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Google Plus for publishers


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What is Google Plus and how can Google+ help publishers to reach their audiences online?

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Google Plus for publishers

  1. 1. Google+ for publishers Arne van Elk RNW Business Intelligence December 2013
  2. 2. Google+ for publishers • • • • • What is Google+ ? Impact on search results? Authorship & author rank Google+ Brand Pages Rel=publisher
  3. 3. What is Google+ ? it’s like … but different.
  4. 4. Web pages can be shared within circles or receive a +1
  5. 5. But what is Google+ exactly? A social layer across Google’s services
  6. 6. Google+ is also an identity platform directly connected to Google search Mapping a web of people & organizations
  7. 7. Google’s Goal of Google+ … Generate data that can be used to improve search results
  8. 8. Impact on search results? 1. Personalization 2. Google+ posts in search results 3. Shared links are ‘follow’: they let pagerank flow
  9. 9. Google+ impact on personalized results personalized depersonalized
  10. 10. Google+ impact on personalized results personalized This result is on no. 1 because an influental person I follow on Google+ has shared the link
  11. 11. Google+ local page impact on search results (and I wasn’t even looking for them) This result probably is no. 1 because they have a Google+ local page
  12. 12. Google+ Posts in search results
  13. 13. Can Google+ Impact NonPersonalized Rankings of Content Created Off Platform? it’s complicated …
  14. 14. Can Google+ Impact Non-Personalized Rankings of Content Created Off Platform? • Currently +1’s are not used as ranking signal • But, when a link to a page is shared on Google+, this creates a ‘followed’ link that can pass pagerank
  15. 15. Shared links are ‘follow’
  16. 16. Authorship • Verification of the author of an article by linking a personal Google+ page to the article page using rel=“author” Result is: • Increased visibility/CTR in SERPs • Possible protection against being outranked in Google Search by those who scrape your content and republish it on their own sites.
  17. 17. What are you looking at?
  18. 18. Authorship SERP Benefits
  19. 19. Does it work? Depends on the type of search …
  20. 20. Not just any author of course it helps when you actively use Google+
  21. 21. Even more info when you click on the author’s name
  22. 22. Authorship may help to get in Google’s In-depth-articles - feature
  23. 23. Authorship is NOT a ranking factor! The concept of author rank has not taken off (yet)
  24. 24. Authorrank challenges How does Google know fore sure … • • • • if certain words on a page refer to a human being if that human being is the author of a given page what authority this author has, on which topics which author is more authoritative than others (on a given subject) • when things change (because of career changes, retirement etc.) When AUTHORSHIP adoption is low, AUTHORRANK does not reflect ‘the real world’
  25. 25. Google+ Brand Pages
  26. 26. Google+ Brand Pages: different flavors
  27. 27. Advantages of a Google+ Brand Page • Taking up more space in SERP for a branded search • Creating new touch points for people to engage with your content • Quick indexation of new pages • Verifying brand identity with rel=“publisher” • Getting in the ‘suggested users’ list • +Post Ads: Google+ Content in Ads on Google Display Network
  28. 28. In other words: strenghtening your presence in Google In ways that will see a lot of development in the coming years
  29. 29. Suggested users list
  30. 30. New advertising options coming up +Post Ads: Google+ Content in Ads on Google Display Network
  31. 31. Direct link to Google+ page in Ad
  32. 32. Rel = “publisher” • Markup that verifies brand identity by linking a website to the corresponding Google+ Brand Page • The Google+ page will be displayed in search results for a branded search (sometimes)
  33. 33. Disadvantages of a Google+ Brand Page • Another beast’s mouth to fill • Spreading your social media efforts too thin • Is your audience on Google+?
  34. 34. Finally: do the test
  35. 35. Read on • • • • • •