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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. From All of Us at AutoSuccess, Happy Thanksgiving November 2006The Internet Sales Trifecta TRAI NI NG – T E C HN OLOGY - ME RC HAN D I S I N G From left to right: Jeff Bonnell and Cory L. Mosley
  2. 2. Only one site will get your cars on all these sites. is now the exclusive listings provider for seven of the biggest sites. With millions of shoppers each month, no one has more than But hey, why stop there? Now when you list on, you’ll also be listed on seven of the most popular sites on the Internet. And when you add in all those shoppers, it’s practically impossible for people not to see your cars. To reach the most buyers, call 1-888-249-6860.©2006 is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license.
  3. 3. The Bottom Line: We provide the best Do-It-YourselfSales Events in the nation. So far,our events have generated 273,125ups this year alone. NO TEAMS • NO COMMISSIONSJUST A TON OF QUALITY TRAFFIC. CALL NOW AND RECEIVE A 10% QUANTITY BONUS!! BOOTH#2699 CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY 866-665-5507 The Driving Force Behind Automotive Advertising Copyright © 2006 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. Dedicate Yourself to Educate Yourself 8 TomHopkins An Attitude of Gratitude 9 JesseBiter The Treasury of Quotes 10 BrianTracy The Internet Sales Trifecta Training - Technology - Merchandising 12 CoryL.Mosley & JeffBonnell Scott’s Individualized Consultation Transcripts, Part 5 14 ScottJoseph The New Playing Field: Today’s Women’s Market 18 DeliaPassi Top Gun 20 DavidThomas True Leadership: Making a Difference 21 12 SeanWolfington Just Give Me Five Minutes - I’ll Show You How to Get Appointments 22 DavidKain The Perfect Way to Consistently Find More and More Clients 26 DixonJudd Selling the Difference 28 MarkTewart The Now Law of Time and Management...Carpe Diem 30 MichaelYork Unify and Conquer Frequency Economies and Presence Increase Dramatically 32 JerryShroff Know When to Quote a Price 33 JeffMorrill No. 1 eDealer: Courtesy Chevrolet Shares Success on How to Get E-Mails Delivered Through Spam Filters 34 RalphPaglia The Same is Lame: The Secret to Beating the Pants Off Your Competition and Putting More Money in Your Pocket 36 JimmyVee & TravisMiller E-Mail and Multi-Channel Marketing: The New Frontier 37 SunnyKnocke Why Pay for the Entire Car 38 TonyDupaquier Choosing a Direct Mail Provider: The Who, Why and How of Increasing Sales Volume at Your Dealership 40 JimYoung Attitude Determines Altitude...Income Altitude 41 MikeParsons How to Maximize the Response to a Teamed Event 42 PeterBond & TerranceCox Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Toni Stephens, Sales-improvement Strategist toll free: 877.818.6620 facsimile: 502.588.3170 web: helping to promote... Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of God shall stand forever. God is the source of all supplyAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. Money Guarantee DO YOU WANT THE REAL TRUTH?My Sales Event will bring you $100,000- Can you handle the real truth?$250,000 in gross profit in 5 days GUARANTEED The real truth is that it was a 13 Trillion Dollaror I will deduct the cost of advertising. You will economy last year in the US. 13 TRILLION! Now, ifexperience 200-500+ customers walk through you believe that you and your dealership can’t getyour doors in 5 days. your fair share of 13 Trillion, then you can skip theThis guarantee is small potatoes compared to the rest of this letter because my company would nottons of money that you will make from this event. be a good fit for you. If you don’t believe you canThat’s why I am so confident and can make these get your fair share of 13 Trillion Dollars, then youbold claims to you. Big dealerships, small dealer- need to keep belly aching and whining about howships, city dealerships, rural dealerships, it does bad things are.not matter. We have been able to get results However, if you aren’t willing to make excuses fortime and time again. MARK TEWART the rest of your career about economies and manu- facturers and every other boogey man you can find,What Is This All About??? Big things, big break- Tewart Enterprises then read on…throughs, big sales, big gross profits. And yes,you can do this without lying to or beating up your Tewart Enterprises Inc produces 5-day sales events for dealershipscustomers. That’s right! With a very good marketing plan, very good all across the country. We bring traffic, LOTS OF TRAFFIC, with ourpeople, very good processes and understanding of proper desking promotions. We also bring a professional team of people to helpprinciples you can get a ton of customers, sell a ton of vehicles and you mange the sale and make it successful. We don’t bring drunks,make a ton of money – THE RIGHT WAY. drug addicts and derelicts. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.For many 2006 has not been a banner year in traffic, sales or profits. How Are We different?In fact, for many 2006 has been a real stinker. Many dealers and First of all, it’s our people. We have quality people. No vagabondstheir personnel have begun to believe that it is just that way and and rogues allowed. Secondly we have process and third we haveyou can’t push a market when it’s not there. Folks, I am here to tell experience. MOST OF ALL, we are an individual and organizationalyou that those things are only opinion. development company. Our mission is to leave your dealership better than when we came in. We will assist your people in growing their sales skills, people skills and deal process skills. “We have tried other companies and Tewart Enteprises is the best.” Lonnie Robertson, Dealer – Johnson’s of Chickasha – Chickasha, Oklahoma $200,000 in 4 days at Jeff Wyler Auto Mall in Springfield, OH Opportunity distance learning program for FREE. You get our Don’t let another weak month happen. If you internet based sales training program available to would like to discuss the opportunity of what a you 24/7 for a month! ($497 Value!) Tewart Enterprises Inc. sales event can do for you: Each person can view as many modules as they CALL 888 2 Tewart (888 283-9278) want and take a test on each module and the or e-mail us at with the words manager can track everyone’s usage and test “sales event” in the subject line and make sure to scores. give us your contact info in the e-mail. FREE BONUS #2 FREE BONUS The first 10 dealers who we schedule a sale with For all dealerships who schedule a sale with us in that mention this letter, I will give you my High the next 30 days, I will include one month of our Performance Sales DVD for FREE! ($597 Value) P.S. I hope you come to hear me speak at the AutoSuccess Summit in Las Vegas in November. You can also subscribe to my free e-mail newsletter at and make sure to come to my Workshop at the 2007 NADA Convention: 27 Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Increase Your Traffic and Sales in 30 Days or Less.
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Dedicate Yourself to Educate Yourself One of the most A Second Language people hate math. However, in business, you important lessons I’ve Consider the part of the country in which you need to know some basic math skills really learned in life is that live and those people you do business with. well. Invariably, you’ll have potential clients no one else is going to As our country continually redefines itself who will have champagne tastes and beer look out for you as well by its people, be aware of the advantages budgets. You need to understand what theyas you will look out for yourself. To become of being able to communicate with others can truly afford before trying to find themand remain a professional in the automotive in their native tongues. Today’s projections the car of their dreams.industry, you must recognize that you are show that both Hispanic and Asian portionsin charge of your own education and act on of the population are on the increase. To be Know the current interest rates on vehiclesthat fact. Build on your strengths and correct able to work with more people, you must and play with the math on a range ofyour weaknesses. If you aren’t sure of what learn more about them, their language and vehicle investments. Learn how to quicklyto work on first, there is certainly someone their cultures. determine what a monthly investment mightin your life who will gladly assist you - your be on a vehicle prior to persuading the clientmanager, your spouse, your children or a Voice that it’s right for them. I know the favoritetrusted friend. Since your clients choose to get involved with computation of every sales person who you based on what you say, doesn’t it make works on a fee basis is to determine theirThere are some common, basic skills that sense that you train your voice to give the percentage of every sale. Don’t stop there.apply to the business world. They all impact highest level of professional presentation? Play the numbers game often and you’ll gethow well we relate to the needs of others to If you’ve never considered voice training better at winning.feel important when they’re around us, to before, record yourself giving a portion ofaccept the education we provide about our your presentation, then listen to it. Most of Negotiationvehicles and the industry, and to help them us hate the sound of our own voices. Just Do you consider yourself a trainedown a vehicle that’s truly a good choice for imagine how our clients must feel when negotiator? Trained negotiators can quicklythem. listening to us. Your goal is to project your and effectively analyze the details of message with clarity and power. situations and determine the best route toHere are six skill areas that I strongly resolution. If that brief description doesn’t fitrecommend you consider developing or Public Speaking you, make an effort to find a book, audio orstrengthening, as they have made all the Many professionals in this business find that seminar on the subject. Then, schedule thedifference for many of my students: giving short speeches in their communities time to learn from it. helps build their name recognition and theirMemory business. Public speaking is also a great way Choose just one of these six areas and dedicateHaving a good memory is critical to anyone to build your confidence. Try your skills out yourself to improving in it this month. Then,in today’s world, but especially so to those of by speaking to your child’s class about what next month, choose another. Once you getus who meet many new people every week. you do or a hobby you have. Teachers love it started on this journey of self-education,I have learned to make a game of it in my when the students can learn first-hand about you’ll be amazed at what you learn and howcareer. I challenge myself to remember as careers. Join Toastmasters International. simple things can have a powerful impact onmany people and their stories as I can. There There are local chapters in just about every your overall success in life.are some great courses and books written on city. They provide excellent opportunitiesthis subject. Even if you learn and use only to hone your skills and meet other businessone small strategy, I guarantee you’ll see the professionals with whom you might dobenefit of having done so. One little strategy business or share referrals. World-renowned master sales trainer Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkinsthat I learned and have used for years is to International. He can be contacted atrepeat each person’s name to myself four Math 866.347.6148, or by e-mail attimes when I first hear it. Don’t cringe on me here. I know many 8
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis JesseBiter leadership solution An Attitude of Gratitude The United Sates of you” is more than a mundane custom of the lives of many in the colony. Families America is a land polite society. When your appreciation is were devastated by the loss of their loved of plenty. Freedom, genuine, it really shows something about ones, but new hope arose in the autumn of opportunity, prosperity what is inside of you. Giving thanks is also a 1621. Yes, it is possible to be thankful in the – all perks of being vital part of the most important relationship, face of troubled times because our eternal born in the greatest your relationship with God. hope transcends our earthly troubles. Thenation in the history of the world. As seeds of discouragement can’t grow in theAmericans, we have much to be thankful for. “Be joyful always; pray continually; give heart of a grateful person.Sadly, it seems we oftentimes take our many thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’sblessings for granted. will for you in Christ Jesus.” “And whatever you do, whether in word or 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,The Thanksgiving holiday is a time-honored giving thanks to God the Father throughand cherished American tradition. Turkey There are three things to consider about Him.”dinner, football games and festive parades the nature of Thanksgiving: God desires Colossians 3:17aside, this special day is actually rooted in the it; we require it; and others never tire of it.Christian belief that God is the source of all Thanksgiving is a profound confession of Thanksgiving is a special day to give thankslife and goodness. As we prepare to celebrate our faith. It breaks the illusion that we can to the Lord. It is a day to allow gratitude towith our family and friends, it’s important to be sufficient by ourselves. By giving thanks spill over to every corner of our lives in deepremember that Thanksgiving is more than an to others, we humble ourselves and admit appreciation for all that God has provided.annual event – it is a lifestyle choice. that we owe it all to God. Be thankful beyond Thanksgiving and give the gift of thankfulness all year long.Whether it is via a personalized greeting card, Can we be thankful even when things are nota fresh bouquet of flowers, or a warm toothless going well for us? The Pilgrims and Indians Jesse Biter is the president and CEO ofgrin, showing gratitude towards others is who celebrated the first Thanksgiving feast HomeNet, Inc. He can be contacted atquite simply a fundamental component of had little to be thankful for. The first terrible 866.239.4049, or by e-mail athealthy human interaction. Saying “thank winter had not been kind to the settlers, taking We need them. They need us. We need you. It’s that simple. ® ®november 2006 9
  8. 8. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution The Treasury of Quotes Leadership Manage by objectives. Tell people exactly Character/Integrity/Honesty Integrity is the most what you want them to do and then get out Be absolutely clear about who you are and valuable and respected of their way. what you stand for. Refuse to compromise. quality of leadership. Always keep your Manage by responsibility. It is a powerful Integrity is the foundation upon which all word. way to grow people. other values are built.Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary Reinforce what you want to see repeated. Truthfulness is the main element ofachievement from ordinary people. What gets rewarded gets done. character.Become the kind of leader that people would Overcoming Failure Deal honestly and objectively with yourself;follow voluntarily, even if you had no title Remember, you only have to succeed the last intellectual honesty and personal courage areor position. time. the hallmark of great character.Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Incorrect assumptions lie at the root of Character is the ability to follow throughFollowers think and talk about the every failure. Have the courage to test your on a resolution long after the emotion withproblems. assumptions. which it was made has passed.Respect is the key determinant of high- It is not failure itself that holds you back; it is Confidence on the outside begins by livingperformance leadership. How much people the fear of failure that paralyzes you. with integrity on the inside.respect you determines how they perform. Most people achieve their greatest success Customer ServiceThe three “Cs” of leadership are one step beyond what looks like their greatest Everyone is in the business of customerConsideration, Caring and Courtesy. Be failure. satisfaction. Who are your customers andpolite to everyone. how are they doing? Never consider the possibility of failure; asGoals/Goal Achievement long as you persist, you will be successful. The purpose of a business is to create andAn average person with average talent, keep a customer. All business activities mustambition and education can outstrip the most Failure is a prerequisite for great success. If be focused on this central purpose.brilliant genius in our society, if that person you want to succeed faster, double your ratehas clear, focused goals. of failure. You keep customers by delivering on your promises, fulfilling your commitments andThe establishment of a clear, central purpose Keys To Successful Selling continually investing in the quality of youror goal in life is the starting point of all Think of yourself as a resource to your relationship.success. clients: an advisor, counselor, mentor and friend. If your job is customer satisfaction, your realGoals in writing are dreams with deadlines. job title is Problem Solver. The only pressure that you use in a professionalCommitting your goals to paper increases selling presentation is the presence of silence Offer your customer a long-term relationship,the likelihood of your achieving them by after the closing question. then do everything possible to build and1,000%. maintain it. Concentrate on the activities of prospecting,Success equals goals; all else is presenting and following-up; the sales will Express your admiration for the traits,commentary. take care of themselves. possessions or accomplishments of your customer. Little things mean a lot.Rewrite your major goals every day, in the Make a habit of dominating the listening,present tense, exactly as if they already and let the customer dominate the talking.exist. Approach each customer with the idea ofManagement helping him/her solve a problem or achievePeople are your most valuable asset. Only a goal, not of selling a product or service.people can be made to appreciate in value. Telling is not selling; never make a Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can beThe most powerful and predictable people- statement if you can phrase it in the form of contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mailbuilders are praise and encouragement. a question. at 10
  9. 9. Ever wonder where your support goes after your bank merges for the third time?We’re dedicated exclusively to your business. When you choose Chrysler Financial for your wholesale and retail financing needs,you’re choosing a company that has done just one thing for more than 40 years. Automotive financing. From customer retention and financial andsoftware to real estate loans and E.L.V.I.S., our people, products and services are solely dedicated to helping you sell and finance more vehicles. financeIn fact, we’re completely invested in your long-term success. So you don’t have to wonder whether we’ll be there for you in the future. Chrysler Financial is a business unit of DaimlerChrysler Financial Services.
  10. 10. fs feature solution The Internet Making the CoryL.Mosley Sales Trifecta Investment and JeffBonnell Training - Technology - Merchandising Seeing the Results There are astounding sales and profits • The number of leads you pay for each focused on relevant messages. marketing messages that appear - or fail to are published in Web sites on an ongoing capable to comfortably receive and play available to dealers who are willing to month from third party providers. appear - in a dealership’s site. It is essential basis without fail. Internet video marketing messages. make the investment in the proper training 3. Make your Internet strategic that each facet of a site be managed to create of Internet personnel, which is a crucial • How much money you spend on your sequence e-mail to phone and phone opportunities for the site to pique the interest Once automated or dealership-assisted Web A Little Overview Can Help ingredient in any successful Internet Web site. to showroom. of a visitor, and compel them to volunteer site merchandising content is competently You Understand operation. Kim Wigder of Wigder Chevrolet information, such as name, phone number appearing in your Web site, the next Roughly 10 years ago, when the Internet in Livingston, N.J. was experiencing • How much money you spend on 4. Use targeted marketing instead of and e-mail address. technology front for dealership Internet emerged in popular culture, a dealership had lackluster results, as far as online sales online marketing, such as pay-per- Web blasting. profits is centered around amplifying the an advantage by simply being there. Five where concerned. They decided to make the click advertising or banner ads. Dealer principals and general managers power of the merchandising message years ago, a dealership that could bring their investment in specialized training. 5. Use control questions to create more that are engaged in the evaluation and through the application of online multimedia inventory to customers online set the bar. • How much money you spend on base appointments. implementation of successful tactical presentations. Two years ago, the dealership that jazzed “We had leads, personnel, a Web site and salaries, health, 401k, and payroll Internet marketing can positively improve their visitor with a piece of glitzy animation even an advanced CRM system, but it taxes for Internet personnel. 6. Secret shop the competition. the performance of their Web site by aligning The perfect example is the addition of talking got the oohs and aahs. wasn’t until we invested in Internet training the resources - either advertising agency, car pages made by Flemington BMW. specifically that we were able to realize true • Add all of these numbers together and 6.5 Remember that success online starts dealership personnel, or Web site vendor - to Today and tomorrow the dealership The technology they employed combines success in our BDC. Now sales, appointment then take your store’s average front at the top. consistently and completely maintain their that stands to profit most will do all the their pre-owned inventory data feed, some shows and close ratios are stronger. Grosses and back end gross. Then, pair that Web site marketing messages. prerequisites with ease. They will use carefully written marketing copy for each are up $689.00 per copy and we’ve become with the amount of service income technologically advanced multimedia car, and the employment of a text-to-speech first in our zone,” said Wigder. generated by the average number of production to breathe life into their online Bridging Technology, Merchandising, Utilize Technology to Leverage generator. Add the programming to create a customers you sell on the front end sales presentations, and will have lined and Marketing Merchandising and Marketing Impact spoken audio file for each car, set to music “In my opinion there is no additional piece and retain in your service department. When you zero in on the single most The Internet has been evolving for years to tug at the emotions a bit and their talking up the trained professionals to ensure that of technology we could have purchased Then, consider how much it costs in important technology piece a dealership and will continue to evolve. For now car pages with music has increased used car their online marketing messages use the that would have made the impact that the lost “right now” referrals and repeat utilizes – its dealership Web site - you and the near future, we are witnessing leads by 17 percent. Beautifully enough, an technology everyday to say the right thing. training provided. We also continue to business to have 80 percent of those provide refresher training to our sales staff leads you generate through all of often times expose a little quagmire, where the “technology of marketing” bring the MP3 is made for each car automatically, in and ongoing outside coaching support to our your Internet channels mishandled the lack of training negatively impacts the opportunity to dealerships to do a better, and both English and Spanish. BDC staff to maximize and increase results,” on a monthly basis. tremendous benefit a dealer’s own Web site much more exciting, job with their online said Wigder. can - and should - offer. merchandising. Now dealership sites are just beginning to 6.5 Ways to Sell More Cars Online take advantage of technology and vendor Dare to Compare 1. Make sure the dealership is prepared Utilize Training to Leverage Technological Doing a better job at online merchandising services to bring video presentations to Web Cory L. Mosley is the founder & CEO means several things. It means getting set sites that reinforce the dealership’s brand of Mosley Automotive Internet Training Getting real about the decision to implement for a minimum of 60-days worth of Merchandising Opportunities Group. Jeff Bonnell is the Principal of a training program at your dealership means follow-up. Sales and profits from a dealership’s Web site up – either through vendor arrangements and synchronize with a dealerships week- MJM Internet. They can be contacted at realizing what it costs you to not invest in are maximized or minimized by dealership – or with dealership personnel to ensure that to-week advertising campaigns. Visitors to 866.883.5005, or by e-mail attrainingtraintrain ngtrainingtraining training. Consider this equation: 2. Create a branded template library and vendor personnel who control the a variety of strong merchandising messages a dealership’s site, in synch with that, are t technolog n g ng “We had leads, personnel, a Web site and even an advanced CRM system, but it wasn’t until we invested in Internet sales training specifically that we were able to realize true “The Internet has been evolving for years and will continue to evolve. For now and the near future, we technologymerchandising m merch is g are witnessing the ‘technology of n success in our BDC. Now sales, appointmentmerchandisingm s shows, and close ratios are stronger. Grosses are up $689.00 per copy and we’ve become first in our zone...” marketing’ bring the opportunity to dealerships to do a better, and much more exciting, job with their online - Kim Wigder, Wigder Chevrolet merchandising.” 12 13
  11. 11. sts fos ls ms sf fis ScottJoseph marketing solution Scott’s Individualized Consultation Transcripts, Part 5 John (real name more monster overnight success stories than you need to. First, increase your phone, omitted to protect the you can possibly believe. Internet and walk-in traffic. Second, increase store’s identity) is the your retention rate, and third, improve your owner of a Chevrolet Marketing strategically is, has always closing percentage. dealership on the East been and will always be the single greatest Coast. His customer business lever of them all. It’s the ultimate J: We try to do all these things now.satisfaction scores are above average but wealth-building tool you could ever possess.sales are flat. S: Great. Don’t forget the third key category Most people who seek to make a change that will have the biggest impact on yourIn this consultation, I gave John a wide range in their dealership mistakenly begin on the store’s performance is your ability toof innovative ways to approach prospects, tactical level. If you do this I can almost optimize and get the highest and best resultshowed him how to resell existing customers, guarantee you’ll get mediocre results. from a situation, action or effort.and told him how to word a compelling Ignoring the importance of strategy is similarmessage to convert his “deadwood” into to someone repairing a New Orleans home Let’s talk about what you can do to increaselive buyers. destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and putting your phone, Internet and walk-in traffic. And in a new carpet without repairing the roof at the same time I can give you suggestionsIf you want to reach more prospects or first. on how to optimize some of the things youconvey a stronger and more compelling are currently doing.message read this transcript. Your strategy is your overall plan and the tactics are the means to the end. On the other J: Great.(Continued from October 2006 issue of hand, if your dealership’s growth formulaAutoSuccess…) begins and ends merely with strategies and S: To increase your traffic, there are 12 never gets to the level of tactics, it’s like an universal rules: Referral systems, AcquiringScott: I like the fact that you are so aggressive architect handing someone a blueprint and customers at break-even up front and makingtrying to sell more cars. I want to make saying, “Your house is done.” Does that a profit on the “back-end,” Guaranteeingsure you get what I’m talking about when make sense? purchases through risk reversal, Host-it comes to your mindset because I want to beneficiary relationships, Advertising,make sure you don’t fall into that trap and J: Yes, it makes perfect sense. Using direct mail, Using telemarketing,give up on everything 30 to 60 days after this Running special events or informationconversation. S: Good, because everything starts with a nights, Acquiring qualified lists that more mindset and philosophy that is a long-term effectively target your prospect, DevelopingAlmost every dealership I’ve ever worked growth strategy and produces big results a Unique Selling Proposition, Increasing thewith was massively under-utilizing their now. Are you ready to get specific on a perceived value of your product or serviceresources when I got to them. You are, too. If strategy that will make your store the best through better client education and UsingI can open your mind to taking advantage of Chevrolet store in the Northeast? public relations.some of the assets you already have, I thinkyou’ll find it easy to sell a lot more cars. J: Now you’re getting me excited. If we can J: We do some of these and there are otherDoes that make sense? come up with a good game plan I know I can things you mentioned that I have questions motivate my people to follow it and carry it on.John: Sure. out. It just has to make sense to me and them. What we’ve talked about makes perfect S: What specifically?S: OK let’s start to talk about the importance sense to me. I’ve just never really thoughtof a great marketing strategy. In the about my dealership this way before. J: What do you mean by guaranteeingmilitaristic view there’s a big difference purchases through risk reversal, host-between strategy and tactics. Strategy is the S: The reason the marketing strategies I lay beneficiary relationships and developing ascience of planning and directing large-scale out are so successful is because they follow Unique Selling Proposition?integrated objectives. This is different from universal rules of business today. And whentactics, which involves the most skillful something is a universal rule, it works S: Great question. Let’s start there.methods and arrangements of your resources, ALL the time. These strategies, tactics, andweapons and forces in order to gain the implementation methods are guaranteed to Over the next several months the rest of thismost complete, substantial, successful and work for YOUR dealership as well. Do you private consultation will be printed. If youoverwhelming outcome possible. Strategy remember what the three goals are to grow would like it in its entirety now please e-maildrives all tactics. your dealership? Scott Joseph at the e-mail below.I know this sounds overly simple, painfully J: Absolutely. I need to increase my activeobvious and ridiculously transparent, but I customer base, transaction value andurge you not to overlook their significance frequency. Scott Joseph is the president of J&Land the impact they can have on your Marketing, Inc. He can be contacted atdealership. Realize the key distinction S: Great. Let’s start with increasing your 866.429.6846, or by e-mail atbetween strategy and tactics has produced active customers. There are three things 14
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis DeliaPassi sales and training solution The New Playing Field: Today’s Women’s Market Sales person Rick For another, there’s an even larger payoff as even more decisively not only as buyers, escorts prospective well: Once you can effectively sell, market but also as gatekeepers and deal-breakers. customer Sandra to the to and retain women customers, you’ll have Clearly, we are well past the era of the door and shakes her the tools to sell anything better to anyone. dependent woman, whose access to financial hand then turns back Men may not need the extra attention - but wherewithal and purchasing decision- to his office. will appreciate it. And almost any target making was more passive and secondhand. market you can name demands attentive The new breed of woman consumer todayRick (to himself): “That went great. I adjustments to their way of shopping, is educated, informed and more empoweredmanaged to hit every selling point and ask deciding and buying. Think minority than ever.all the important questions. I’m sure she’s markets. Think ethnic markets. Think Babyconfident that we’ve got what she wants. Boomers. Think seniors. Think about it - Tips for Car Dealers:She’ll go home, get permission from her That means a lot of new business. 1. Get your business in order first. Thathusband and probably bring him back and means making sure your showrooms andsign the papers. If I don’t hear from her by Now whether she likes the sales experience your environment/individual offices arethe end of the week, I’ll follow up.” or not, eventually she’s got to buy from women-friendly. someone. But when given a choice, a womanSandra (to herself): “What a waste of time, will go out of her way to do business with 2. Create a business and marketing planand like I have time to waste. I don’t think someone who provides the experience she to increase your business among women.he listened once to what I was saying, or prefers. Dealers who made the effort to create a planmaybe he was too preoccupied trying to get have increased their sales among women upthrough his pitch. I hope I find someone soon What does this mean to you? As a sales to 50 percent.who will be the right person to help me find person, you can create an advantage for yourthe right car and the best deal. This is so product by providing an experience that can’t 3. Put your active listening skills into highfrustrating.” be found at your competitors. Being the first gear. Women claim that they are often “not one on your block to master the technique of heard” or understood.Selling is a communication process. selling to women is also more valuable thanCommunication means the transmission her business alone. Let’s face it: women 4. Be patient. Recognize that women takeof ideas or information. With women, the talk. They like to share stories and compare more time in the sales process. Use this timecommunication process becomes a bit more notes. They care about sparing their friends to learn more about her.complex than just making your pitch or or family unpleasant experiences.gathering information. Selling to women 5. Build trust with your women clients. Thatis harder than selling to men. Women take The New Woman Customer means returning her calls the same day,longer, need more input, expect more Women today have the discretionary and calling her quarterly just to connect, createattentive service, require more follow-up disposable income to buy much more of anywhere from five to 10 points of contactand more. I’ve heard the same story over whatever they want. They are the largest and throughout the year which can includeand over: Women are far tougher customers best growth market out there - and they are newsletters, e-mails, holiday cards, etc. Theto do business with, and they demand more never going back to the way things were. more valuable the client, the more points ofservice than men. contact. The growing ranks of well-educated womenSo why bother? By now you already know are the ones who will go on to become the 6. When selling to women, exceedthe drill. For one thing, anyone who succeeds high earners in their professions, and in expectations and build your business throughin selling and servicing women customers corporate America. Right now women hold loyalty and referrals.will tell you that the extra effort will pay you the majority - 50.5 percent - of managementback in multiples. You could say that 1 + 1 and professional jobs, according to Catalyst,= 3. That means, sell well to one woman and even though they make up only 46.5 percentshe will reward you with her business, her of the U.S. labor force. Delia Passi is the president and CEO atloyalty (more business) and probably a large MedeliaCommunications. She can benumber of referrals to other women (and the That spells serious money to spend. Now contacted at 866.883.4953, or by e-mail atbeat goes on). that their lives have grown, women act 18
  13. 13. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidThomas sales and training solution The page came on a Top Gun walk-around demonstration, I paused to ask Prospect is now Tom Cruise commanding his hot Tuesday afternoon. him a few key questions to determine what sport coupe down the avenue. It was probably “David Thomas to was important to him and focus on his areas the first time he had smiled in months. He sat the reception area of interest. Style, sportiness and comfort a little taller in his seat and blurted out, “This – customer waiting.” were his responses, which instantly became might just work!” I quickly greeted a the theme of my presentation.gentleman, who looked to be in his mid- How long do you think it took me to close thatforties, with a slightly sad look on his face. Next, I invited the prospect to sit and enjoy deal? Do you set the stage for an enjoyableHe explained that he recently got a divorce the soft, supple leather seating, the real test drive? A powerful product presentationand he wanted to get something exciting to wood maple trim, and the quiet but powerful will carry momentum and enthusiasm intodrive. “I want to get back in the fast lane,” automatic climate control system. I routinely the close. Captivating the prospect’s attentionhe said. I deduced that he probably also placed my own CD magazine loaded with a makes them less likely to shop around, andwanted to get back into the single life and variety of movie soundtracks in the 12-disc easier to close.wanted something fun, and maybe a little player, waiting for the opportune moment toflashy, to announce his available status. His turn it on. As a kid, one of my favorite shows wasfour-door family sedan wasn’t the image he Monte Hall’s “Let’s Make a Deal.” The gamewas going for. His first question was, “What Now, the fun begins – the ultimate test drive. show models could make a $10 toaster lookdo the ladies like?” I prompted him to look We pull out of the dealership and turn right better than a new car. That is where I learnedat a Lexus SC400 Sport Coupe, and we on Lemmon Avenue (right turns are easier). about presentation skills.proceeded to the pre-owned area and picked Mr. Prospect is moderately accelerating froma rally-red SC400 Coupe to test drive. 0 to 40 mph, but about the time he hits 2nd On a recent shoe-buying venture, I visited gear, I activate the renowned Nakamichi CD a large discount shoe warehouse. WhenI started the engine to allow the car’s interior system to disc two, track one, and the theme I finally found a clerk, they tossed me ato cool before our test drive. During the music to “Top Gun” came in full force. Mr. box and mumbled, “see if those fit” before lumbering away. Needless to say, I wasn’t there very long. A little while later, I visited the men’s shoe department at Neiman Marcus in Dallas. If you want to see great presentation skills, go to Neiman’s and try anything on. Not only do they lace up both shoes for you, they offer their continued assistance while bearing a chrome shoehorn, a smile and a compliment on your selection, and you “test drive” your shoes on the thick pile carpet. Did I pay more? Yes. Did I mind? No. I > Scott Haynes, Penske Chevrolet and Honda enjoyed the outstanding service and the enthusiasm. IMN Loyalty Driver™ is a turnkey e-marketing service that drives interest, sales and customer loyalty. Customized, Ask Yourself: trackable email communications provide tangible results • Are you exciting and enthusiastic? If for dealerships across the country. A couple of examples: you are bored, they are bored. • Do you get their senses involved? • 15 test drives scheduled within the first hour after Look, touch, feel, smell. an IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter was sent. • Are you differentiating your product? • Web traffic spiked to 2.5 times its normal rate Yourself? Your dealership? How? after a dealership’s first e-newsletter. • Are you asking the right questions? Looking for results like these? Call 866.964.6397, ext. 214 What are their needs and wants? or email • Are you listening to their responses? Drive customers in…For sales, for life. • Are you user-friendly? • Are you treating them like a guest in your home? David Thomas is the owner of Subaru 866-964-6397 of Dallas. He can be contacted at 866.429.6803, or by e-mail at 20
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis SeanWolfington leadership solution True Leadership: Making a Difference Leadership involves 12. Practice these principles in all aspects of still suffer, empowering them to become empowering and life. future leaders. That’s making a difference in equipping colleagues the world, one life at a time. with a solid foundation What awesome roles of leadership these of virtues to handle anonymous individuals have become for Sean Wolfington is the general manager of life’s challenges. But the world. Loyal leaders who are but trusted, an ADP Company. He canas with any effective development program servants with one primary mission: to carry be contacted at 866.802.5753, or by e-maildesigned to bring about a desirable and the message of faith and hope to those who at result, it starts with a vision and comesto fruition through steady and continuingprogression.I remember discovering the news that a Work Smarter. Market Smarter.friend was suffering from an addiction andhad reached the point of realizing that his lifewas out of control, and he needed help. Heinformed me that he had found a group ofmen and women who share their experience,strength and hope with each other that,together, they may solve their commonproblem and lead others to recovery.Out of my concern for him, and a littlecuriosity, I probed into the resource fromwhich he was seeking guidance. To mysurprise, I discovered an organization withtremendous results-based success, managedby a courageous group of true leaders whohave dedicated their lives to the service andcommon welfare of people in need. Theorganization’s core values and beliefs providepoignant illustrations for building leadershipqualities and can be translated into a blueprintfor personal development for all of us.Twelve Principles for Personal Development1. Realize that there are areas in your life thatare out of your control.2. Believe there is a Power greater than you.3. Surrender your will to the care of yourCreator, as you understand Him.4. Take a thorough and fearless moral MarketView360 is a hands-free, intelligent multi-channel marketinginventory.5. Admit to yourself and to another person system that automatically sends targeted email, voice broadcast, textthe exact nature of your flaws. and direct mail marketing messages to 100% of your customers based6. Humbly ask God, as you understand Him,to remove your shortcomings. on an algorithmic formula. Let MarketView360 do all the work for7. Be entirely open to the merciful and you, so YOU can focus on the right things; boosting sales, generatingmiraculous removal of defects of character.8. Make a list of all persons you have service & parts revenue, and keeping profitability at a maximum.offended, and be willing to make amends.9. Make direct amends to such peoplewherever possible, unless to do so would Call 1.866.591.4238 orcause harm to them or others.10. Continue to take personal inventory and visit www.marketview360.comwhen wrong, promptly admit it. to find out more about MarketView36011. Seek, through prayer and meditation, toimprove your conscious contact with God, asyou understand Him, praying for knowledgeof His will and for the courage and strengthto fulfill it. The Most Intelligent Multi-channel Marketing System On The Planetnovember 2006 21
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidKain marketing solution Just Give Me Five Minutes - I’ll Show You How to Get Appointments Some things in life are in working with multiple dealerships is that and over because most of your competitors simple, and others are a these are few and far between. are simply making the call to prove to bit more complicated. themselves that the customer is not really When it comes to Getting someone to answer the phone interested. Be prepared and optimistic and talking to strangers, is definitely part of the “science” of the you will do much better on the call. befriending them and process. The best thing to do is to call asselling them a $40,000 vehicle, one would soon as you respond with your personal e- Take Your Timehave to guess that this action would fall into mail. The hope is that you catch them when Recently I was at a dealership that uses call-the “complicated” category. The fact is, if they are actively shopping online. However, tracking technology and the dealer principaldone correctly, it is actually pretty simple and some lead providers scrub their leads, which shared with me that since they have beencan be done in about an hour. Comparatively, may take extra time for you to receive it and measuring their calls they are finding thatI think selling an appointment to come in and the customer may already be offline. Some when their calls generally last two to threetest drive a vehicle is actually more difficult. Internet managers believe there are key times minutes they set fewer appointments forHowever, I have found that if you are willing that you should make the calls to have the sales and service. However, when the callsto spend five minutes or more building best chance at catching the customers. These lasted an average of five minutes or longer,rapport and really showing a genuine interest include around 9 a.m. when they first get to the appointment setting rate was two to threein the prospect, setting an appointment is not work if it is a business number, lunchtime at times greater. By taking the time to buildthat hard. home or work and then early evening. rapport and show genuine interest they find the prospects much more receptive andAsk any veteran car sales person and they Be Over-Prepared willing to come in for a test drive. It remindscan verify that selling vehicles is a mix Preparing for the call is essential. Before you me of the old saying “they don’t care howof art and science. The art is in building rush to pick up the phone and dial, find out as much you know until they know how muchrapport, earning the trust of your customer much as you can about the prospect and what you care.”and persuading them to let you sell them a caused them to generate the request for price,vehicle. The science is in the preparation information, trade value, etc. Research the Most call scripts are designed to be brief, which– knowing your product, knowing your lead by checking their name in your DMS is truly a design problem. The call should takeinventory, understanding what your or CRM database to determine if they are a as long as necessary to serve the prospect’sdealership processes are for handling trades previous sales or service customer. Next, needs without being too long to bore them.and financing and how you can use them to check where the lead came from and then There is a balance and that is where you havebetter assist the customer. duplicate the path if you can to see what the to blend art and science and hone your skills. customer was exposed to before they clicked If you have call-tracking technology, startIn my own experience, I think it is easier to “submit.” You may find that the customer is measuring the time and see if the results forsell a car to someone at the dealership than expecting certain things from your dealership you are similar. If you don’t, then just use ait is to sell an appointment to someone who that the Web site they visited promised you clock or watch and see for yourself the benefitsinquires about a vehicle over the Internet. would deliver. By understanding what they of warming up the customer and exceedingAt the dealership, the customer has shown expect, you will do a better job in meeting their needs on the call.clear physical intent to purchase by showing their expectations. Make sure you know ifup. Additionally, you have the product right you have what they are looking for or if youthere and in a variety of colors and equipment have to locate a vehicle. Also, it is importantto motivate them to test drive and fall in love to read their comments if any and to seewith it. With an Internet lead, you first have if they have identified a trade-in. Thinkto get them to respond to your e-mail and through what you are going to say and how David Kain is the automotive Internetthen you have to get them on the phone so you intend to build rapport and then make training specialist at Kain Automotive, can start trying to talk them into coming the call. He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, orto the dealership. There are some who will by e-mail at dkain@autosuccessonline.appoint via e-mail but my own experience Being over-prepared will reward you over com, or visit 22
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis DixonJudd sales and training solution The Perfect Way to Consistently Find More and More Clients If you want to to these levels by having an adaptable qualified clients. Many times these can be continuously find new system in place to bring these clients to you demographic groups that are easily identified clients to grow your consistently. and when approached have a much higher business, then you will rate of needing and using your services need a plan that allows This will take most professionals one to three than the masses. Examples of these types of you to intersect with years to build momentum in these two areas groups would be:people who want and need your services, at the to the point that a predictable flow of businesstime that they actually need your services. can be established. This is where most people • First time vehicle buyers fail. Having a correct understanding and • Long-time vehicle owners for 10+Building a long-term career in sales involving expectation of this phase of your business will years, and are looking for a newera plan that starts with your own personal prevent you from making the mistakes that modelinvolvement. This is why it is important to cause so many people to fail. Most people get • Parents that are looking to get rid ofknow your personal goals in detail, to the side tracked somewhere along the way of this their minivan, now that the childrenpoint that they are actually exciting and first stage that we will call “The Momentum are out of the housemotivating. Then, managing your time and Build Up Phase.” They either stop addingprioritizing these activities to make sure that new clients (this usually takes the shape of There are dozens of other proven nichesyou are pursuing them consistently, ensures celebrating the current success and spending that people have added successfully to theirprogress. Understanding the key ingredients 110 percent of the commission before it is order to have a valid client lies in two received.), only to run dry when their currentcomponents, desire and ability. One without pipeline closes. Then they have to rev up the The final stage of building your business isthe other does not produce a successful engines and start the building process all over referred to as “The Mastery Phase.” Thisclosing. again and again. This creates burn-out and is the ultimate goal of every professional. It frustration very quickly. The other pitfall is is the stage where your business will sustainHow do you build the perfect system to they start going after every lead generation itself without your daily involvement. This isgenerate more and more clients consistently? activity that catches their eye. In a six month the reward of those who have followed theWith a written plan, you will start with to one-year time frame, they have tried four growth plan outlined here: One to three yearsbuilding on foundational pieces - a plan that to five different lead generation strategies but of momentum build up, two to four years ofhas one main area of focus that you have an have not stayed with any one of them. This does business maintenance and cultivation thatinsight or deep interest in. This will enable not allow enough time for seeds planted to be will produce a self-sustaining business foryou to build a main pillar of business that will cultivated and harvested. Time, effort, money the long term.return dividends for your entire career. It is and enthusiasm spent on these revolving leadsimilar to a doctor or attorney selecting an generation activities cannot be monitored or This is when a practice becomes a perfectarea of expertise. Thinking longer term will measured for their return on investment and, operation. Whether you build a team, angive you the perspective to choose an area that therefore, are usually wasted. office or an entire company this will yield theyou will be very passionate about. As these opportunity to enjoy a business that can be anare deep areas that require an investment of The most successful professionals who annuity for many years, or a business that cantime, energy, resources and a commitment dominate their fields have a plan that, at its be sold for a value many times greater thanto becoming an expert they will not be areas core, focuses on one main area of expertise the actual business volume. Congratulationsthat you change in and out of. and a solid, consistent past client/sphere of on building “The Perfect Way To Finding influence program. Then and only then do More and More Clients.”The second foundational piece is to have a they look to add additional lead generationsystem to capture the repeat and referral systems to this foundation. This is usuallybusiness that your past clients and your sphere during years two to four that we will callof influence can provide. An ideal business “The Maintenance Phase.” You can add Dixon Judd is a Partner in Your Successwill have 70 percent of its business coming niche marketing or go after demographic at Performance Resource Group. He canfrom past clients and sphere of influence. lead generation systems that have a much be contacted at 866.883.4916, or byThis is only possible and can be accelerated higher success rate of consistently producing e-mail at December 12th & 13th New York & New Jersey 26
  17. 17. We stand out in the crowd. 1.888.695.4278 • Showroom Customer Relationship Lead Management System