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Meetup Oracle Database MAD_BCN: 1.2 Oracle Database 18c (autonomous database)


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Presentación sobre la futura base de datos 18c, en la cual se incorpora todo lo mejor de las tecnologías Oracle, perfilando así una base de datos autónoma.

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Meetup Oracle Database MAD_BCN: 1.2 Oracle Database 18c (autonomous database)

  1. 1. Copyright  ©  2017,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  Autonomous  Database   Guillermo  Best   Cloud  PlaAorm  Presales  Manager     November,  2017     1  
  2. 2. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  Copyright  ©  2017,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   ConfidenHal  –  Oracle   2   Oracle  Database  Cloud  Service  -­‐  Strategy  
  3. 3. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Strategy  –  Unified  Data  Management  PlaAorm  Service   Special  purpose  access  with  standards  based  integraHon  for  any  data  type   Cloud  Services   for  any  Data  Type     and  Workload   XML   {JSON}   Special  Purpose   Developer  Enabled   access  drivers   Autonomous  Database   (OLTP,  Warehousing,  Graph,  Documents)   service   NoSQL  Database   service     Hadoop  &  Spark   service       Integrated,  SQL     Standards  based   access  to  any  data     source    Oracle  SQL   NoSQL   Data  Lake  
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  Copyright  ©  2017,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   ConfidenHal  –  Oracle   4   Oracle  Autonomous  Database  -­‐  Overview  
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle’s  Vision  for  Autonomous  Database   • Self-­‐Driving   – User  defines  service  levels,  database  makes  them  happen   • Self-­‐Securing   – ProtecHon  from  both  external  aacks  and  malicious  internal  users   • Self-­‐Repairing   – Automated  protecHon  from  all  downHme   5   Autonomous   Database  
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  Goals   •  Much  Less  Labor,  Costs,  Errors   •  Much  More  Secure,  Reliable   •  Much  easier  for  developers  to  get  started  with  an  industrial  strength  database   •  Support  Mission  CriOcal  workloads  at  the  biggest  enterprises   •  Run  in  Public  Cloud  or  Cloud  at  Customer   •  Four  year  effort  that  is  in  Beta  test  now   6   Autonomous   Database  
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |     Oracle  Database  9i,  10g   •  AutomaHc  Storage  Management  (ASM)   •  AutomaHc  Memory  Management     •  AutomaHc  DB  DiagnosHc  Monitor  (ADDM)   •  AutomaHc  Workload  Repository  (AWR)   •  AutomaHc  Undo  tablespaces   •  AutomaHc  Segment  Space  Management   •  AutomaHc  StaHsHcs  Gathering   •  AutomaHc  Standby  Management  (Broker)   •  AutomaHc  Query  Rewrite     Oracle  Database  11g,  12c   •  AutomaHc  SQL  Tuning     •  AutomaHc  Workload  Replay   •  AutomaHc  Capture  of  SQL  Monitor   •  AutomaHc  Data  OpHmizaHon   •  AutomaHc  Storage  Indexes   •  AutomaHc  Columnar  Cache   •  AutomaHc  DiagnosHc  Framework   •  AutomaHc  Refresh  of  Database  Cloning   •  Autonomous  Health  Framework   7   Journey  to  Autonomous  Database   •  Oracle  has  been  developing  sophisHcated  database  automaHon  for   decades  
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Journey  to  Autonomous  Database   •  With  Engineered  Systems,  Oracle  automated  database  infrastructure   8  
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Journey  to  Autonomous  Database   •  Cloud  enables  Oracle  to  deliver  a  Fully  Autonomous  Database     – Expanded  Database  AutomaHon   – Integrated  with  complete  infrastructure  automaHon     – With  addiHonal  automaHon  for  operaHons,  HA,  security,  etc.   9   World’s  Best  Database  is  Now  World’s  Simplest   Autonomous   Database  
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   TradiHonally  DBAs  are  Responsible  for:   10   •  Generic  Tasks   – ConfiguraHon  and  tuning  of  systems,  network,  storage   – Database  provisioning,  patching   – Database  backups,  H/A,  disaster  recovery   – Database  opHmizaHon   •  Tasks  Specific  to  Business   – Architecture,  planning,  data  modeling   – Data  security  and  data  lifecycle  management   – ApplicaHon  related  tuning   – End-­‐to-­‐End  service  level  management  
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   •  Generic  Tasks   – Infrastructure  -­‐  integraHon,  tuning  of  systems,  network,  storage   – Database  provisioning,  patching   – Database  backups,  H/A,  disaster  recovery   – Database  opHmizaHon   •  Tasks  Specific  to  Business   – Architecture,  planning,  data  modeling   – Data  security  and  lifecycle  management   – ApplicaHon  related  tuning   – End-­‐to-­‐End  service  level  management   Autonomous  Database  Removes  Generic  Tasks     11   Freedom  from  Drudgery  for  DBA:  More  Time  to  Innovate  and  Improve  the  Business   Autonomous   Database  
  12. 12. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Agenda   Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   Specialized  by  Workload   Role  of  Database  Administrator   1   2   3   12  
  13. 13. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   •  CreaHng  an  Autonomous  Database  is  very  difficult   •  Must  handle  a  large  number  of  complex  tasks   – Provisioning  complex  scale-­‐out  clusters  with  disaster  recovery   – Patching,  upgrading,  and  backing  up  online   – Monitoring,  scaling,  diagnosing  performance,  tuning,  opHmizing   – TesHng  and  change  management  of  complex  applicaHons  and  workloads   – AutomaHcally  handling  failures  and  errors   •  Autonomous  Database  brings  difficult  trade-­‐offs:   – Best  Performance                vs.            Consistent  Performance   – Simplicity                                              vs.            Completeness   13   Autonomous   Database  
  14. 14. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   •  Autonomous  Database  must  be  MORE  Secure  and  MORE  Available   – Databases  are  criHcal  -­‐  no  one  wants  to  automate  themselves  into  bankruptcy   •  What  makes  this  possible:   – SpecializaHon            -­‐  Oracle  has  thousands  of  engineers,  can  expertly  automate  all  areas   – StandardizaHon    -­‐  Cloud  scale  enables  learning  at  scale  and  economies  of  scale   •  AutomaHon  is  a  Journey  –  like  every  other  technology   – IniHal  release  automaHon  is  very  complete     – AutomaHon  will  keep  gemng  smarter  and  beer   14   Autonomous   Database  
  15. 15. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Automated  vs.  Autonomous   •  Customer  can  choose  to  just  use  automaHon  or  hand  over  all  management   to  Oracle  Cloud  OperaHons  for  Autonomous  operaHon   •  If  Customer  hands  over  management  to  Oracle  then:   – Database  and  OS  Administrator  Privileges  are  not  needed  and  not  provided   – ExcepHon  and  failure  cases  are  handled  by  Oracle  experts   •  The  payoff  is  huge  -­‐  eliminate  generic  tasks,  reduce  labor,  reduce  costs,   reduce  errors,  while  increasing  security  and  availability   15  
  16. 16. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  is  AutomaHcally  Provisioned   •  Pre-­‐built,  pre-­‐opHmized,  pre-­‐tested     16  
  17. 17. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Provisioned   •  AutomaHcally  provisions  a  scalable,  highly  available  database   – Find,  allocate,  and  configure  all  needed  hardware  and  sooware   – Private  sooware  defined  network  for  customer  or  workgroup   •  Visible  only  to  authorized  tenant  using  VPN   – Server,  Storage,  Virtual  Machine   – Oracle  Database  18c  Container  or  Pluggable  Database     – Scalable  RAC  Cluster   – Remote  Standby  Database  with  Observer  at  third  region  for  automaHc  failover   •  IniHal  releases  run  on  Exadata  Cloud  Service  and  Exadata  Cloud@Customer     – One  database  or  system  can  consolidate  many  databases   17  
  18. 18. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   18   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Patches  Itself  Online  
  19. 19. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Patches  Itself   •  Full  stack  patching  once  a  quarter   – Firmware,  OS,  VM,  Clusterware,  Database,  using  prebuilt  Gold  Image   – Pre-­‐checks  run  in  days  before  patching  to  ensure  reliability   •  Applied  in  a  rolling  fashion  across  nodes  of  cluster  for  availability   •  Customer  specifies  maintenance  window   – Time  to  apply  patch  is  automaHcally  selected,  customer  can  override   •  Oracle  Cloud  patches  thousands  of  systems  in  a  day   – Scale  of  patching  has  driven  huge  improvements  in  automaHon  and  reliability   19  
  20. 20. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   20   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Secures  Itself  
  21. 21. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Secures  Itself   •  Automated  ProtecHon  from  external  aacks   – AutomaHcally  applies  latest  security  updates  online   •  Quarterly,  or  off-­‐cycle  for  high  impact  security  vulnerability   – NaHve  encrypHon  prevents  data  access  from  outside  the  database   •  Allows  keys  to  be  managed  by  customer’s  exisHng  Security  Module  (HSM)   •  Will  interface  with  Database  Aware  Key  Management  Cloud  Service   •  Automated  ProtecHon  from  malicious  internal  users   – Database  Vault  prevents  administrators  from  seeing  user  data   – Data  Masking  finds  and  conceals  sensiHve  data  from  testers   •  Oracle  staff  is  locked  out  -­‐  well  defined  “break  glass”  procedure,  with   customer  approval,  for  Oracle  OperaHons  to  access  system   21  
  22. 22. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   22   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Monitors  Itself  
  23. 23. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Monitors  Itself   •  Monitors  for  capacity  limits  and  bolenecks  in  key  components   – CPU,  Memory,  Storage,  Network   – Ensures  resource  exhausHon  does  not  cause  poor  performance  or  outage   – Alert  thresholds  vary  by  applicaHon,  e.g.  OLTP  vs  Warehouse   •  Resource  Management  prevents  one  user  or  database  from  monopolizing   resources   •  Cluster  Health  Monitor  uses  Machine  Learning  to  monitor  acHvity,   recognize  anomalous  events  and  recommend  (or  automaHcally   implements)  correcHve  acHons   23  
  24. 24. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   24   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Scales  
  25. 25. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Automated  ElasHcity  and  Scaling   •  Independent  scaling  of  compute  and  storage   – Add  and  remove  CPUs  or  enHre  compute  or  storage  servers  completely  online   •  Instantly  auto-­‐scales  within  customer  defined  limits   •  ElasHcity  eliminates  overprovisioning,  reducing  costs     25  
  26. 26. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   26   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Backs  Itself  UP  
  27. 27. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Backed  Up   •  Backups  are  scheduled  on  nightly  basis   •  To  Database  Backup  Cloud  Service   •  Or  Zero  Data  Loss  Recovery  Cloud  Service  in  the  future  for     – Lowest  overhead   – Fastest  restore   – Lowest  data  loss   •  RetenHon  Time  for  backups  is  configurable   27  
  28. 28. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   28   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Withstands  Failures  
  29. 29. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Withstands  Failures   •  Autonomous  database  must  be  safer  than  manually  operated  database   •  ExcepOonal  SLA  Guarantee:     – 99.995  NRX%  (No  Ridiculous  eXclusions)     – Less  than  2.5  minutes  downHme  a  month   – Includes  patching  and  upgrade,     database  bugs,  regional  outages   •  Minimal  brownout  for  maintenance   29   Outage   Key   Feature   PotenOal   DownOme   Server  Outage  (HA)   RAC   Near-­‐Zero   Regional  Outage,   Disaster  Recovery   ADG   Seconds   Data  CorrupHon   ADG   Zero   Patches  (Updates)   RAC   Near-­‐Zero   Database  Upgrade   ADG   Seconds   Table/Index  Changes   Online   RedefiniOon   Zero   User  Error   Flashback   Time  Since  Error  
  30. 30. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   30   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Diagnoses  Performance  
  31. 31. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Diagnoses  Performance   •  Autonomous  Database  includes  Oracle’s  industry  leading  diagnosHcs   automaHon   •  AutomaHc  Database  DiagnosHc  Monitor  (ADDM)   – AutomaHcally  diagnoses  root  cause  of  performance  issues   – A.I.    (Expert  System)   •  AutomaHc  Workload  Repository  (AWR)   – AutomaHcally  keeps  detailed  performance  and  resource  uHlizaHon  history   •  Real-­‐Time  SQL  Monitoring   – AutomaHcally  diagnoses  how  resources  are  used  in  SQL  statements   31  
  32. 32. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   32   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  OpHmizes  Itself  
  33. 33. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  OpHmizes  Itself   •  Autonomous  Database  includes  Oracle’s  industry  leading  database  tuning  automaHon   •  Many  database  algorithms  self  opHmize  –  caching,  locking,  storage  indexes,  offload,  etc.   •  OpHmizer  is  now  further  automated  by  gathering  staHsHcs  as  new  data  is  loaded   •  AutomaHc  SQL  (Re)Tuning   – Machine  learning  technology  that  is  constantly  re-­‐evaluaHng  SQL  plans  based  on  the  latest   staHsHcs  and  recommending/implemenHng  beer  plans   •  Tuning  is  workload  dependent  –  e.g.  OLTP  vs  analyHcs  so  we  specialize  services   •  Tuning  is  an  extremely  difficult  problem   – Even  scheduling  a  fleet  of  trucks  to  opHmally  make  deliveries  is  incredibly  complex   – Database  has  many  degrees  of  freedom  and  tradeoffs  that  must  be  considered   33  
  34. 34. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   34   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Ensures  Changes  are  Safe  
  35. 35. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Automates  TesHng  –  Ensures  Changes  and  Upgrades  are  Safe   •  Autonomous  Database  includes  Oracle’s  industry  leading  tesHng   automaHon   •  SQL  Performance  Analyzer   – Automates  and  simplifies  the  process  of  assessing  a  change  on  SQL  workloads   – Captures  producHon  SQL,  executes  SQL  in  test  environment  pre  and  post  changes   •  Workload  Capture  and  Replay   – Captures  full  producHon  workload  including  concurrency  and  Hming  informaHon   – Replays  workload  on  test  environment  and  idenHfies,  analyzes,  and  fixes  issues     •  Data  Masking   – Finds  sensiHve  data  and  replaces  it  with  masked  data  in  a  test  environment   35  
  36. 36. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   36   Autonomous  Database  AutomaHcally  Handles  Errors  
  37. 37. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AutomaHcally  Handles  Errors   •  Scans  for  issues  across  all  layers  of  stack  using  key  diagnosHc  tools   – ORAchk,  EXAchk,  oswatcher,  procwatcher,  etc.   •  If  an  error  occurs:   – Collects  all  relevant  diagnosHc  data   – Analyses  logs  to  establish  a  Hmeline  to  disHnguish  iniHal  problem  from  side-­‐effects   – Uploads  to  Oracle  Support   – Machine  Learning  algorithm  analyses  diagnosHcs  to  match  to  known  cause   •  Oracle  Engineering  using  Machine  Learning  to  prevent  issues  from  happening   – AnHcipate  bugs  customers  are  likely  to  hit,  and  prioriHze  fixing  those  first   – Determine  regression  tests  developer  should  run  first  when  modifying  code   37  
  38. 38. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   38   Autonomous  Database  Automates  MigraHon  and  Data  Loading  
  39. 39. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Automated  MigraHon  and  Data  Loading   •  Automates  migraHon  to  cloud  using   – Backup  to  Cloud   – Data  Pump  Export   – Data  Guard  Standby   – Golden  Gate   •  Database  now  directly  reads  and  loads  flat  file  data  from  object  store   – No  need  to  store  file  data  on  Database  Servers   39  
  40. 40. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  Provides  REST  Based  Interfaces   •  All  Database  Cloud  provisioning  and  lifecycle  operaHons  are  exposed   through  Web  Interfaces  and  RESTful  APIs   –  AcHvate/DeacHvate  Service   –  Grow  compute  or  storage   –  Manage  Virtual  Network  and  Security  Lists   –  Manage  access  keys   –  Start/Stop  Compute   •  Can  be  managed  by  Oracle  Enterprise  Manager  Cloud  Control   •  Allows  integraHon  with  customer’s  exisHng  automaHon  infrastructure   – ServiceNow,  OpenStack,  Cloud  Foundry   40     –  Create  Database  (RAC,  AcHve  Data  Guard,  PDB)   –  Patch  Database     –  Clone  Database   –  Configure  IO  Resource  Management   –  Backup  and  Recovery  
  41. 41. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Agenda   Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   Specialized  by  Workload   Role  of  Database  Administrator   1   2   3   41  
  42. 42. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   One  Autonomous  Database  –  OpHmized  by  Use  Case   42   Oracle  Autonomous  Database   Enterprise   OLTP,   Mixed   Workloads   Data   Warehousing   Departments,   Developers   2017   2018  Now  
  43. 43. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  Cloud  For  Departments  or  Developers   •  Easy   – Ideal  entry  level  service  for  running  Oracle  Database  in  cloud   – Packed  with  tools  for  modern  app  development   – Built-­‐in  ApplicaHon  Express  low  code  development  environment   •  Fast   – Based  on  Exadata  technology   •  ElasHc   – Choose  from  simplified  all-­‐inclusive  shapes   43   Available  Now   (Exadata  Express)  
  44. 44. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  Cloud  For  Data  Warehouse •  Easy   – AutomaHcally  opHmizes  AnalyHc  workloads     – Simply  “load  and  go”   – Database  tunes  itself  -­‐  No  need  to  define  indexes,  parHHons,  materialized  views,  etc.   – Works  with  any  BI  analyHcs  tool   •  Fast   – Based  on  Exadata  technology   – Performance  matches  or  exceeds  most  hand-­‐tuned  Data  Warehouses   •  ElasHc   – Instant  scaling  of  compute  or  storage  with  no  downHme   – Pay  for  compute  when  in  use  only   44   Expected  CY  2017  
  45. 45. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Autonomous  Database  Cloud  For  OLTP  or  Mixed  Workloads   45   Expected  CY  2018   •  Easy   – Configured  for  Mission  CriOcal  workloads   •  Full  Maximum  Availability  Architecture  with  scale-­‐out  clustering  and  disaster  recovery   – Or  Configured  for  Low  Cost     •  Single  server  for  non-­‐criHcal  workloads  or  test/dev     •  Fast   – Based  on  Exadata  technology   •  ElasHc   – Instant  scaling  of  compute  or  storage  with  no  downHme  
  46. 46. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Agenda   Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   Specialized  by  Workload   Role  of  Database  Administrator   1   2   3   46  
  47. 47. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Database  Administrator  QuesHons  and  Fears     • Will  my  job  go  away?   • Will  my  job  change?   • Will  I  lose  control?   47  
  48. 48. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Reality  vs.  Fears     •  Your  job  will  not  go  away  -­‐  there  is  a  shortage  of  skilled  database  experts   – Database  automaHon  has  been  improving  for  decades   •  But  your  job  will  change,  so  you  must  change   •  You  will  spend  less  Hme  on  generic  maintenance,  more  Hme  innovaOng   •  More  Hme  with  the  business   – ExecuHng  more  projects,  reducing  backlog,  gemng  more  value  from  data   – Cloud’s  fast  provisioning  and  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  enables  rapid  experimentaHon   •  More  Hme  with  developers   – OpHmizing  data  access,  improving  end-­‐user  experience   •  More  Hme  on  new  techniques  like  Machine  Learning   48  
  49. 49. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Database  Administrator  Must  Ensure  End-­‐to-­‐End  Service  Levels   •  Focus  on  opHmizing  how  applicaHons  and  databases  work  together:   – Define  good  data  model,  and  good  SQL   – Avoid  row  at  a  Hme  processing,  and  repeated  logins/parsing   – Understand  where  Hme  is  being  spent   – Understand  tradeoffs  in  parallelism,  plans,  indexes,  parHHons,  etc.   – Ensure  that  sensiOve  data  is  kept  secure  end-­‐to-­‐end   – Beware  what  an  applicaHon  asks  for  –  the  database  will  do  exactly  that   •  Need  new  skills  in  Cloud  Systems,  Cloud  Networking,  Cloud  Storage   – DBA  sizes,  monitors,  ensures  full  stack  works  as  expected   •  Database  Administrator  will  gain  more  control   – Will  be  in  charge  of,  and  in  control  of,  end-­‐to-­‐end  service  levels   49  
  50. 50. Copyright  ©  2016,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Summary:  Oracle  Autonomous  Database   •  World’s  First  Autonomous  Mission  CriOcal  Database   – Self-­‐Driving,  Self-­‐Securing,  Self-­‐Repairing   – Full  End-­‐to-­‐End  AutomaHon   – Less  Labor,  Lower  Cost,  Fewer  Errors,  More  Secure,  More  Reliable   – Frees  DBAs  from  generic  operaHonal  drudgery  to  innovate  more   •  Runs   – World’s  #1  Database,  Specialized  by  Workload   – In  Public  Cloud  or  Cloud  at  Customer   50   Autonomous   Database