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AutoSuccess Oct07


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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Oct07

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best Practice Summit VII, Details Inside Volume 6 • Issue 4
  2. 2. He’d heard your radio ads, seen your TV spots. But it wasn’t until he caught them online that he really connected with your dealership. And with the perfect car.Introducing MultiMedia Center, a one-of-a-kind showcase for TV and radio ads,video tours and demos, and more.Bring your dealership to life for shoppers. With MultiMedia Center its easy. Just upload your TV and radio ads online,where shoppers make their decisions.That’s just one part of Dealer Solutions 2007, our industry-leading suite of online solutions designed to help youmerchandise your inventory and your dealership: New Vehicle Specials offers a dynamic way to drive more shoppers to your new cars. Find Your Dealer provides a new way for you to promote important dealership information like finance options, service or languages spoken. WHAT WE DO AutoBiography gives shoppers a printable brochure of any car’s details and photos. WORKS.Call 888-249-6860 today and ask about Dealer Solutions. Learn how AutoTrader.comis working hard to help you sell more cars than ever before.© 2007, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "" is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. The ultimate automotive marketplace.
  4. 4. Profile of a Champion Closer 8 TomHopkins The Treasury of Quotes 10 BrianTracyon the cover Ford Dealer Corners the Market With SEM 11 BobTasca III Can you run ads and payments like this and make UNLIMITED GROSS PER DEAL and 12 KevinSmith OVERCOME UNLIMITED NEGATIVE EQUITY? NOW YOU CAN! A Tip for Dealers When Every Dollar Counts Why Your Payroll System May be Worth a Second Look 18 GreggStrong Six Steps to Help You Easily Achieve Your Goals 22 DebbieAllen Working Full-Time on Business and Faith 24 JesseBiter Down to the Twelfth Man 25 SeanWolfington Are You Boring 26 MarkTewart Are You Putting Your Videos Online Leverage the Power of Video Search Engine Optimization 28 SeanV.Bradley Dealership Launches Online Television Channel 32 PatrickLuck Take Five 34 PaulH.Webb helping to support... God is the source of all supplyHebrews 12:1 - Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Brian Balash, Sales-improvement bb11@sellingsuccessonline.comThomas Williams, Creative Director Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor God is the source of all ddavis@sellingsuccessonline.com3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | www.SellingSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counselbefore implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ namesavailable to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Profile of a Champion Closer When you hear However, if they don’t like you and trust preplan. All professionals preplan — they the phraseology, you, not only will the strategies not work, don’t wing it. They don’t just get in front of “Closing the Sale,” they’ll backfire and your clients will feel you a qualified decision maker and start talking. what comes to mind? are getting “pushy.” The balance you must They know exactly where they are going and Force? Intimidation? achieve is to have them like you and trust you have their strategies and techniques plannedPersuasion? I feel “Closing the Sale” is — radiate empathy, but also being able to call out in advance.helping people make decisions that are good for a decision and close the sale.for them. The key words here are “good for The second P is Practice. What were all ofthem.” If you plan to be in the automotive Top salespeople have confidence. Have you us taught? Practice makes perfect. I’d likebusiness any length of time, you’d better get a ever lacked confidence? Have you ever been to change that to Perfect practice makeshandle on that point or your career will dead- wary of meeting new people? Of course you Perfect. There are many people who practiceend quicker than you can say “lickety-split.” have. We can overcome this by learning what doesn’t work. They hear and watch certain phrases and learning to ask the right an incompetent salesperson not recognizingWe have a tendency to think that everybody questions. By doing this we can build our the incompetence, and they start doing thecloses sales the same. This is not so. In confidence — just by using the words and same thing. The key is to find a professionalfact, many salespeople who close sales are making them our own. who has done what you want to do, set yournot even sure how they do it. Some earn goal to practice what he or she does and thentremendous incomes and can’t really pinpoint perfect it. And that’s the next P.why they are so successful. I’ve visited withtop salespeople in many fields and I’ve asked If ever you You must always work to Perfect what youthem, “Tell me how you close the sale?”They’ve replied, “Well, I just do,” or “It just feel you do. If ever you feel you know it all, you are in trouble. The more you know, the more youhappens.” That’s not true, but they’ve neversat down and analyzed what it is they do that know it all, need to know. It’s just like your income. As you sell more vehicles and therefore, increasehas made them so successful. you are in your income and expand your clientele, you’reI’m going to outline some tactics and trouble. The going to need to increase your knowledge level, too. Remember, there is always a betterstrategies that have been proven beyond ashadow of a doubt to work for everyone when more you way of saying it — and a better way of doing it. Don’t allow yourself to adapt them to your personality, when youadapt them to the way you speak, and when know, the The fourth P is Performance. You are puttingyou adapt them to your style. more you on a performance. This doesn’t mean you are phony, it means you are saying the rightLet’s study the profile of great closingsalespeople. The very first thing is they have need to words the right way to get the end result that is in the best interest of your clients. So, whencommitted themselves to become students oftechniques. What does that mean? It means know. you talk on the phone, when you meet people in the showroom, when you go on a testthey must commit to selling and make it a drive, it’s a performance. Everything you saypart of their lives so that every day they are Do you know what the greatest closing tool and do is part of your performance. All thesestudents. They constantly search for new of all is? It’s one word and that word is performances must be made a part of you.techniques by attending seminars, reading Enthusiasm —enthusiasm for what you do.books, listening to audio programs and I don’t mean the type of enthusiasm that is Become a student of selling, study the fourthen striving to incorporate at least one new outward, bubbly, ranting and raving — but P’s I have listed, watch what the professionalstechnique or concept they have learned into the enthusiasm that you have inside that are doing, and search for new techniques andeach selling situation. Constantly fill your people can feel you have. you’ll find you are closing more sales.mind with new ideas and then deliver thetechniques. You will increase your ability to To help have enthusiasm, close sales andclose the sale. be successful in selling, I feel you need to commit to live by the four P’s. What are theAnother part of getting a final agreement is four P’s? The first one is Preplan — preplan World-renowned master sales trainer Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkinsthat you must have the ability to get people every presentation. Before you meet your International. He can be contacted atto like you and trust you. If they like you and clients, preplan. Before you demonstrate a 866.347.6148, or by e-mail attrust you, they won’t fight the sales process. vehicle, preplan. Before you handle an ad call, 8
  6. 6. But he’s willing to meet an even the sidelines and wish you would Call 513 932-9526 and just sayhigher standard and give more have acted when you had the you want to know about the Tewartproof... chance? VIP - Customer for Life Program or e-mail us at does not require up front He bets there are a lot of dealers todaymoney. This does not require con- that could just kick themselves for If you are not sure, do this instead:tracts. NO BS, NO Gimmicks, No not taking action when Honda fran- Call our FREE Tewart VIP HotlineGames. chises could be had for a few dollars 24/7 at 800 437-1784 Extension of parts. It’s always the things you 86002.This is a NEW but Proven Revenue don’t do that you regret the most.Stream! Please don’t take his wordfor it... Dad’s saved the best for last... He’s not asking you to buy anything“This is the best way to increase gross or make any commitments right BONUS! - If you contact us byprofits and build in net profit that I now. September 15, he will give you ahave seen. Mark Tewart’s VIP - Cus- FREE 30-minute teleseminar fortomer for Life Program has been You take no risk whatsoever... your dealership on any topic youincredible” - Seth Silger, GM - Ward choose.Chrysler/Kia - Carbondale, IL “Yes, Jake, I want more info on this incredible revenue stream.” Sincerely,What about you? Will you take Jake Tewart, Consultant in Trainingadvantage of this remarkable break- Call Now for more information at and Mark Tewart, Presidentthrough in profit or will you sit on 888 2Tewart (888 283-9278) or Tewart Enterprises Inc
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy leadership solution The Treasury of Quotes Leadership The establishment of a clear, central purpose Approach each customer with the idea of Integrity is the most or goal in life is the starting point of all helping him/her solve a problem or achieve a valuable and respected success. goal, not of selling a product or service. quality of leadership. Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines. Telling is not selling; never make a statement Always keep your if you can phrase it in the form of a question. word. Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them byLeadership is the ability to get extraordinary 1,000%! Character/Integrity/Honestyachievement from ordinary people. Be absolutely clear about who you are and Success equals goals; all else is what you stand for. Refuse to compromise.Become the kind of leader that people would commentary.follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or Integrity is the foundation upon which all Rewrite your major goals every day, in the other values are built.position. present tense, exactly as if they alreadyLeaders think and talk about the solutions. exist. Truthfulness is the main element of character.Followers think and talk about the problems. Deal honestly and objectively with yourself;Respect is the key determinant of high- Keys To Successful Selling intellectual honesty and personal courage areperformance leadership. How much people Think of yourself as a resource to your clients: the hallmark of great character.respect you determines how they perform. an advisor, counselor, mentor, and friend. Confidence on the outside begins by living The only pressure that you use in a professional with integrity on the inside.The three ‘Cs’ of leadership are Consideration, selling presentation is the presence of silenceCaring, and Courtesy. Be polite to everyone. after the closing question.Goals/Goal Achievement Concentrate on the activities of prospecting,An average person with average talent, presenting, and following-up; the sales will Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOambition, and education can outstrip the take care of themselves. of Brian Tracy International. He can bemost brilliant genius in our society, if that Make a habit of dominating the listening, and contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atperson has clear, focused goals. let the customer dominate the talking. 10
  8. 8. sts fos ls ms sf fis BobTasca III Ford Dealer Corners marketing solution the Market With SEM Tasca Ford capitalizes platforms become more complex with each capitalize on these emerging trends. on advanced search passing day, they also become more critical to marketing platforms to the success of dealerships like Tasca Ford and Visit to learn more about this dominate sales in their their online marketing. results-driven dealer group. region. With the ever- increasing number Consult a qualified and industry-proven Bob Tasca III is the dealer principal ofof online automotive consumers using expert in the automotive field to customize Tasca Automotive Group. He can besearch engines to gather information before an integrated marketing mix that is right for contacted at 866.210.1254, or by e-mail at your dealership. The stakes are too high not to the buying process, effective searchengine marketing (SEM) is fast becoming ahigh business priority for automotive retailersto increase traffic to their sites and to exposeconsumers to their inventory and dealerships. STAY IN TOUCH.Organic search optimization is still the mostpopular form of SEM — almost three-quartersof online marketers use this method — withpaid placement a very close second.There are many key pieces to the hyper-competitive Internet marketing puzzle.Tasca Ford, with locations in Rhode Islandand Massachusetts, has pieced together an INCREASEeffective Internet marketing strategy, helpingthe dealership to sell hundreds of additionalvehicles each month.Bob Tasca III understands the complexityof Internet marketing and the importance oftop placement in the quest for search engine RETENTION. MARKETVIEW360 MAKES IT HAPPEN!ranking. The successful award-winning “ Prior to Marketview360 we had a small amountresults that Tasca Ford has generated is not of email addresses in our system. Since thenbecause of any one element, but rather the they have collected almost 8000 ! Noton-going development and integration of amarketing mix that includes search marketing only has this helped us increase ourcampaigns. “We take a number of approaches, first appointment retention rate but itincluding search engine marketing together has allowed us to communicate withwith print and radio, to drive consumers to thousands of our customers efficientlyour Web site,” Tasca said. Tasca Automotive and effectively with custom messageshas capitalized on the unparalleled potential targeted for that customer’s needs”.of e-Commerce to build a multi-franchise,multi-location automotive group serving the Mike Ward,New England area. General Manager,The Tasca Group Ford dealership is Town East Fordconsistently among the world’s best in salesvolume, and Ford executives from all overoften visit in order to learn more about bestpractices of their successful operation. Throughthe unparalleled potential of advanced searchmarketing, Tasca Ford consistently achieves WORK SMARTtop ranking placement on popular searchengines, enabling the dealership to become MARKET SMARTERa regional marketing presence in the metroarea, capturing one-fourth of the metro marketwith a growing majority of repeat business.The four-generation Tasca family legacyof premiere customer service will continue The Most Intelligent Multi-Channel Marketing System On The Planetto thrive through innovation as the Internetbecomes a “tool of the trade” for today’s top- 1.866.591.4238performing dealers. www.marketview360.comAs search engine marketing technologythe #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 11
  9. 9. fs feature solution KevinSmith Can you run ads and payments like this and make UNLIMITED GROSS PER DEAL and OVERCOME UNLIMITED NEGATIVE EQUITY? NOW YOU CAN!Do you ever sit back at the end of the monthand wonder how the really big ones got away? must also produce attractive payments. By utilizing the equity in the customer’s home, Corp. “About eight percent of homeowners took out a second mortgage specifically to deal basis. We have found that when F&I or sales managers are required to double enter payments: a conventional payment, a lease payment, and a “VIP” payment. The “VIP” spot delivery, it should be anticipated that roughly five to 10 percent of the deals willYou know the deals — they elicit high fives you can stretch the term — in many cases buy a vehicle.” information, or process applications through payment will be significantly lower, which unwind — usually because the informationin the sales tower and roll dice for spiffs in producing a payment of just a few hundred a separate system, regardless the merits, the usually prompts the customer to ask, “What provided by the customer is incorrectSaturday sales meetings. Even if you’ve been dollars per month even on a luxury vehicle. Given the current market challenge, these program just does not get utilized. is the VIP payment program?” or cannot be substantiated. Because thein the business 20+ years working 60 hours a numbers may slightly decrease in the short dealership is immediately funded on the loanweek, reviewing the deal summary sheet of a An additional byproduct of the lower term; it still, however, represents a huge Additionally, it is important to find a lender Typically the salesmen will then show a 30- in anticipation of closing, the dealership pays5-15 pounder still makes you feel like a kid payments is the ability to run ultra-aggressive market segment of roughly 20 million new who can fund the deal within one to three second online video to the consumer, provided back the loan proceeds and simply re-floorson Christmas morning. advertising, giving you a significant and used car buyers annually. days to avoid challenges with your floor plan by the lender, regarding the customer’s the vehicle in the event the deal unwinds. competitive advantage in your market. lender. Imagine the impact on your contracts advantages to a Home Equity ATM-type For this reason, we recommend holding theThe biggest challenge we face in putting Imagine running a one page color spread Certainly, there is a big enough market in transit if you had to wait several weeks program. The main advantages being the trade until the actual loan has closed, usuallytogether scores of monthly high-gross deals is with payments based on MSRP or above for to substantiate a Home Equity ATM-type for your funding. In many cases, immediate high probability of the tax deductibility; the within 14-21 days.negative equity. Ponder this — If you had the just a few hundred dollars per month on full- program in your dealership, but what about funding may cost 1.5 percent of the loan ability to buy much more car at a much lowerability to get any total sales price necessary size trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicles. the potential liability? I’m guessing that your amount. In the scheme of things, however, it payment; the fact that the vehicle will be free In summary, we know that negative equitycarried, on every vehicle in your inventory, F&I Manager is not a licensed mortgage is similar to what you would pay to accept and clear, creating greater trade flexibility; in our industry is not going away any timewould your grosses dramatically increase? Sound great? Sure it does, but what’s the broker, and even if he or she is, it is probably funds, and you’ll have plenty of room to and the fact they can take immediate delivery soon. Clearly, overcoming the negative potential downside? Without question, the not prudent to become involved as an indirect charge any such associated fee to the deal. of their new vehicle. equity hurdle in conjunction with attractiveThe answer is an unquestionable “yes.” This housing and mortgage industries have made lender of mortgage paper. payments is the key to producing consistentlysolution is at your fingertips today. Moreover, news on a consistent basis. Much of the Also, make sure you engage with a company The deal is then submitted to the lender via a higher grosses, better closing ratios androughly 32 percent of your customers are current challenge is due to lenders sustaining Therefore, when incorporating a Home Equity that has a well-established lending arm, lender submission tool. The lender normally incremental volume.already utilizing this solution without you, significant losses, with a large portion of ATM-type program into your dealership, it is preferably an accredited bank instead of a calls the customer back at the dealership inwhile you’re losing control of the deal and these losses being generated in the sub-prime important that you merely refer the loan to mortgage broker. Also, make sure the lender roughly 10 minutes; they take the application Whether you have leadership in your marketthe gross. arena with less significantly collateralized the lender. This can be simply accomplished has an affiliation with a national title company over the phone and send back a conditional and are looking to widen the margin, or if second mortgages or lines of credit. through a lending submission tool. that has a network of mobile notaries to approval (with “stips”) within 30 minutes. you’re behind the front runner and looking toWhat I’m referring to is using the equity in ensure the customer’s final closing process is close the gap, implementing a Home Equitya customer’s home to purchase a vehicle. Consequently, the guideline for approvals This general process has been evaluated convenient. Once the conditional approval is attained, ATM-type program at your dealership will putUntil recently, this was not a viable option has become more rigid. While programs by Dr. Gary Lacefield, who is considered the dealership will normally spot deliver the the swagger back in your sales department,on our showroom floors to inspire immediate have fluctuated lately, most analysts see the one of the nation’s leading experts on Real Because of added associated costs that you vehicle. The paperwork typically includes and separate yourself from competition withdeliveries. There has traditionally been a change as a necessary, yet temporary, market Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) do not have with standard auto financing an assignment of funds, noting the customer more aggressive advertising, higher grosslarge time disconnect between the mortgage correction. Similarly, if GMAC (or any other compliance. Lacefield is a former HUD programs — such as AVMs, tri-merge credit is agreeing to have the lender fund the margins and incremental deals.industry and the automotive industry. In the auto lender) sustained increased financial official and has issued a written opinion reports, and mobile notaries — you should dealership directly out of the loan industry, we need an approval within losses, they probably would tighten the reins. regarding the legal compliance of such expect to pay a small monthly fee of $199- The conditional approval and assignmentabout 30 minutes, the ability to spot deliver They wouldn’t, however, stop approving car programs, and deemed that a non-commission $999 per month. Determining factors in the of funds documents are then faxed from thea vehicle, and we need our funding within a loans; rather, their lending criteria would referral is compliant in all 50 states. price variation are items such as integration dealership to the lender. Within 24 hours,few days. Conversely, a loan closing in the slightly shift until the market corrected with a national deal submission tool, the dealership cashes the draft for the full Kevin Smith is the chief executive officermortgage industry typically takes several itself. In addition to compliance, there are several immediate funding availability, and, at the amount of the contract, including F&I or of Visionary Innovation. He can beweeks to a month. That time gap has now other factors you should consider when upper end of the price range, market semi- accessory adds. contacted at 866.387.7217, or by e-mail at bridged, however, and instantly using It is important to understand in evaluating this implementing a Home Equity ATM type exclusivity and equity mining software.the equity in your customer’s home has current short-term correction that, “In 2006, program. First, choose a lender who has At this point, the dealership has completedbecome an exciting reality. about 24 percent of homeowners used a home made it easy to integrate them into your When implementing a Home Equity ATM- the transaction and has been funded. The equity line of credit to purchase a vehicle,” sales process. Most importantly, they should type program, it is easy — but important lender stays in contact with the consumerIn order to structure consistent high-gross said William H. McCracken, CEO of the integrate with a lender submission tool that — that you incorporate it into your everyday to attain the conditional documentation anddeals, we not only need big carries, but we Chamblee, GA-based Synergistics Research you use as part of your process on a deal-by- desking process. Most dealers pencil three facilitate the closing of the loan. As with any Most dealers pencil three payments: a conventional payment, a lease payment, and a “VIP” payment. The “VIP” payment will be significantly lower, which usually prompts the customer to ask, “What is the VIP payment program?” 12 13
  10. 10. SUMMIT VII BEST PRACTICESLEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.739.2096 web:
  11. 11. SUMMIT VII BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALESSpeakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.739.2096 web:
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis GreggStrong A Tip for Dealers When marketing solution Every Dollar Counts Why Your Payroll System May be Worth a Second Look While your payroll the processing, tracking and filing of payroll automatically calculate paychecks for the next system may not be the documents. pay period. Payroll programs can withdraw most exciting part of funds from the company’s bank account, send your business, here’s To assess your own internal payroll costs, direct deposits to employee bank accounts and why it’s worth a closer consider: send tax payments to federal, state and local look: It may be costing • How much the time spent is actually agencies. All transactions are also verified andyou large amounts of unnecessary time and worth? Consider the cost of your time reconciled each day. At the end of the year,money. and the time of anyone who processes or most payroll programs will submit necessary “touches” payroll. Often, many people tax information and produce W-2 statements.All businesses - small, medium and large - in a small company are involved in theneed to manage payroll and human resource various parts of payroll processing. Employees can also access the payroll systemfunctions. Payroll and employee benefits • How reliable is the current payroll to maintain their own records. They can trackare one of the largest operating expenses for system? An outside payroll provider their time and attendance and perform otherAmerican businesses. Industry studies show can reliably ensure payroll processing HR tasks, such as changing their address,outsourcing payroll and tax services can and tax filings are accurate. viewing and printing past pay stubs, checkingreduce a company’s operating costs by 55 • What savings would outsourcing time-off balances and modifying their direct-to 60 percent. About one-third of American provide? Since an outside provider can deposit information. This frees up HR staffbusinesses outsource those tasks today. handle all the responsibilities involved time for other responsibilities. in managing payroll and answeringMany business owners underestimate the cost employee questions, a small business A more efficient, contemporary program willof processing payroll internally by failing can often eliminate or reallocate an not only save you and your staff time, it willto account for all hours spent and resources internal payroll resource. provide peace of mind while saving yourallocated to pay employees and accurately company money.maintain payroll and tax paperwork. A Online payroll programs are easy to use and Gregg Strong is the national commercialthorough analysis usually proves that a accurate. Company administrators log onto sales manager for Key AutoFinance. Hesmall business saves money, and increases the system Web site to review and update can be contacted by e-mail atpayroll and tax reliability by outsourcing employee pay and attendance records, and CREDIT REPORTS LEAD SOLUTIONS COMPLIANCE TOOLS ID VERIFICATION Lead Prospector Solutions First Advantage CREDCO’s Lead Prospector Internet delivers ready-to-buy online consumer leads – conveniently accessed through RouteOne! Call Today and Ask About our Special Promotion for RouteOne Customers!* Call Today! 866.745.2485 RouteOne Customers Lead Prospector SAVE 22% INTERNET on Internet Leads!* Must be a RouteOne customer to qualify for special promotion. Savings is 22% off per lead. Call for details. Promo Code: PPC07015 18
  13. 13. InterActive Financial has done an amazing job at bringing new business to our special finance department. The customers they direct to our showroom are not just sub-prime leads, they are actual sub-prime buyers. To start seeing a difference in your dealership, call the experts at IFMG today.Ali Kargaran, General ManagerGolden State Motors
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis DebbieAllen sales and training solution Six Steps to Help You Easily Achieve Your Goals Step #1: Be achieve by sharing them with other people others in your industry or to create a better Persistent who support my success. They also support lifestyle for your family? Will your goal have Persistence and goal my own personal promise. Many of my a profound impact on your life or on others? setting play a big friends, business associates, family and Will exceeding your goals help you win role in achieving even my audience attendees help me stay on awards you’ve always dreamed of winning? your success in the track and keep me moving toward my goals How will meeting your goals fulfill yourautomotive industry. But before you focus with continuous positive encouragement. personal promise?on your goals, first determine what your Therefore, I share my goals out loud withpurpose is. You must first be very clear about others who support my dreams and they help Step #5: Don’t Let Your Ego Get inthe true purpose of why you want to achieve me stay committed to accomplishing them the Way of Setting Big Goalsyour goals. more often. Don’t ever allow your ego to stand in the way of seeking new ideas and advice thatYour purpose is what you feel compelled If you have a tendency to disappoint yourself can help you exceed your goals. The egoto do or to accomplish, and it’s what keeps before disappointing others, you may not feel can often drive us to keep doing the sameyou on course. It’s what gives meaning and comfortable sharing your goals. Yet, most unproductive things, and unreasonably keepsdirection to your career. So the first step is people who don’t share their goals often us hoping for different, productive results.not to come up with a string of goals — it don’t really believe that they can accomplish The ego very often gets in the way of oneis to clarify your purpose and then get more them. Any negative self-doubt will feed your professional asking for the advice of peers orspecific. Your goals need to be consistent beliefs and sabotage the results of your goals. colleagues. Don’t let your ego get in the waywith that purpose. Otherwise, you’re not To avoid this, start by sharing short-term of asking for help and support. You can’t dogoing to have the passion and enthusiasm goals first, then move on to more long-term it on your own. You need the support, secrets,you need to go out and exceed the goals you or riskier goals as you feel more confident and strategies of others who have been thereset for yourself. with your success. and done that before you.Step #2: Ensure Victory With Simple Step #4: Prioritize — Yet be Flexible Step #6: Don’t Give Upand Short-term Goals First It is best to decide which goals are most You will get discouraged from time toAlways have some goals that are easy to important for you to achieve. Date your goals time, and may even start to doubt yourself.reach. Simple goals and short-term goals accordingly in the areas that will reap you The automotive industry has its sharewill motivate you as you achieve them, and the largest return on your investment of time of challenges today, and only the mostthey will keep you headed toward your larger and effort. Ask yourself if a task is moving committed and challenged salespeople willgoals and your own personal promise. you toward your goals faster or holding you do well in a slower marketplace. That is back from reaching your peak potential. just the law of the business: The automotiveStep #3: Share Your Goals in the industry will always have its share of upsForm of Affirmations Be open and flexible to changes around you. and downs. There will also be many timesSpeaking your goals out loud in the form of Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may that you get busy and sidetracked, and youaffirmations will not only help to feed your need to adjust the due date of your goal or may even have a tendency to procrastinate.own subconscious mind, it also will allow reevaluate and cancel it altogether. Often, But don’t stop. Stay productive, share yourothers to support your efforts too. You are the goals that receive the most attention are progress and keep moving forward towardsmore likely to achieve your goals if your most likely the ones that will also change achieving your goals.friends, business associates and family know frequently.about them. But only share your goals withpeople who will encourage your growth Understand why you want to achieve andand success, and be sure to avoid negative exceed your goals. Why will exceeding your Debbie Allen is an author and professionalforces. goals make your life better than it is right speaker. She can be contacted at now? Clarify the root of why you want to 866.467.4104, or by e-mail atIt always amazes me how many goals I exceed your goals. Is it to earn respect from 22
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis JesseBiter leadership solution Working Full-Time on Business and Faith No sound business is truly a part of one’s heart and soul, person would ever agree to work full- In order to enjoy secular naysayers would not be afforded the opportunity to interfere. time hours for part- time pay. Imagine a harmonious Jesus taught us to be proud of our faith and if the CEO of your relationship, to share with others. There doesn’t need tocompany walked into your office tomorrow be an invisible line between “secular work”and announced that all employee salaries business or and “Christian work.” If you are a Christian,were to be instantly slashed in half, whilethe working hours remained the same. It’s otherwise, you are in full-time Christian work. God has called people into business to fulfill Hishighly unlikely that those employees would there must be purposes, just the same as He calls othersremain loyal workers for very long. How into missionary work. Significance comesabout the inverse scenario? Surely if the balance. Put from fulfilling the God-given purpose forCEO mandated 20-hour work weeks with40-hour pay, he or she would be the toast of quite simply, which you were made.the next office happy hour (especially since the ends need “Peace I leave with you; my peace I giveit now starts at noon). you. I do not give to you as the world gives. to justify the Do not let your hearts be troubled and do notThe fundamental arithmetic, along withthe abstract nature of human psychology, means. be afraid.” John 14:27makes both above scenarios impractical andunsustainable. In order to enjoy a harmonious Many Christian business leaders have maderelationship, business or otherwise, there Unfortunately, faith in the workplace far the decision to work full-time on theirmust be balance. Put quite simply, the too often takes a backseat to the politically- business and their faith. In fact, it’s easierends need to justify the means. So if one’s correct climate in which we live. Our fear- than you may think to both serve Christscope of work must be matched with the based society has conditioned our citizens and enjoy a rewarding professional life.appropriate remuneration, why would there to believe that faith is something that needs It all starts with knowing who you are andbe any difference in equilibrium in regards to be removed from all aspects of the public accepting God’s purpose. If honoring theto one’s faith? discourse — especially from the workplace. Lord is something that is in your heart, it The same people that attend church on should be displayed in your actions all week“I pray that you may be active in sharing Sunday are apparently more frightened of a long.your faith, so that you will have a full secular backlash than they are joyful in theunderstanding of every good thing we have hope their faith provides. This imbalance in Jesse Biter is the president and CEO ofin Christ. Your love has given me great joy the day to day lives of workplace believers HomeNet, Inc. He can be contacted atand encouragement.” is unhealthy and is ultimately at odds with 866.239.4049, or by e-mail atPhilemon 1:6-7 the very foundation of faith. If one’s faith 260 Print Ads Shipped On 2 DVD’s With All Art Elements And Easy To Use Reference A Full 5 Years Worth Guide. Ads Built In Quark For Easy $795 Customization For Your Local Newspaper Or Agency! One Time Fee. No Renewal Charges. No Monthly Charges. Unlimited Usage. One Time Fee. No Renewal Charges. No Monthly Charges. Unlimited Usage. We Accept Checks, VISA or Mastercard! Please Contact: Mike Courcy at 1.888.467.4888 ext. 105 24
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis SeanWolfington leadership solution Down to the Twelfth Man If you’re a fan of every player plays an equally crucial role in football, odds are you the success of the team. The coach may call the have probably heard of play, and the quarterback’s job is to execute the “Twelfth Man” on them, but if the offensive linemen don’t the team. The tradition provide the protection for the quarterback,of the Twelfth Man was born in 1922, when or create the holes for the running back toan underdog Texas A&M team was playing gain yardage, then there is no positive result.the nation’s top ranked collegiate team. As Each team member’s eagerness and talentsthe hard-fought game wore on, the Aggie’s are needed in a collaborative effort, evenwere plagued with injuries as they dug those who stand on the sidelines ready to filldeeply into their limited reserves. in and serve the team as needed.In desperation, the coach remembered asquad man who was not in uniform. He had From thebeen up in the press box helping reportersidentify players. His name was E. King Gill, coach downand was a former football player who had to the waterwithdrawn from football to play basketball.Gill was called from the stands, suited up, and boy, successstood ready throughout the rest of the game, for the entirewhich A&M finally won 22-14. When thegame ended, E. King Gill was the only man organizationleft standing on the sidelines for the Aggies. will comeGill later said, “I wish I could say that I wentin and ran for the winning touchdown, but I when everyonedid not. I simply stood by in case my team involved adoptsneeded me.” an attitude ofThis gesture has left an indelible mark on service. Yourthe football industry. Although Gill did not dealership teamplay in the game, he had accepted the call tohelp his team. He came to be thought of as should mirrorthe Twelfth Man because he stood ready for this concept.duty in the event that the eleven men on thegridiron needed assistance. From the coach down to the water boy,There are many parallels between success on success for the entire organization will comethe football field and success within a results- when everyone involved adopts an attitude ofdriven organization such as a dealership. service. Your dealership team should mirrorVictory does not come at the hands of one this concept. Every player on your dealershipplayer, but from the combined efforts of a team, from top management down, shouldgroup interacting as a collective team. Team possess the spirit of the Twelfth Man — thatleadership is different than the traditional top- enthusiasm, willingness and readiness fordown arrangement. Responsibility for group service that will motivate entire organizationseffectiveness does not rest on one leader’s to produce increased results while generatingshoulders, but is shared by the group. Let’s truly satisfied and loyal customers.see how a football team demonstrates theeffectiveness of this philosophy.Most of the time, we think of the quarterback Sean Wolfington can be contactedas being the most important person on a at 866.802.5753, or by e-mail atfootball team, but the truth is that each and #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 25
  17. 17. sts fos ls ms sf fis MarkTewart sales and training solution You probably answered Are You Boring Let’s cover some ways to increase your It’s a proven fact that customers who have to “no.” Who wouldn’t? entertainment value. The easiest way to take certain steps or actions before purchasing I wonder how your stand out from the pack is to do the exact create their own sense of emotional and customers would opposite of your so-called competitors. First psychological commitment to purchase. In answer that question. of all, you must change your position of simple language, you allow them to buy Do your customers power and leverage by marketing for leads rather than trying to sell them. When peoplethink you, your product and your business rather than begging for a sale from someone commit to something by their own choice,are boring? People want to be entertained. who randomly shows up. they will go to great lengths to do business,Entertainment = Sales. Boring = Broke. if nothing else but to save face. People don’t Next, you must think about your first point want to look bad.Your customers get their news from FOX of impact and how that adds or subtractsNews and USA Today, their food from drive from your position. You must either change You may be asking yourself, what doesthroughs, their coffee from Starbucks, their the location, wording or nature of the first this have to do with being boring? Boringmoney from ATMs, their exercise from 7- meeting. salespeople do what 99 percent of allminute abs DVDs and their information salespeople do; they beg and pant like a dogfrom the Internet. Evaluate your conversations with customers. for a sale and put their salesperson dunce cap Are you playing the same qualifying game on for customers to laugh at. STOP IT. YouTo be successful, you must provide the that most salespeople do? When you openly are more important and valuable than that.perception of ease in doing business, some try to qualify people financially and to see Salespeople with leverage and a differentsemblance of speed, and high entertainment if they are ready to do business, you should game-plan for everything — including theirvalue. Your customers have been trained to realize in doing so that you are offending sales skills, people skills and marketing skillspick up on “boring” at lightning speed and them and putting yourself in a position — never appear boring. Their actions attractmove towards “wow” in mass. of beggar. Try giving a reason for people and endear customers without having to be a to qualify for you and your product. Stop comedian, huckster or circus clown.To provide high entertainment value you qualifying them for financial data and makedon’t have to be a comedian or a circus them qualify in a positive way that creates a Ask yourself again honestly if you are boringperformer, but you must possess finely mental take-a-way. and if your sales positioning leaves yourtuned people skills. All things being equal, customer with a strong mental and emotionalcustomers will choose the lower price. Your The take-a-way positioning creates scarcity, feeling about their experience with you. Dojob as a salesperson is to make you stand out urgency, and provides you maximum you stand out, or are you boring? Boring isso strong that it makes everything else pale leverage. Example: When you are profiling usually comparison. Your value raises the level of your customer in the beginning of the salesall other considerations. Never forget that process, make sure to mention that youyou are the difference maker — period, end would like to ask a few questions up front toof story. make sure you can assist them the way they desire and to make sure you and your productWeak salespeople play the price and blame would be a good fit for them. It’s OK to tellgame. Good salespeople concentrate on what someone up front that you and your product Mark Tewart is the president of Tewartthey can influence. When you accept total may not be the best fit for everyone and that Enterprises. He can be contacted atresponsibility for your success and failure, you purposely don’t try to sell everything to 866.429.6844, or by e-mail atyou move from blame to fame. everybody. 26
  18. 18. sts fos ls ms sf fis SeanV.Bradley Are You Putting Your marketing solution Videos Online Leverage the Power of Video Search Engine Optimization Video Search Engine Here is how it could flow: “Hello, my name engine site. Picture someone searching for Optimization (VSEO) is Sean V. Bradley. I am the Internet Sales your franchise in your city or state. Wouldn’t is powerful and Manager here at Hackett Toyota, I have been it be great for your dealership to show up once, yields strong results. in the car business for about nine years, and twice or even three times in the top listings I love cars and this dealership, but let me tell with video? Wouldn’t it truly be amazing if VSEO is Search Engine you a little bit about me. I am a former U.S. someone searched for your competition byOptimization that maximizes video content on Army soldier, the proud daddy of a six-year- name, or the city where they are located andthe search engines. There are several different old little girl. I am a soccer coach and my your video testimonials of happy customerslayers to this so let me start to break it down. favorite video game is John Madden Football. showed up in the results? I think you get theOn a science of communication level: I can’t wait to assist you, please call me at picture. • Seven percent of communication is the 555.1212 if you need anything at all.” This is words we use, text, print, e-mail etc. SO powerful, I have just humanized myself This is exciting stuff. We are not talking • 38 percent of communication is and have built common ground before the about simple clips for a vehicle walk-around inflection of tone and sound. prospect ever steps foot into the dealership. or car commercials online. I am talking about • The strongest form of communication, a specific online strategy. I am talking about at 55 percent, is visual perception and • Tell Them About Your Dealership online saturation when and where people body language. Speak about the history, accomplishments, want to be reached. awards, community involvement and localThere is a science to sales and communication. sponsorships. Speak about anything that Many dealerships still focus their ad budgetsIf you want to captivate, intrigue, excite and tells a story and puts a personal face on your on intrusive advertising. This video initiativetransfer energy to a prospect, the best way store. puts effort into advertising for prospectsto do it is through visual perception and that are in the market and looking for autobody language. Simple text does not work. • Public Service Videos shopping information. When people go to aIf you are listed on search engines with old Create mini-videos on giving advice to search engine and type in “Toyota dealershipschool SEO with no video, no motion and people in how to shop and buy a vehicle. in Philly” or “Bad credit car loan” orno transference of energy, you are simply Tips about what consumers should look for “Certified BMW in New York,” they will seeworking with a seven percent communication in a dealership, and how the process works. your information in a dynamic fashion if youmedium. Instructional videos work well too, such as buy into the power of this strategy. “How to properly install a car seat.” Think ofImagine creating a myriad of videos at your all of the questions you and everyone at your 87 percent of America goes online beforedealership. And I am not talking about a dealership gets asked each and every day. Or they ever step foot into a dealership. It’s evenmajor investment in video technology. A think about all of the things that run through higher for luxury brands — research showssimple trip to Best Buy to get a digital video people’s minds relating to car dealerships. We that 97 percent of Lexus prospects autocamera, a tripod and a lapel microphone is all deal with it every day, but consumers always shop and gather info online before visitingyou need, all under $450. Now you have the have lots of questions. Start answering those the dealership. Yet dealers still don’t see thetools to create video content and testimonials questions with your online videos. value of being completely immersed online,for anything and everything. Here are some everywhere and anywhere prospects arevideo content suggestions. • Create video content for specific searching for information. genders, demographics, geographics• Testimonials and a targeted audience. Let’s close with some simple stats. Third-Offer testimonials of your happy customers party lead providers have an average closingtelling how wonderful you and your Now on top of those videos you generated, ratio of eight percent versus a dealer’s owndealership are, telling everyone how much add in all of the videos you have from your Web site leads that close at around 15 you saved them, explaining how you marketing and advertising initiatives, such Wouldn’t you want to take steps to generategot them approved and no one else could, as TV commercials (cable and broadcast). more leads from your own site? Don’t misshow you actually delivered their vehicle to Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to have out on the VSEO opportunity. Sell with it ortheir home or office, how they were searching all of that video content all over the Internet sell against it.and searching for the car of their dreams and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? VSEO letsyou happened to find it for them…. You get you do just that.the picture? Try to imagine someone searching on Google,• Your Unique Value Package and I am not talking about Google Video;Why should prospects buy from you? Explain Video search has now been consolidatedin detail your differentiator. with regular search. Someone goes to www. and searches “Hatfield Toyota” Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO• Videos of Your Team — guess what you are going to find? Two of Dealer Synergy. He can be contacted atCreate video introductions of all of the out of the top 10 listings are Video clips, with 866.893.1394, or by e-mail atmanagers and sales people at the dealership. thumbnails on the regular Google search 28
  19. 19. sts fos ls ms sf fis PatrickLuck marketing solution Dealership Launches Online Television Channel Here’s a story right monitors in their waiting areas where and family that vote, such as Free Oil out of tomorrow’s customers could watch FOX News or another Changes headlines: An national network while they were waiting. Oklahoma dealership, But they sometimes wound up watching This is one of the innovative ways the Bob Hurley Ford in TV commercials from competitive brands. dealership is growing its database. They are Tulsa, has successfully The last thing you want to happen is for a also giving Free Public Service commercialslaunched and is now operating its own online customer to watch a competitor’s TV ad while to local charities and non-profit organizations.television channel. It can be viewed on they are in your dealership. That just didn’t This is becoming an invaluable communitymonitors in special areas within the dealership seem right. relations tool.and throughout the world online. “Our initial launch will focus around the ‘I “It just makes sense,” Jones said. “One of theAt first, the idea of the dealership owning its primary goals at this dealership is to create Love My New Ford’ campaign as we continueown television channel seemed unimaginable. and maintain strong community ties. Having to work on local schools, churches and otherBut as they started learning more about the its online television channel seemed like the non-profits in our area,” Jones said. “Our goaladvantages and relative small cost, they ultimate community relations tool. It’s very is to create a place where these organizationsdecided it wasn’t such a far-out idea. It powerful and virtually runs itself. can go and see their friends and families, learnactually started making sense. After deciding about upcoming events, and allow them a freethat it was obviously a future trend, they “We are currently working on a kiosk that will place to post their content. We feel to drawdecided to try it. have a PC hooked to it with a monitor and a traffic to the site, we need to include local camera for the ‘I Love My Ford,’ promotion,“ high school and college activities.”The channel features more than two hours of Jones said.Ford and automotive-related programming They also intend to highlight key communityand commercials promoting their brand. New This ongoing TV channel promotion people, and sponsor individuals such asprogramming is introduced monthly and there encourages new car buyers to sit at the kiosk “athlete of the month” or “student of theare numerous promotions, sales and contests camera and record their own creative version month.”to consistently keep the viewers entertained of the words, “I Love My New Ford!” They can then e-mail their video recording to their “We would like the content to be fresh andand informed. entertaining that includes local sporting friends and family, asking them for their e-mailBob Hurley Ford partnered with a company to vote. The idea is that the new buyer that gets highlights and other events we sponsoredbuild, program and operate the channel. the most e-mail votes gets the next month’s around town,” Jones said. “As we continue car payment paid by the dealership. While 75 to grow, we would hope that we can makeThe dealership is beginning to offer advertising to 80 percent may choose not to participate, the site a place that people would like to gotime on the channel to select vendors and area the remaining 20 to 25 percent are e-mailing that brings relevant content for us and for ourbusinesses. They also expect the channel, 10 to 15 video messages each to their friends customers.” to pay for itself and family that say:within its first six months of operations. They The channel also features a massive e-mail 1. They have purchased their new Ford and database management element whichare currently in month three. from Bob Hurley collects and manages new traffic generated.“It is becoming a wonderful public relations 2. They love ittool and very powerful promotional vehicle,” 3. It offers incentives for the friendssaid Bruce Jones, the dealership’s director of Patrick Luck is publisher of AutoSuccesse-commerce. Magazine. He can be contacted at 866.387.7731, or by e-mail atAnother important feature: The dealership controls all of the advertising seen ontheir channel and in their dealership.In the past, dealerships furnished television Picture captions from left to right: Bob Hurley Ford TV screen shot; Bob Hurley Ford exterior; Bruce Jones, director of e-commerce at Bob Hurley Ford 32
  20. 20. sts fos ls ms sf fis PaulH.Webb sales and training solution Dave Brubeck the most important ingredient for managing Take Five “Five Minute — This Is How You’re Doing changed traditional others, we get busy and forget, or just can’t — And I’m Glad You’re Doing It” employee jazz structure with fit it in — the feedback on performance is review. five-beats per measure missed. This contributes to the No. 1 reason in the famous jazz workers say on exit interviews for them You can practice it in the hallway, out back classic, “Take Five.” leaving the company: “I just don’t know by the vending machines, at the morningUnique approaches to music, as well as where I stand — no one tells me how I’m coffee machine, in your office… .unique approaches to management, take a doing.”new direction with both music and dealership You can use these five simple sentences:profits. As auto industry managers, we Our days are full with early travel to work — • How are things going?follow the daily and monthly beat of swings meetings that last too long — cumbersome • This is how you’re doing and I’m gladin profits and losses. How would music exist reports, and recurring petty issues. We you’re doing it.without the vibrations that create sound? How lose the most important duty as managers: • I appreciate your efforts.would managers measure their performance the ability to lead through example and to • Thanks for your contribution.without reports and meetings? Each day we inspire others. Here is the opportunity to take • Let me know if you need help.have the ability to give “sound” to the people advantage of the classic Brubeck jazz classicwe manage. This article addresses the age- and to “Take Five” minutes. It’s these fiveold formula for managing co-workers known minutes — coaching and complimenting We have aas feedback on performance — or making workers – taken on a daily basis, that getsnoise that inspires and motivates. the tempo and tonality on the right track. give and take relationship withEach day in the dealership we have the As you go about your daily routine, take a tipopportunity to coach and inspire. It’s the from the Brubeck song and using a reminder; workers and astiming. It’s the speed of the day that limits caring a nickel in your pocket — practice the managers it’s our responsibility to provide them with the opportunity to site traffic grow and profit. r webes its nor spike Ou tim ma d 5 lr A manager of a large dealership was shocked to 2 “ . when her top sales producer up and quit. ate Sometimes we forget to pay attention to .” the top producers, thinking the rewards of money are enough to sustain them. Without the recognition — as little as five minutes, a few times a week, catching people doing > Matt Lamoureux, Acton Toyota something right and telling them — was the lost ingredient. IMN Loyalty Driver™ is a turnkey e-marketing service that drives interest, sales and customer loyalty. Customized, It’s not important that you know Brubeck’s trackable email communications provide tangible results classic song. It is important that you practice for dealerships across the country. A couple of examples: a productive activity that inspires others. We have a give and take relationship with workers • 15 test drives scheduled within the first hour after and as managers it’s our responsibility to an IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter was sent. provide them with the opportunity to grow • 90 phone calls in a month as a direct result of and profit. one IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter. So remember: Carry a nickel to remind Looking for results like these? Call 866.964.6397, ext. 214 yourself. Practice the “Take Five” process or email and listen to the sounds of prospect and Drive customers in…For sales, for life. promise from the people we care about most. Paul H. Webb is a principal of Street Smart / I.T.S., Inc. He can be contacted at 866-964-6397 866.500.5827, or by e-mail at 34
  21. 21. Digital Marketing System Custom Websites CRM System Search Engine Marketing Auction Manager Build A Car Module eMail Marketing Virtual Test Drives Voicemail Marketing Inventory & 360 Tours Ad Tracker Online Advertising In-store Training SM Customer Touch Outsourced BDC ServicesSearch Engine Marketing Call Today for your FREE Search Marketing Analysis 9 out of 10 eCRM Dealers use BZRESULTS.COM 888.250.8663