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Mihai Tataran - Definirea unei strategii pentru migrarea solutiilor si a organizatiilor in microsoft azure

În această prezentare veți vedea de ce și în ce situatii Cloud-ul are sens, care sunt primele aspecte de luat în considerare când vă puneți problema migrării unei soluții în Cloud, respectiv cum definim o strategie la nivel de organizație vis-à-vis de Cloud.

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Mihai Tataran - Definirea unei strategii pentru migrarea solutiilor si a organizatiilor in microsoft azure

  1. 1. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Migrating solutions and organizations to the Cloud - Strategy MIHAI TĂTĂRAN General Manager, Avaelgo
  4. 4. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Mihai Tătăran • General Manager @ Avaelgo –Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner –Training and consulting, Software development, Infrastructure • Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional • Co-founder @ ITCamp & ITCamp Community
  5. 5. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Objectives • Understand what are the first steps you need to consider when migrating solutions to the Cloud –With examples on Microsoft Azure • Or defining a strategy to move to the Cloud –Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365
  6. 6. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • People (CIOs included) tend to say Cloud is just another term for co- location or hosting • Maybe because they are pragmatic, risk adverse people who’ve seen a lot of buzzwords? • There is still a huge gap between the reality and perception • Moving to the Cloud is a strategic decision Why the Cloud?
  7. 7. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Why the Cloud? UTILITY COSTS LESS EVEN IF IT COSTS MORE • Higher cost per unit time than leasing or upfront purchase • Zero cost when not used • Apples vs oranges ON-DEMAND IS BETTER THAN PREDICTION • Forecasting is estimative, often wrong, sometimes impossible • Better to be able to scale up or down “immediately” depending on demand FIXED COSTS DISTRIBUTED OVER MORE UNITS OF OUTPUT • A large cloud provider has great economies of scale (volume purchasing, network bandwidth, operations, administration, etc.) REAL-TIME DECISION MAKING • Decision making depends on complex computation (BI, risk analysis, etc.) • Access to “unlimited” compute power over a short time period is priceless
  8. 8. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI The Cloud is real and useful • Enterprises are starting the Cloud journey –Getting their feet wet –Understanding the model –Moving or preparing to move production workloads • By 2020, more compute power will have been sold by IaaS and PaaS cloud providers than sold and deployed into enterprise data centers (Gartner - ) • Public Cloud market: $204 Billion in 2016 (Gartner - )
  9. 9. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Key migration scenarios LIFT AND SHIFT • Take a workload from on premises and move it to the Cloud • As close to 1:1 as possible Our services are based on a real life experience and delivered as a practical step-by- step process. ACCESS TO COMPUTE POWER • Financial / insurance risk analysis • 3D, CGI • Immense power for a short time DEV/TEST • Dev/Test environments, CI MOVE APPLICATION TO PAAS / STARTUPS • Existing modern application • Migrated to PaaS • With potential changes GDPR • Tools and technologies already built for GDPR • E.g.: Azure Information Protection, Cloud App Security
  12. 12. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • Microsoft’s vision of the unified platform for modern business Cloud OS Development Management Identity Virtualization Data
  13. 13. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Microsoft Azure Stack • Investments already made in private datacenters • Regulations, compliance • System Center • Hosting providers • Competition: OpenStack • Azure and Azure Stack have a common architecture • Same portal, same application model, same DevOps and dev tools • Based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) • The power of the cloud paradigm across corporate assets • With minimal investments on customizing deployments WHY HOWGOAL
  14. 14. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Regions / DCs in Europe • Legal / security / data standpoint –Dublin –Amsterdam –UK, Germany, and France (2 each). Operated by local companies
  15. 15. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Platform as a Service PaaS Cloud Services App Services Containers Service Fabric Azure IaaS and PaaS spectrum
  16. 16. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI
  17. 17. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Scope level: solution
  18. 18. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI I have an app or a solution… • Is it modern or legacy? • Topology • Latency, performance • Security and compliance • Maintainability, DevOps • Lock in
  19. 19. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Modern or Legacy • Scalable, load balanced • State • What kind of state (in memory, files, etc.; serializable) • Hardcoded strings, paths, etc. • Special case: third party solution not designed for horizontal scaling
  20. 20. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • So many options to scale • PaaS: • Web Apps • Service Fabric • IaaS: • VM scale sets Horizontal scaling Horizontal Scale Load Balancer
  21. 21. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Topology • The topology in the Cloud will not match 1:1 the current topology • Chatty applications / layers? • Example –App is no longer on the same machine as the DB –Or any other services, e.g. Caching, Queues, etc. –Eager loading vs. Lazy Loading. Example: Entity Framework
  22. 22. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Latency • The cloud is not near your desk • Expect 40-50 ms • With Azure Express Route: large bandwidth (up to 10 Gbps) and small latency (bellow 10 ms)
  23. 23. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Security • Workload isolation – App, network, data, etc. • VPN • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest; destroyed when deleted • Data stays in the geo zone you choose, e.g. EU • Identity via Azure AD, multi-factor • Role Based Access Control • Security Center: Prevent, detect, and respond to threats on your Azure resources
  24. 24. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI
  25. 25. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Compliance • GDPR • EU Model Clauses – EU data protection law regulates the transfer of EU customer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area • ISO/IEC 27017, 27018 – Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the first international code of practice for cloud privacy • Microsoft personnel restricted access • We own the data, Microsoft is the processor
  26. 26. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Lock in • Different degrees of lock in • E.g.: PaaS • Azure, Hyper-V, Azure Stack
  27. 27. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Hybrid • We don’t have to move an entire solution • VNET, VPN, Express Route, StorSimple • Operations Management Suite
  28. 28. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Customer Case Study PROBLEM • Online concert tickets selling • The website crashed when a very low number of simultaneous users accessed their solution • No time to redesign the architecture accordingly • Solution not suitable for scaling SOLUTION • Move to Azure • Quick and easy solution – lift and shift • Configure auto-scaling RESULTS • Performance increased 40x to thousands of simultaneous users • The customer decided to move other workloads to Azure
  29. 29. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Scope level: organization
  30. 30. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • Become more efficient – Enable IT to do more – Cost savings, Pay as you Go – Disaster Recovery • Access to technology – Which does not exist / unfeasible on premises. E.g.: Machine Learning • Expand total addressable market – E.g.: I am an ISV delivering a software solution on premises to customers • GDPR – Microsoft Information Protection – Data Classification – Azure Rights Management Services – Security Center, encryption, etc. Drivers
  31. 31. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Things to consider • This is not a walk in the park – 18-24 months “project” • Might not start from a “clean” state. Some examples: – Is there a consolidated infrastructure, e.g. Active Directory? – Are all workloads virtualized? – Already some services in Azure? Pay as you Go? ASM vs ARM? • Financials – Capex vs Opex • HR – Changing the roles of the IT / Dev teams – Paradigm shift • Top management buy-in
  32. 32. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI The Microsoft Azure & Office 365 migration strategy • Establish strategy and goals • Building the team • Organizational responsibilities • HR: the evolution of roles • Portfolio analysis • Build and execute the migration plan • Post-migration: continuous support
  33. 33. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Application’s portfolio analysis Objective: build a catalog of applications with their desired state and priorities • Business & financial perspective - Where should the application go? Considering: scalability, elasticity, business value, operational cost, etc. • Technical & operational perspective - Where can the application go? Considering: resource utilization, throughput, latency, security, operational complexity, etc. Existing application or solution Desired state Considerations Priority Ticketing system facing customers (frontend) Azure, PaaS Needs fast access to backend High Order processing system Hybrid: frontend in Azure IaaS, backend on premises Needs secured traffic channel Medium ERP On premises … … … …
  34. 34. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • Azure Migrate – – “datacenter discovery” => Lift and Shift 1:1 – Well combined with Azure Site Recovery • App Service Migration Assistant – – IIS installation => App Service in Azure • SQL Database Migration – – SQL database from on premise => SQL Db (PaaS) | SQL Server VM | Managed Instance • Only help in a Lift and Shift scenario Useful tools for Azure migration
  35. 35. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Phase Duratio n Activities Objectives Deliverables. Outcomes Who - what Initiation 2 hours Discuss the process, discuss about the major objectives, strategic planning, design a contract To understand your business goals related to Microsoft Azure for the next 2-3 years Contract items discussed Abstract project plan Avaelgo & Customer discussions Detailed discovery 2-3 days Consulting, detailed architecture and design, create statement of work and detailed plan for next phase, cost evaluation / estimation To understand in detail your current situation and goals For you to have an idea of the overall cost Detailed architecture diagrams Azure operating cost Applications / Solutions catalog Detailed plan for next phase Contract / SOW for whole project Avaelgo – advisory Customer – provide tech details and strategy First phase: pilot 2-3 months Chose a few smaller applications or scenarios (e.g. Disaster Recovery) and have the first workloads moved to Microsoft Azure Training for core team Have a quick win (e.g. for financial, or scalability reasons) First workloads running in Azure Avaelgo – advisory, technical work Customer – technical work Second phase – iteration 1 6 months Execution of the plan Training for organization TBD Workloads in Azure Avaelgo – advisory, technical work Customer – technical work Second phase – iteration 2 6 months Execution of the plan Training for organization TBD Workloads in Azure Avaelgo – advisory, technical work Customer – technical work Post migration Ongoing 24/7/365, SLA-based support TBD Peace of mind ☺ Avaelgo – L2, L3 support Customer – owner Sample Project planning (*) (*) This is only for reference, so you can see the approach. Not precise at this moment.
  36. 36. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI A powerful partnership that works for your business success 24/7 support: after applications in production Avaelgo services
  37. 37. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Avaelgo - key technical people Mihai Tătăran, Microsoft Azure MVP, is involved in the Sales process, and then in the implementation of projects around Azure, and works as a consultant and trainer on Azure. Alexandru Mang, Microsoft Azure MVP, is a regular conference and user groups speaker focusing mostly on cloud-computing topics, thus aiming to help developers better understand the implications of cloud-computing as a whole. As an Azure Advisor, he regularly offers feedback on upcoming Azure features and services and gets to test them out in early development stages. Florin Loghiade, Microsoft Azure MVP and Microsoft Certified Professional, works as an IT consultant focused on cloud and on-premise Microsoft solutions based on Windows Server, System Center, Hyper-V, Azure and Automation. Ioan Popovici, the Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo, Microsoft Certified Professional, is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the lead architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. Tudor Damian, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP & Certified Ethical Hacker, is involved in projects with Azure & Office 365, and also works as a cybersecurity & GDPR consultant and trainer. Daniel Popescu, a recent addition to Avaelgo, worked at Microsoft Romania for 16 years: helpdesk service, then IT Manager for 6 years, and finally sales & account management technology strategist. His most recent roles were of being the primary strategic technical face from Microsoft to enterprise customers, responsible for building the technology vision and strategy for the customer, and “trusted advisor” relationships with CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Enterprise Architects.
  38. 38. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Objectives • Understand what are the first steps you need to consider when migrating solutions to the Cloud –With examples on Microsoft Azure • Or defining a strategy to move to the Cloud –Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365
  39. 39. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Conclusion • The Cloud is here • Moving to the Cloud is a strategic decision • But there are best practices and clear paths
  40. 40. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI • Raffle • Avaelgo events: Next steps
  41. 41. 23 NOIEMBRIE 2017 | BUCUREȘTI Q & A