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Avant Communication Corporate Profile & Credentials


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Avant Communication Corporate Profile & Credentials

  1. 1. Avant Communication L.L.C.P.O. Box 112189, Suite 229, Emarat Atrium, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 3431 645, Fax: +971 4 3431 655, Email:
  2. 2. Your brand is a corporate asset.Communicate your vision.
  3. 3. Put your business on the fast track. Brand building is the answer. If a brand can change the world, it can certainly change a business. Whatever your corporate objective, your brand holds the key to achieve that, and so much more. What is your vision?Communicate your power.
  4. 4. Capitaliseon yourbrand’spotential. A healthy brand promotes healthy business. Brand building, like many other business instruments, is an investment tool. Your brand is a vital part of your business portfolio and can generate the results that will take your organisation to the next level. Communicate your technology.
  5. 5. Set your goal and achieve it. Your brand can make it happen. Determine your objective and align your brand strategy. Do you want to redefine your service, strengthen customer loyalty, increase product demand or raise your public profile? All you need are the right tools.Communicate your achievement.
  6. 6. Completebrandingoffersseriousresults. A successful brand goes the extra mile. Investing in your brand is the best thing you can do for your business. But you have to do it right. Many companies approach advertising agencies for a single campaign in the hopes of turning around their business. This can seriously undermine your brand and do more harm than good. Insist on a total branding solution. Communicate your lifestyle.
  7. 7. Wipe out your competitors. Branding is serious business. Avant Communication is not a traditional agency. We are a brand building and communications partner that guides brands through a growth process. From the initial brand map and visual communication development, to the final stages of a comprehensive marketing campaign roll-out, every step is strategically planned to create a synergistic brand force that will conquer the market.Communicate your target.
  8. 8. Revolutioniseyourenterprise. Let your brand reflect the change you want to see in your business. Avant Communication’s end-to-end service allows you to address your branding issue directly. We study a brand’s architecture to gain a thorough understanding of how it operates. Then we analyse the problem and construct a hardworking solution that is true to the spirit of your brand and encourages your target market to act. Communicate your partnership.
  9. 9. Increase your market share. A successful brand speaks to the heart, not the mind. Approach your target market with a focussed message and achieve the results you want. Every piece of marketing material conceived by Avant Communication is a fine balance between art and strategic insight. It captures the imagination and, just as important, your brand strategy.Communicate your strength.
  10. 10. Handleyour brandfrom a singleplatform. Focus your efforts for a solid brand. Avoid the frustration of dealing with different agencies to execute various parts of your marketing plan. As an integrated marketing solutions provider, Avant Communication guarantees brand consistency across all disciplines, but also eliminates the frustration and logistics of dealing with multiple agencies with diverging outlooks. Communicate your skills.
  11. 11. Find new freedom and creativity in playing with your brand. Develop original ideas and capture attention. Avant Communication’s end-to-end service gives you the opportunity to explore all the options for your brand. Backed by the vast experience and passion of our staff, you will see new possibilities and find paths less travelled.Communicate your knowledge.
  12. 12. Redefineyour brand. The possibilities are endless. Being an innovator puts you a step ahead of your competitors. With more marketing tools at your disposal, you are able to shape fresh ideas and implement innovative strategies that will impact the market and set your brand apart. Communicate your taste.
  13. 13. Target your audience effectively. Create a modern brand for a modern world. While many consumers can still be targeted through traditional mediums such as TV and radio, many others conduct their entire lives on their computers and mobile phones. With Avant Communication’s integrated marketing solutions, you can implement a water tight brand plan that is thorough and speaks to your consumers from every angle.Communicate your expansion.
  14. 14. Great worksprouts froma strongclient-agencybond. Embrace your agency and make your brand fly. Whether it is creating an entirely new brand identity, updating a brand image or reinventing a brand personality, Avant Communication’s track record is measurable not only in the brand’s performance, but also our long-term client associations. We embrace transparency, diligence, perseverance and respect, to cultivate a foundation of trust in our relationships with clients. This ultimately translates into better work. Communicate your ideals.
  15. 15. An integrated marketing offering means brand specific solutions. Insist on a tailored branding solution. Your brand has a distinctive personality and caters to its own special target audience. Naturally, the challenges that your brand faces will be unique too. With our 12 divisions covering a wide array of disciplines, Avant Communication can help you to design the marketing rollout that is tailor-made for your brand’s individual requirements.Communicate your dreams.
  16. 16. Avant Communication firmly believes in a 360˚ communication solution. With allservices under one roof you are assured of consistent brand messaging. You are alsoable to output more comprehensive campaigns with multiple touch points between Communicate your and the consumer. This ultimately increases brand awareness and boosts sales.
  17. 17. Countless solutionsfor your brand. Create the right impression on the public and manage the flow of information between your company and the people out there. Avant Communication offers a broad range of Public Relations services that will help youFrom the initial brand development, through In the modern age of technology where we to manage the public profile of your brand,to the tangible material that your consumers buy things online, conduct conversations whether you want to launch a new product orinteract with, every brand element created over cell phones and even have relationships The modern era has opened countless service, or do crisis Avant Communication is strategically on the internet, there are still few things as possibilities for companies in terms ofdesigned to combine into a powerful powerful as connecting on a personal level performance efficiency. While someexperience that will draw customers to you. and talking to customers one on one. Avant companies benefit from an online presenceBy studying the product or service offering Communication can help you to garner the others increase their profitability with variousand the target market we aim to develop a results of direct marketing. IT tools. Avant Interactive helps clients to gobrand that customers will love to welcome digital. From websites and viral campaigns Do you need help in planning a print job?into their life. Above all we are passionate to various IT solutions we help clients to stay Avant Communication offers unmatchedabout building a brand with longevity that can competitive by helping them reap the benefits production capabilities. Our specialistgrow stronger over time. of technology. print-buying and management team will ensure all your printed matter is produced to Event management is a strategic marketing the highest quality and on time: we manage and communication tool that can help any every stage of your print job with the highest company, big or small, to reach existing level of professionalism and proficiency. and potential clients. As a total eventAdept in all mediums, Avant Communication solutions company Avant Communication Avant Communication will gladly develop an To ensure that we can deliver on our promise,will help you to devise strategic is involved in more than just the planning all-encompassing media planning and buying we collaborate with experienced printers whocommunication, so that you can penetrate and execution of an event. We also offer our campaign for you. Considering each and use the most advanced printing equipmentthe market effectively. With a wide array services in the brand building, marketing and every possible medium we create a strategy available in the industry.of disciplines at your disposal Avant communications aspects. An event is only that will target your audience effectively,Communication will assist you in targeting over once the visitors stop talking about it. whether it is catching the consumer whileyour specific audience with relevant media, Let Avant Communication help you with your they’re waiting for the bus, surfing the netwhile creating a strong message that will venture, to create an event that your clients or watching their favourite programmeconvert window shoppers into actual buyers. will talk about for a long time to come. on television. Avant Communication has already published a number of delightful coffee table books which form part of the Inspiring Series: a special collection that showcases some of the world’s most exciting and breathtakingGreat design captures attention and Avant Communication has tied up with Whether it’s a shoot for a corporate brochure destinations. We continually work to expandcommunicates in a way that is sympathetic renowned online image library or a fashion magazine, we will provide you this wonderful travel book series,to the target audience’s needs and desires. Our own team of with a professional photographer with ample while we are also involved in a range of otherAvant Communication has multitalented professional photographers travels the world experience in every niche discipline. If you publications that are close to our heart.designers that work across a wide range of to capture footage that is rare and exquisite. need models, Avant Communication will With a desire to contribute to publicationsmediums to bring you brand solutions that will These images of brilliance, splendour and launch an extensive search to find the faces that are unique and capture the imaginationleave your customers breathless. earth shattering beauty are now available to and the looks that are in line with the image Avant Communication is always keen on you, exclusively at you want to portray. joining new projects.
  18. 18. New BusinessInvoicing and Quoting/ Accounting Estimating Integrated management Time Sheets Solution Production / Planning Account Management The support to perform at our peak. Here at Avant Communication control of every aspect of every project is vital to ensure client satisfaction. To achieve optimum efficiency we have implemented leading software that is used in branding and communications companies around the world. This software provides an integrated platform from where the creative studio, the account managers, our production and planning departments, financial staff as well as senior management at Avant Communication can communicate and keep track of the progress of every job. The result is accurate reporting on the manpower and cost invested in every job, while clients are assured of on-time delivery, effective solutions and greater transparency. Communicate your efficiency.
  19. 19. Powerful team. Prestigious Awards. Our capability is our pride. Avant Communication is a leading brand building and communication company headquartered in Dubai. Powered by a hugely diverse staff force and guided by a firm knowledge of the industry and its processes, our company has been pivotal in moulding a number of valuable brands. Our greatest strength is our people. Team members are handpicked from all over the world. Our staff force consists of talented individuals of diverse nationalities and with varying backgrounds in the communications industry. This melting pot of ideas and insights gives rise to exceptional work and has won us a string of international awards and accolades.Communicate your capacity.
  20. 20. Let ushelp you toinvest inyour brand. Turn your vision into tangible results. Create a brand that will win over your consumers’ hearts. Communicate your service to the world and see a world of difference in your business.
  21. 21. Business (Page 3) Education (Page 7) Events (Page 15) Government (Page 21) Give your Hospitality (Page 29) brand a Health (Page 35) Industry powerful voice. (Page 41) Real Estate (Page 47) Retail (Page 61) Services (Page 73)Social Responsibility (Page 81) Brand building is the answer. Avant Communication will specially formulate a brand plan based on Sports your needs. With thoughtful execution the strategy will jump off the (Page 91) page and become effective communication that will drive your clients and customers to act and help your brand to grow. Technology (Page 97) Publishing (Page 107) Communicate your strategy. Images (Page 113) 1
  22. 22. Business 3
  23. 23. ME SteelME Steel is the Middle East’s number one portal where steel buyers andsellers do market research, network with peers and engage in cross-investment opportunities.As an online one-stop-shop it allows businessmen to find, investigate and takeadvantage of new opportunities within the steel industry. They are also able totrack new trends in the market and keep up to date with its health and wealth.Moreover it’s a platform for job seekers to find new challenging positions withinthe industry.ME Steel is where the industry’s movers and shakers meet. With more than77 000 visitors a month it is a trusted partner among steel product specialists. Communicate your network. 5
  24. 24. Education 7
  25. 25. Paving the way for strong education.Education is an intricate subject and Avant Communicationtreats it with great respect and care. Every child deserves to benurtured with quality education, which is why we spend qualitytime in preparing the brand and communication material ofour education clients – to inspire students to consider thesereputable institutions above all others. Communicate your facility. 9
  26. 26. Guruvar Awards The Challenge India is currently facing a shortfall of 800 000 school teachers and this deficit will grow to 2.5 million by 2011. The Guruvar Awards is an initiative developed by the Varkey Gems Foundation to strengthen the teaching profession and secure a better quality education for India’s children, by honouring teachers and inspiring them to continue their valued work. What makes the Guruvar Awards different from other Indian teachers’ awards is that it allows the participation of the public. The challenge was to open the nominations to the entire nation. India is a giant that spreads across 1.3 million square miles. In addition the Guruvar Awards needed a strong voice and brand identity, so that the public would want to participate and turn Guruvar into a powerful national movement. The Result Teachers of old were known as Gurus. In the ancient Sanskrit language “Guru” means the remover of darkness since they illuminated the mind with knowledge. This idea of spreading light was pulled though all collaterals, from the brochures to the TV commercials and the website. To encourage the public to participate and make the Guruvar movement a force for change in the Indian education system, some of India’s most recognised actors, public figures and members from government were invited to urge the public to pledge their support and nominate a teacher on the website. The Guruvar website,, was the sole means of nomination and made the process accessible to people across India.Communicate your concern. 11
  27. 27. A message that matters.Education allows people to dream big and realise theirambitions. Sharing inspiring messages built on the foundationof aspiration have helped our clients to achieve the desiredattention from parents and students. Our clients appreciate theheart and soul that is reflected in the work we provide. Communicate your involvement. 13
  28. 28. Events 15
  29. 29. Green Dubai World Forum The Challenge Green Dubai World Forum was held at the Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, on the anniversary of the historic declaration made on 24 October 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. As per the resolution, effective January 2008, all buildings and properties in the Emirate of Dubai must comply with internationally recognised environment friendly specifications. Green Dubai World Forum is an independent organisation with the vision to foster the relationship between governments and the private sector in order to achieve sustainable development in Dubai and the rest of the world for the sake of our planet. The challenge was to create a strong brand and impactful event that would contribute towards making global warming and climate change a topic of discussion at a senior level, while establishing the forum as an anticipated event on the green calendar. The Result Avant Communication managed the entire branding exercise for the event. We handled the complete above-the-line and below-the-line communication drive while conceptualising carefully strategised collateral for every touch point at and around the event. The event rolled out under critical acclaim. The two-day event was attended by more than 1500 decision makers, heads of state, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, CEOs, heads of financial institutions, senior officials of government and international organisations. The opening ceremony was highlighted by the key note address from Mr. F.W. De Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of South Africa. 100 journalists from online, print, radio and TV took part in the meeting and some of the sessions of the official programme were webcast live. The result was a cohesive execution of brand elements and touch points that elevated the event and made it visible internationally, cementing its future. We are pleased that we were able to make a contribution towards saving our planet and making it a healthy environment where humanity can flourish for millennia to come.Communicate your sustainability. 17
  30. 30. Make brand building an event.The power of branding should never be underestimated.That is why our clients ensure that they always put brandbuilding and communication in place when they organisean event. By treating events as a brand entity you can laya firm foundation in people’s mind on which to build longterm consumer relationships. A case in point is the launchof Pacific Controls’ headquarters which is the first LEEDPlatinum rated building in the Middle East and only thesixteenth in the world. The event was attended by the H.E.Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairsof the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates andChairman of Dubai Holding. It offered an outstanding PRplatform for the company and delivered ongoing dividends inthe form of international recognition accompanied by furtherinvestment opportunities. Communicate your enthusiasm. 19
  31. 31. Government 21
  32. 32. Dubai Civil Defence The Challenge Dubai Civil Defence was established in 1976. The organisation is a vital part of Dubai society and plays a crucial role in protecting citizens, defending public and private properties, rescuing victims, securing transportation and protecting national wealth during emergencies. With the help of advanced technology such as Mobile Command Control Centres, Dubai Civil Defence works 24/7 to keep Dubai and its people safe. Avant Communication was called in to establish Dubai Civil Defence as a sympathetic public service agency in the public’s mind. In addition the communication had to establish the importance of having a 24x7 Direct Alarm System installed in buildings, thereby encouraging subscription of the service by building owners. This formed part of the National Life Safety Programme rolled out by Dubai Civil Defence in a new effort to step up the safety and security of the city. Avant Communication was charged with creating a complete outdoor, print and TV campaign for Dubai Civil Defence as well as branding and marketing material for the 24x7 Direct Alarm System. The Result Avant Communication created the striking brand identity, logo and visual identity guideline for the 24x7 Direct Alarm System that effortlessly blended in with the existing Dubai Civil Defence branding. This created brand consistency. It was then built upon with an extensive above-the-line and below-the-line advertising campaign that assured the public that Civil Defence was always by their side and always keeping them safe with the National Life Safety Programme. The result was an easy transition for building owners to the new 24x7 Direct Alarm System once they understood the power and importance of having the system installed in their building. In an excellent response to the campaign more than 60 000 buildings in Dubai are now part of the programme.Communicate your safety. 23
  33. 33. Govern your brand with confidence.Be it private companies or government entities,Avant Communication feels equally at home in either sector.Portraying the government as a sympathetic and caring figure iskey in developing trust and patriotism amongst citizens. With thepower of branding, government agencies can share informationwith the public and also ensure the success of development plansby inspiring public participation. Communicate your information. 25
  34. 34. Blazing new trails with reduced carbon footprints. Avant Communication has helped two Dubai brand giants to communicate their pledge of energy savings. Utility provider, Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA), and communications provider, Etisalat, have implemented Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to facilitate energy savings in their buildings. Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges and energy wastage resulting in greenhouse gas emissions is a key offender. DEWA and Etisalat now rely on advanced technology that allows a central Command Control Centre to monitor their buildings, facilities and equipment in real time. 24x7 analysis of these elements exposes performance deficiencies and energy wastage, allowing immediate action to be taken to increase and optimise performance. This allows for a reduction in emissions over time, resulting in a “healthier” organization with a smaller carbon footprint.Communicate your savings. 27
  35. 35. Hospitality 29
  36. 36. Brands offering comfort and style.With carefully planned brand building we help our hospitalityclients to enhance their patrons’ experience. Delicately placedbrand triggers and a thoughtful approach to your customers’needs, make them feel right at home. Make a lastingimpression and secure return visits with communication thatspeaks your customers’ language. Communicate your hospitality. 31
  37. 37. Flora Group Hotels The Challenge Flora Group Hotels own six exquisite luxury hotels and fully furnished hotel apartment buildings. The properties are ideally situated in the heart of Dubai - Deira. With striking interior design, superlative service and luxury amenities, Flora Group Hotels are sought after by business travellers and tourist families alike. Although the hotels have been around for some time, they were experiencing problems due to a lack of consistent branding and communication. The hotels form part of one chain, yet they each had a different logo. The colour schemes, staff uniforms and marketing materials were different as well. As a result the patrons couldn’t make a brand connection. Flora was unable to build brand equity and capitalise on it. The result Avant Communication has led the way for the success of Flora Group. We rolled out a total marketing solution to fulfil the client’s branding and communication requirements. A newly developed mother identity was pulled through all communication materials and every single element in and around the hotels. Following the client’s improved occupancy rates, Avant Communication was also asked to provide a branding solution for the spa and range of restaurants within the hotels. To ensure an accurate and standardised use of branding across all marketing material for six hotels, Avant Communication has provided Flora Group with Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines which allow anyone working on the brand to familiarise themselves with it.Communicate your comfort. 33
  38. 38. Health 35
  39. 39. Find an appropriate remedy.Avant Communication can help you to diagnose theproblems your brand is facing, and also prescribe solutions.We have worked on renowned brands in the pharmaceuticalindustry and no one is more pleased than our clients. Communicate your service. 37
  40. 40. Abbott Laboratories The Challenge Abbott Laboratories is a diversified American pharmaceuticals health care company. It has 72 000 employees and operates in over 130 countries. The Abbott office in charge of the Levant region is located in Dubai. After serious discussions about the future course of the brands here, all brand managers at Abbott Levant agreed that the existing marketing material for their brands needed a boost of creativity. For many it was clear that their material was void of emotion and that it was critical to rethink their strategies in order for their brands to grow in the years to come. Avant Communication was called in to work on a number of the world renowned Abbott brands. The challenge was to conceptualise creatively strong material that emotionally engaged medical personnel, but also communicated the all important scientific facts. The Result A strong dose of consumer insight allowed us to develop material that will be remembered in the market for some time to come. Although marketing material focussed on medical personnel is usually heavy on facts and statistics, these people respond the same way to marketing as any other consumer. We aimed at making an emotional connection and then reinforced the point by the indisputable facts. Abbott was grateful that we were able to shift the boundaries of medical advertising and breathe new life into the genre. Avant Communication has now developed a number of campaigns for Abbott and we are pleased that they have returned for our service, over and over again.Communicate your health. 39
  41. 41. Industry 41
  42. 42. Respecting history to take brandsinto the future.Although clients regularly approach Avant Communicationto develop new identities or revolutionise existing brands,we also work on a number of brands with a grand heritage.With great sensitivity to a client’s history we are able tostep in and develop new, fresh ideas, but well within theparameters set by their brand. Communicate your experience. 43
  43. 43. BASF The Challenge BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas. BASF has approximately 95 000 employees and posted sales around EUR 58 billion in 2007. BASF Middle East was in need of the development of marketing material that would reach potential clients in the region and make their products top choice. With the MENA region as an emerging market, corporate giants all over the world are moving in to make their mark and capitalise on the “first entry advantage”. Companies have to constantly update their branding and marketing strategy in order to stay competitive. BASF has been in the UAE market since 1996. Avant Communication was approached to strengthen the brand by creating marketing material for some of their products. The Result The challenge was to develop new material for a well known brand and reflecting the existing brand image and guidelines. The BASF brand has great equity in the market and it was important to stay true to the brand. We thoroughly investigated the brand and familiarised ourselves with existing material, before we started our work. As a result we were able to create compelling material that was a seamless extension of the existing BASF brand.Communicate your equity. 45
  44. 44. Real Estate 47
  45. 45. Dubai Sports City The Challenge Dubai Sports City is the world’s first integrated sports city. Set on 50 million square feet of land, it features four magnificent stadiums, Ernie Els’ first golf course design in the Middle East as well as world class sporting academies that will serve as a global landmark in international sports and athlete development. This magnificent sports backdrop hosts luxury residential and stately commercial developments as well as international schools, world-class medical facilities, hotels, leisure opportunities, retail and a well-being and lifestyle country club. Avant Communication was called in to create a new campaign to re-establish public awareness of the Dubai Sports City brand. The Result Avant Communication worked closely with the client to develop a corporate campaign which the client has personally dubbed as their most effective to date. Based on this success Avant Communication has also been called in to develop communication material for certain entities under the Dubai Sports City umbrella, including their Cricket Stadium, their sports academies and Canal Residence East, one of their residential developments. Dubai Sports City is flourishing. Retailers are moving in, athletes are making the facility their first choice in training destinations, and investors are quickly catching on to the new property hotspot.Communicate your development. 49
  46. 46. We know the business.Our real estate clients are powerful enterprises thathave made a significant impact in the UAE market andinternationally. With our solid experience in working withthese heavy-weights in the industry, we are able to assistany real estate company in developing engaging, hardworking communication. Communicate your influence. 51
  47. 47. Sobha Developers The Challenge Sobha has more than three decades of international experience in real estate development and construction. Operations first started in Oman in 1977 where they were involved in the interior transformations of 5-star hotels, opulent villas, landmark mosques, as well as palaces including that of the Sultan. The company later opened its doors in India and went on to become one of the country’s most reputable real estate development companies. Today the company has operations in 11 countries with extensive operations in India, Oman and the UAE. From a niche interior decorating company, Sobha has grown into a global phenomenon in the real estate development and construction field. With it has come the need for a renaissance in its message to the world. The Result Avant Communication is leading Sobha’s corporate brand revolution. Avant Communication is spearheading the Sobha transformation, from designing the over-all new brand look and feel to drawing it through all elements and communication. With our help Sobha was able to implement a total, integrated marketing solution that transformed the company’s image smoothly and nearly instantaneously. After the great success Sobha has had with their brand revamp, Avant Communication was called in to develop communication material for a number of Sobha’s construction and corporate social responsibility projects. The real estate projects include Dahlia on Palm Jumeirah, Sapphire in Business Bay, Ivory I & II in Business Bay and Daffodil in Jumeirah Village among others.Communicate your transformation. 53
  48. 48. A real passion for real estate.Every home and office that we promote is as unique asthe family and business that will occupy it. This requiresan individualised message for each project. We enjoythe challenge. Communicate your passion. 55
  49. 49. Eshta Group The Challenge The client approached us to perform a branding and strategy exercise for his newly formed property development company as well as the first property to be created by the company. The client was developing a super-exclusive villa estate, as well as a resort on the spectacular Backwaters of Kerala in south India. The client wanted to launch the company and the first project at the same time. The challenge was to establish the company as a quality property developer. We felt that transferring positive brand equity from the mother company to the project was key in elevating the perceived value of the property. The Result Avant Communication advised the client to lend the same name to the mother company as well as the first project. This would establish the company’s name in the market in a shorter space of time, as every ad placed for the property would automatically lend exposure to the mother company as well. In addition, the mother company would require no extra marketing spend to advertise itself. We carefully studied the client’s first project and were blown away by the standards of the property. The location and quality were beyond our highest expectation and this gave rise to the pay-off line “Beyond Expectation” promising clients more value for money, more quality, more attention to detail, more amenities. Avant Communication has taken charge of the client’s complete above-the-line and below-the-line needs including the interactive aspects pertaining to their website, online banners etc. Today Eshta Group is sporting two prestigious projects: Eshta Crown Residences and Alila Eshta Kochi Resort.Communicate your excellence. 57
  50. 50. We work at every level.Whether it is architecture firms, developers or constructioncompanies, or the projects they work on, AvantCommunication has hands-on experience across all tiers ofthe real estate industry. We have built many brands in thisfield brick by brick and we’re proud of it. Communicate your detail. 59
  51. 51. Retail 61
  52. 52. Oberon Mall The Challenge Oberon Mall is the first shopping mall in Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It offers all the conveniences of a modern shopping mall. Everything from restaurants and retail outlets, to a games arcade and cinemas converge under one roof. As a complete family destination, there is something to do for everyone. Anyone who visits Oberon Mall has more time to shop, relax and play. Avant Communication was approached for complete brand development, execution and roll-out. The Result Oberon Mall opened under great anticipation. After formulating an appropriate strategy, Avant Communication implemented tactical communication and brand building exercises to build excitement around the mall and establish it as the entertainment destination of choice in the area. Oberon Mall’s branding is a proud emblem immortalised on the building and carried with pride in all marketing material. The mall is experiencing fantastic footfall and sites are set on creating a chain of malls across India.Communicate your excitement. 63
  53. 53. What’s in a name?Through brand building you can raise the equity ofyour product or service and make it an object of desirefor society’s top echelon. Avant Communication hasexperience in transforming the exquisite products of finedesigners into must-have items for the rich and famous. Communicate your exclusivity. 65
  54. 54. Beby, Diluce and Carpanelli The Challenge Dubai based Salah Interiors is the Middle East exclusive distributor for Beby, Diluce and Carpanelli – three luxury Italian furniture brands. Salah have had the power of these brands in their possession for a long time, but have mostly depended on word-of-mouth advertising. In a new strategy they decided to bring the public’s attention to the availability of these luxury brands in a more direct fashion. They wished to attract new customers and invigorate revenue. The Result Avant Communication studied each brand in depth and devised an above-the-line campaign that would make high-income earners sit up and take notice. Dramatic print campaigns placed the breathtaking furniture centre stage while evocative copy captured the essence of each brand. The campaign for Carpanelli imprinted the Italian refinement of the exquisite art pieces, while the campaign for Beby and Diluce was provocative and an eye catching statement feeding on the target market’s desire to showcase their status. The client was highly impressed with our strategic understanding of the brands and called our service professional and to-the-point. Salah is keen on developing the campaign further into online channels and more.Communicate your essence. 67
  55. 55. From A to FMCG.Avant Communication’s experience covers a broad range offields and product categories. Our staff members come fromdifferent communication backgrounds gained from working inreputable international agencies. This allows us to offer you awell rounded, quality service. Communicate your product. 69
  56. 56. Fried Krispy Chicken The Challenge Fried Krispy Chicken was the brainchild of an energetic entrepreneur in India. His idea was to create a delicious chicken recipe that would be able to firmly compete with the world’s most famous fried chicken brand. The client had seen our work and didn’t trust any other communications company to take the lead with his new venture. We were charged with the complete branding exercise. We developed the name, brand identity, marketing material, vehicle branding and in-store branding, as well as in-store material including serviettes, placemats and all types of packaging. The Result After name creation, we went on to work on the brand identity. Red has proven to be a successful use of colour in the F&B industry and became the main pillar of the colour palette. Krispy the Chicken became the face of the brand and now features on all marketing collateral. Fried Krispy Chicken has opened their first branch in India with great success and the secret recipe is giving the Colonel a run for his money. The owner is excited about extending his current outlet into a chain across India.Communicate your freshness. 71
  57. 57. Services 73
  58. 58. Express Printing Services The Challenge Express Printing Services is the flagship company of Express Group. Recognised for superior printing infrastructure, Express Printing has become the first choice in printing, production and publishing houses for clients who insist on the finest printed material and the latest print production techniques. Cutting-edge equipment operated by trained technicians ensures that every job is a masterpiece. From small jobs to enormous volumes, Express Printing performs at high speed and with consistent quality. Impressed with their service, Avant Communication has placed many jobs with this distinct printer. When Express Printing wanted to advance their business through a brand building exercise that promoted their excellent service and facility, we were glad to help. The Result Due to a lack of branding and sales material in the past, Express Printing attracted clients mostly through word-of-mouth advertising. Avant Communication has changed this and has now empowered the company with a strong identity and a magnificent sales tool. The Express Printing brochure is a concise yet extensive product sample catalogue that showcases the company’s many specialist printing techniques. Easy to glance through and quick to understand, the brochure provides both novices and experts an overview of Express Printing’s services, while also showcasing the company’s high-end infrastructure. The combination has proved highly effective in securing new clients.Communicate your capability. 75
  59. 59. Let your brand be of service to you.The number of competitors that go up against each player inthe service sector is as vast as the number of services thatare available in the world. More often than not, one serviceprovider’s offering is no different from that of his competitors’.So how do you set yourself apart? With your branding. Communicate your thoughts. 77
  60. 60. Al Saeedi Group The Challenge Al Saeedi Group was established in 1988. Through the years, a commitment to quality service and an extensive product offering have helped them to grow into a major enterprise that excels in all spheres of the tyre industry. They hold the exclusive distribution rights in a number of countries to the most respected and demanded tyre brands. They also offer complete service solutions, from a mobile service unit to fleet management. Al Saeedi first approached Avant Communication four years ago for a total brand building and communication exercise. The Result Al Saeedi has gone from strength to strength. The company has experienced unparalleled growth and the Al Saeedi brand identity has been there every step of the way to serve as ambassador. Over the years Avant Communication and Al Saeedi have cultivated a long-term working relationship that is based on trust and Avant Communication is still involved in developing material for this reputed Dubai based company.Communicate your quality. 79
  61. 61. Social Responsibility 81
  62. 62. Saving the planet one brand at a time.In the modern era where the future of our planet is top ofmind and “sustainable development” has become part ofour everyday vernacular, there is a major shift in the thinkingof corporates. Avant Communication is at the forefront withour clients who wish to take charge and make a changewith their green energy initiatives. Communicate your mission. 83
  63. 63. Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development The Challenge MECSD was established in response to the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 as laid out by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. This establishment facilitates the rollout of Certified Green Buildings to developers in the Middle East. MECSD lays down guidelines for all development projects in the UAE. Through special services they assist developers to achieve “green” status for their buildings as per MECSD and USGBC LEED Certification Guidelines. The challenge was to establish MECSD in the UAE. Many developers in the UAE have not paid much attention to green construction in the past and it was the responsibility of the new MECSD brand to create trust and inspire involvement from architects, building owners and developers. The Result MECSD today is the authority on green building consultation in the region. Since the launch event, developers have one after the other signed up for the compliance programme. All major projects are now involved with membership numbers constantly on the increase. What has started out as a 360˚ branding and communication strategy and implementation by Avant Communication, has turned into a force for good that is salvaging the present and building a sustainable future as the powerful MECSD movement is growing.Communicate your initiative. 85
  64. 64. Solar TechnologiesThe ChallengeSolar Technologies FZE is the largest solar manufacturing plant in the world.The company designs and assembles solar thermal power plants, solar thermalair-conditioning solutions and other large scale solar thermal solutions for mediumand large projects. Solar Technologies developed the UAE’s first R&D centre fordesigning and building solar power plants. The company’s solar power plantsuse ‘Concentrating Solar Power’ plant technology to produce electric power byconverting the sun’s energy into high temperature heat.The challenge was to create a brand that would convince potential clients ofthe power of solar technologies. As a key pillar of sustainable development,harnessing the power of the sun is vital. Considering alternative energy is perhapscostly in the short term, as far as building the infrastructures and processingplants for it is concerned, but the long term benefits for both investors and theplanet are measureless.The ResultAvant Communication developed a responsible brand presence by formulatinga strategy whereby Solar Technologies touted the importance of sustainabledevelopment and the role that solar technology plays as part of it, through variousmedia, from outdoor billboards to ads. The strategy was pure and simple, just likethe logo that we created for the brand.Today, the Solar Technologies brand is visible across Dubai, keeping publicinterest alive and helping the company to achieve its corporate objectives. Communicate your purity. 87
  65. 65. We stay involved. Social responsibility is a vast subject and can extend into many different areas. Over the years Avant Communication has been involved in developing branding and communication for a free school and clinic in India, energy saving devices, an award event to motivate teachers, and a programme to support destitute widows.Communicate your responsibility. 89
  66. 66. Sports 91
  67. 67. Dubai Sports City AcademiesThe ChallengeDubai Sports City is the world’s first integrated sports city. Set on 50 million squarefeet of land, it features four magnificent stadiums, Ernie Els’ first golf course design inthe Middle East as well as world class sporting academies that will serve as a globallandmark in international sports and athlete development. This magnificent sportsbackdrop hosts luxury residential and stately commercial developments as well asinternational schools, world-class medical facilities, hotels, leisure opportunities,retail and a well-being and lifestyle country club.Avant Communication was approached to develop the visual identities, brandguidelines and brochures for the football, cricket and rugby academies.The ResultWorking alongside the managers from each academy, we managed to outline aneffective strategy for new identities and brochures that would capture the hype,energy and allure surrounding the sports academies.The new marketing material is effectively helping Dubai Sports City to project theirtraining facilities to the local and international community. As the new benchmark insport facility management, the academies with their world-class facilities, wide rangeof programmes and experienced trainers are becoming a preferred training destinationfor UAE athletes and competitive international teams from around the world.Avant Communication has helped Dubai Sports City to sell their academies as leadingcentres where athletes, coaches, spectators and officials can engage and excel in thesport they love most. Our work on these brands has also led to a request to develop abrochure for the Dubai International Cricket Stadium hosted at Dubai Sports City. Communicate your diversity. 93
  68. 68. Aim, shoot and score. On your marks, get set, go – with high-impact, energetic brand communication. Our work for a number of sports academies got the adrenaline pumping. Athletes are ready to partake and the spectators are ready to cheer.Communicate your action. 95
  69. 69. Technology 97
  70. 70. Technology is practically second nature.With one of our long-term clients being from the field of technology, AvantCommunication has extensive experience in this area. Our eye for detail and aneagerness to work on challenging subjects have made us a trusted brandingcommunications partner for technology company owners. Communicate your future. 99
  71. 71. Technology is a science. So is branding. From personalised home automation to large scale technology that benefits an entire country and changes the way businesses operate across the world, Avant Communication has seen it all. Technology contributes to the advancement of humanity. We are proud that our brand building and communication service can be a part of this greater purpose.Communicate your automation. 101
  72. 72. Pacific Control SystemsThe ChallengePacific Control Systems LLC is an ISO 9001:2000 company providing totalautomation solutions globally. Their expertise covers e-enabled automationfor homes, commercial entities, hotels, industrial entities and airports. Othermajor services include 24x7 Global Command Control Centres for Energy andEmergency Services, ICT infrastructure solutions and Technology for SustainableDevelopment. Pacific Controls works with both private and government entities.As our first client Pacific Controls is dear to our hearts. Avant Communication hasbeen with Pacific Controls since they took their first step into the world of brandingand communication. Over the years the automation industry and the needs of theconsumers have significantly changed and the challenge has always been to staya step ahead of the competitors. The marketing communication played a key rolein this regard.The ResultAll the brand building and communication requirements of this world-renownedcompany are handled by Avant Communication. With our integrated marketingapproach we are able to satisfy the client’s complete branding and communicationneeds. With its polished image, commanding presence and impressive productpresentation, Pacific Controls has taken the technology industry by storm andtoday they are a major player and a global force.Avant Communication’s work on this major technology account serves as ashowcase of the adaptability of our skills. Communicate your intelligence. 103
  73. 73. SmartCity The Challenge SmartCity develops “smart cities” around the world. Each of these “cities” is a self-sustaining township where knowledge industry companies can not only find the finest infrastructure to satisfy their unique demands, but also find an environment where their employees can flourish. Each SmartCity township is aimed at providing commercial success as well as a lifestyle beyond compare. Technologically advanced office buildings are set against residential complexes with quality amenities including hospitals, schools, retail and recreation facilities, hotels, specially designed outdoor recreational areas and health clubs. The challenge is to bring the same enthusiasm and energy to a more serious subject like Information Technology as one would to more commercial products, and bring a new dimension that would make it entertaining and engaging to potential investors. The Result Avant Communication has built a close relationship with this ICT infrastructure developer. We have created a concept for a launch event for SmartCity Malta which was held on this Mediterranean island. We are also continually developing striking ads, flagpoles, bridge banners and other communication material for the SmartCity corporate brand, as well as SmartCity Malta and SmartCity Kochi. By cross pollinating communication principles from other industries to the ICT sector we are able to develop engaging material that is successfully supporting SmartCity’s quest to attract quality investors.Communicate your purpose. 105
  74. 74. Publishing 107
  75. 75. Passionate about books.With a desire to contribute to publications that are unique and capture theimagination Avant Communication is always keen on joining new projects.Exciting books that we are involved in range from a title that looks intothe age old ties between the UAE and India, while a special coffee tablewonder about the equestrian passion of Arabia is in the pipeline. Communicate your project. 109
  76. 76. The Inspiring Series. At Avant Communication we are developing the Inspiring Series of books. “Inspiring Dubai”, “Inspiring Qatar” and “Inspiring Himalayas” contain a wealth of exquisite full colour images captured by our highly talented photographers. Weaved with insightful facts about each location, they provide a glimpse of the customs, culture, history and resources that make each of these locations an inspiring destination. Page after page readers are taken on a visual journey that is supported by easily digestible information, giving armchair travellers a first-class experience of these magical places. These three books are the first in a growing series of chronicles showcasing breathtaking destinations across the world. Work on “Inspiring Kerala” is already underway.Communicate your inspiration. 111
  77. 77. Images 113
  78. 78. Every picture speaks a thousand words. Avant Image Library brings you an abundance of photographic gems which you will find nowhere else. Our team of professional photographers travels the world to realise our vision of bringing you footage that is rare and exquisite. Now, through our tie-up with, our exclusive images are becoming available to the public for the first time.Communicate your pride. 115
  79. 79. Make yourbrand work www.avantcommunication.comfor you.