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AUTVIEW is the company that offers nearshore/offshore software outsourcing. We are experienced in programming based on Oracle, Postgresql, Mysql databases and specialized in Java technologies. We offer all services, from analysis and software consulting up to the development of complex applications and deliver precise solutions and reliable performances.

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Software Development Company - Web Programming Solutions - IT Outsourcing - Low Cost Software Development Services

  1. 1. 10/17/2012 Agile Software Development, 6AUTVIEW.COM Advantages
  2. 2. Agile development is a tactic of software development in which the processoccurs though short increment. The phases of the development process occurendlessly in iterative cycles, involving a requirements phase, design andachievement, testing, and reporting. Stakeholders and designers meet aftereach increment to discuss what has occurred, re-evaluate requirements anddetermine priorities. This allows for better transparency between clients andprogrammers and clients have greater manipulate in what is being designedto ensure the product is what they want. The traditional waterfall methodgeneral engages the stakeholders at the beginning requirements phase, andthen the development company takes over and designs the website. Thestakeholders or clients only see the finished product, which may or may notbe what they had in mind. There are many advantages to agile developmentover the fixed models.1) Agile development decrease the risk of client dissatisfactionSince the stakeholders are concerned in the process the entire time, the agilemodel reduces the risk that the product will not meet the needs of the client.When the stakeholders are only concerned in the requirements phase, theymay not see that confident aspects of the design do not work or are irrelevantto their customer base. With everyone working together and constantly re-evaluating, the project is more likely to produce a useable product.2) Allows for additional change and versionIn the agile development method, the large, irrevocable project elements aredelayed until the last moment so as many changes as possible can be made tomake sure the project is precisely right. Changes can be made after eachincrease; the designers are not stuck with one model. Agile development isvery adaptive to the changing needs of the client, the developers and theobtainable technology. Because necessities can always change as newsoftware is developed, these changes can be built-in into the project instead ofmaking the design obsolete before it ever goes to market.3) Work can start before all the requirements are knownClients may not know everything they want in their complete product, butwith agile development, they do not have to wait to get started working on thesoftware. They can start with a basic idea and because they are integratedthroughout the development process, they can add requirements as they
  3. 3. choose what they need and based on the work that has come first. Clients cancontinuously reprioritize so they have a usable product in a shorter amount oftime4) Boost probability that a project will reach the marketplaceA large amount of development projects never make it to the marketplace forvarious reasons including it was not what the client wanted, it is nowobsolete, or it is not useful. Using the agile development method, the chancethat the product will go to the market is actually much higher because thechances that the client will endorse of and find the product useful is higher.Also, the software developers can develop the uppermost priority designsfirst, allowing the product to be used immediately, even if it is not in itscompleted form.5) Saves time and moneyStakeholders are concerned in agile development right through the processand everyone is working together, so the chance for miscommunication andappropriateness are smaller. This saves time by resulting in fewer mistakesand it saves money because the project is finished faster. Once a client makesa choice on a requirement, they can see results quickly. The client will seeresults after each iteration and decide if the software meets their needs. Lesstime is wasted on features that are not going to be used.6) Works glowing with distributed teamsAgile development is a method that can work when part of a project isoutsourced, but is considerably more winning if outsourced to a team in thesame time zone. By having stable contact with the outsourced team, there willbe fewer mistakes and miscommunications. With near shore outsourcing,the developers and outsourced team are working in the same time zone andlanguage. People in other countries can easily keep in contact via email, phoneand video conferencing. Agile requires more communication and morecommunication results in fewer mistakes and misunderstandings.The many advantages to agile software development can get better thequality of work for a software development company. While there can besome disadvantages if the client does not want to be involved in the entireprocess or the team is not good at communication, these issues can be worked
  4. 4. out as the team gains experience with the process. Software developmentcompanies are on the rise as more research shows it is a productivetechnique of producing utilizable and effective software.At Autview is a software development company offering low-cost softwaredevelopment services to the clients all across the globe. So, if you areinterested in our web service programming solution and intend to engage ourprogrammers, opt for our top-notch services.