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10 Collaboration Superpowers


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A quickfire summary of ten skills and abilities gamers are developing -- and that everyone else should be.

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10 Collaboration Superpowers

  1. 10 Collaboration Superpowers Jane McGonigal, PhD | Resident Game Designer INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE April 15, 2007 collaboration
  2. collaboration superpowers Gamers are gaining 10 new skills and strengths, or, “ collaboration superpowers .”
  3. <ul><li>the ability to do real-time work in very large groups </li></ul><ul><li>a talent for coordinating with many people simultaneously—“scalable collaboration” </li></ul>mobbability
  4. cooperation radar <ul><li>the ability to sense, almost intuitively, who would make the best collaborators on a particular task </li></ul>
  5. <ul><li>measures your responsiveness to other people’s requests for engagement </li></ul><ul><li>your propensity and ability to reach out to others in a network </li></ul>ping quotient
  6. <ul><li>the ability to be persuasive in diverse social contexts and media spaces </li></ul><ul><li>understanding that each work environment and collaboration space requires a different persuasive strategy and technique </li></ul>influency
  7. <ul><li>fluency in working with different capitals, e.g., natural, intellectual, social, and financial </li></ul>multi-capitalism
  8. <ul><li>fearless innovation in rapid, iterative cycles </li></ul><ul><li>ability to lower the costs and increase the speed of failure </li></ul>protovation
  9. <ul><li>creating content for public consumption and modification </li></ul>open authorship
  10. <ul><li>thinking in terms of higher level systems, cycles, the big picture </li></ul>longbroading
  11. <ul><li>the ability to prepare for and handle surprising results and complexity </li></ul>emergensight
  12. <ul><li>filtering meaningful info, patterns, and commonalities from massively multiple streams of data </li></ul>signal/noise management