Being a social media marketing Virtuoso


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Being a social media marketing Virtuoso demands commitment because you can’t simply hack social media with a 4 week campaign.

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Being a social media marketing Virtuoso

  1. 1. BEING A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING VIRTUOSO Photo by Admiralspalast Berlin on flickr
  2. 2. “Markets are Conversations”The cluetrain manifesto
  3. 3. Using social media means long term commitment .You can’t hack it with a 4 week campaign Photo by e³°°° on flickr
  4. 4. What Do You Do? Photo by Vivao on flickr
  5. 5. Listen to the Conversations 90% of analysis is your brain power Photo by The U.S. Army on flickr
  6. 6. Set a Goal .In the end you have to produce results and this is where you should write it down Photo by yusuke funami on diigo
  7. 7. Find Influencers and Communities .Go over the results you got from listening to the conversations and find who are talking about your brand Photo by jon smith. on flickr
  8. 8. Who is Your Audience? .Select the target group that is most likely to be persuaded by your message .What channels are they using? .What are they doing there? Photo by e³°°° on flickr
  9. 9. Do They Know You? .What do they know about you? Photo by Nesster on flickr
  10. 10. Turn What You Do into a Simple Message .This is most likely the reason why people buy from you .It should move your target audience emotionally, be meaningful for them Photo by 小猫王 on flickr
  11. 11. Plan Your Content .Make a schedule, how often are you going to create content. .Style is important Photo by e³°°° on flickr
  12. 12. What kind of static content do you put on your pages? What kind of consumer generated content are you going to use on your pages? Photo by nunnui ™ on flickr
  13. 13. Channels, Tools and Distribution .Go where people are Photo by marco_n65 on flickr
  14. 14. Conversations .The main goal of your social media activities is to get people talking to you and each other Photo by kevin dooley on flickr
  15. 15. What’s the value of Conversation?
  16. 16. It extends customer service It makes PR more personal Photo by familymw on flickrr
  17. 17. But… Photo by loop_oh on flickr
  18. 18. Conversations without any Content are less likely to go anywhere Photo by Richard 'Tenspeed' Heaven on flickr
  19. 19. Results and ROI .How do you know it’s working? .What does success look like? Photo by cyanocorax on flickr
  20. 20. The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short ; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. ~Michelangelo Buonarroti
  21. 21. What are you waiting for? Photo by .sandhu on flickr
  22. 22. Prepared by George Anastasiou Thank you @cronusA