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Autopoeple helps you get the automotive jobs and automotive careers in your local car dealerships. From automotive sales jobs to automotive technician and all the jobs in the automotive industry, we have you covered! Contact us today!

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Autopeople – Premier National Automotive Recruiter

  1. 1. Welcome to autopeople.comSince 1989 AutoPeople has been helping Automotive Dealerships nationwide recruitexperienced executives and Automotive Professionals advance their careers.AutoPeople is the only premier Automotive Recruiter that many dealerships have come to relyon for their Automotive Recruiting needs.Car dealers in our network understand that the candidates we provide are pre-screened and matchthe job requirements. You should expect nothing less from your leading Automotive Recruiter.Joining the AutoPeople Dealer network is quite easy and a simple process. Once you registerwith us, one of our AutoPeople Professionals will contact you.For Automotive Jobs We have the Candidates You Need For over 25 years, AutoPeople hasserved Dealers, Manufacturers, Aftermarket Companies and Internet-based automotive ventures.We offer the finest nationwide automotive recruiter executive search service available, tailoredto the specific needs and goals of each client.In automotive retailing alone, our team has concluded more than 1,800 executive searchassignments on behalf of independents and consolidators.We have successfully placed Presidents, EVP / Chief Operating Officers, Marketing Directors,Regional Vice Presidents - Operations, CFO’s, Controllers, General Managers, General SalesManagers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, Fixed Operations Directors, and Parts Managersin many car dealerships across the nation.Call us now at (800) 659 9501 or email us at info@autopeople.comWe will fill your needs quickly and discreetly!
  2. 2. Hiring Process for Car DealersSince 1989, Autopeople has been dedicated to finding the best management in the country forautomobile dealerships.Our clients include some of the most prestigiousorganizations in the USA. No matter where your dealershipis, we can procure the best management for you. We are fullyequipped with highly-trained researchers and a huge databaseof dealership professionals.Its very important for you to realize that the good people areout there. Theyre very busy working, making money fortheir employers and for themselves. Theyre certainly notreading the classifieds section nor responding toadvertisements. We know who they are, and we know whereto find them.The car business is tough. One of the qualities we look for in our people is friendliness. We likepeople who enjoy people and have a friendly optimistic air about them. We think its good for theatmosphere of a dealership and we know its great for your CSI.Our candidates have to meet two standards: They have to meet our rigorous specifications forcompetency in their area of expertise and they have to meet our clients criteria. Only then do werate them highly enough to be presented.Click here and join AutoPeople Today!
  3. 3. Find the Automotive Job FasterWe’re confident you’ll be interested in being represented by the finest automotive recruiter in theU.S., Autopeople. We have built our reputation presenting and screening only the very best andtop performers in the automotive industry.As a fair warning, you should know that there is no obligation or fee charged to you. Our feesare paid by our clients. As a best practice method, we have confidentiality agreements with ourclients which provide our candidates absolute confidence when working with us.Please use the Candidates Registration link bellow to provide us some information and if youshould have a resume that elaborates your experience in the automotive industry, pleaseuploaded through the form. Upon completion, one of our recruiters will contact you directly togo over the information with you.Candidates RegistrationHaving a proven and substantial automotive career is akey factor to compete in this industry!
  4. 4. Hot Automotive JobsAt Autopeople, we are committed to get you in the best Automotive Dealership. Our AutomotiveClient Dealerships are always looking for the best possible candidates and this means that youcould be the one!If you are an Automotive Job Seeker and do not see the right opening here, contact us directlyand let us know how we can help you in successfully planning your career.If you represent an Automotive Dealership and want to post a job requirement for top successfulexecutives, automotive technicians or more, contact us directly and we’ll help you get in touchwith the right candidates in your local area.
  5. 5. AutoPeople Professional TeamWe take pride in associating the right candidate with the right dealership. We do this with thehelp of our team members who are Auto Industry Veterans. Kimberly Leal – Management Recruiter Kimberly brings years of dealership automotive experience to the AutoPeople Team. She is an expert witness for all Accounting related matters. She has Controller experience and can assist in finding you a Controller or any other dealership manager. Email Kimberly: Contact Kimberly. Mark Baeder – Worldwide Executive Placements Mark has been in the recruiting business since 1982. He offers the finest executive search service available, calibrated to the global marketplace, tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client. He serves many industries, but has developed a unique specialization in the automotive field, having served Manufacturers, Retailers, Aftermarket Companies and Internet-based automotive ventures for 25+ years. In automotive retailing alone, he has concluded more than 1,800 executive search assignments on behalf of independents and consolidators. He has searched for - and has successfully placed - Presidents, EVP / Chief
  6. 6. Operating Officers, Regional Vice Presidents - Operations, CFO’s,Controllers, General Managers, General Sales Managers, Fixed OperationsDirectors, etc…Email Mark: mark@autopeople.comContact Mark for your Corporate Office and General Manager needs.Nick Lozovsky – OperationsNick Lozovsky brings over 10 years of experience in the automotiveindustry. With proven success in online revenue generation, team building,and strategic alliance cultivation,Mr. Lozovsky has pioneered one of California’s leading automotive dealergroups Internet sales strategies from infancy to a $70 million business inannual sales.He is now using his vast experience for recruiting Internet Directors fordealerships throughout the United States and Canada.Email Nick: nick@autopeople.comContact Nick for your Corporate and In-dealership Internet Managementneeds.
  7. 7. Jeff Sacks – General and Financial ManagementJeff Sacks is considered one of the premier experts in dealershipoperations. His accounting and business finance degrees, coupled withhis practical "in the seat" operational experience, have allowed him tooffer his unique insights to automotive clients worldwide for the past22 years.Jeff immigrated to the United States in 1977 and has immersed himselfin car dealership operations since then. After having worked for avariety of dealerships he founded Jeff Sacks & Associates, aconsulting company dealing with the needs of his automotive clients.Email Jeff: jeff@autopeople.comContact Jeff.Gary Simmons – Service and Parts ManagementGary Simmons founded MCS in 1982 with the goal of providingmanagement systems and training to drive profitable fixed-endoperations for dealerships across the nation.Simmons graduated from California State University in Bakersfieldwith a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology, and a minor in business.With years of experience in automotive dealerships serving asCustomer Relations Manager, Service Manager, Service Director, andGeneral Manager, Simmons knows first-hand that dealerships have atremendous need for support services in the areas of management,operations, sales and services.A sought-after industry speaker with numerous Dealer Twenty Groupspresentations under his belt, Simmons is also a regular guest speakerfor CPA and legal firms specializing in the automotive industry. He
  8. 8. has been married for 29 years and has three children.Email Gary: gary@autopeople.comContact Gary for your Service and Parts Management needs.
  9. 9. Join Our NetworkWe want to thank you for your interest in joining our automotive recruiting network. For over 25years Autopeople has provided automobile dealerships with successful automotive technicians,automotive mechanics, automotive management and more. Take a minute to provide us withsome basic information and we’ll contact you directly.Click here and join AutoPeople Today!
  10. 10. AutoPeople HistoryAnyone running a car dealership today knows that finding good employees is perhaps the mostimportant and at the same time often the most difficult aspect of your responsibilities. Ericlearned this during his years as a multi-franchised auto dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. Even thoughhis dealership was one of the largest and most successful in Northeastern Ohio, finding goodpeople was a constant problem, costing excessive money and time.Thats why he started a personnel service specializing exclusively in the unique needs ofautomobile dealers. Because of his years as a dealer, he understood the nature and extent of thedifficulty of finding good managers.Autopeople was formed in 1989. We work with dealerships of all sizes, from rural to metro. Wehave many loyal clients and an impeccable list of references. We were honored by being invitedto join the J.D. Powers International Automotive Roundtable. By finding our candidates strictlythrough referrals, we have avoided advertisement and having to filter the unemployed, theunhappy, and the unstable candidate.Our newly created team of Industry Experts follows in Erics tradition. With practical dealershipsexperience as a common trait, we have the expertise and know how to recruit only the bestcandidates.We look forward to helping you, just like we have your fellow dealers all around the country.Please call us on our toll-free telephone line (800) 659-9501 or email us