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SimpleCrew is a mobile app for street teams.

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SimpleCrew Product Deck

  1. 1. simplecrew product deck Alan VanToai, Co-Founder Prepared for Live Nation– September 13, 2013
  2. 2. SimpleCrew is a mobile photo app for teams. It’s similar to Instagram, except instead of being public for a social network, it’s private, for groups and teams. Promoters use SimpleCrew to track the progress of their street team campaigns in the field and online OverviewOverview
  3. 3. 1.  Mobile App 2.  Management Dashboard 3.  Examples Let’s See How It Works…
  4. 4. First, your team member chooses a campaign. The campaigns look like Instagram, including the names, dates, and times of every photo in the campaign. The Mobile App Names,  Dates,   and  Times  
  5. 5. User  Comments   Upload  from   Camera  Roll  or   Take  Photo   Users can upload photos either from their camera roll, or take new pictures. They have the option of adding comments Users can also view a map with all the photos in that campaign The Mobile App
  6. 6. 1.  Mobile App 2.  Management Dashboard 3.  Examples let’s see how it works…Let’s See How It Works…
  7. 7. All your campaigns will be accessed via the Dashboard, which gives you an overview of all your active campaigns. The Dashboard
  8. 8. For every campaign, you get timelines showing all the photos your team has uploaded in chronological order. Campaign Timelines
  9. 9. If you click on any photo, it’ll bring up the photo-slider. You can click through to see all the photos in detail. Photo-Slider
  10. 10. We use the GPS locations from your team’s smartphones to pin the location of every photo on a map. GPS Locations
  11. 11. You can click “More Map” to expand the map, making it easier for you to browse by location. Expanded Map View
  12. 12. Click on any pin to see the corresponding photo, along with Name, Date, and Time info. Location Details
  13. 13. The Team Overview page gives you a roster with every team member on the campaign and their stats. Team Overview Stats
  14. 14. You can share campaigns with third-parties or on social networks by grabbing a publicly shareable link. Shareable Reports
  15. 15. You can add and remove people from campaigns. Your team members can only see and upload photos to campaigns you've added them to. Add/Remove Team Members
  16. 16. Your team members can also upload photos via the website, which is useful for your team members without smartphones, or for uploading screenshots. Upload via Web
  17. 17. …This make SimpleCrew an awesome way for you to follow your team’s progress on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Tracking
  18. 18. To facilitate this, in October we're releasing SimpleCrew Web Clipper - a browser extension that will allow your team to grab and upload screenshots to SimpleCrew campaigns, without leaving the page they’re on. Sneak Peak: SimpleCrew Web Clipper
  19. 19. 1.  Mobile App 2.  Management Dashboard 3.  Examples let’s see how it works…Let’s See How It Works…
  20. 20. Blackspy Marketing (Live Nation Denver)
  21. 21. Strange Music
  22. 22. All Good Music Festival Detail  
  23. 23. Paxahau/DEMF, Detroit
  24. 24. Spring 4th Center, Atlanta
  25. 25. USC Events, Seattle
  26. 26. React Presents
  27. 27. ScoreMore Shows
  28. 28. Email: Web: Phone: (302)364-0442 Thanks! Alan VanToai, Co-Founder