Win a FREE trip for two to the Kentucky Derby! pg.19                                                                      ...
Thursday, 3:15pm        When your bank’s going out of business,            Chrysler Financial’s on track.   With Chrysler ...
manager                                                                                   I N S I D E                     ...
TM  Jim Ziegler Presents:       The most powerful tools to prepare your sales team for “FOLLOWING THE ROAD TO THE SALE”   ...
sts      ms        ls     fis       lr                        leadership solution                                          ...
continued  3. Did I make a difference? I have a         temporarily happy, but when you realize       to success, you’ll g...
sts      ms         ls    fis       lr                              f&i solution                                           ...
ADVERTISEMENTprofit solution                                                                                               ...
sts       ms       ls      fis      lr    sales and training solution                                                      ...
Walter F. Hamlin                                                                          Shane Westbrook                 ...
sts       ms       ls      fis       lr    sales and training solution                                                     ...
sts      ms       ls     fis       lr    sales and training solution                                                       ...
sts      ms        ls     fis      lr                                       leisure & recreation                           ...
continued               5     through to the inside.                     This camp is led by                              ...
fs       feature solution                                                                                                 ...
“Your 20 group is a great resource for Þnding these companies.”and flexible schedule the week prior or         that this is...
sts      ms         ls     fis     lr                         leadership solution                                          ...
THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL                                                      win...
AutoSuccess, the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotiveprofessional, has teamed up with cross town Louisville Sl...
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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. Win a FREE trip for two to the Kentucky Derby! pg.19 .biz March 2004Leland GlynnGet Your DealershipReady For Event Marketing!RedeÞne Success: SimpleStrategies for FulÞllmentContract Disclosure Made EasyThe Power of PausingTalk Their Talk Joel DeNooyer, President of DeNooyer Auto Group, Albany, New York
  2. 2. Thursday, 3:15pm When your bank’s going out of business, Chrysler Financial’s on track. With Chrysler Financial, what you get is a plan. One that’s focused on growing your business by providing the right tools for wholesale floorplanning, renovation, expansion, acquisition and more. To learn more about our vision for your dealership’s future, call your Dealer Relations Manager. Forty years of finance. Forty years of growth. Financing your investment. A member of the DaimlerChrysler Services Group
  3. 3. manager I N S I D E driventeam operation uccessrevenue automobil 6 solutions Redefine Success: Simple Strategies for Fulfillment Anthony Robbins 8 Contract Disclosure Made Easy George Jackson profitprofessional10 It’s a Numbers Game Jim Adams12 sales The Power of Pausing Brian Tracy13 Talk Their Talk Patrick Luck14 Get in Position to Play Your Best Brian Manzella16 Get Your Dealership Ready For Event Marketing! Leland Glynn18 Have No Fear of Public Speaking Joe Takash21 The Power of Appreciation Steve Hiatt22 Driven to Perfection Ricardo Weitz24 New Ideas to Boost Sales Dennis McDonough26 Does Size Matter Timothy J. McCarthy28 12 Solutions for Being a Better Leader Mark Tewart29 The Top 10 Best Practices Sean Wolfington “You are who you decide to be, at any given moment. It doesn’t take money, education, experience or anything else. It simply takes deciding.” - Mark Tewart Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Acts 10:34-35 • And Peter opened his mouth Susan Goodman, VP of Operations • and said: “Truly I perceive that 756 South 1st Street, Suite 202 Thomas Williams, Creative Director God shows no partiality, but in every nation any one who fears Louisville, Kentucky 40202 • inventory Liz Presler, Media Director • him and does what is right is Toll Free: 877.818.6620 acceptable to him...” Facsimile: 502.588.3170 Courtney Hill, Advertising Services • Web: In God We Trust Success Driven Solutions Kelley Humkey, Advertising Services • kelley@autosuccess.bizAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorialsand graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; viewsexpressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccessmay occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA.Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
  4. 4. TM Jim Ziegler Presents: The most powerful tools to prepare your sales team for “FOLLOWING THE ROAD TO THE SALE” SALES MANAGER FORUM: Motivating your Sales Team to Higher Profitability Taught By James A. Ziegler Las Vegas, NV March 17 - 18, 2004 Atlantic City, NJ April 13 - 14, 2004 Denver, CO April 20 - 21, 2004 Atlanta, GA May 11 - 12, 2004 Chicago, IL May 19 - 20, 2004 THE COMPLETE F&I MENU SELLING SYSTEM Present 100% of your products 100% of the time! Taught By Becky Chernek Sponsored By Jim Ziegler & Ziegler Supersystems, Inc. Atlanta, GA March 16 - 18, 2004 Average Chicago, IL April 13 - 15, 2004 with great people Las Vegas, NV May 11 - 13, 2004 can do inc procedures red BATTLE PLAN Call today ible things! for Immediately increase profits! informatio a FREE n kit. Taught By James A. Ziegler 8000-726-051 Chicago, IL March 3, 2004 0 Dates and locations subject to change IN-STORE CONSULTING!What sets our consultants apart from the others...Synergy! Have Zieglers Professional Consulting Team... COME TO YOUR DEALERSHIP! Our trainers will: For more information: ✔ Focus on BOTH the Sales and F & I departments to integrate the entire dealership into ONE cohesive team! ✔ Identify your strengths and your weaknesses. 1-800-726-0510 ✔ Put a game plan in place for your improvement. Call today to speak with a consultant or to schedule a visit to your dealership.
  5. 5. sts ms ls fis lr leadership solution anthony robbins By Anthony Robbins RedeÞne Success: Simple Strategies for FulÞllment People are always the direction of your life, dramatically. not keeping score; they are not focusing on searching for a way The good news is that you can change it, what they have achieved, how they have to be successful. instantly. All you need to do is identify grown. You need to find a definition for But, what is success, what you associate pain and pleasure to, success that gives you pleasure when you really? And how and adjust your focus onto things that win, and when you lose (that is, when you can you find ways empower you and serve you in your life. don’t give your all or produce your best)to be more successful, every day and in The rules that you have in your life, what it motivates you to make your life eveneverything that you do? While it might you attach pain to and pleasure to, also better.seem a little overwhelming sometimes, it affect your ability to truly feel success indoesn’t have to be. The truth is that success your life. For some people, their definition virtuallyis defined differently by each and every guarantees them the pain of feelingone of us. And the key to being able to The main reasons that most people do not unsuccessful. For example, in yourtruly achieve and be fulfilled at the highest succeed in life are: 1) they have forgotten dealership, if your rules for success are:level lies in how you define it for yourself. what success really means to them; and/or that you must never experience challengesOnce you realize what your rules for 2) their rules for success are so strict that it with your staff, you must always retainsuccess are, you can then focus on making becomes difficult, or even impossible, for your clients throughout their life, you mustthem more empowering, and suddenly you them to ever feel successful. What made never get frustrated with your accounting,will begin to see a shift in how successful you want to work where you do? Was it you must never feel tired or worry aboutyou are—and this will change every single so that you could help people, contribute the future of your business or the numberthing in your life. to their overall quality of life? Did you of sales that have been made…how often pick a certain location so that you could do you think you will get to experienceWhat you first need to recognize is this serve your community or so you could feeling successful? How about, in contrast,one idea: What you link pain to and what guarantee a better quality of life for your if you know you are successful everyyou link pleasure to will determine your family? Was it because you like interacting day you walk out of the house and take adestiny. People link pain and pleasure to with people, spending time talking to breath of fresh air? How would that changea myriad of experiences (money, family, others? Whatever the reason, take some your life? Chances are that your personalrelationships, learning, working, giving, time to think about it and get yourself definition is somewhere in between. But,exercise) and you probably know people re-associated to it. Just focusing on what how could you define your success in awho attach pain to one of these things your end goal is, the thing that is most way that is more empowering for you, andthat other people attach pleasure to! A important to you, will aid you in feeling allows you to experience success on a dailymarathon runner, for example, associates successful, because it will allow you to re- basis? Write it down, live it, and you willpleasure to running—to the exercise, to focus your energy on accomplishing what experience an immediate improvement inthe exertion; another person attaches pain it is that you really want. the fulfillment that you enjoy in your lifeto running, having to wake up early, get every day.dirty and sore, and therefore chooses to The first step in truly experiencing successlounge on the couch and stare at the TV, is to define what success really means to Once you know what success really is forshuddering at the idea of even walking you in clear, achievable terms. In most you, the next step is to measure it mile! However, a change in what you cases, people are succeeding in life, but Look at your definition of success andassociate pain or pleasure to will change they do not feel like they are. They are realize all the ways you can feel successful about your day. Ask yourself questions and set up a system that allows you to measure your success daily. AT T E N T I O N : Here’s an example, let’s look at the definition of success that I use in my life: “I •Automotive Dealers am successful when I experience joy while I contribute and produce results.” •Ad Agencies •Automotive Marketers!! 1. Did I learn something? It is impossible to not learn something, Automotive Ad Planner Kit On Interactive CD-ROM whether or not you achieve your goals or not, you are always learning 24 Campaigns Included!! something. (Limited Supply Offer) 2. Did I grow? The fact that I’m alive, for me, means I’m going to grow. If I’ve learned anything, I will use it, and as I use it, I grow. 6 subscribe today at
  6. 6. continued 3. Did I make a difference? I have a temporarily happy, but when you realize to success, you’ll get the means, but you’ll simple definition for this one: Have I that by getting that one thing done, you miss out on the very meaning of your life. made a difference in the way people made it possible for a customer to buy the You’ll find yourself achieving ends, but feel about themselves? I can do that by car of their dreams, you may find a more then asking yourself, “Is this all there is?” asking questions, giving a compliment, sustainable feeling of joy is created. You Make sure you focus on what you really or just by encouraging someone to do didn’t just fill out a piece of paper; you want in your life, and be flexible on how something, such as read a book. contributed beyond yourself and helped a you go about getting it. 4. Did I enjoy? I finally realized fellow human being. that no matter what I’m doing, I Success is something different for each could choose to enjoy it, whether it’s When you are done reading this, set aside and every one of us. The important thing washing dishes or doing a seminar for some time and discover what success has is to find a definition of success that 10,000 people. At any moment in time, meant to you in the past, and see if there allows you to achieve more in ways that I can enjoy what I’m experiencing if I are more empowering decisions you can are truly meaningful to you. Set yourself simply choose to. make right now that will allow you to up to measure your achievements and experience emotions of joy, gratitude, and monitor them daily. Once you have rulesWhen you set up your system for measuring fulfillment. How do you define success in that empower you, you will find that yoursuccess in this way, you create a way to your life? What are your rules for success? quality of life will improve and, becausewin every day, regardless of what you are Are these rules appropriate? Have you you are now focused on the things that trulyinvolved in, who you are with, and even set yourself up for failure because you matter to you, you will begin to have a lifewith all the challenges that do arise in any haven’t found a way to measure whether that is more meaningful and fulfilled.given circumstance. You begin to focus on or not you’re succeeding, or worse—dothe ends and not the means and this will you measure your success in a way that’schange your life. You will experience more totally inappropriate, contradictory, or Anthony Robbins is Founder andjoy, more love, and more passion because impossible to reach? Chairman of the Board of The Anthonyyou are focusing on what it truly takes to Robbins Companies. He can bemake you happy and fulfilled. Getting Remember: Whatever you focus on, you contacted at 866.766.7153, or visitone thing done in your day may make you will experience. If you focus on the means Killer instinct. It’s what makes The McCarthy Companies the premier agency for premier dealers. By providing strategic advertising and marketing solutions, our high profile clients hold top U.S. positions with every factory, including Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Volvo and Kia. • Separation branding • State-of-the-art production • Aggressive media buying • Qualitative research • Online phone call tracking • Real-time electronic radio tracking • $2.2M average client billing Do more than survive. Dominate your market.march 2004 7
  7. 7. sts ms ls fis lr f&i solution georgeGeorge Jackson By jackson Contract Disclosure Made Easy Upon completing 2. Customer, dealership, insurance, and this is your GAP coverage. a successful and vehicle information. In other words, this is the Value Plan that presentation, many Once the payment has been reviewed, the you chose to enroll in earlier.” Remind F&I professionals next area of the contract to disclose is the the customer that he or she enrolled in the leave the customer name and address of the customer and programs and that it is part of the payment with a bad last the dealership, followed by the vehicle that he or she agreed to earlier.impression by performing a poor year, make, model, and VIN. This is donecontract disclosure. Failing to deliver the by saying, “Ms. Jones, you are listed as 4. Truth-in-Lending boxes.paperwork properly can overshadow a the buyer and this is your name as it is The last line of the itemization of thegreat presentation. To avoid this, simply to appear on your title and your current disclosure sequence is the Amount tofollow the following five steps, and your address. We are listed as the seller and Finance, which is also the center boxcontract disclosure will become one of the here is our dealership name and address. of the Truth-in-Lending boxes. This iseasiest parts of your presentation. Here is your 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee a natural transition to the TIL Boxes. Laredo for personal use and here is the Review the APR, the Finance Charge,1. Start with payment. Vehicle Identification Number.” the Total of Payments, and the Total SalesMany F&I professionals start at the top Price. There is not a legal obligation toof the contract and work their way to the 3. Itemization of the amount to Þnance. read any of the numbers in these boxes,bottom. If you have a variety of lenders, Next, on your disclosure sequence, you but it is recommended. At this point ofall with their own contracts, this means should thoroughly cover the Itemization the process, again, there is nothing to fearthat you are doing a different disclosure of the Amount to Finance, line by line. because you have done your job well.sequence for each lender. Also, when you Go over the sales price, the trade equity, Occasionally, a customer will be surprisedstart at the top of the contract, you usually cash down, unpaid balance, and all of the at the amount in the Total Sales price not have the customer’s attention until itemized fees, including the products that Simply explain that it is the total of theyou reach the payment box. Start with the customer chose on the menu. Doing payments that he/she already agreed to,the payment because you will take away so intimidates most F&I professionals, plus the down payment they agreed tothe customer’s stress. Generally, this is but if you did your job well to this point, with the sales person.the most important part of the contract what is there to fear? Sure, the customerfor customers. In addition, the monthly is seeing the product costs for the first 5. Back to payment.payment is the last thing that you and time (note: always disclose the retail Finally, before asking the customer tothe customer discussed on the menu, installment contract before the individual sign the contract, review the paymentso it is a natural transition. Simply say, product forms), yet if there is a reaction, once again to ensure to the customer,“Ms. Jones, this is your retail installment it will be more of a ‘sticker-shock’ than now having seen the product costs for thecontract and, as you agreed, you will an objection. However, you can alleviate first time, that his or her payment has nothave 60 payments of $475.11 per month this by saying something like, “This is changed. This will also reinforce that thebeginning on April 15th.” your service contract, this is your credit payment that he or she agreed to is the same payment that appears on the contract that is about to be signed. There are many legal issues to also consider that will be reviewed in a future editorial. For now, follow this sequence and you will undoubtedly minimize your chargebacks and increase your customer 34 years experience in Automotive Radio & TV Spots. We satisfaction. provide HIGH IMPACT-LOW COST spots!!! Visit our website to see the latest ideas! also... We specialize in DEALER DELIVERY Tapes & CDs!! Inform customers about Service Hours, Dealership Benefits, or just THANK them for their business!! George Jackson is the Director of F&I Training for American Financial & or 1-800-905-4818 Automotive Services, Inc. He can be Jingles* Video Radio * On-Hold Messages * Tremendous Voice Talent contacted at 866.280.0301, or by email at 8 successful solutions at
  8. 8. ADVERTISEMENTprofit solution scott Scott Joseph By joseph Amazing marketing “tool” helps Dealers and General Managers who use direct mail increase their net profits 30% to 100%! Are your direct gives you huge marketing advantages But J&L can, and J&L does. Our statistics mail promotions over all your competitors. tell us that for the last 3.5 million pieces producing of mail delivered, the Response Analysis consistent and Now, you’ve heard the cliché… has helped our dealer clients sell animproving results or are they falling Information is what? Right. Information average of 33 cars for every 10,000short of your expectations and declining is power. If you could look back upon pieces of mail delivered!with each promotion? Most dealers who the history of thousands of promotions,use direct mail are still searching for the examine the mailing lists, read over the The Response Analysis is the mostelusive combination that produced record- direct mail letters, track what worked, powerful marketing tool in automotivebreaking results like their Þrst direct mail what didn’t, who bought, who didn’t, advertising today. Find out whypromotion. and why… would this be powerful J&L’s dealership response rates information to you? have increased 72% in the last twoThe number one objection we hear when years. This combined with unequaledprospecting for new dealer clients is that The reality is every direct mail promotion professionalism and customer support isdirect mail doesn’t work anymore. When produces both good and bad results. The why 94% of all J&L customers continuewe ask why most dealers say, “My market problem is being able to easily recognize their relationship with us for saturated” or “It only attracts gift which is which. That problem is solved!seekers” or “The people who respond are Now you can have all the information Just ask them for yourself. Ricknot buyers.” you need to ensure success at the touch of Hillman from Hollingsworth Mazda a button. says, “J&L Marketing’s direct mailI agree with all these reasons because program is the most cost-efÞcient form ofif a direct mail promotion is not well Imagine being able to know immediately advertising that I have seen in the thirtythought out from start to Þnish it will not which market areas produce results years that I’ve been in the car business.”work. This brings up a question! And the that exceed your expectations and morequestion is… importantly which ones to avoid. Simply Pat Fogerty from Classic Toyota says, asking the computer… “How do we “We have used J&L Marketing for yearsHow can you eliminate all the elements generate more trafÞc and sell more cars?” because of their continual support andof a promotion that do not give you the J&L’s proprietary Response Analysis excellent results. This is an invaluablereturn on investment you need and at the System directs us toward those activities service.”same time improve on the aspects that that bring success, and away from thoseproduce exactly what you want? That’s that don’t. We reÞne the offers, prices, Billy Gordon from Patrick Chevroletthe real question isn’t it? If you could strategies, locations, and even the days of says, “We have been running with J&Linvest advertising dollars only where the week that bring the highest return. Marketing for four years, and we canyou see great results and eliminate what attribute more sales to them than anydoesn’t work, how many more cars could Our analysis allows us to produce ever- other form of advertising. J&L is the mostyou sell? How much money would you increasing levels of success. Since professional company I’ve worked withmake? the market is a lot smarter than we since I began in the car business 18 years ago.” are, we don’t go by hunches, opinions,I’ve invested a small fortune to develop or gut feelings about how to improve You too can start experiencingthe marketing “tool” that will provide performance. We rely solely on the consistent results from the mostyou the information that is necessary numbers to tell us “where to from here.” professional marketing companyto produce the results you really want right now by contacting my ofÞce atand could quite possibly increase your How can anyone make recommendations 866.856.6782 and asking for Lisa Wilson.sales with each promotion from this day to you without the validation of facts, Or e-mail her at: lwilson@jandlmarketforward. J&L Marketing is the only Þrm statistics and numbers? How can anyone As soon as you contact us wewith this unique capability. It allows us implement a growth strategy based will begin to create a growth strategyto research and analyze your promotions on hunches and guesses, rather than unique to your organization, producingfrom over 100 different perspectives and this powerful analysis program? It’s more proÞt, more volume, and more obvious…they can’t. satisÞed
  9. 9. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution jimByadams Jim Adams It’s a Numbers Game Sales follow numbers of everyone they know (friends, 10,000 names that you can contact about opportunities relatives, social and business contacts, etc.). owner loyalty programs, service and parts everywhere they specials, general follow up, etc. go—it’s a numbers It is important to note that your staff game. Therefore, understands that you are not asking them you must teach your to hound their friends and relatives to buy Jim Adams is the General Salessales staff to prospect before you ever try to cars. What they are doing is informing Manager at Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. Heteach the first selling skill to them. Why? these people that they are currently selling can be contacted at 800.905.0627, orBecause: cars for a living. Help them understand by email at that people would rather do business with • 10 - 12% is the average closing ratio people they know, not to mention the of a fresh up. They are harder to close, fact that the average closing ratio on new make less money, and are the least business contacts is above 50%. loyal of any source of business. • One half of repeat owners and Assign every sales person a sales code. referrals will buy from you if you have Your prospect file is sorted into three a personal follow up system in place. categories. “C” which is circle of influence. However, 80% of customers cannot “P” is for prospect, and “S” is for sold. remember their sales person’s name a From this file you can build a master file year after their purchase. of every single opportunity that either • Each sales person has a circle of knows your sales person, has shopped at influence of over 500 people, friends, your dealership, or has bought from your relatives, and social and business dealership. With your master prospect file, contacts that would do business with your sales person can use this information them if asked. in conjunction with their daily planners to do owner follow-up, host prospect calls,Stop focusing on monthly sales objectives and make general phone contacts.and start demanding that your sales peoplehave monthly opportunity objectives. You must demand an accurate log sheet.(See chart) If your focus is on opportunity generation instead of unit production, then salesWhat is your sales person’s daily activity? people will be more inclined to make sureHow many opportunities per day are that the log sheet has accurate informationthey expected to generate? This is a key which includes name, address, work, hometo success. Five generated opportunities and cell number, and email.equal one sale. Manage the activity not theresult. The sales will come if your focus With your master prospect file you can haveis on generating a monthly dealership immediate contact with your customer baseopportunity goal not a unit goal. sorted by unit, interest, ownership, etc. It is important that one person be responsibleIf you have a simple spreadsheet program for data entry and deletion of return mail.(like Excel), then you have the tools neededto develop a professional follow up system. A store that has 300 opportunities a monthBefore your new hire ever takes an up, with a staff of eight to ten sales peoplerequire them to create a ‘circle of influence’ could easily have over 8,000 to 10,000list of names, addresses, and telephone prospects in the first year alone. That is Opportunities Demonstrations (80%) Write Up (50%) Delivery (50%) 5 4 2 1 10 8 4 2 20 16 8 4 100 80 40 20 500 400 200 100 800.864.5971 10 visit us today at
  10. 10. Walter F. Hamlin Shane Westbrook Michael W. Novel Dawn M. Hamlin Hamlin, Novel & Reaves Bryce Rosene Linda Borst Howard J. Reaves 4481 Ash Grove Drive ~ SpringÞeld, IL 62707 Paula Groves Marie South William Ladd July 13, 2004 Sample A. Sample 1234 Any Street Anytown, ST 00000DIRECT MAIL WORKS! Dear Sample: Our Þrm has been retained by ABC Motors to eliminate a massive amount of unsold inventory. ABC Motors is overstocked with new and pre-owned cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles that must be eliminated immediately.WHEN YOU DEAL WITH THE BEST. As a preferred customer, you may take advantage of over 300 new vehicles that have been slated for immediate elimination. In addition, you may choose from over $1 Million in pre-owned vehicles. Our Þrm will conduct this event on Saturday, July 28th ONLY. As a preferred customer, your credit has been virtually pre-approved.** Special elimination prices will be in effect on all vehicles. NO NEGOTIATION WILL BE NECESSARY. We have been creating results for These discounts PLUS rebates up to $3000* or Þnancing rates as low as 0.0% APR* will save you literally thousands of dollars. By agreeing to eliminate this excess inventory, ABC Motors is authorized to offer trade-in allowances over over 14 years, our clients range book value, no matter how much you owe! Special appraisers will be on duty. Sample, please bring this letter along with your title or payment book. Due to anticipated response, we urge you to call for an appointment to preview the inventory prior to notiÞcation of the general public. from small markets to top dealers This drastic inventory elimination will be held at ABC Motors, located at 1234 Anystreet in Any Town on Saturday, July 28th from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. in the country. We use a no-gift, All telephone inquiries must be directed to 800-991-9356, extension 99 no-gimmick approach to direct Sincerely, mail, targeting the dealerships past Wally Hamlin customers, as well as the friends *On select models with approved credit; length of contract may be restricted; see dealer for details. ** Severity of credit may affect rate, term and down payment; some restrictions may apply; see dealer for details. and neighbors of those customers during our events. “I have used HNR to help us accomplish our goal of being the largest volume Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealer in Indiana. We have also broke our single day, week and month sales record with their events.” Courtney Cole, Owner Hare Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Noblesville, IN “I’ve done over 40 events with them over the years and continue to get results by following their recommendations on planning, preparation and execution.” Alan Vines, Co-Owner Gary Mathews in Jackson, Jackson, TN “Cable Dahmer Chevrolet worked with the same research manager for 8 years which is rare with a direct mail marketing company. They know what works and they always do what they say they’re going to do.” Carlos Ledezma, Owner Cable Dahmer Chevrolet, Independence, MO Call today for your FREE Market Analysis! 800.905.0623
  11. 11. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution brian tracy By Brian Tracy The Power of Pausing All of the top sales specific benefits. The first is that you the prospect feel more valuable with your people ask good avoid the risk of interrupting the prospect silence. You raise his/her self-esteem and questions and listen if he/she has just stopped to gather his/her make him/her feel better. carefully to the thoughts. Remember, your primary job answers. One of in the sales conversation is to build and the most importantskills of listening is simply to pause before maintain a high level of trust, and listening builds trust. When you pause for a few “By extension,replying. When the prospect finishestalking, rather than jumping in with the first seconds, you often find the prospect will continue speaking. He will give you more you become athing that you can think of, take three to fiveseconds to pause quietly and wait. information and further opportunity to listen, enabling you to gather more of the more valuableBecome a master of the pause. information you need to make the sale. person to doAll excellent listeners are masters of thepause. They are comfortable with silences. Carefully consider what you just heard. The second benefit of pausing is that your business with.”When the other person finishes speaking, silence tells the prospect that you are givingthey take a breath, relax and smile before careful consideration to what he/she has Understanding with greater clarity.saying anything. They know that the pause just said. By carefully considering the other The third benefit of pausing before replyingis a key part of good communications. person’s words, you are paying him/her a is that you will actually hear and understand compliment. You are implicitly saying that the prospect better if you give his/her wordsThree beneÞts of pausing. you consider what was said to be important a few seconds to soak into your mind. ThePausing before you speak has three and worthy of quiet reflection. You make more time you take to reflect upon what has just been said, the more conscious you will be of the their real meaning. You will be more alert to how his/her words can connect with other things you know about the prospect in relation to your product or service. The message you send. When you pause, not only do you become a more thoughtful person, but you convey this to the customer. By extension, you become a more valuable person to do business with. And you achieve this by simply pausing for a few seconds before you reply after your prospect or customer has spoken. Action Steps. Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. First, take time to carefully consider what DON’T LET PROFITS the customer just said and what he might WALK OFF YOUR LOT. mean by it. Pausing allows you to read Partnering with J.D. Byrider opens a new between the lines. market to new car dealers. Our franchise gives you more than the most recognized name Second, show the customer that you really in Dealer Carried Finance. From targeted site value what they have said by reflecting for selection and building design, to our innovative a few moments before you reply. Discover softwareTM and solid CNAC financing support, J.D. Byrider works with you to ensure success. To learn more about J.D. Byrider franchising opportunities visit or call (800) 947-4532. Brian Tracy is the Chairman & CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can be contacted at 866.300.9881, or by email at 12 check us out at
  12. 12. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution patrick luck By Patrick Luck Talk Their Talk An easy way to out if they are internal or external decision gain instant and makers. To do this ask, “At the time you deep rapport with made the decision to buy your last vehicle, your customer is how did you know you made the right to present to them decision when you made it?” When they in a way that they answer, “I just knew it,” or, “ I could feelcan process information comfortably. The it in my gut,” this customer is an internalfirst thing to do is ask, “For you, what’s decision maker. An internal decisionmost important about your next vehicle?” maker does not want or need advice or toFollow their answer with, “What else?” be pushed (a great way to end a sentenceTheir answers will be their criteria for with an internal decision maker is to say,purchase. This is the language that will “…and ultimately, it’s up to you…”).motivate them to buy. So, if the answer However, when the customer answers, we’re this close to a curewere, “ I would have to get a great price, “I checked at eight dealerships, I askedand I need a dependable car,” then the my brother-in-law who sells cars in Newcustomer’s motivating language is “great York, and the three leading consumer-price” and “dependable car.” Input these watch magazines said it was the bestpower words into your presentation buy,” this person is an external decisionimmediately and often. You will begin maker. They need references to maketo see the customer warm up to you, sure; they want advice or confirmation.because you are speaking their language. External decision makers can be spottedYou can establish instant and deep rapport easily when they ask, “What do you thinkwith customers using these power words. I should do?”Always speak to your customers in a waythat is most appealing to them. Not everyone is always toward-type/away- type or internal decision maker/externalAnother way to do this is to find out if decision maker in every situation. Theythe customer is a toward-type person or could be toward for one thing and awayan away-type person. To do this, simply in another. When you ask the question, theask, “What is getting a great price really hot button words will leap out, and thengoing to do for you?” When they answer, use the information you learn to speak in Juvenile Diabetes“Well, I’ll have more money to do other terms most comfortable to the customer. affects millionsthings,” they are answering how getting a The same for the internal and external. Mary Tyler Moore International Chairman and causes long-great price on this vehicle will help them Practice asking these questions in differentget other things as well. They are moving situations with coworkers, friends, and term complications like blindnesstoward something. When they answer, family, and you will get good at it. and kidney failure. Not to mention“Well, then I don’t have to worry if I have pain and worry no kid should haveenough money for my other bills.” They Don’t hesitate to repeat the question if the to live with. But we’re closer thanare answering how getting a great price is customer looks puzzled for a moment, or ever to a cure. Your help makesgoing to help them to avoid something, a says “what?”. They are not familiar withpossible problem. They are moving away. these questions, so just repeat it. And life-saving research possible. CallNeither is right or wrong, just how you don’t paraphrase it. 1.800.533.CURE or visitpresent to these customers from now on If they are a toward-type, speak to them Gaining instant and deep rapport andabout how this vehicle, the financing, the speaking in terms that puts your customerswarranty, the service is going to help move at ease can eliminate the response, “Well,toward things and get more. If they are an I just need to think about it,” when itaway-type, then speak in terms of how seemed you were giving the customer justthis vehicle, the financing, the warranty, what they’d asked for.the service etc. is going to help them avoidproblems, or worrying. Patrick Luck is the Editor and Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine. He can beAnother way to speak in terms of how contacted at 800.331.9507, or by emailcustomers process information is to find at 2004 13
  13. 13. sts ms ls fis lr leisure & recreation brianBy Brian Manzella manzella Get in Position to Play Your Best When I give put- players who had some outstanding success always present on the most nonchalant of ting lessons-which as golfers (and putters): Jay Sigel and Don putting strokes: the ‘rake-in.’ You know, golfers take far too Pooley. when you have missed your putt slightly few of-it amazes me wide and long and you reach the putter out how little golfers A good way to practice this is to place (usually with one arm) and rake/stroke the know about what four quarters on the ground behind the ball ball in the hole. It always amazed me howthe putter should do during the putting (PIC 2). Either address the ball by hover- many of these ‘putts’ go in as comparedstroke. Regardless of how you grip it, or ing the putter slightly above the quarters to the ‘knuckle-down’ two to three footerhow you stand to it, the putter should do or by placing the putter on the ground that meant something. But it is obviousfive very important things. behind the quarters. Then make your why this is in the context of what we have stroke, hitting the ball without contacting just discussed on ideal contact.Solid contact is the most important ele- the quarters.ment. The middle of the putter face should The ‘rake-in’ impact (PIC 4) contacts thecontact the middle of the ball (or slightly Getting the putter the right height at im- ball above center with forward lean whereabove the middle). 99.9% of all putters on pact is all for naught if the putter shaft is the ‘knuckle-down’ putt that is ‘yipped’the market today are what are called ‘low- not leaning slightly forward at impact. If and missed is often contacted below centerprofile’ putters. What this means is that the you have the shaft vertical at impact you with the clubshaft ‘laying back’ (PIC 3).putter face height is lower than the height had better have a putter with next to no loftof the ball. By a lot. (PIC 1) That means on it to get the solid strike we are seeking. The third must is for the ‘path’ of the strokethat for the middle of the putter face to If the putter shaft is leaning backward and to be ‘on-plane.’ There are two camps ofcontact the middle of the ball, the putter the putter head is on the ‘upswing’ at im- putting paths these days. Camp one leadhead MUST be raised at impact. pact, the middle of the face will miss the by Dave Pelz believes the putter head middle of the ball (PIC 3). The proper ap- should travel straight back and straightThere are two options for this to occur. plication is slight forward lean of the shaft through during the stroke. Pelz and othersYou either have to pull inward with your at impact (PIC 2). have been the dominant ‘authorities’ witharms or elbows during the stroke or you this methodology for nearly 20 years. Thecan start with the putter at the proper These first two important elements-for- other camp teaches that the putter shouldheight. As radical as the latter seems, it is ward leaning shaft and center or above make a curved path that swings back to theemployed by two current Champions Tour contact on the ball-are interestingly nearly inside, returns to the ball and then swings 1 2 3 4 Win a FREE trip for two to the Kentucky Derby. 14 contact us at
  14. 14. continued 5 through to the inside. This camp is led by 6 Combined with the perfect contact of the middle of the putter face contact the new putting ‘guru’ middle (or slightly higher) of the ball with Stan Utley. I have a forward leaning shaft on the sweetspot, long known that this and you will ‘roll-the-rock’ with the best is the most effective of them. stroke, because the shaft is on an incline at address and it Brian Manzella is a PGA Teaching should swing back Professional. He can be contacted and through on this assure that when the ball leaves the putter at 866.873.0036, or by email at incline just like any (when the shaft is vertical) the ball will, or visit other golf stroke chip travel perfectly on the intended line. to full drive. There are many new devices that are on the DEALERS MUST BE market to assist you in making a curved stroke with your putter, but a simple ON TELEVISION! understanding of whythe putter head curves to the starting lineof the putt will allow you to construct ahomemade training aid for this type ofstroke in a few seconds.If the putter (or any other club) rests onan imaginary inclined plane, like a roof, See why over 100 dealers nationwide haveand the ball is in the gutter, the putter willswing back --up the roof-- to the inside of INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INthe gutter-line. As it returns to the ball itwill get back on that line and through the LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!ball again swing up the roof and inside thegutter. So an overhead view of this ‘path’ We produce nearly 4,000 commercialswould show the putter making a curved a year from our studios. We give youpath. unlimited, high quality television campaignsTo practice this on-plane motion, simply and promotions FREE. With computerizedfind a flat board and rest the putter head media buying technology, we buy television asagainst the board at address. Place the ballopposite the ‘sweetspot’ of the putter. This much as 30%-40% more effectively than anysweetspot is the small area on the face that media buyer in the nation and give youif the ball is struck on the face will nottwist. You can test for this spot by hold- UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNSing the putter in the air at the grip withtwo fingers and tapping the putter head AND PROMOTIONS!with your finger until the ‘no-twist- spot Call for a FREE demo tape and found (PIC 5). Hitting the ball on thisno-twist area is the fourth key element togreat putting.The on-plane stroke is made by lightly Larry John Wright, Inc.scraping the heel of the putter againstthe ‘plane board.’ (PIC 6)Your putter willmake the perfect curved path every time. Automotive AdvertisingPractice makes permanent. “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency” 1-800-821-5068The final must is to have the face of theputter perpendicular to the plane at alltimes during the stroke. If your puter hasa ‘square’ heel area, make sure this stayscompletely on the board (PIC 6). This willmarch 2004 15
  15. 15. fs feature solution leland glynn By Leland Glynn Get Your Dealership Ready For Event Marketing!Direct mail should be an integral part of a mail vendor, and remember one thing, per piece against the quality and servicesany dealer’s advertising plan. There are price should not always be the determining you need in your market.two strong types of direct mail, institutional factor. Ask the vendor these questions:or event focused, and a multitude of Finally, what other services will you receiveblends. Institutional advertising reinforces Will the mail be first-class or bulk? Studies from your mail vendor? Some companiesyour dealership’s name and reputation with have shown that first-class mail is more offer a low price, bare bones service, whilethe public. Consumers base their shopping likely to be opened and read than bulk others will provide much more. Thinkhabits on name recognition and perception mail. Remember that many decisions are about mirror hangers and registration formsof quality. Institutional advertising places based on the perception of quality, and that at least. Other firms will provide a ‘soup toyour name and message in front of an addressed, first-class letter will carry nuts’ event with all materials and forms, asconsumers who may not be in the market more credibility than a bulk post card or well as, but will think of you when they ‘resident’ address.are. Event advertising is self-explanatory; Inventory and product drives traffic to your dealership for a one- What is the return rate? How many pieces This should be a good opportunity to movetime promotion. Of course, it also carries of mail will go undelivered is a fair some of that aging used vehicle inventory,the benefit of being institutional for the question to ask. Some companies will not so be sure to spice it up with some freshconsumers that don’t attend your event. perform some basic but costly ‘merges’ faces as well. For example, many used that will purify your list against postal car departments are heavy with the sameSome basic truths about direct mail. records for deliverable addresses. Does the models as the new car department. If youFirst of all, with direct mail, the odds are company have the ability to remove names are a Ford store, you may be missing thestacked against you. Will the letter be from the list that do not wish to receive boat by not stocking enough GM or importopened? If it is opened, will it be read? If it offers by mail? The vendor you select used models. Take a look at your mixis read, will the customer come in or call? should use the U.S. Postal Service to verify and be prepared to put some competitiveIf they do, will what they hear be consistent accurate addresses, and cross reference that inventory out front. Give your entire usedwith what they read? And when they data against 911 address change software operation a walk through and update yourcome in to the store, will they be handled to start with the best deliverable addresses. inspection stickers, repair the minor issuesproperly? Additionally, the vendor should work with and get it all ready to move. any returns to remove those names andThis industry is now beginning to see a addresses from the master list used for any Consult the wholesalers and vendors thatrevolution in event marketing; the staffed future mailings. Some companies realize a service your store on what they think is ‘hot’event is becoming more popular with return of 1% and less. Also, any customer in your market. Vendors have the advantagedealerships. At a staffed event, a vendor will that calls or writes and wants to be removed of being in more than one store each day,supply direct mail advice and guidance, as should be taken off the list promptly. You and they will provide some insight intowell as additional staff to effectively handle don’t need angry consumers calling the trends that you may not notice.the increased floor traffic. Dealerships dealership because they continue to receivenationwide are beginning to use this type of unwanted mail from you. It’s a waste of Prior to your event date.event to drive traffic to the showroom while your ad dollars and fosters ill will against Cut your advertising. Let this event be yourutilizing the vendor for quality staffing to your dealership. advertising for the week. If you are undermake the events more successful. contract with your print or broadcast, shift Beyond zip codes, what selection criteria the dollars to other weeks. This promotionThe blueprint for event marketing. will be used? You understand your market will be the most effective medium; so, don’tGenerally, a weekend event will deliver better than someone located across the tip off your competitors by announcing orthe best returns. The selection of a mix country from you. Be sure to stipulate promoting your event in the local media.of a couple of weekdays as well as at things like average household income,least one Saturday or Sunday will insure beacon scores, and home ownership to Prepare your staff.that all potential customers will have an get your shot at the best, able-to-purchase Typically, the event hours will be longeropportunity to visit your store. Now, pick consumers. Then carefully weigh the cost than your normal workday. A cooperative 16
  16. 16. “Your 20 group is a great resource for Þnding these companies.”and flexible schedule the week prior or that this is the time to stick to the basics, to guide you through the process, benefitfollowing your event will give your troops selection, test drive, negotiations, and from their knowledge, and insure thea chance to catch their breath. Encourage delivery. Keep one of your managers free success of your event.them to pitch in and make the event not to be the ‘go to’ person for assistance.only successful, but fun as well. Think Selecting a vendor for your staffed event.about offering a barbeque or refreshments. Staffed or unstaffed event. The ideal situation in selecting a vendorThis will eliminate the need to chase Faced with the additional costs incurred is to find a company who does little orindividual lunches and dinners during by bringing in an outside staffing company no outsourcing to produce their event. Itthe event, and will add to the festive many dealers decide to run a direct mail stands to reason that advertisers, althoughatmosphere of the day. event without the assistance of an outside effective in what they do, have not worked firm. Depending on the individual dealer’s in the trenches and behind the sales deskPrepare your shop. experience and abilities, the event may or to have a full scope as to how a dealershipYou will need extra reconditioning staff may not be successful. Event production functions on a day to day basis. It is alsoand used car department personnel for companies generally charge 25% to as fair to say that automobile personnel, wholonger hours during the event. Most of high as 29% of the gross profit generated are also very effective in what they do, mayyour deliveries should be ‘spots’ and it during the event as their fee. While this or may not have the skills in marketing tois important to deliver them in a timely seems high to dealers, the end results drive quality traffic into your showroom.manner with as few returns for service as can be so much higher with a competent We have said for years that salespeople arepossible. vendor that the results more than make not necessarily the best people to handle up for the percentage paid. Consider the incoming phone traffic. It is imperative toFreshen your lot. following: have people handling these prospects whoNow is the time to make sure that the enjoy working on the phones and whoinventory is neatly lined and arranged. You Staffed event companies will provide the do it effectively. Finding a vendor thatwant the place to look alive. Fresh flags, extra personnel to effectively manage encompasses all of the above is not easy,banners, or better yet balloon displays will your traffic. Most will offer greeters, although they do exist. Your 20 group is agrab attention and enliven the outside look. desk assistance, supplemental F&I staff, great resource for finding these companies.Be sure that anyone driving by knows there closers, sales people, and entertainers. After selecting a vendor, be sure to obtainis an event going on. These additional people will bring their at least ten references before you invite varied talents to your store. Keep in mind anyone into your dealership that is goingEmpty your showroom to change the that these people have probably been in a to have contact with your customers andfeel of the store. Fill the showroom with different store each week, learning fresh your staff. High volume sales are notneat, round tables; these can be rented ideas and strategies that your sales staff the only definition of a successful event.from wedding supply companies. Have will see, hear, and learn. The benefits of How your customers and staff are treatedyour sales staff work from the tables so using these companies will pay benefits is obviously of the utmost importance.that customers see others making buying to your dealership long after they have Finding a vendor that understands thatdecisions. You will improve your success completed the event and left. Your staff they are guests in your dealership and havewith this one suggestion. will interact with the vendor’s staff, been given the opportunity to work with making the event a profitable training your customers and your staff is exactlySchedule a sales meeting. experience for the store. what you will be looking for!The afternoon prior to your event is a greattime to discuss the mechanics of the sale. Secondly, the staffed event vendor will beDecide who will be appraising, where the more experienced in producing successfulkeys to trades will be kept, and when to events and will lend that knowledge andcall for payoffs. Have a simple strategy background to your event. Many dealers Leland Glynn is the Vice Presidentfor processing the clients, from greeting find on the first day of their event that a of the WolÞngton Group. He can beto desking, to delivery, and make it clearly few curveballs are limiting the success contacted at 800.331.9361, or by emaildefined. Discuss with your sales staff of the sale. Use a staffed event producer at 2004 17
  17. 17. sts ms ls fis lr leadership solution joeBytakash Joe Takash Have No Fear of Public Speaking The ability to beyond standing in front of a group and number of names you remember, which successfully sharing information. Speaking effectively will help you to further relax. communicate in is about showing a natural enthusiasm public is a key and connecting with every group you • Include everyone. determinant in the encounter. Now that you are familiar with your success of many audience, try to involve everyone in yourcareers, not just those in the speaking The following ideas are the ‘little things presentation. Communicate that they areindustry. Whether you are addressing the that make a big difference’ in speaking all integral parts of the learning process.boardroom at corporate headquarters or to a group of people. Incorporate these Make eye contact with everyone, andanswering your boss’s question at a weekly into your approach with every group you do so with a combination of confidence,staff meeting, it’s time to get some public address, and you will elevate your success courtesy, and respect.speaking experience. to a much higher level. • Tune in.Let it go. • Smile. Read the body language of the audience.The first thing you must realize is that A warm and genuine smile has the power Try to get a feel for what they want. Howyou have zero control over the audience’s to loosen up any atmosphere. When you do they feel? Are they absorbing yourresponse, so do not worry about it. smile, you communicate that you are presentation? Ask questions and refer happy to be in front of the group to whom questions to other audience members.It is natural to want the audience to accept you are speaking. No matter how serious Again, engage everyone, so that everyoneand respect you. However, fretting about the subject matter of your presentation, a feels significant.this deepest human desire is as fruitless pleasant smile is an outstanding tool foras worrying about the weather. What can disarming every audience. Keep this in • Use your really do about the weather? The same mind from the time you enter the room to Everyone is creative. Take some chancesthing you can do about the perception of the time you leave. You will be amazed at and break the monotony of the everydaythose around you: absolutely nothing. Do the difference a smile makes. monotone approach. Tell personal storiesnot let it bother you. and take chances on humor. Make it fun • Network beforehand. for your most important audience member: Prior to your presentation, introduce you!“People learn yourself to attendees and thank them for coming. Network with as many people • Be yourself.the fastest as possible and learn about who they are and what they do. If you already know Incorporating these skills does not entail changing who you are. There is nothrough your audience, for instance in a staff meeting, take some time to chat with substitute for authenticity. If a certain approach feels too forced or contrarypractice and your colleagues. Remember, they are people, just like you. Familiarity with your to your general nature, then consider a different tactic that fits better with yourexperience.” listeners will help you to relax and improve character your effectiveness as a speaker. Get experience. • Learn and remember names. People learn the fastest throughSpeaking and presenting to a group of Focus more energy on learning names than practice and experience. Nothing beatspeople can be much easier than you think. you ever have before. Learning names it. Consider joining Toastmasters orAct confident, and the audience will think will accomplish a number of things: it another professional speaking group; dothat you are confident. When you see that increases your confidence, humanizes your your research, though, to make sure thethey are confident in you, you will become audience, and makes others feel great. It’s financial investment is worthwhile. Also,more confident in yourself. Once you more personal to say to a group, “Joan, volunteer for a committee, speak at yourgrasp this mindset and drill it into your what do you think?” as opposed to, “That church, participate in the school board,head, a tremendous feeling of relief and lady in the red dress with the big glasses coach a team, or teach a class. Forcesatisfaction will follow. has a question.” yourself into situations where you can get repetition before groups. Familiarity is theYou may also want to consider practicing When you engage in your pre-speaking fastest way to beat the demon of fear andsome relaxation exercises for added peace networking, try to develop associations ensure effective communication with anyof mind. When you adjust the important and hooks that help you remember people’s audience.part of your approach to public speaking— names. For instance, let’s pretend you meetyour attitude—you can focus on honing Ben Edwards, a gentleman who happensyour craft. to have blue ballpoint pen behind his ear. Joe Takash is the President of Victory In your mind, repeat something catchy, Consulting. He can be contactedSolid strategies. like “Blue Pen Ben.” If you practice this at 800.215.4776, or by email atSuccessful presentation skills extend far technique, you’ll greatly increase the 18 subscribe today at
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