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October newsletter

  1. 1. Media Center October Newsletter Issue: October 3, 2011 Created by: Autumn Schaffer Let the Research Begin! Many teachers have asked to use the media center for their class to begin conducting research on various topics. We are setting up a schedule so that the grade levels can come in and the media specialist and clerk can help the teacher show the students how to research as well as the different types of materials they can use. Weeding Here, Weeding There… This month we will beginning weeding sections of the library. We are doing this to make sure we don’t have too many duplicates as well as that all of our books are in tact and useful to the students. We have come across several outdated and torn books that might need to find a new home. We will begin weeding in the fiction section simply because this is our largest and most used section. We expect to find several books that have been written on or are missing pages. We will see what we can do to repaire them. Next we will move over to the nonfiction section. We just want to make sure that these materials are not outdated and contradictory of each other. Accelerated Reader Counts! Students are continuing to use our Accelerated Reader Program! Our AR/Eagle of the Month Awards Program will be held at the end of this month. The student with the most number of points will receive a certificate. The highest earning class out of each grade level will receive the grade level trophy. It will be kept in their room the entire month.
  2. 2. Math Day Committee Meeting The math day committee has met two times within the past week to discuss plans for “Math Day,” which will be held on September 7 . Like last year, the committee is planning activities per grade level based upon the specific standards. The media specialist is busy pulling math related books dealing with counting, greater than/less than, geometry, shapes, and fractions. There are lots of books dealing with math- besides the ones that have come within our kits. The media center will have a station during math day where the students read “Sir Cumference and the First Round Table.” (3 rd -5 th grade). The students will use the round tables in the media center to measure and determine circumference and diameter as discussed within the book. Book Talks Schedule October There will be book talks for Pre-K through 2nd grade this month. Here are the books, dates, and times: October’s Theme: Halloween Pre-K: October 6, 9:30 Dragon’s Halloween by Dav Pilkey Kindergarten : October 7, 1:30 13 Nights of Halloween by Rebecca Dickinson 1st Grade- October 21, 1;30 Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson 2nd Grade -October 28, 1:30 Miss Fiona’s Stupdenous Pumpkin Pies by Mark Kimball Moulton Author of the Month: September Roald Dahl In Our Library: *James and the Giant Peach *Charlie and the Chocolate Factor *The Magic Finger *The BFG *The Witches *Matilda