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Avanscoperta Reatreat 2018


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Avanscoperta's founder and EventStorming's inventor Alberto Brandolini (aka @ziobrando) opened Avanscoperta's first Retreat in Bologna (15-16 January 2018) with a welcome speech focused on explaining what our mission is and why we felt it was the right time to hold an event such as our first retreat for all of our trainers.

What's our mission, then? It all started almost 10 years ago when Alberto decided it was time to make things right and sort out that big pile of bullshit (remember the Brandolini's Law?), and one person was not enough to do such a thing.
How do we do this? By providing learning opportunities to professionals and companies with the aim of improving their professional (and personal) lives.

Since one person is not enough to sort things out, we need to put together an army of trainers and professionals who can spread the word and help organisations improve at all levels (from a software development perspective as well as from a team management one, and so on) in order to change the world. That's our Community for you! :-)

We are Learners, and the pleasure of continuous learning, and not only teaching, is our drive and mission. Join our journey! :-)

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Avanscoperta Reatreat 2018

  1. 1. W E LC O M E ! avanscoperta R E T R E AT 2 0 1 8 # W E A R E L E A R N E R S
  2. 2. W H Y A R E W E H E R E T O DAY ?
  3. 3. O U R M I S S I O N ?
  4. 4. S E L L I N G T I C K E T S ?
  5. 5. J U S T T E A C H I N G ?
  6. 6. D O I N G T H I N G S R I G H T ?
  7. 7. D E S I G N I N G T H E L E A R N I N G E X P E R I E N C E
  8. 8. Learning is the reward
  9. 9. 2 0 1 7 … • over 350 hours of public training • almost 300 amazing learners • in 4 different cities • involving over 20 experts and trainers
  10. 10. B U T A L S O … • Delivered workshops in 3 continents • Met awesome people around the world • Accumulated Miles & More points
  11. 11. avanscoperta T U T T O AT TAC C AT O
  12. 12. L E T ’ S M A K E I T H A P P E N
  13. 13. avanscoperta