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AutoSuccess Jul07


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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Jul07

  1. 1. Check Us Out Online at Volume 6 • Issue 2
  2. 2. NEED AN EVENT THAT PAYS? The Hottest Do-it- Yourself SALES EVENTS IN THE NATION OUR DEALERS AVERAGE 410% MORE UPS WITH OUR EVENTSTHAN LEADING SALES. NO TEAMS, NO COMMISSIONS, JUST TRAFFIC!!IN JUNE 2007, THE AVERAGE RESPONSE PER EVENT WAS 519 UPS AND HOT LEADSPOWERFUL EVENTS • REAL BIG RESULTS • REALLY INEXPENSIVE Plus, we include everything for you... Direct Mailer or Parcel • Video Sales Event Website • Balloons • Mirror TagsRegistration Cards • Incentives • Grand Prize Insurance • BDC Scripts and more! CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT. The Driving Force Behind EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY Automotive Advertising 866-665-5504 Copyright © 2007 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  3. 3. June 2007 orked with theThe Sisb arro Dealerships have w staffed-salesWolfington Group for two years. The are consistentthey have conducted for my stores fington’s winners. From prep aration to execution, Wol unique and the people ar e pros. Their product is any more results are profitable. We look forward to m the future. sales with Wolfington in Louis F Sisbarro President The Sisbarro Dealerships ew Mexico Las Cruces & Deming NThe Wolfington Group can be reached toll free 1-800-958-0595
  4. 4. INTRODUCING… …the BEST premium of the year! Increase your sales today! Thousands of Satisfied Clients! Steve Charlton, City Ford Your incentive programs are low maintenance. Any customer issues we have had over the years of buying your incentives have been dealt with in a timely and professional manor— that’s one of the many reasons we are on our 19th incentive V ation C ac re-order with Travel America. When we run your incentives, elebration we sell 20 – 30% more cars on a monthly basis. Your ti on incentives have helped make me the #1 Ford dealership in n Celebra V catio the country! a your choice of one of  luxur a caribbean y vacations inclu ding or a vacation cruise, las vegas getaway, of a lifetime in cancun, mexic o Gord Pidde, Clarkedale Motors As a Dealer Principle, I have guided 4 separate car dealerships to sell record numbers of both new and used s including V ca a t ion C y vacation vehicles. One of the effective tools I have used over the of  luxur vegas getaway, elebr e of one o at your choic ribbean cruise, las in cancun, mexic ion a ca or a vacati on of a lifetime years to generate buyer traffic is running travel incentive promotions offered by Travel America. They also offered me your choice a ca of on e of the right travel incentive for the season I was selling cars. or a va ribbean cr  luxury catio uise, la vacatio CHOICE IS n of s ve ns in T H E U L TaIlifetime in gas getawa cluding M AT E Lcanc U X U R Y y, un, me xico Cam Geddes, Millennium Ford Every time we gave away trips, we had a sharp increase in sales. That’s why we’re on our 12th re-order with Travel America. We will continue to use your customer sought after travel incentives in the future. XUR Y Garrett Willoughby, Whitby Mazda M AT E L U CHO E U LT I ICE Travel America have the finest quality incentive offerings, E IS TH IS T HE CHOIC U LT I M AT E LU XU RY their attention to detail is second to none. Their unique point- of-sales materials have made a big difference in generating more traffic and vehicle purchases. The be-back cards have been a highly effective tool for our sales representatives toVacation Celebration–Diamond Getaway Package secure more car sales. Your choice of one of 3 luxury vacations including a Matthew Page-Hanify, Shaw GMCCaribbean Cruise, Las Vegas Getaway, or a vacation of a Travel America’s travel incentives are the most effective lifetime in Cancun, Mexico! closing tools our sales representatives have ever used. We have ordered from Travel America 12 times in the last two years and have current plans to buy a higher quantity of their incentives in the near future to help us close even more car deals. We make one simple call to our representative with the required number of incentives and our order is to us within 1 – 2 days. 159 Brent Preuss, Acura of Lynnwood $ 00 Travel America has been a tremendous addition to our sales campaigns. We used the Platinum Passport program as an incentive to our car sales. When we first launched the campaign, we noticed a $215,000 difference in our profit over the same time period from the previous year. We liked it so much that we purchased more for this year and plan to use Travel America in the future! Dealer Benefits •Increase sales by 30% •Increased ad response Call today for your free information package •Generate Excitement •User friendly 1 866 443 9874 •Exclusive Territories
  5. 5. It’s Not What You Say... 8 TomHopkins Consulting vs. Selling 10 BrianTracyon the cover Digital Marketing - The Not So New Frontier 11 TeresaBordenet Order Up Some Quality Customers Third-Party Providers Serve Tasty Leads to Your Dealership 12 MarkKanter You’re Fired Firing Your Worst Clients 14 RalphR.Roberts Hi, I’m Pushy and Obnoxious...Wanna Buy Something 16 MichaelYork A Visit From the CEO 18 JesseBiter Making the Most of Your Media Interview, Part 4 Tips and Checklist for Radio and Webcast Interviews 19 PattiWood Who Would You Tell if Caught in a Compromising Situation 20 DeniseRichardson Increase by 600 Percent Focus on Fundamentals Gives Castrucci Ford a Huge Boost 24 PatrickLuck From Gorilla Marketing to Guerrilla Marketing: Get Your New-Car Inventory Online 26 ScottPainter Control Clinches the Sale 27 DavidJacobson When Your Callers are on Hold, Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be 28 AmyClark My Country ‘Tis of Thee 30 SeanWolfington ‘I Don’t Want to Consider That Car...It Has Too Many Miles’ 31 JeffMorrill Measure Success at Every Step 34 PaulLong Integrated Search Marketing Funnels Additional 174 Units 35 RalphPaglia Presentation is Everything 36 DavidThomas How to Boost Your Sales Confidence 37 DebbieAllen How to Hire, Train and Develop 20 Car-A-Month Salespeople, Part 3 38 BobCarmack Maximize Your Lead ROI 40 SeanV.Bradley Seven Steps to Success Making Sure Your People Succeed 41 RichardF.Libin Swim With a Dolphin 42 MarkTewart helping to promote... God is the source of all supplyProverbs 12:24 - Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Susan Givens, Vice President Thomas Williams, Creative Director Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Lead Generating Information God is the source of all sales@sellingsuccessonline.com3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | www.SellingSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Alwaysconfer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess.AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes toAutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution It’s Not What You Say... It’s not what you say, so for a total amount of only $27,950.” 4. Deal but how you say it This one is a pet peeve of mine. What have that counts, right? I’m 2. Monthly Payment we all been looking and hoping for all of our certain you’ve heard I already have too many of these. How lives but never found? A good deal. “Deal” that cliché hundreds of about you? This phrase brings to mind brings to mind the stereotypical, slap you times. sitting down at my desk and writing out a on the back and squeeze your hand too hard whole bunch of checks. Use the phrase salesperson of old. Don’t use it. Change thatIn business, what you say is just as important “Monthly Investment” or “Monthly image in your mind and theirs to how you say it. In selling vehicles, you Amount” for the same reason listed above.must learn to paint mental pictures in the “Sally, after we cover all the featuresminds of your potential clients. Those pictures “Pam, based on the total amount for your you’ve mentioned you’re seeking in a newshow them being happier, sexier, better new car, your monthly investment will only car, I think you’ll see that it’s an excellentlooking, economically- or environmentally- be $390.” opportunity for you.”minded, studly or well-to-do because oftheir ownership of one of your vehicles. 5. SignYou must strike each person’s buying nerve Nearly every transaction in the world todayin a positive way by paying attention to the Think about involves having the person making thepictures your words are creating. buying decision “sign” a piece of paper that everything you obligates them to give up some of their hard-While most of what you say is specific tothe particular vehicles you represent, there say and what earned money for something else. Whether people realize it consciously or not, there’sare many words that are commonly usedin selling situations that you need to pay kind of picture it a certain level of mental cringing that goes on when that happens. Old-time salespeopleattention to. Some bring about positive brings to mind. used to tell you to “sign on the dotted line.”images. Others don’t. Here are a few to getyou started on the road to more closed sales. In selling it’s all Having your signature on a sales document is a legal and binding promise. And, where do1. Cost or Price the little things you go to get out of one should you change your mind? In some cases, you have to go toWhen you hear how much something costs, that add up to court. So don’t ask anyone to sign a contract,or what the price is, what comes to mind? For charge slip or purchase agreement. Ask themme, it’s a picture of money leaving my wallet. the closed sale. to OK, Endorse, Authorize or Approve theSince money represents security for me (and paperwork. They know “paperwork” meansmost other people), that picture can cause “contract” just as they know “approve”some mental anguish unless it’s overwhelmed 3. Sell or Sold means “sign.” It’s just the mental picture of aby the beauty and joy of the vehicle I’m For some people these terms bring to mind more pleasant experience that matters.tempted to own. So, until you reach the point a picture of something being “pushedwhere I’m highly motivated to own it, you on” someone. “We’ve sold 20 of these This is just the beginning. Think aboutneed to avoid use of those terms. Instead, use in the last two weeks,” can come across everything you say and what kind of picturethe terms Total Investment or Total Amount. as high pressure sales. Use these phrases it brings to mind. In selling it’s all the little instead, “Get them involved” or, “Helped things that add up to the closed sale. You’reThose two terms create different pictures than them acquire.” Getting someone involved closing all the time by what you say and the“cost” or “price,” don’t they? An investment, with your vehicles sounds more like they mental picture of ownership that you most people’s minds, generates a return participated rather than that they were aof some sort — even if it’s just a sense of recipient of something they might not haveconfidence in owning a reliable vehicle. An wanted. Helping someone acquire something“amount” is less threatening than a “cost.” sounds more like you’re serving their need. World-renowned master sales trainer Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkins“Jim, I can see you’re excited about “We have been fortunate to help many young International. He can be contacted atowning a brand new mini-van for your families in the community, like yours, acquire 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atfamily’s next vacation and you can do new minivans as their lives get busier.” 8
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution Consulting vs. Selling One particular self- must be experts; they must be authorities competitors by being more concerned with image possessed in their field. They know their products and helping their prospects than with selling by high-achieving services from one end to the other. They their products and services. Their customers salespeople is that invest many hours familiarizing themselves often feel that they care more about them they see themselves as with every single detail of what they sell, and than about making a sale. And it’s true.consultants rather than as salespeople. They of what their competitors sell, as well. Theysee themselves as problem solvers with their know the strengths and weaknesses, the Now, here are two things you can doproducts or services, rather than as vendors. advantages and shortcomings, the features immediately to put these ideas into action.They do not approach their customers, hat and benefits of what they are offering. Theyin hand, hoping for a sale. They approach have excellent product knowledge, which First, see yourself as a problem-solver ratherhopeful clients with the attitude that they their customers can sense, giving both their than as a salesperson. Take sufficient timeare consultants calling on the prospect to customers and themselves greater confidence to understand the prospect’s real need beforehelp him or her solve a problem or achieve throughout the sales conversation. you start selling.a goal. Top salespeople, positioned as consultants, Second, think of ways to tailor your productSeeing themselves as consultants, they ask make themselves resources for their clients. or service to your customer’s needs soquestions carefully and listen intently. They They carry themselves as advisors, mentors that he/she sees what you sell as the idealfocus all of their energies on understanding and friends. They become emotionally solution for him/her.the customer’s situation so that they can involved in their transactions and aremake intelligent recommendations based on generally concerned that their product or Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOwhat the customer really wants and needs. service be the ideal solution to the needs of Brian Tracy International. He can be of the prospects they are dealing with. contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atAs consultants, they recognize that they They differentiate themselves from their 10
  8. 8. sts fos ls ms sf fis TeresaBordenet Digital Marketing - marketing solution The Not So New Frontier We have all heard about and they’ll make sure you are covered in when a marketer combines multiple channels digital marketing, and terms of meeting said regulations. in the message campaigns.” it’s reaching a frenzy point with YouTube, So check out Wikipedia ( MySpace, interactive and look up “digital marketing and multi- Teresa Bordenet is the vice president of Web sites, and the channel communications.” As the site states, strategic initiatives at MarketView 360. Shedaily feed of news and gossip from instant by using a multi-channel approach with your can be contacted at 866.452.7022, or by e-messenger and RSS feeds. digital marketing, it is “much more successful mail at thing is, we aren’t as ahead of thecurve as we’d like to think. Go to our Asiancounterparts and you’ll see a scene right outof “Minority Report” — walk by a Gap andyou might get a text message offering 10percent off right then and there.The goal of digital marketing is to be ableto promote your products and services usingonline distribution channels to reach yourconsumers in a timely, relevant, personal andcost-effective way.So if you are doing your homework, youhave seen the statistics. Newspaper spendinghas gone down by half in some markets andindustries while the Internet continues togrow year after year.So how are you staying ahead of the curve?Digital marketing has many components.Examples would be mobile phones (SMS ortext messaging), e-mail, RSS, podcasting,voice broadcasting, Web sites, banner ads,and the list goes on. Within this, there aretwo types of digital marketing: the “push”and the “pull.”A good example of a pull is when a user hasto go and get the information, so that wouldbe your Web site or a blog. The good news isthat the user can pick and choose what theywant. The bad news for you is that it’s hardto personalize the messaging.For a push form of digital marketing,examples are e-mail and SMS, and this is ahuge benefit to those of us that are trying tomanage our customer’s lifecycle because wecan make the messaging targeted and relevantto the recipient. Plus, we get detailed trackingand reporting, so we can easily make changesto our content. Something to watch out for?Getting blocked. Because of regulations setforth by each push message type, content canbe rejected or refused before it even gets tothe recipient.That’s where a partner that is knowledgeableabout the digital marketing space comes inhandy. They’ll ensure that your messagingmeets criteria to get past or through blockers,the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 11
  9. 9. fs feature solution MarkKanter Order Up Some Third-Party Providers Serve Quality Customers Tasty Leads to Your DealershipDealers first had the chance to buy third- hundreds, and it takes more than 10 fingers “freshness” — the time from “It’s actually kind of amazing that dealersparty Internet automotive leads a little over to count the big names. submission by the customer to the aren’t abandoning traditional advertising at a10 years ago. Back then, anyone selling such receipt in your inbox can often be faster rate,” said Kanter. “It’s getting harderleads faced a skeptical and inexperienced Many of the car buyers who use these sites measured in seconds, not minutes. and harder to justify in terms of cost. It’saudience. But the case to be made for buying will never submit their lead directly to a true, some dealers use TV, radio and printthird-party leads was largely the same then as dealership. This means that, for dealers Finally, remember that “quality” ensured effectively to establish their brand and achieveit is today: lower costs per sale, measurable that don’t invest in third-party leads, these by a respected lead aggregator means more a certain level of visibility, and there’s a place om- of bottgthROI and a variety of other advantages over customers will remain completely off the than timely delivery and a legitimate phone for that. But, compared to online alternatives,traditional advertising. radar screen. For those that do invest in number and e-mail address. Good third-party including third-party leads, these media are ..thestren y leads: third-party leads, these customers represent leads represent consumers who are ready to no longer effective ways to generate leadsWhat’s changed is that, a decade ago, theseclaims had yet to be vigorously tested. Today, valuable incremental business. Mark Kanter, a Chicago-based automotive marketing buy and have indicated the model that they prefer. This is perhaps the biggest reason and sell cars.” .they are widely accepted, and a growingnumber of dealers treat third-party leads as consultant, explained his philosophy: “It used to be that everyone read the newspaper, and that the cost per sale is so low for third-party leads: they’re easier to close. Leads Backed With Expertise This isn’t true of all lead providers, but the line rd-part esent thi ey repr who, ,a core part of their business. you could reach your entire market that way. best provide leads and the knowledge and Now, different marketing venues provide Measurable ROI expertise you need to get the most out ofWhy have things gone so well? One, as the access to different groups of consumers, with With traditional advertising, calculating ROI them. Where does it come from? In-depthimportance of the Internet to auto sales grew,the importance of third-party automotive less and less cross-over. And there’s probably no single marketing tactic that offers access always involves a lot of guesswork — and often a good deal of optimism, too. With market research, for one. But more vital is the accumulated experience of sales reps who Th sumers st part a con the moto buy nWeb sites grew even more. Car buyers have to a larger pool of new customers than third- third-party leads, there’s zero guesswork, spend their days working with dealers andlooked increasingly to major automotive party leads.” and your mood on any given day has nothing seeing, first-hand, the techniques that workportals as sources for objective information, to do with it. You buy X number of leads, and the ones that don’t.even as they have continued to makegood use of manufacturer and dealer sites. Quantity and Quality Thanks to the proliferation of third-party and to these shoppers you sell Y number of cars. This transparency makes your initial In a recent study by R.L. Polk and The for going uestio are . The qy buyTwo, in adapting to a new, Internet-based Web sites and the growing number of people foray into the world of third-party leads Cobalt Group, analysis of 1.1 million third-marketplace, dealers have developed skills who use them, there are more third-party very safe. According to Kanter, “The guy party leads found that 56 percent resulted inthat have made them even more adept at leads available today than ever. And, thanks who sells you newspaper advertising may be a sale. Additionally, 42 percent of those sales car ill theconverting third-party leads. Three, the best to the work of “lead aggregators,” leads able to convince you that your poor results occurred within 30 days of a lead’s submissionproviders of third-party leads have grown are available to dealers in quantity without are actually good, but there’s no chance of — and 68 percent occurred within 90 days.3more skilled at generating, qualifying and dealers having to do business directly with that with third-party leads — you can pretty These numbers illustrate the bottom-lineverifying leads, and are thus able to delivermore and better leads to their clients. each of dozens of sites. much do the math in your head.” strength of third-party leads: They represent consumers who, for the most part, are going is, wm you? fro Lead aggregators are middlemen who buy Lower Costs Per Sale to buy a car. The question is, will they buyStill, there are dealers who remain on the leads from the third-party Web sites and No lead provider would brag about from you? The answer is simple: Only if yourfence when it comes to third-party leads. resell them. Before you start thinking of this “measurable ROI” if they weren’t pretty dealership is using third-party leads.Some, of course, haven’t yet embraced the as a bad thing — like the “We’ve eliminated certain that, when you calculated your ROI,Internet as a key medium for finding and the middleman” TV ads for discount furniture you were going to like the results. And, One thing noted by Kanter is the wayconnecting with customers. Others prefer stores — consider the significant value that indeed, the cost per sale for third-party leads that third-party leads are evolving into ato focus on generating leads themselves, lead aggregators add: is much lower. competitive necessity. “As more dealers beginthrough search engine optimization and paid • They make leads from many different to rely on third-party leads, any dealershipsearch advertising. What follows isn’t by Web sites easily available. How much lower? In 2005, dealers spent an contemplating this investment is faced withany stretch of the imagination an argument • The best aggregators partner with only average of $571 on traditional advertising the fact that someone will be buying most oragainst these valuable efforts. It’s simply the most trusted and effective Web per vehicle sold — up from $460 five all of the leads available in any given market.a look at why third-party leads are good sites, ensuring high-quality leads at the years before.1 Meanwhile, the cost per sale It’s no longer just a question of leaving moneybusiness — now more than ever. outset. for third-party leads remained constant on the table; now it’s a matter of giving it to • The best aggregators have developed at approximately $250 per unit sold. Not your competition.”Incremental Business sophisticated “scrubbing” techniques surprising, given that newspaper advertisingMany car buyers prefer third-party that they use to guarantee accurate is reaching a smaller and smaller audience Mark Kanter is an industry consultant toautomotive Web sites over manufacturer and contact information and filter out with each passing year. A recent study found Dealix, a Division of The Cobalt Group. He 1. Automotive News Market Data Book, 2003 and sites. One measure of this preference questionable leads. that consumers are spending an average of 10 can be contacted at 866.852.2754, 2. Universal McCann, June 2004, Jupiter Research, September 2004, NADA 2005 Industryis the veritable explosion in the number • They have developed sophisticated hours per week online, compared with only or by e-mail at Analysis Division.of these sites. Today, there are literally delivery systems that ensure lead one hour per week reading the newspaper.2 3. 2006 R.L. Polk study: Automotive Industry and Dealership e-Business Performance Study. 12 13
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis RalphR.Roberts sales and training solution You’re Fired Firing Your Worst Clients We have all had our once in awhile as a token of your appreciation. more about your top clients, so you have a share of bad clients Nobody generates great leads better than a better idea of where you can find more people — those wishy-washy, great client. like this. Here are a couple suggestions: time-consuming, • Find out who your client is. Study energy-sapping Fire Your Worst Clients the demographic — age, household complainers who seem In the same way you drew up a list of your income, geographical location, and socommitted to driving us crazy and driving our best clients, jot down a list of your worst on. Maybe you fit better with a certainbusinesses into the dirt. What do you do with clients — the 10, 20 or 30 people who make group and should target that group inthese people? I say fire them, and the sooner you not want to get out of bed in the morning. your marketing efforts.the better. These are the people you need to get rid of, • Get to know what your best clients do and here are some suggestions on how to get for a living, where they hang out afterWhat about the customer always being right? rid of them: work, other products they buy, and so on.That is a myth. • Pass the client to a team member whose Gather as much information about your personality is a better match. This keeps best clients as you can, through normalWhat about the fact that you have too few the client in the fold while relieving conversations and correspondence, toclients already? Maybe you would have more you of the burden. You should have draw a detailed portrait.time and energy to find new and better clients weekly team meetings with your fellowif the bad ones were not wasting so much of salespeople. During those meetings, you Brainstorm a list of the seven top sources foryour time and resources. can discuss “problem” clients and the more clients who are like your best client. possibility of swapping clients. (I have Perhaps targeting a certain geographicalWhat about the bad PR this will generate? three listing managers, who regularly area would be best. If you met the personWell, you don’t exactly have to be mean exchange clients to better serve each through an Internet promotion, that may bewhen firing your clients. You should let them client and nurture more productive and where you want to focus your efforts. Thinkdown easy, make it seem as though you are profitable relationships.) in terms of what you need to do to get moredoing them a favor. You have to handle it • Refer them to a competitor. Your client clients like this.properly, but you also need to get rid of them. may actually be better suited to workingAt the same time, you have to find superior with your competitor than with you. Tip: One of the best sources of new goodreplacements. Respectfully tell the client that you clients are former good clients. Clients are want to make sure that their needs are like magnets. Their friends and family areIdentify Your Best Clients met, and the best way to accomplish likely to be like them, so continuing yourI keep a list of my best clients, past and present. that is to match them with the excellent relationship provides more opportunities toI actually have several lists — a top 25, top dealership down the road. You may meet the best type of client for you.50 and top 100. These are the people I drop have the option to collect a referral fee,everything to serve. To make it on my list, a making it a win-win-and-win situation. Remember, no matter what you are selling, youclient must have the following qualifications: • Pull back. If you are a person who is are in the business of selling time. If you have • Places me first obsessed with pleasing others, your clients who are wasting that precious resource, • Pays a fair price without quibbling natural impulse when dealing with you need to get rid of them. It may not be easy, • Challenges me to do my best lousy clients is to ramp up your efforts. but it is necessary for your own survival and • Allows me to do my job without Take the counterintuitive approach success. Start today. Fire your worst clients second-guessing my decisions instead — back off. Let the client go and start searching for better ones. • Provides me with leads, referrals, and without confrontation. other opportunities… what I like to call “a sale that keeps on giving” Tip: Take the blame. Never blame the client for the failed relationship.You probably spend a great deal of time andeffort attracting great clients, so when you Add Better Clients Ralph R. Roberts is a nationallyfind one, make the most of the relationship. As a salesperson, you should be constantly recognized sales coach, author and officialKeep in touch with the person. Call them, recruiting clients — better clients, clients like spokesperson for Guthy-Renker Home. Hesend occasional greeting cards and e-mail the ones on your top 25 list. How do you find can be contacted at 866.470.5181, or by e-messages, and perhaps even send a gift every these better clients? Basically by learning mail at 14
  11. 11. CHECK OUT OUR NEW BABY,IT’S SMOKIN’ HOT.We’re proudly introducing the arrival of, the next big thing on the automotiveInternet. Check out our new baby at, and take the ride! For moreinformation call 1-800-785-4584 or go to today.©2007 Autobytel Inc. Autobytel is a registered trademark and MyRide is a service mark of Autobytel Inc. POWERED BY
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis MichaelYork sales and training solution Hi, I’m Pushy and Obnoxious... Wanna Buy Something What’s the perception How many managers over the years gave As a director of sales teams for many of salespeople? What you a book and a business card and said years, I used this “what everyone thinks of comes to mind when something to the effect of “Now get out there salespeople” example to convey to my group you hear the word and make somebody mad, don’t take ‘no’ of aspiring sales performers exactly how “salesman?” for an answer, close early and close often, they’d be thought of when someone answered do whatever it takes, but bring me back a their phone calls for an appointment, or whenIn 1978 I became a salesman. I know that SALE!” they entered an office, or someone walkedbecause it said so on my business card. It through their door for the first time. Theywould be years later before I learned to Oh, so that’s what it takes to make a sale. would be in that 80 percentile — or at leastbecome a selling “performer.” My product perceived that way — just like all those otherwas Salad Master cookware, with the same Fortunately for the marketplace, there’s money-grabbing sales where Zig Ziglar set all the sales something called the 80/20 rule. This rule canrecords he often speaks about (and I certainly apply to many things, but in this case we’ll But the good news is that just by being awaredid my part to make sure those sales records use it to identify the 20 percent of salespeople of this perception in the marketplace and bystayed intact). who have committed to becoming “aspiring doing a few things well, any individual can sales performers.” begin to stand out in the mind of buyers andThat was my first introduction to the world customers as different. Unique. Atypical.of selling. I should say, that was the first Aspiring sales professionals are those who Unconventional. As uncommon.time I was included in that group called perform, and are paid, at the highest level.“salespeople” that I’d heard about. Right up Wouldn’t that be a worthy ambition if you’ve How do you do it? How can you stand out in auntil the time that I answered that ad for a chosen selling as a vocation? marketplace today of sales-sameness? Howlittle extra income each week, I’d never seen do you establish yourself as a professionalmyself as being “one of them.” selling performer? How skilled are you at asking questions that set you apart? HowAs I began learning my new trade, everyone Welcome to well do you listen? How do you createkept talking about becoming a selling real value for the customer? How can you“professional” (they’re still talking about it ‘The NOW position yourself as a resource to them, andtoday). But the word “professional” simplymeans you’re paid to do something, or to Economy,’ to the organization?appear professional while doing it. where no one Welcome to “The NOW Economy,” where no one cares about how good you used toWhat the best of the best in the sellingprofession do is perform — think Hollywood cares about be. What customers are asking now is “How good will you be next week?”or Las Vegas. This marketplace is all about how good you“The show,” and the performers who arepaid to be in it. That’s what this marketplace used to be. Customers are asking many of the same questions they’ve always asked, but they’reand every manager wants from a salesperson not settling for the same old answers. How— a performance. It’s not acting so much as are you coming up with new answers to nowknowing “you’re on,” and responding with If you are going to be generating revenues for questions, for your organization and for youran award-winning performance again today. organizations to survive and even prosper, customers? wouldn’t it be great to decide at some point,What’s the general public’s perception of the sooner the better, that you will do it in an Want my short list of 10 things you can do“salesperson?” When I ask that question to live uncommon fashion? Something other than now to “Become Uncommon” as a sellingaudiences, here’s the list they come up with: the typical list of “pushy,” “obnoxious,” “say performer? E-mail me at the address belowPushy. anything,” etc? and ask for the uncommon list on selling.Obnoxious.Say anything. What would you use to make your list on the Lights, camera, action! You’re on.Do anything. uncommon selling performers? How about:Unprofessional. Honesty.Less-than-truthful… Integrity. Commitment.OK, we can stop now. Get the idea? Continuous Learning. Michael York is an author and professional Powerful Communicator. speaker. He can be contacted atWhy is that? Simple answer: we earned that 800.668.5015, or by e-mail atreputation over years and years of doing all And that means a commitment to, or visitthose things. “becoming.” 16
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  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis JesseBiter leadership solution A Visit From the CEO Most of us, at one of evil. Some people, eager for money, either transfer or terminate. Customers, time or another, have have wandered from the faith and pierced employees, vendors — each would be treated had to deal with an themselves with many griefs.” in strict accordance to the impact they have on uncomfortable visit 1 Timothy 6:10 the bottom line. In contrast, when a business from the boss. From is structured as a part of God’s eternal plan, the reception desk to So what would Jesus think if He came to visit then decisions will reflect a different set ofthe executive wing, even the most seasoned your office? As CEO, He would be entitled to values. Rooted firmly in Biblical principles,professional can be overcome with anxiety inquire about virtually every aspect of your management will look at people, policieswhen his or her performance is open for day-to-day operations. You would provide and practices and evaluate each based onevaluation. That familiar “humbling” feeling Him an HR overview — how employees how they conform to the larger commonplace throughout the business are hired, trained, evaluated, promoted andworld. But what if the purpose of the boss’s terminated. You would open the books to “I will instruct you and teach you in the wayvisit was about more than fiscal reports and discuss accounting payables, receivables, you should go; I will counsel you and watchsales projections? profits, losses, debt and payroll. A tour of both over you.” the sales and customer service departments Psalm 32: 8Christian business leaders are taught to run would surely be on the agenda to examinetheir business as if Jesus Christ were the first-hand how the company establishes new Go ahead and take a tour of your office withChief Executive Officer. Turning the keys accounts, builds long-term relationships, and Jesus. Show Him what you think you areover to Jesus is a difficult concept for many manages the inevitable customer complaints. doing to fit into His eternal plan for you andpeople to understand and can be equally At the end of the day, the CEO must be your company. Ask Him to identify areas ofdifficult to actually implement. First off, the assured that each department is being run in strength and areas that need improvement. Alack of a physical presence sitting across line with the company’s vision. wise manager will always strive to exceedthe conference table presents an obvious the boss’s expectations. A wise manager thatchallenge. However, part of bringing one’s In both our professional and personal lives, also loves the Boss, will delight in seeingfaith to work is actually having some “faith” we either serve God or we serve money. His plans begin with. Just because Jesus doesn’t Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters.”make idle chatter at the water cooler or If a business is designed strictly as a tool toflash a polite smile as He passes your desk, generate revenue, decisions will be madedoesn’t mean He is not an integral part of exclusively with net profits in mind. If policy Jesse Biter is the president and CEO ofevery aspect of your business. hinders profitability, it must be changed HomeNet, Inc. He can be contacted at immediately. If employees are not meeting 866.239.4049, or by e-mail at“For the love of money is a root of all kinds lofty expectations, action must be taken to 18
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis PattiWood sales and training solution Making the Most of Your Media Interview, Part 4 Tips and Checklist for Radio and Webcast Interviews As an expert in your juice, iced or carbonated beverages. Caffeine field, getting your and cold beverages constrict your vocal name into the public’s chords. Orange juice is acidic and traumatizes consciousness can the vocal chords. This makes your voice tend bring many benefits to to be less clear and more raspy. Dairy products you — being able to produce phlegm, making you want to cleareducate people on a topic you feel strongly your throat. And carbonated beverages makeabout, and putting your name at the top of you burp. Also, just prior to the interview,their awareness when that topic comes up, hum loudly for 3-4 minutes. This warmsto name just two. Interviews are a great way your vocal chords and enables you to soundto spread your name and awareness of your as confident in the first 30 seconds as you willtopic, but preparation is key to making it a later in the interview.successful undertaking. Here are some tips toget you ready for the interview. 7. Prepare a list of questions you think you may be asked and have answersLogistical Preparation for Radio or prepared, including key points you wantWeb Cast Interview to make. Write them down — don’t relyIt takes more than simply knowing your on your memory. If you’re selling a book ormaterial in order to have a smooth, successful service, develop pithy quotes that focus oninterview. Even if you are a fabulous speaker the problem you are helping to solve. Thenin person, there are some tricks of the trade practice saying, “If you are dealing with…when it comes to broadcasting. Following are this (book) can help by….” Refine yoursome logistical tips for giving a successful main points into sound bites of less than 25broadcast or Webcast interview: words. Make sure it sounds strong. Practice it over the phone to a friend who will give you1. Even if they are sending a tape, tape the honest on your end. You can buy a recordingdevice from Radio Shack that will tape both 8. Prepare a list of short anecdotes. If you’resides of a telephone call. Or just use an old used to having time to give long examplestape recorder and capture only your answers. and stories, radio can be challenging. Hone aYou may have a more sophisticated recording few of your best down to three or four lines.device on your computer that will record onto When said aloud, it shouldn’t take more thana CD. Make sure you have the right software 30 seconds. Have a few meaty tidbits ready.and a good microphone. I talk about body language, which inevitably stirs up funny innuendoes or racy suggestions.2. Check your phone for sound quality. I have a few fun facts about handshakes andCall a few friends and ask them to give your how to spot a liar that are worded so thatphone a sound check. Many cordless phones they set up the interviewer to follow up withhave a background buzz. a funny comment. This endears me to the interviewer and ensures that the audience3. If you use “call waiting,” turn it off. will enjoy the conversation even more.Disable it prior to the interview so it won’t People love the spontaneity of radio. For me,make a clicking sound while you’re on the as the interviewee, I enjoy the exhilaration ofair. a challenging question or a surprise reaction.4. If you have other phone lines in the 9. Do not mention your product/service/room, turn them off. You don’t want your book repeatedly. Talk about your solutionsfax line or home phone ringing during the and insights. There is nothing less appealinginterview. than someone saying, “Well, in my book…” every 20 seconds. However, someone who5. Create a quiet place for the interview. tells you something new, something you canTurn off any background buzzing equipment, use today, or something that makes your lifeand if you’re at home, tell everyone you will more fun or easier is incredibly on the radio, put a note on the door andput the barking dog outside. Turn the paperson your desk over so you won’t be tempted Patti Wood, MA, CSP is a professionalto read. speaker, author and coach at Communications Dynamics. She can be6. Prepare your voice. Drink water at room contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mail attemperature. Do not drink caffeine, orange #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 19
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis DeniseRichardson leadership solution Who Would You Tell if Caught in a Compromising Situation These days, almost as banks or credit issuers. If account access with individuals whose information every business information, e.g. credit card or bank account may have been compromised. has a need to identification, has been stolen from you, but collect or maintain you do not maintain the stolen accounts, notify It is important that your notification: personally identifying the institution that does so that it can monitor • Describes clearly what you know information. Names the accounts for any fraudulent activity. If about the compromise. Include how itand addresses, Social Security numbers, you collect or store personal information on happened, what information was taken,credit card numbers and other account behalf of other businesses, notify them of any and, if you know, how the thieves havenumbers are all pieces of information that information compromise as well. used the information; and what actionsare routinely obtained from customers, you have taken already to remedyemployees, business partners, students or If names and Social Security numbers have the situation. Explain how to reachpatients. If this information falls into the been stolen, you can contact the major credit the contact person in your company.wrong hands, it could put these individuals bureaus for additional information or advice. Consult with your law enforcementat risk for identity theft. If the compromise may involve a large group contact on exactly what information to of people, advise the credit bureaus if you include so your notice does not hamperNot all personal information “compromises” are recommending that people request fraud the investigation.result in identity theft, and certainly the alerts for their files. Your notice to the credittype of personal information compromised bureaus can facilitate customer assistance. • Includes current information about thewill affect the extent of potential damage. FTCs Web site ( steps should you take and whom If the information compromise resulted from idtheft) and phone number (877-ID-should you contact if personal information the improper posting of personal information THEFT) where consumers can file ais compromised? Although the answers vary on your Web site, immediately remove the complaint, obtain the victim’s affidavitfrom case to case, based on various state and information from your site. Be aware that if they become a victim of ID theft,federal laws, the following guidance from Internet search engines store, or “cache,” and find useful information.the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), can information for a period of time. You canhelp you make smart, sound decisions. contact the search engines to ensure that they • Provides contact information for the do not archive personal information that was law enforcement officer working onDeter, Detect and Defend — Have posted in error. the case (as well as your case reportPolicies in Place number, if applicable) for victims toYour written policies should take into Notifying Individuals use. Be sure to tell the law enforcementaccount all of the state notification laws that Generally, the earlier you notify individuals officer working on your case that youmight apply, not just the laws of the state in whose personal information has been are sharing this contact information.which your company is headquartered. At compromised, the better chance they have Identifying theft victims often canthe very least, a policy should specify what at preventing misuse of their information. In provide important information toevents will cause your company to issue deciding if notification is warranted, check the law enforcement. The police reportnotifications, what forms those notifications laws and take into account: the nature of the is important evidence that can helpwill take (e.g., letter, telephone, e-mail) and compromise, the type of information taken, absolve a victim of fraudulent debts.which state agencies will be notified. the likelihood of misuse, and the potential damage arising from misuse. For example, • Advises consumers of their right to aAs some jurisdictions require notification thieves who have stolen names and Social free credit report along with the threein as little as 10 days following a breach, Security numbers can use this information to credit bureaus contact informationhaving this information on hand can be cause significant damage to a victim’s credit encouraging them to place fraudinvaluable in ensuring that your company record. Individuals who are notified early can alerts on their credit reports. Theycomplies with applicable laws quickly and take some steps to prevent or limit any harm. should also be informed that weeks orefficiently. Check federal and state laws or months may pass between the time theregulations for any specific requirements for When notifying individuals, the FTC information is stolen and the time it isyour business. recommends that you: used to perpetrate a fraud. • Consult with your law enforcementNotifying Law Enforcement contact about the timing of theWhen the compromise could result in harm notification so that it does not impedeto a person or business, call your local the investigation.police department immediately. Reportyour situation and the potential risk for • Designate a contact person within youridentity theft. The sooner law enforcement organization for releasing information.learns about the theft, the more effective Give the contact person the latestthey can be. information about the breach, your Denise Richardson is a member of response and how individuals should the National Association of ConsumerNotifying Affected Businesses respond. Consider using letters (see Advocates and an author. She can beInformation compromises can have an sample below), Web sites and toll-free contacted at 866.439.9242, or by e-mail atimpact on businesses other than yours, such numbers as methods of communication 20