworld solve their skin problems with one multi-use product. Ithas been sold through Zellers and many other retail channels for almost two decades. Thentix® A Touch of Honey® skin conditioner was originated in Canada by Ron McGuire as an all-natural treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema and extremely dry hands.
  2. 2. Why Canadians Choose Thentix® Skin Care• 100% Canadian made : Proudly made right here in Toronto!• It Works: Heals skin problems fast. Consumers are thrilled to see results right away when nothing else worked.• Safe & Natural: Free of parabens and fragrance, with naturally amazing honey as the active ingredient.• Thentix® A Touch of Honey® is for everyone, and for all-over: great for ages 4-94 and can be used literally from head to toe!
  3. 3. Superfood for skin!Honey hydrates :• A natural humectant, honey plumps up the skin cells, allowing them to draw and retain moisture for hours after applying.Honey heals:• Honey has been used extensively since the days of Aristotle and Cleopatra for healing a wide variety of ailments including wounds, cuts, sores, etc. due to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties.Honey nourishes:• So full of vitamins, honey is also used as a dietary supplement.
  4. 4. But we don’t stop there!Here is what else you’ll find in our formulas:• We use Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera to help in healing those top layers of skin that get damaged from the elements. Royal Jelly contains all of the B-complex vitamins, including minerals, enzymes, hormones, and amino acids –DNA & RNA – the genetic code that makes up life.• Aloe Vera has more than 200 biologically active agents which is why it has been found to have great healing effects, wound and scar reducing properties and more.• Vitamins A, and E are used to accelerate healing and to reduce sun damage to skin, and aid in reducing facial wrinkling.• The Jojoba and Avocado oils are very good for toning the skin, and when massaged into the skin you will feel a soothing, silky sensation. Both these oils are highly penetrable and closely resemble our natural sebum, and will help in balancing skin oils.• We added Ginseng extract to increase circulation by oxygenating the skin cells. For those damaged and inflamed areas the Sunflower oil helps to protect the skin with it’s anti-aging properties.• As an added bonus we have included Calendula which is a natural antiseptic. It is extracted from the Marigold flower, and is widely used also in the form of a tea for disinfecting the intestines.• The Chamomile is a softening agent for rough, dry skin, and is known for it’s sedative and emollient effects. It’s soothing and hydrating properties work well on skin.
  5. 5. At Thentix® We are driven to innovate continuously, because we are always listening to the customer. That’s why the collection has grown to include more products: Body Lotion Skin Conditioner Body Wash Muscle & Joint Formula
  6. 6. What our customers tell us: “... we as a family use it for many reasons. My mother is diabetic and the cream keeps her feet and legs soft...It makes my hands feel soft and non greasy. I had a patch of eczema ...the patch was gone soon after...My husband uses it as a moisturizer after shaving. My daughter uses it on her dry skin areas providing her with instant relief.” “...My Dr. even asks what I am using. I am a person that likes to go barefoot and my feet crack in the heels bad--Don’t have that this year. I have told a lot of people about this product. It is great, great, great.”“…My husband…had been given an ointment to destroy cancerous cells.Well, it totally burned his face and he looked and felt horrible. He used itand healed it up very quickly, unlike the cream the doctor gave to healup the damage he had originally caused. Since then I ordered six jars asseveral family members wanted some. I also gave some to anotherwoman who called 2 weeks ago and wanted 6 more. We have found itto work so well on many things! “ We have received hundreds of testimonials like these!
  7. 7. We know the Canadian market.Like the Hudson’s Bay Company, we have deep personal roots in Canadian history and an understanding of the Bay’s ties to our identity.In fact, the creator of the line, Ron McGuire, is a Métis who’s roots intertwined with the history of The Hudson’s Bay Company in Northern Ontario since 1902. Proudly Canadian!
  8. 8. A winning combination of authenticity, quality and innovation.We think the Bay customers will embrace Thentix® A Touch of Honey® Skin Care