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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Sep04

  1. 1. In creasfitss in e • Sales & Pro ction •C ustomer Satisfa • Processes & Stability SALES MANAGER FORUM: Motivating your Sales Team to Higher Profitability Taught By James A. ZieglerAtlanta, GA . . . .Oct. 5 - 6, 2004Las Vegas, NV . .Oct. 7 - 8, 2004Atlanta, GA . . . .Nov. 16 - 17, 2004Atlanta, GA . . . .Dec. 16 - 17, 2004 THE COMPLETE F&I MENU SELLING Present 100% of your products d horsing arounnts 100% of the time! Taught By Mike Lee Sponsored By James A. Ziegler “Stop r consulta with amateu o track record.”Atlanta, GA . . . .Oct. 12-14, 2004Atlanta, GA . . . .Nov. 9 -11, 2004 th n nd trainers wiLas Vegas, NV . .Dec. 7 - 9, 2004 riff In Town Dates and locations subject to change a There’s A New She 10 0-726-05 For more information: 1-80 rs www.ZieglerSupe
  2. 2. Friday, 9:10pm When your lender’s closed for the night, Chrysler Financial’s on call. With Chrysler Financial, what you get is a relationship. One that includes personalized, attentive, one-to-one service that represents our dedication to your automotive finance needs. To learn more about our commitment to your increased profitability and success, contact your Dealer Relations Manager. Forty years of finance. Forty years of relationships. F i n a n c i n g yo u r i nve s t m e n t . A member of the DaimlerChrysler Services Group
  3. 3. I N S I D E 8 America Must Have Strong, Principled Leadership Russ Darrow 9 There’s Magic in Enthusiasm Zig Ziglar10 Put Yourself in Front of Three to Five Opportunities Every Day Jim Adams13 Developing W-Like Leadership Adam DeGraide14 Retention of Staff, Part II Carol Martin16 The BIG Sale Ben Elliott18 How to Get Sales and F&I on the Same Team George Jackson20 Ways to Become Uncommon Michael York21 Keep America Safe and Secure Fran McAllister22 New Website Generates 600-700 Leads a Month With a 18.2% Closing Rate Steve Landers Jr.23 Find Your Hidden Wealth Mark Tewart26 Eliminate Common Headaches, Drug Free Jerry Teplitz27 Five Ways to Make More Money Mark Proctor28 Paragon Acura Improves 179% in One Month Patrick Luck Congratulations to the men and women’s US Olympic Teams in the 2004 Summer Olympics. USA all the way! Hebrews 11: 1-3 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.756 South 1st Street, Suite 202 Louisville, Kentucky 40202 For by it the men of old receive divine ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 approval. By faith we understand that thePatrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Thomas Williams, Creative Director world was created by the word of God, so• • that what is seen was made out of thingsSusan Goodman, Vice President Courtney Hill, Advertising Services which do not appear.• • Amy Stuber, Advertising ServicesSuccess Driven Solutions • astuber05@autosuccess.bizAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620$75peryear.AutoSuccesswelcomesunsolicitededitorialsandgraphics(notresponsiblefortheirreturn).Allsubmittededitorialsandgraphicsaresubjecttoeditingforgrammar,content,andpagelength.AutoSuccessprovides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees.Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccessmay occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA.Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
  4. 4. Belinda Wortherspoon, Wolfington Group Call Center OperatorTHE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY!ASK YOUR 20 GROUP! toll free 800.331.9361McLaughlin Chevrolet, Inc.741 Temple St., PO Box 230Whitman, MA 02382 MCLAUGHLIN Phone: 781.447.4401 Fax: 781.447.3614 Toll Free: 800.649.4401 C H E V R O L E TIn reference to Harry Wolfington and his entire staff at the Wolfington Group, I would just like to say that it is alwaysa great pleasure to work with them. Their honest and professional approach is very refreshing. Everyone from thegroup leader to the lot attendant is very polite, friendly and knowledgeable at their individual jobs.More importantly, the customers could not be happier. The entire atmosphere they create just continues to enliven thecustomers and the purchasing atmosphere. We are consistently amazed at how happy our customers are and how theyare rushing home to bring their friends and relatives or even coming back with their second car to trade that one too.The Wolfington staff is very concerned with the customer and the CSI. Our CSI has certainly not suffered as a resultof these sales. All weekend long the customers are amazed at the professionalism of the staff.The staff is set up for all possible customers, whether the best credit scores or the least, they will continue to strive forevery possible sale and every possible source of income. The incomes are evenly spread between front and back endand are considerably better than our average deals.I look forward to our next sale, as does my staff. We all work long hours, but the time passes quickly.If anyone has any questions, I would be pleased to discuss them at any time. Paul McLaughlin, Dealer Principal
  5. 5. ADVERTISEMENTDifferentiate Your Dealership for Success & Greater Profitablity!In today’s ever increasingly competitive automobile market, dealers need to separate themselves from the competition.Customers are better educated on the true manufacturers invoice, available rebates, dealer holdback, and other oncesacred information due mainly to the internet and private buying services. Furthermore, nearly 70% of all newcustomers are having their vehicles serviced at non-dealer service facilities. To remain competitive and profitable, it isimperative to look “outside the box”!A dealership that has done this successfully is Lustine Toyota/Dodge/Scion in Woodbridge, Virginia. A little overa year ago, Lustine began to offer Auto4Life, a Lifetime Powertrain Service Contract/Warranty provided on everyvehicle. “The results have been amazing” quotes General Manager, Jim Giddings. “We have always wanted toseparate our dealership from the competition and Auto4Life has definitely given us a huge advantage.” After only threeor four months of promotion on both the radio and in print advertising, the results began to show-and in a big way.Auto4Life is a product that truly allows dealers to generate more floor traffic. It’s not a gimmick or a fad. It’s a provenvalue added customer friendly product that creates a sense of security among a dealership’s cliental. “After customersstarted hearing about Auto4Life at our store, the numbers started to increase,” says Giddings. Lustine increasedtheir year over year sales by 26% - and their service retention nearly tripled! “Tripling your service retentionmay seem great, but it also brings with it some challenges. We were not prepared for the huge increase in service.The vast number of clients coming back was a challenge with scheduling…a good problem to have” notes Giddings.Mr. Giddings states that the customer readily accepts the fact that they must return to the selling dealer for all of theirroutine maintenance in order for the Powertrain Service Contract to be valid. The F & I department has been sellingPre-Scheduled Maintenance at a 60% customer acceptance level and this has created an interesting growth/focus areafor his service department. The initial result was a drop in the average RO figure, but with a little ingenuity the averageRO bounced back due to the implementation of up selling training in the service department. And the more costlyservice intervals at 15K, 30K and 45K come more frequent because the customer was now “trained” to bring their carto the dealership for all service work.Asked to summarize his experience with Auto4Life Giddings replied, “The statistics are great, but the most importantaspect of Auto4Life is that it truly gives our salespeople a differentiator. This helps us sell more cars and mostimportantly hold more gross profit! It is truly a win – win for the dealership and the customer.”For more information on Auto4Life, please call 800.668.5603 or visit
  6. 6. sts ms ls fis lr RussDarrow leadership solution America Must Have Strong, Principled Leadership This November, While lower taxes are critical to our The third leg of the stool that President Bush dealers across America economic recovery the further well being and the Republican leaders in Congress have a tremendous of our industry rests on the ability of our have proposed is the need for some serious opportunity to make leaders to protect our country from future and meaningful tort reform. This would a real difference terrorist attacks. go a long way to decrease the number of on behalf of our frivolous lawsuits that drive up the costs ofemployees, our customers and our families. President Bush and the Republican leadership healthcare premiums. in congress have done this. Shortly after theWe have the opportunity to support, and attacks of 9/11, President Bush and the It is imperative that you, and yourvote for, Republican candidates who share Republicans in Congress passed the U.S. employees, join in the fight to re-elect theour common philosophy of the need for Patriot Act and created the Department of President and Republican candidates acrossa strong national defense, lower taxes, Homeland Security that provided our law the nation.affordable healthcare and tort reform. enforcement officials with the necessary tools to fight the War on Terror. By volunteering three to five hours aUnder President Bush’s leadership, week you and your employees can play anRepublican candidates across the nation We must remain vigilant. The future of our integral role to ensure that our industry andhave demonstrated their commitment country, the future of our economy and the our businesses continue to prosper underto these beliefs and willingness to do future of our industry rest on our ability to President Bush’s leadership.everything in their power to further improve re-elect these leaders.our economy to allow our industry and our In fact, that is why I decided to run for thebusinesses to flourish. While I have focused on issues of importance United States Senate here in Wisconsin. to our industry as a whole, as employers, I was tired of politics as usual andAmerica must have strong, principled we know that satisfied employees are wanted to use my 38 years of knowledgeleadership capable of defending our freedom the key to our individual success. From and experience to serve the people ofwhile protecting our way of life. personal experience, I know that a satisfied Wisconsin. I wanted to make sure that our workforce has been the key to my ability to kids and grandkids have the same types ofSoon after President Bush took office he grow my business from eight employees to opportunities that we have had to live thewas forced to endure the perfect economic over 1,000. American Dream.storm. The bubble burst, corporatecorruption and our country was attacked. Doing this takes work and takes some help While I still need the support, and votes from the federal government. Specifically, from the people of Wisconsin to get throughIn response, President Bush signed into as it relates to our ability, as employers, to the September 14, Republican Primarylaw the largest tax cuts in our nations provide healthcare benefits for our employees. election, I am looking to join President Bushhistory, sweeping legislative reform In the recent years, soaring healthcare costs on the ballot in November 2.aimed at curbing corporate corruption and have made this very difficult.demonstrated the courage and conviction to Together, we can make a difference for ourstand up to the terrorist threat that threatened While this problem will not be corrected industry, our businesses, our families andour way of life. overnight, there are some simple steps that our customers, but you have to take the first will go a long way to helping curb these step. You have to get involved.As a result, our country has not endured costs.another attack, unemployment is down, To find out more about how you can getour stock market has come back and retail President Bush and the Republican leaders involved in the President’s campaign Itraffic has continued to grow. in Congress have proposed increasing the encourage you to visit the President’s size of Health Savings accounts to allow website at, orTax cuts help to stimulate the economy our employees to take pre-tax dollars and if you live in Wisconsin I encourage youand create more jobs. High taxes are job make their own decisions with regards to to get involved in my race for the U.S.killers. Our industry was one of the first the care that they receive. These portable Senate. To discover how, visit our websiteto experience this economic recovery. In accounts will help to put more choice and at own business, we currently have five competition into the equation that will resultconstruction projects underway as a result in decreasing costs. I hope you will accept this challenge andof these tax cuts. Those projects help to work to further our industry by supportingcreate jobs and those jobs help the working President Bush has also proposed creating President Bush’s re-election and Republicanfamilies of America to live better lives. Associated Health Plans that would allow candidates across the country. groups of small businesses to pool theirIt is critical that we re-elect President Bush risk and their resources to improve theirand send more Republican legislators back to purchasing power. These plans would allow Russ Darrow is the Chairman and CEOthe United States House of Representatives dealers to cross state lines and join with of Russ Darrow Group, Inc. He can beand the United States Senate to continue the others with the end result being coverage contacted at 800.723.2135, or by emailfight to further cut taxes. for their employees. at 8 subscribe today at
  7. 7. sts ms ls fis lr ZigZiglar sales and training solution There’s Magic in Enthusiasm Nothing great ever it’s giving enthusiasm a bad name. The to invest and improve in those areas that happens without origin of enthusiasm comes from the Greek will assist you in performing your sales enthusiasm. root words en theos. This means “the god activities more effectively. Once you within.” This powerful word is really an develop those skills, you will act more Enthusiasm is the internal feeling. There is the power of the confident and more enthusiastic. difference between last four letters of enthusiasm: I Am Soldcompeting and winning. Myself. With “God within you” and being Third, take ACTION! Remember, logic sold on yourself, you are well on your way will not change an emotion, but actionWhen a word is overused, it can lose its to being enthusiastic. This leads you to an will. Successful people make a habitpower and its meaning. Enthusiasm can outward expression of inner feelings. When of taking action on those things thatbe just that type of word. However, when this happens, you become a very effective unsuccessful people fail to do.we study enthusiasm, we can capture its sales professional. Here is a magic formulatrue meaning and therefore, re-capture its for leading a more enthusiastic life. When So, there you have the magic of enthusiasm:power. Enthusiasm has nothing to do with you implement these action steps, you will Activate your motivators; Analyze whatjumping and shouting. That’s hysteria and feel the magic. you need to improve upon; and take Action. First, ACTIVATE your motivators. Why Yes, you are absolutely correct. This Successful people are you in the world of sales? Why are is certainly not magic. It gets back to make a habit of you making contacts, phone calls, and all following the steps necessary for success. I those prospecting activities? Remember enthusiastically encourage you to “go get taking action on what motivates you and activate those motivators. ‘em today!” those things that Second, ANALYZE what you need to Zig Ziglar is the Chairman of the Board unsuccessful people do, or what you need to learn, in order of Ziglar Training Systems in Dallas, TX. to become more successful. Realize that He can be contacted at 866.873.0026, fail to do. you never graduate from selling, you need or by email at 2004 9
  8. 8. sts ms ls fis lr JimAdams sales and training solution Put Yourself in Front of Three to Five Opportunities Every Day Take a look at five come back with follow up. Follow up every car the previous year. If you give them a sources of business day until they buy or tell you to quit calling. reason to remember you by honoring your and what can be done Why? Because 67 percent of the prospects commitments, they will buy from you. to increase sales. you get back in the store within 72 hours will buy. There are several great scripts to Facts to remember about owner follow up: follow up showroom traffic. Email me and • 99 percent will buy more cars.1. Fresh ups: I will send you examples of what we use. • 30 percent know someone that is inA way a sales person can maximize walk in the market right now.traffic is to be up mentally and physically. 3. Repeat owners: • 90 percent own more than oneBe ready for your opportunity. Do not This is your best source of business. vehicle.get distracted by things that seem to be These customers like you. They bought a • 24/30 months is the average tradeimportant. Clear your mind and a part of vehicle from you. Every customer should cycle.your day to get up. Every morning for 30 be contacted at least every 90 days by • 50 percent is the average closingminutes, listen to CDs and tapes, read, role phone and at least every 60 days by mail ratio on a repeat owner, compared toplay and practice word tracks. Get ready and through a monthly newsletter, thank you 10 percent on a fresh up.give every opportunity your best greeting, card, birthday card, etc. You should knowyour best presentation and demonstration, how many drivers live in the home, how 4. Referrals:and your best closing effort. This separates many vehicles they own and who will be Consider all the people that you meet onthe professionals from the average. in the market next. Thirty percent of your a daily basis. You meet people at the gas customers know someone that is in the station, soccer game, bowling league, PTA2. Follow Ups: market or they themselves are in the market meeting etc. Virtually everyone you meetRemember 33 percent of your opportunities right now. Most customers can’t remember owns a vehicle. Thirty percent of them arethat leave the store without buying will the sales person’s name that sold them their in the market or know someone that is in the market right now. Professional sales people ask for referrals. It’s simple, if you ask just 10 people a day for a referral and only got one, that would be seven referrals a week, 30 referrals a month or 365 referrals a year. The average closing ratio on referrals is 50 percent. This means 15 sales per month and 180 sales per year. Make a commitment to ask everyone you meet for a referral. Would you ask everyone you meet for a referral if you could make another 7.5 sales per month and 90 sales per year? What would that mean to your income? What would it mean to your quality of life? 5. Phone ups: Be ready and helpful. Clear your desk and your mind. Your goal for a phone up is to get them to come to your dealership. Create desire and excitement about your product and dealership. Focus on the customer. Ask questions and listen. Make sure the customer has your name and number. Set a firm time to get together with the customer. Opportunity generation is a daily activity. Without it you are average or below. Build your daily plan around how to put yourself in front of three to five opportunities every single day, no exceptions. Plan your work and work your plan. Jim Adams is the General Sales Manager at Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. He can be contacted at 800.905.0627, or by email at 10 visit us online at
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  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES SUMMITThe AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit tickets are now available.Seating is limited and open to Dealers and Managers only. This event willbe held at the Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, Thursday and Friday,November 11 & 12, 2004. Early bird registration $495 per person throughOct.15th 2004, and $695 after. Fully transferable, no refunds. To register,please Þll out the following information and fax toll free: 866.665.7936, ormail to AutoSuccess Magazine (address at bottom of page).(Please Print)NAME:DEALERSHIP: TITLE:ADDRESS:CITY/STATE: ZIP:PHONE: FAX:EMAIL:NUMBER OF ATTENDEES:ARE YOU A PAID SUBSCRIBER TO AUTOSUCCESS? YES NOMETHOD OF PAYMENT: MC VISA AMEX CHECKCARD NUMBER: EXP:If you choose to pay with a check, please mail this form along withyour check to: AutoSuccess Magazine 756 South 1st Street, Suite 202Louisville, Kentucky 40202. If you have provided us with your credit cardinformation, fax this form to the following number: 866.665.7936
  11. 11. sts ms ls fis lr AdamDeGraide leadership solution Developing W-Like Leadership What does it mean Principles are the compass that you will to truly be a leader? use to make sure that you are staying on the A leader is someone right path as you seek to reach your vision worth following, and mission on this earth. You can press all emulating and giving of your decisions up against your principles honor and respect to. and if it doesn’t line up to the principleIt has been my goal to continually and daily you just don’t do it. These principles takedevelop the leadership abilities that I believe all of the guesswork out of the decisionGod has given to me. It has been said “to making process. Defining your principleswhom much is given, much is required.” I will make the decision making processhave been blessed with many great people so much easier. Instead of trying to figurewithin my organization and I am constantly things out as they come, think through themreminded in my quiet times of the awesome before they arrive so you are better preparedresponsibility I have to lead and serve the to handle the potential difficult decisionspeople put in my trust more effectively each when they arrive. A principle in my lifeday. I owe it to them to be the best leader is that “I don’t know what I don’t know.”I possibly can be and help them to become Therefore, as a leader I know my strengthsthe best that they can be in return. and my weaknesses. As a result, I focus my leadership activities on my strengths andWhen I look at this comparatively to leading find others to fill in my weaknesses. That isa country, especially the United States of exactly what the President’s cabinet is for.America, I am at awe with President GeorgeW. Bush’s unwavering leadership in the George W. Bush operates in his strengthsmidst of difficult times and challenging and then fills in his weaknesses with otherssituations. So often the temptation is there strengths. That is how a good team and ato follow the popular idea and give up on great organization is built. Strong leadersyour principles. However, when I look at show their wisdom when understanding you are his cureGeorge W. Bush, whether you agree with that alone we are not as strong as we arehim politically or not, I can not help but together. There is a propensity as leadersnotice that he is focused, consistent and to try and do it all. When this happens werelentless in his leading this country in the are not empowering those around us to stepdirection that he believes it should be going. up and fill in the gaps. Delegation is theHe believes in fighting the war on terror, secret to having a healthy life and energizedbefore the terror reaches us. He believes in employees. A good barometer for howlower taxes and the fact that we should keep well you are leading is how well you have Juvenile Diabetesas much of our own money as possible. developed the other leaders around you and affects millions how well you have staffed your weaknesses. Mary Tyler MooreGeorge W. Bush also believes in strong The test of a true leader or anyone is in the International Chairman and causes long-traditional families and strong small results that they achieve. term complications like blindnessbusinesses that have made this country great and kidney failure. Not to mentionsince the founding of our nation. When the Although George W. Bush is not perfect, hefamily is strong, our community, companies, has been a great model of strong committed pain and worry no kid should havestates and our country is strong. When the and consistent leadership. It is a good to live with. But we’re closer thanfamily begins to breakdown so does life as lesson for all of us to learn. If we expect ever to a cure. Your help makes life-we know it. With all of this being said how others to follow us it is important that wecan we as leaders develop more consistency are someone worth following and not just a saving research George W. Bush? paper castle waiting to be blown down when Call 1.800.533.CURE or visit the first storm arises. So thank you George all begins and ends with strong principles W. Bush, for giving me a great example tothat guide our thoughts, actions, attitudes live up to. My prayer is that everyone, whoand choices. So many times we can be reads this article, will be challenged to taketossed to and fro because we have failed to their leadership to the next level and to leadthink through our principles as leaders. For by example. Remember, “To whom much isexample, a principal of GeorgeW. Bush’s is given, much is required.”your money is your money and you shouldbe able to keep more of it. That principal Adam DeGraide is an Owner ofguides his thoughts, actions, attitudes and He can be contacted atchoices on legislation that will reduce 800.526.9804, or by email atthe tax burden on the American people. 2004 13
  12. 12. sts ms ls fis lr CarolMartin leadership solution Retention of Staff, Part II Last month, we This means that the position requires being graphed the job assertive or even aggressive, as would be demands and the the case for a sales position. work environment FREQUENCY always benchmarks in order usually to size up a potential 50/50candidate for employment. The next step sometimesin both employee selection and employee rarelyretention is to align the job and workplace 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8benchmarks. Work Demands Benchmark you may adjust the Workplace RealitiesAligning the vocational Workplace Realities Benchmark Benchmark in anticipation of the results ofand environmental benchmarks. But if the workplace is a conservative the realignment.Here you may copy your job demands and highly service-oriented one, job andbenchmark and your workplace realities workplace Columns 1 are reversed. Here Once the benchmarks are aligned, youbenchmark results from last month. we see the most common and yet the most have a clear target of exactly what your overlooked cause of employee turnover. dealership is looking for. Now that you e The Workplace Demands Benchmark has have a target profile you are ready for nc ce s y ng si lle e en rit bl D ly d ni ce cu ßu lf- xe im na in Ex only one box checked and we do not want Se Se In recruiting and selection. Fi W N A to change the Work Demands Benchmark. Therefore, we need to add one or more Six Steps to Selection. boxes to Column 1 of the Workplace 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Realities Benchmark to align the work and 1. Make a solemn commitment to Job Demands workplace benchmarks. never take the best of a bad lot. Wait, and improve the pool of candidates to We add boxes to the Workplace Realities get the best. e nc ce s y ng si lle e en rit bl D ly d ni ce cu Benchmark by using the suggestions ßu lf- xe im na in Ex Se Se In Fi W N A written in Column 1 of the Align Job and 2. Generate a list of viable candidates. Workplace template (see chart below). Use language in your search that reflects your target profile benchmark. Align Job and Workplace template Sell service people on the stable 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 For example, to increase the Workplace benefits, training and security of their Work Environment Realities Benchmark Column 1, you need jobs; challenge the sales candidate to do things such as “increase commissions, with words that say, “Show me!”The two benchmarks should be similar, that make goals career relevant, create ais, work and workplace columns should not competition, opportunity, challenge, a 3. When you have a clear targetdiffer by more than one box. If columns contest” to your work environment. benchmark and a commitment todiffer too much, turnover will result because excellence, you can confidentlyeither the employee will perform the work While the improvements to the workplace pre-screen someone’s telephonewell but not fit in with the workplace, or the may take some weeks or months to appear, style, cover letter, résumé and initialemployee will perform poorly while fittingin with the workplace well. We need toalign the job and workplace benchmarks. WINNING SECURITY INFLUENCE ANALYSIS NIMBLE FIXEDIt is possible but difficult to change job Increase Decrease Decrease Increase Increase Decreasedemands. A sales person must have commis- commission/ accountabil- speciÞc- frequency of suddeninitiative; we cannot drop that from the job sions, make incentive ity, decrease ity of goals, feed-back, or rapidbenchmark. Similarly, a bookkeeper must career goals pay. goal speciÞc- ensure boss provide change; bossbe detail-minded; detail-mindedness is relevant, Increase ity, engineer is tough, no- variety and should be afundamental to the 1bookkeeping job. create a beneÞts, in regular nonsence, change, Coach, team competition, decrease stroking practical minimize goals pre-Yet we need to change something when the opportunity, acrimony/ bureaucracy ferred, longerdemands of the job and the realities of the challenge, a confrontation time-tablesworkplace are out of alignment. And what contest neededwe change are either the workplace realitiesor the employee’s perception of workplacerealities.Let’s take the example of three boxes ofColumn 1 being filled in the job demands. 1 2 3 4 5 6 14 subscribe today at
  13. 13. continued Make a solemn commitment to never take the best YOU CAN TARGET PEOPLE IN THE of a bad lot. Wait, MARKET FOR YOUR VEHICLES and improve the RIGHT NOW! pool of candidates to get the best. It only makes sense to work with a company punctuality and appearance. that only charges you per car sold. 4. When you have a clear target benchmark and a commitment to excellence, interviewing takes on an entirely new form. You know what you We bring serious buyers to your sales are looking for. because that’s how we get paid. 5. Conduct personality profiling, references, and background checks. 6. The final step in selection is critical to retention: orientation and training. Our guarantee is you pay a flat fee for each They need to be oriented into the dealership and its culture. And all new car you sell. hires need to be trained to do things your way, regardless of experience. Just as the first step to employee retention is selection, the most critical step to employee retention is management. And the most critical element of individual management is interpersonal communication - not just Call now to cash in. what we communicate, but the way in which we communicate. Limited Dealers in Each Market. 800.668.5413 And that is the topic of the fourth and final installment in this series. Carol Martin is a Senior Consultant with The Omnia Group. She can be contacted at 800.601.3216, or by email at SELF-D EXCELLENCE First 100 callers get first Increase employee Increase speciÞc- three cars FREE! autonomy, ity of goals, increase increase employee rules, struc- decision- ture, control. RESULTSGROUP making au- Formalthority, boss feedback,is resource, “hands-on”management manage- see Feature Solution on page 16 system is ment. Boss is informal controller 7 8 september 2004 15
  14. 14. sts ms ls fis lr GeorgeJackson f&i solution How to Get Sales and F&I on the Same Team Sales Department. are no deals pending before taking lunch department realizes its part in making the Sales people can and that they are available for every other successful, everyone will benefit, take detailed credit opportunity. They also should develop a especially the customer. applications to help sense of urgency about a delivery. with the lender George Jackson is the Director of approval process. A A productive and cohesive relationship F&I Training for American Financial &complete, thorough, and legible application between sales and F&I is essential to the Automotive Services, Inc. He can becan help F&I to better communicate success of both departments. Policies contacted at 866.280.0301, or by emailwith the lender and also save time in the and procedures are necessary. Once each at process. It will also help thecustomer receive a more favorable callbecause there is more information availableon the vehicle and the customer. All products should be DEALERS MUST BE offered in a professional and ON TELEVISION! legal manner. See why over 100 dealers nationwide haveF&I Managers should do their own INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INintroduction so the only thing that a salesperson is responsible for is the timing of the LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!introduction. It should be done at the timeof the sale, because the sales person is the We produce nearly 4,000 commercialsfirst to know when a sale is made, it is his/ a year from our studios. We give youher responsiblity to make sure the customer unlimited, high quality television campaignsgets a professional introduction to the F&IManager. and promotions FREE. With computerized media buying technology, we buy television asAnother way sales people can help is to fill much as 30%-40% more effectively than anyout all paperwork properly and complete.The process gets slowed down for everyone media buyer in the nation and give youwhen F&I has to stop and track down asales person for a missing stock number, UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNStrade mileage, insurance verification, or AND PROMOTIONS!something similar. This creates a bottleneck Call for a FREE demo tape and F&I for everyone, and it can be easilyavoided with some attention to detail.F&I DepartmentAlways be professional. A customer should Larry John Wright, Inc.never be offered products in a manner thatwill generate revenue but lose the customerin the process. All products should be Automotive Advertisingoffered in a professional and legal manner. “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency”Take specific steps to maintain high CSI 1-800-821-5068ratings for F&I.F&I mangers need 100 percent turnover toconvert cash and credit union customers.F&I managers need to make sure there 18
  15. 15. INCREAS E Y O UR W TRAFFIC ALK-IN Could yo Do you w u sell mo re cars w BY 44 % ant to gr ith 44% a b the att more walk-in ention o traffic? Would y are in th f the NOW ou like to eir car? buyer w reach th hile they televisio e u n or prcnstomers that i t adver "Thanks tising?dont see your for ev erything "Signwal you do." kers alwa - Jay Car "Signwal ys gets th ley, GM e party st promotio kers has increa arted." - Dennis N ns they a s re the firesd my floor traffic avarro, G M"I would t people I by 44%.. nt even c call." - Sc .W onsider a ott Gruw hen planning fo sale with ell, New C rb - Dennis out Signw ar Directig ONeil, D alkers. Can yo or ealer u say TR AFFIC!" CALL NOW YOUR FI RST 50 AND RECEIVE800.526 SIGNS F OR FREE ! .9829
  16. 16. sts ms ls fis lr MichaelYork sales and training solution Ways to Become Uncommon • Get excited, yourself to creative time and places. If you We should know when we are finished so about something! search, you will find. It’s an ancient wisdom that we can celebrate and then begin a new Excitement is an that has been proven over and over. project. emotion that fires our fuel and something • Use the law of inertia to your advantage. • Communication doesn’t prevent we need to feel once That means “DO SOMETHING!” Get your miscommunication. Strive forin a while. body in motion and it will remain in motion, understanding. By its very definition, taking you in the direction of completing understanding prevents misunderstanding.• Make time for life, not just work. Some any task no matter how difficult. Just begin, Keep it simple.cliches are true, like the one about “all and the law works for and no play” making you dull. Life • Be uncommon by association. Everand work are much better when your tools • Embrace new technology. Learning, not notice how the people around you whoare sharp. just training will make your life easier and have nothing to do always seem to want to better. do it with you? You will be known by the• Experience isn’t everything. It’s good company you a point, but change demands that we be • Become a continuous learner. Always bebetter today than we were five or 10 years in the process of learning something that • Be Gracious, it becomes you.ago. New procedures, tools and techniques improves your skills and makes you better.are no better than the old ways if we Learning says, “If I really want, I can get • Do something impossible. Thedon’t use them. And experience can’t be better today.” impossible is done every day. Light, flight,something we refer to as how good we used and the four-minute mile were all saidto be. • Take a vacation. You’ll get better results, to be impossible. What radical dynamic at home and at work, when you take the improvement are you working on?• Become the CEO of YourLife, Inc. Give time to re-charge your battery and get avalue to all the divisions of YourLife, Inc. fresh mindset. Never sell your vacation • Life is short, love what you do. If youincluding your family. How are things in time or let it expire. It’s worth more than don’t love what you do, do something else.the personal recreation division, or the’s your life. Or at least begin planning for the day whencontinuous improvement division? Call it you can do something you love to do. Thebalance or whatever you like but don’t miss • Be above playing politics. Don’t lie, common thing to do is just complain. Bethis part of life’s treasures. Once it passes pander, pout, put down or try to have the by, there’s no getting it back. (And biggest something by making anyone elseregrets, or I’m sorry, or I wish is a poor look small. It’s temporary positioning and • Treat everyone with respect. Not withmemory to be left with.) does irreparable harm to your reputation respect for their job or position, but respect among customers and co-workers. for them as a person. It will gain you much• Take time to think, really think. Take more respect than you can ever give away.quiet time and creative time. You could be • Treat all work as a project. Makestruck by the lightning of an idea. Expose everything have a beginning and an end. • How often does change happen? Right now. Make sure it happens in you as often as it’s happening around you. Embrace change. Keep up the learning curve. BEST • Leaders are wherever you find them. PRACTICES They may be anywhere in an organization. Some receptionists will make great leaders. And some managers couldn’t make it as a receptionist. Don’t say, “If I were a VP, I’d make some changes around here.” Start where you stand and make changes that show your leadership qualities and abilities. Someone might notice. • Big is available so go get it! The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada Thursday & Friday • November 11 & 12 2004 Michael York is an Author and Professional Speaker. He can be For more information, please see pages 11 & 12 contacted at 800.668.5015, or by email at, or visit 20 successful solutions at
  17. 17. sts ms ls fis lr FranMcAllister leadership solution Keep America Safe and Secure Fighting terrorism Treasury. These sites are updated daily Information regarding the US Patriot Act is the responsibility to ensure that the list always matches the and Executive Order 13224 is available of all Americans, current list at the Department of Treasury. through the U.S. Treasury Department. Visit now that terrorism their website at has been brought to Keeping America safe and secure should American soil. be a priority for all Americans. Complying Fran McAllister is the Vice President of with Executive Order 13224 is a step in that Sales at Integra Systems. She can beExecutive Order 13224 is to reduce money direction. contacted at 800.668.3107, or by emaillaundering and squash the flow of dollars to at organizations overseas. Theexecutive order required the Office ofForeign Asset Control (OFAC) to makeavailable to financial institutions (whichincludes car dealerships) a list of blockedpersons known as Specially DesignatedNationals (SDN). The order, among otherthings, prohibits U.S. citizens and businessentities from entering into any transactionor dealing with individuals or entities whohave been linked to terrorism and appearon the list of blocked persons. This orderis designed to work in conjunction with theUS Patriot Act.Some industries, such as banks, automobiledealers, and insurance companies, haveincreased exposure due to the nature of theirperspective businesses. Complying with theregulation is not an option, it is mandatoryfor every industry. There is no minimumdollar threshold. The restrictions prohibitdealers from entering into a contract witha prohibited person for an oil change justas they prohibit dealers from entering intoa contract with a prohibited person for thepurchase of a vehicle.Penalties for non-compliance can be severeand are twofold. Your dealership could beresponsible for criminal penalties whichcan include fines from $50,000 to $10million while imprisonment for individualscan range from 10 to 30 years for willfulviolations. Civil penalties can range from$11,000 to $1 million for each violation andcan be applied to the owner of the company,as well as any individual involved in thetransaction. These individuals could includeany employee of the company.To find out who is on the terrorist list,companies can visit subscription based sitesavailable on the web where name searchescan be performed. These sites maintainthe terrorist list, commonly known as theSpecially Designated Nationals (SDN)list, directly from the U.S. Department ofseptember 2004 21
  18. 18. sts ms ls fis lr SteveLandersJr. marketing solution New Website Generates 600 - 700 Leads a Month With a 18.2% Closing Rate We initially got our market. We felt our needs were to find of our system has been the automation and involved with the something that was comprehensive enough the ability to also personalize our messages internet because to accelerate, teach, and grow our thinking easily. The automation is so robust we can like many other into this ever growing part of our business. easily market to our customers by sending dealerships it was It is our goal to ultimately have the website them mini commercials directly into their trendy. We took all as the central communication device for inbox. This has increased our traffic to ourthe steps necessary of having a good site all of the profit centers in our dealership. website dramatically. Plus, we are alsoand having a person designated to oversee With this in mind we choose a company making LANDERSTOYOTA.COM a bigthe daily needs. Our first strategy was very that had a proven track record of generating part of our traditional marketing as wellsimple, have a site, answer the leads and results and when we finally launched our which has also helped in our increase ofhope to sell some vehicles. Our first website new site LANDERSTOYOTA.COM we traffic to our website.was a Cobalt based site recommended by saw an immediate and dramatic increaseour manufacturer. It was a good site with in not only our leads but our closing ratio Our new website has many more functionssome good standard features, but it failed to as well. Our website is now providing that we’ve only begun to discover theirproduce the extra sales we were looking for. 600 to 700 leads a month, with a closing potential. We will be able to allowAs a result, we began seeking out providers ratio of 18.2%. We believe both the our customers to track there vehiclewho not only sold websites but had a technology and the interactive features through service and make there serviceclearly defined and well thought out system of LANDERSTOYOTA.COM keep the appointments by e-mail. In a nut shell,that would help us attract more customers, customer on the site longer. This in- it’s our opinion that the Internet is verysell more customers and ultimately turn increases the odds of them actually much like what finance departments wereautomate a lot of processes to help us keep converting to an opportunity either via 15 years ago. We believe that our Internetthe customers we have. phone or email. Our new website has many department is in the same phase and features that have quadrupled its results. growing each and every day. Those who Our new website Features like, virtual test drives, bulk e- embrace the Internet will be miles ahead mail buzzmail campaigns, plus a myriad and will reap the rewards for being open has many of value building multimedia pieces that promote all of our profit centers. This helps and aggressive towards this new market of high profits, high volume and lower costs more functions the website stay in front of the customer per sale. Visit LANDERSTOYOTA.COM that we’ve during initial contact and post sale activities and is helping us create customers for life. and see for yourself. only begun to discover their This new digital marketing system has created enough excitement that people talk potential. about it and they can even forward a virtual test drive to a friend...right from their email or our website. Our process for handling the Steve Landers Jr. is the Dealer PrincipalAfter studying what some other dealers leads is continuing to improve and in only at Landers Toyota. He can be contactedwere doing around the country we our third month on this system we sold an at 800.723.2136, or by email atrecognized the huge opportunity we had in extra 71 cars through the Internet. A secret 22 successful solutions at
  19. 19. sts ms ls fis lr MarkTewart leadership solution Find Your Hidden Wealth What is hidden explain what we do and how it’s better in wealth? Hidden very specific terms that the customer cares wealth is an unused, about? You can’t say you have a large dormant or under inventory. It doesn’t mean anything. But utilized part of your you can say you have 500 vehicles worth ten business that contains million dollars in inventory and that no onegreat value. All businesses have at least one comes close to your selection and becausehidden wealth. Even the best businesses in of that it takes the hassle out of shopping.the world contain hidden wealth. The key is What ever you decide is your strong point,to determine your hidden wealth and begin ask yourself this question, “Who cares?” Ifto mine the potential gold that lies therein. you can’t tell your customer in a way that benefits them, they won’t care.All businesses are different. Each businessshould require their leaders to conduct aconcerted effort of introspection and egoless But you can sayhonesty to determine what their hidden you have 500wealth may be. One way to begin is toask deeper and better questions about your vehicles worth tenbusiness than you ever have before. What million dollars inis the story of your dealership? How is thatunique and more importantly, how does that inventory and thatbenefit the customer? no one comes closeBegin a journey to determine what your to your selectionbusiness does best. What does your and because of thatbusiness do better than anyone else? Then it takes the hassle out of shopping.ask yourself these questions about thatone thing, “How”, “Why” and how canI prove it to my customers in a way thatbenefits and motivates them? Once you Some dealerships have a large databasedetermine the one thing that you do better of untapped business. Some dealershipsthan anyone else, then ask your customers have a great location with many possiblewhy they think you do it best? See if what synergies with other local businesses thatyou feel and they feel are the same. If your could be explored. Many dealerships havebusiness does something great but your community relationships that could becustomers don’t know, it won’t matter. If utilized. Many dealerships have talentedyou customers don’t hold the same value in but untrained people. Many dealerships arewhat you think you do great, it won’t matter. either sending the wrong or mixed messageBetter questions lead to better answers and to the market or sending a good messagebetter businesses. to the wrong market or utilizing either the wrong medium or not enough mediums toAsk yourself, what do you have that others reach their market.don’t have? What do you have that is betterthan what others may have? Is your sales Each dealership has assets that contain vaststaff better? Is your service better? Is your riches if they can be explored and tapped.location better? Is your inventory better? Isyour pricing structure better? Is your processquicker? Is your facility better? When youdetermine what you have that’s better, you Mark Tewart is the President of Tewartmust ask yourself, why is that true? Enterprises. He can be contacted at 866.429.6844, or by email atYou must also ask yourself, how can I 2004 23
  20. 20. profit solution ADVERTISEMENT scott Scott Joseph By joseph Amazing marketing “tool” helps Dealers and General Managers who use direct mail increase their net profits 30% to 100%! Are your direct gives you huge marketing advantages But J&L can, and J&L does. Our statistics mail promotions over all your competitors. tell us that for the last 3.5 million pieces producing of mail delivered, the Response Analysis consistent and Now, you’ve heard the cliché… has helped our dealer clients sell an improving Information is what? Right. Information average of 33 cars for every 10,000results or are they falling short of your is power. If you could look back upon pieces of mail delivered!expectations and declining with each the history of thousands of promotions,promotion? Most dealers who use direct examine the mailing lists, read over the The Response Analysis is the mostmail are still searching for the elusive direct mail letters, track what worked, powerful marketing tool in automotivecombination that produced record- what didn’t, who bought, who didn’t, advertising today. Find out whybreaking results like their Þrst direct mail and why… would this be powerful J&L’s dealership response ratespromotion. information to you? have increased 72% in the last two years. This combined with unequaledThe number one objection we hear when The reality is every direct mail promotion professionalism and customer support isprospecting for new dealer clients is that produces both good and bad results. The why 94% of all J&L customers continuedirect mail doesn’t work anymore. When problem is being able to easily recognize their relationship with us for years.we ask why most dealers say, “My market which is which. That problem is solved!is saturated” or “It only attracts gift Now you can have all the information Just ask them for yourself. Rickseekers” or “The people who respond are you need to ensure success at the touch of Hillman from Hollingsworth Mazdanot buyers.” a button. says, “J&L Marketing’s direct mail program is the most cost-efÞcient form ofI agree with all these reasons because Imagine being able to know immediately advertising that I have seen in the thirtyif a direct mail promotion is not well which market areas produce results years that I’ve been in the car business.”thought out from start to Þnish it will not that exceed your expectations and morework. This brings up a question! And the importantly which ones to avoid. Simply Pat Fogerty from Classic Toyota says,question is… asking the computer… “How do we “We have used J&L Marketing for years generate more trafÞc and sell more cars?” because of their continual support andHow can you eliminate all the elements J&L’s proprietary Response Analysis excellent results. This is an invaluableof a promotion that do not give you the System directs us toward those activities service.”return on investment you need and at the that bring success, and away from thosesame time improve on the aspects that that don’t. We reÞne the offers, prices, Billy Gordon from Patrick Chevroletproduce exactly what you want? That’s strategies, locations, and even the days of says, “We have been running with J&Lthe real question isn’t it? If you could the week that bring the highest return. Marketing for four years, and we caninvest advertising dollars only where attribute more sales to them than anyyou see great results and eliminate what Our analysis allows us to produce ever- other form of advertising. J&L is the mostdoesn’t work, how many more cars could increasing levels of success. Since professional company I’ve worked withyou sell? How much money would you the market is a lot smarter than we since I began in the car business 18 years ago.”make? are, we don’t go by hunches, opinions, or gut feelings about how to improve You too can start experiencingI’ve invested a small fortune to develop performance. We rely solely on the consistent results from the mostthe marketing “tool” that will provide numbers to tell us “where to from here.” professional marketing companyyou the information that is necessary right now by contacting my ofÞce atto produce the results you really want How can anyone make recommendations 866.856.6782 and asking for Lisa Wilson.and could quite possibly increase your to you without the validation of facts, Or e-mail her at: lwilson@jandlmarketsales with each promotion from this day statistics and numbers? How can anyone As soon as you contact us weforward. J&L Marketing is the only Þrm implement a growth strategy based will begin to create a growth strategywith this unique capability. It allows us on hunches and guesses, rather than unique to your organization, producingto research and analyze your promotions this powerful analysis program? It’s more proÞt, more volume, and morefrom over 100 different perspectives and obvious…they can’t. satisÞed customers.