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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis Ava Patel
  2. 2. The design of this contents page is busy and all over the place. This makes Kerrang seem as though it is bursting with substance. The majority of the typography is bold, sharp and jagged. This typography was chosen as it represents the rebellious, defiant standard of living that this magazine idolises. Also, black, white and yellow have been used respectively in order to make this page easier to navigate. The reader can easily see the choice of articles. The editor’s letter helps give a comfortable, informal mode of address. She writes with a colloquial manner which proves that she is trying to form a bond with the reader. Thus, the reader feels relaxed whilst reading the magazine and so to re-establish this feeling, they will buy the magazine again. The main image is positioned on the top half of the page which ensures that it is the first thing the reader sees. It is a picture of Ollie Sykes (lead singer of the band Bring Me The Horizon). This image will attract fans of the band to Kerrang as Bring Me The Horizon are very popular and have a wide fan base. Also, the mise-en-scene of the image insinuates that the photo was taken at a gig. This gives the reader a sense of community as rock concerts are where they all come together to enjoy their favourite music. There is also the idea that in order to be a part of the rock culture you must go to gigs as that is the social norm for people who take pleasure in this type of music. The Bring Me The Horizon Banner covers the photo of the lead singer which helps recognise who he is and where he will appear in the magazine. The contents have been split up into sections. There is a news section which shows immediately where the readers can find up to date news regarding the rock industry. There is also a feedback section which shows uses and gratifications. Kerrang has made the reader feel like they are a part of the magazine by letting them submit reviews which are published.
  3. 3. The typography is quite plain and bold. The article titles are simple written in a list with a short description underneath each one telling the reader what to expect from the magazine. The page numbers are written in a different colour compared to the rest of the text as they then stand out to the reader. The biggest piece of text on the page is 01’05. This displays the issue number and year which is unusual as this kind of information is normally positioned on the front cover of the magazine. This is a very simple, minimalistic contents page. It has only one main image which all the information centres around. Yet there is a lot more text and detail than normally expected. The main image is of Billie Joe from Green Day. He is a popular singer and well known by those who like and dislike his music. By having just him on the contents page Spin is depending a lot on just his fame to entice people to read this magazine.
  4. 4. Rather than naming this page Contents, the NME has decided to go with the masthead ‘Inside This Week’. However, the readers still understand that this is the page where they can navigate the magazine from. This contents page from the NME is structured and well sectioned as opposed to contents pages from magazines such as Kerrang which have random pictures and pieces of text scattered haphazardly on the page. This shows that the NME readers are probably older and more mature. They seems more interested in substance rather than appearance. Also, the lack of colour shows that this is aimed at a more serious, grown-up demographic. The main image on this page is the band Kings Of Leon. The editor of this page thus presumed that they would be most read about out of the whole magazine. The other images are selected carefully as those who are just browsing this page will see an artist they like and thus buy the NME again to see if they can spot articles about their favourite musicians. Each picture has a page number anchored to it and there is also a small sub heading or quote to summarise each article. By having a subscription box, the NME are aligning with codes and conventions of a contents page. Also, due to the fact that this issue was produced around Christmas the offer needs to be more eye-catching than normal as buying a subscription for someone is a simple and easy gift.