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Why i ride solo


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Why travel solo? What are the benefits? Is it a means for self - development?

Published in: Lifestyle
  • Riding solo may be a wonderful though I don't have it. On coming September 5 I moving to North East with 71 friends with their families. I think I am bit tolerant to others because I am living with so many people.
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Why i ride solo

  1. 1. Freedom: Being solo you can set your own pace, decide where to go and what to do…
  2. 2. Finding the real you: Going solo gives you an opportunity for self-discovery…
  3. 3. Independence: Going solo teaches you to be self reliant..
  4. 4. Self Assessment: It is an opportunity for you to reassess your Life goals unhindered…
  5. 5. Self confidence : Completing a solo journey gives you a sense of accomplishment..
  6. 6. Responsibility : You learn to take care of your things ably..
  7. 7. Thrill : Solo journey gives you a sense of adventure and excitement…
  8. 8. Education: Gives you an opportunity to catch up with your essential reading..
  9. 9. Unique Experiences : Going solo has the advantage of enhanced interactions with locals..
  10. 10. Relationship : Being solo makes you more approachable ..hence you make new friends..
  11. 11. Skill development: It gives an opportunity to hone your skills – photography for example..
  12. 12. Communication skills : You learn to interact more effectively whatever the situation..
  13. 13. Peace : With no argumentative and nagging companions around, you enjoy more..
  14. 14. Comfort : People are more ready to help and guide you when you travel alone..
  15. 15. Money Management : You learn to be economical and careful with your finances..
  16. 16. Perception : with no distraction from companions, your experiences become more authentic..
  17. 17. Flexibility : Since you are on your own you have the freedom to alter or change plans..
  18. 18. Well, folks are you up to it?
  19. 19. Just pack your bags and go on a solo adventure – believe me, you won’t regret it!