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Author study jean little

  1. 1. JeanLittle
  2. 2. Author’s Corner: NovelsBirdie for Now Listen for the Singing(2002) (1977) Somebody Else’sDancing Through the Look Through My Summer (2005)Snow (2007) Window (1970) Spring Begins inDifferent Dragons Lost and Found March (1966)(1986) (1985) Stand in the WindForward, Mamas Going to Buy (1975)Shakespeare (2005) You A Mockingbird (1984) Take Wing (1968)From Anna (1972) Mine for Keeps The Belonging PlaceHis Banner Over Me (1962) (1997)(1995) One to Grow On The Birthday GirlHome from Far (1969) (2004)(1965) Rescue Pup (2004) Willow and TwigKate (1971) (2000)
  3. 3. Jean Little BiographyBorn in 1932, in Formosa taught herself to read on(Taiwan) her own, which became her “greatest joy”Doctors found scars overboth of her corneas, which Moved to Toronto, Canadais cause for a significant in 1939loss of eyesight and isdiagnosed as legally blind Was first in a school for children with visionTeased in school problems, but transitioned to a regular educationFamily was very classroom by fourth gradesupportive, with parentsreading to her frequently She lost lots of accommodations andGained limited vision, struggled
  4. 4. Began to enjoy writing; Published first novelher father encouraged after freshman year:her and often edited Let Me Be Gentle abouther work a large family with a mentally retarded six-Father published her year-old girl.first collection of poetrywhen Little was 15 Graduated in 1955 withyears old bachelor’s degree in EnglishSaturday Night(magazine) published Taught children withtwo of her verses. “I disabilities, althoughlistened and [when] his she primarily wanted tovoice broke, I knew writewhy I wanted to be awriter.” Worked with children at camps and in theirAttended Victoria homes, and at theCollege’s English Institute of Speciallanguage and literature Education in Salt Lakeprogram to pursue a City, Utah and atdegree in English, Florida Universityfather suffered a heartattack
  5. 5. Inspired her to write for Children’s Book of thechildren Year Award for Mama’s Going to Buy You aFound that books of the Mockingbird – focuses1950s that did portray on grief andchildren with disabilities understanding of a childwere difficult to find and losing a parentinaccurate portrayals –miraculous miracles Also writes historical novelsPublished Mine forKeeps about Sally Published many novels,Copeland, a young girl picture books, andwith cerebral palsy – professional articlesfocuses on coping skillsof Sally and those When not writing, worksaround her with young people in churches, schools, and1985 – won Canadian the community
  6. 6. Jean Little, the AuthorPartially sighted griefFormer teacher of children None of her characters findwith disabilities “magical cures” for their problemsHer disability andexperiences are a basis for Learn to cope and led tomany of her characters, greater self-understandingmany of whom havecerebral palsy or are blind Has won awards such as Canadian Children’s BookMany other characters Award, Governor General’sconfront psychological Literacy Award, and adifficulties, such as fear or Vicky Metcalf Award
  7. 7. From Anna Novel Published by Harper in 1972 Preview: “Anna has always been the clumsy one in the family. Somehow she can never do anything right! She bumps into tables, and she cant read the blackboard at her school. Her perfect brothers and sisters call her "Awkward Anna." When Papa announces that the family is moving from Germany to Canada, Annas heart sinks. How can she learn English when she cant even read German? Nothing could be worse than this! But when the Soldens arrive in Canada, Anna learns that there is a reason for her clumsiness. And suddenly, wonderfully, her whole world begins to change.” – Jean Little Review: a very intriguing book, with a main character’s emotional journey that is easily understood.
  8. 8. Mama’s Going to Buy You a MockingbirdNovelPublished by Penguin in 1984Preview: “Jeremy is not having a good summer.His best friends have moved away, and he has tostay at the cottage with only his little sister andAunt Margery. His parents have remained in thecity so his father can have an operation. WhenJeremy finally sees him again, he finds out thathis father has cancer and isnt going to get better.Suddenly, everything is different. Then Jeremyfinds an unlikely friend in Tess, who knows whatits like to lose someone. As his friendship with hergrows, through good times and bad, Jeremydiscovers that his father has left him somethingthat will live forever …” – Jean LittleReview: excellent book, made even moreinteresting by Jean Little’s read aloud
  9. 9. Rescue PupNovelPublished by Orca in 2004Preview: “Shakespeare wriggled joyously andreared up to lick Tessas chin. He expectedeven this girl to love him on sight. Everybodyalways had. But Tessa was not everybody. Sheparted her knees and let him slither to the floor.Shakespeare is a Seeing Eye puppy. Butbefore the time comes for him to train with ablind person, he must spend six months with agirl who has never learned to love. He does allhe can to teach her, but the job places him insome dangerous situations and by the end ofthe story he has earned the title Rescue Pup.”– Jean LittleReview: written more for a younger elementaryaudience, this book dives into emotional issuesskirted by many other authors.
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