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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Dec09

  1. 1. It’s Here - AutoSuccess Best of the Best NADA 2010, page 4 December 2009 from left to right: JD Rucker, chief marketing officer of TK Carsites Brian Pasch, owner of Pasch Consulting Timothy P. Martell, digital marketing and customer relations director for Marlboro Nissan
  2. 2. AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220.3834 Taylorsville Rd. Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville Kentucky 40220 | 877.818.6620 / 502.588.3170 | / | Ken Susan Givens, Publisher Thomas Williams, VP & Creative Director Dave Davis, Editor & Creative Strategist Brian Ankney, Sales-Improvement Strategist John Warner, Sales-Improvement Strategist jwarner@autosuccessonline.comfeature solution leadership solution marketing solution sales & training solution SEARCH & SOCIAL HARNESSING THE POWER OF YOUR DEALERSHIP MUST HAVE A PLAN IN 2010 WHY DEALERSHIPS NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA AND REPUTATION MANAGEMENT STRATEGY, PART 3 Drives More Than 30,000 Visitors Per Month to YOUR NEXT CRM SHOULD BE A MOBILE CRM 10 SEO TIPS TO ENSURE ONLINE SHOPPERS THE DEATH OF TRADITIONAL SALESPEOPLE How Timothy Martell from Marlboro Nissan His Web Site Using SEO & Social Media BUILDING A TOP-RATED SERVICE DEALERSHIP ISSUES UNZIPPED: Answers to Common Concerns Revealed Practical Advice on Campaign Formatting LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE CREATING A CHAMPION TEAM THE MORE THINGS CHANGE... WHERE DID THE YEAR GO? ARE YOU STUCK IN A RUT? DEPARTMENT, PART 2 WHAT DOES IT TAKE? FIND YOU IN 2010 GRAND BAZAAR HTML OR TEXT: An Interview with TimothyMartell 22 27 21 32 18 30 14 16 20 10 08 24 28 26 SeanV.Bradley DalePollak SteveBrazill ChuckPatton GeorgeDans MarkTewart PaulCummings KirkManzo MattBaker RalphPaglia TimJames SeanStapleton TedRubin PeterMartin December 2009 pg 8 pg 6 pg 1 pg2 pg1 pg2 steve brazill ted rubin tim james
  3. 3. marketingsolution MattBaker DEALERSHIP ISSUES UNZIPPED: Answers to Common Concerns Revealed Whether you’re a of addressing the severity of these issues you are in pursuit of the best marketing on a manufacturer, a dealer head on. In many cases, small changes to budget, your customers are in pursuit of the or a vendor, there’s one thing we’ve got in a dealership’s motivational technique or best deal on their next car. Brand awareness common. We’re all in continuous pursuit of training process can reap big results. advertising is not going to bring you ways to effectively improve ourselves and customers in today’s tough market. our business. Similarly, consider what systems you have in place. Is your sales team following that Q: “I know the economy has been tough Over the years I’ve been asked some pretty system? When times get tough, salespeople on everyone, especially sales staff. Is interesting questions regarding best business and managers tend to skip steps. They there something I can do to ensure my practices. Some have been submitted by become so focused on getting the deal that salespeople don’t jump ship?” clients, yet most have come from industry they forget to sell the deal. GM, Birmingham, AL professionals who’ve simply reached out in search of ideas. Q: “I know I need to do something to A: Focus on three things: training, pay plan help improve sales, but as our profitability and employee treatment. As a result, I’ve compiled responses to a few declines it seems increasingly risky to try of the most common questions I’ve been something new. Do you have any advice Training asked. Some may help you. Some may not. for dealers who are faced with this risk?” Investing in continuous improvement Just consider this article as an opportunity to Dealer, Richmond, VA programs for sales staff proves that you potentially gain some free and helpful advice. have a valued interest in them and their A: Let’s start with issue No. 1 — You are the performance. Give your staff the opportunity Q: “What one thing would you dealer. If you don’t take risks, how can you to learn tricks and techniques that will recommend I do to help increase my expect your employees to take risks? In other improve their ability and earning potential. grosses?” words, if you are paralyzed, your company The happiest sales people are often those Dealer, Denver, CO will be, too. who are making the biggest bank. Teach your sales team effective ways to capitalize on A: Everyone’s looking for that “magic We are all paralyzed by fear from time to your dealership’s opportunities and they’ll bullet.” The only problem is that it doesn’t time. Has it ever worked out for you when have little reason to look elsewhere for exist. There’s no one, fail-proof answer to it’s happened before? Wasn’t there a point employment. this question. Increasing dealership grosses where you blocked out the risk and got out of requires concentration on a lot of things. being paralyzed? Fear is your biggest enemy. Pay Plan If you let it consume your every thought, you Develop a pay plan and stick to it. The Take a careful look at how you’re reaching will get exactly what you fear. quickest way to lose key employees is to out to new or existing customers. If you come change their pay plan. up empty handed, you’re in trouble. Opting However, there’s a flip side to this. If you to dump all advertising initiatives to save focus on what you want, your chances of Employee Treatment yourself some dough will not help you sell getting it dramatically increase. Even more Your top-performing employees are your more cars. The first step to increasing your encouraging is that never in your lifetime greatest asset. Treat them as though they dealership’s gross profit requires customers will you see as many people paralyzed by were your clients. Keep your promises. on your lot. Make an effort to reach out to fear as there are today. By choosing to take Publicly address a job well done. Help them the consumers in your market and give them risks, you are better positioned to crush your develop dreams about what the future can a compelling reason to visit your dealership. competition. Why? Because your competition bring. There is tremendous loyalty created Doing this successfully does not necessarily chooses to stay paralyzed. Would you prefer when you teach them about all aspects of require some big-budget ad campaign. I’ve to wait around, doing nothing, until your well-balanced life, not just making money. seen lots of small-budget advertising efforts competition’s confidence gets stronger? pay off for dealers. Bottom line: In order to Think about in terms of a sport. The best time Have a question on improving an aspect of start trying to grow your bottom line, you to finish a game is when the competition’s your business that wasn’t addressed here? need to advertise. confidence is down. E-mail your question to me at the address below, and I’ll be more than happy to address Next, examine your sales department. Q: “My marketing budget is tight. Where it in an upcoming issue of AutoSuccess. How motivated are they to perform? What is my marketing money best allocated?” techniques are they using to close the deal Dealer, Des Moines, IA (if they’re closing deals at all)? Today’s tough economy has put even the best sales A: This might just be the million dollar professionals into a tailspin. Loss of hope question. Almost every dealer I’ve spoken in many cases can lead to desperate selling, with has had to make cuts to their marketing and desperate selling leads to a decline in plans. So what’s a dealer to do? Here’s my profitability. Consider reevaluating your advice: Ensure that your advertising — no methods to motivate and train your sales matter what media you choose — includes Matt Baker is the vice president of sales for G&A Marketing. He can be contacted force. Could this require bringing in a a powerful call to action to get prospects off at 866.618.8248, or by e-mail at motivational coach or training consultant? the couch. Perhaps. But don’t let the potential need0 to outsource these items get in the way Use specific offers to entice interest. Just as8
  4. 4. sales&trainingsolution KirkManzo CREATING A CHAMPION TEAM Are dealerships like benefit of letting you know quickly that it did their dollars further and identify undervalued professional sports not work, thus allowing for a change in your players. Within just a few short years the franchises? The examples of sports-inspired approach. strategy paid off and the championship trophy speeches during weekly sales meetings across was raised. the country are numerous. Managers and It is the integration of this clarity of vision dealers often try to inspire their troops to (sales process/philosophy) combined with Similarly, the Boston Red Sox recruited victory with stories of overcoming adversity. a talented management team and staff new young front office talent that deployed But are the two alike? (salespeople) that will secure a championship. a similar mathematical formula to assess As an owner or GM, what you must first ask player’s abilities and values allowing them Sports teams and coaches are asked by yourself is have you clearly defined your to stretch their dollars further, and, as a result ownership to win at all costs and stay within vision and communicated it consistently with finally broke the 100-year drought and won budget. As you observe the most successful all of your people? Secondly, do you have the the World Series. franchises and college programs, there are best talent on the field and in the press box? common traits. Both have talent in the press You really have two options when looking at box, on the sideline and the playing field or The good news is that these elements are your sales team. Is it to get the best people court. The key is that management (coaches) within your control. You have the privilege and or is it to get the best from the people you and salespeople (players) have both the ability the responsibility to establish the vision for already have? and the desire to win. the organization. With regard to talent, do you have a written strategy on how your dealership In order to get the best from your people, Many have one or the other. Few possess is going to attract, retain and develop the best you must determine what are their strengths both. The responsibility of ownership is to people? Without these details, the likelihood of and limitations. Many dealerships evaluate a establish the vision for the group and then winning a championship is low. salesperson’s performance monthly, formally consistently communicate that vision down and in writing. Ask yourself as the dealer or the organization. Even a poor strategy, when The options are you could bring in some high- GM, when was the last time you did a formal executed flawlessly, does at least have the profile, high-cost “free agents” to build your review one-on-one with each of your managers? championship team, or you can The speed of the team is the speed of the develop your leader. Are your managers operating at the people via a “farm highest level? How can your players have system.” Which confidence in the coaches if they don’t observe one makes sense any development in their skill sets, too? for you? The development of the management team NEW Over the past several years, two professional could begin with a simple assessment tool like DISC or Myers Briggs. There are various measurement tools available online. sports In order to help create alignment within the organizations management team, consider the inexpensive did a remarkable act of all reading the same book and then job of taking discussing the strategies from the text. the guesswork out of selecting Realize that the definition of insanity is still to young talent continue to do things as you have always done from the draft. them and expect to produce a different result. When Jimmie Don’t let the New Year arrive and not take Johnson left the advantage of a clean slate. University of Miami to join the Attending this year’s NADA convention in Dallas Cowboys Orlando might just be the jumpstart you need organization, he to make 2010 a great year! Stop by Booth Velocity 2.0 knew he needed some talented young players 3024 and say hello. You will have a chance to win some terrific prizes, including an on-site training and consulting visit at no charge. Paint, Pixels & Profitability to turn the team Have a great holiday with your families and around. He good luck in the coming year. Now available! The new book by worked to create a very sophisticated vAuto Founder and Chairman, Dale Pollak mathematical Kirk Manzo is the president of The Manzo Group. He can be contacted at formula that the 800.858.6903, or by e-mail at Order today at Cowboy’s utilized during the NFL draft to stretch0
  5. 5. houses are bigger than that!) What’s more, we’re located huge steady increases for almost the entire year following launch, culminating in August of this year in a rural area, miles from any metro. The two major with just shy of 40,000 visits, 1,500 phone calls (online only) and almost 1,000 leads. history. But honestly, I know there is so much Interstates are six miles away in one direction and 12 miles more we can be doing — and eventually we away in the other. It’s just not really easy to get here. We’re AS: Describe some of the “shopping tools” available on your Web site. will be doing it; it’s only a matter of time. It’s 30 miles from Boston and 20 miles from Worcester, the TM: It’s all about specials and inventory. You can stop consumers from buying if you dazzle them really time for owners to allow for growth. If two biggest cities in the state. On top of that, our two closest with too many shiny things. We’re in the process of adding a video library that is, once again, it wasn’t for Jeff Batta, our owner and GM, competitors are located on the very desirable Route 9, the going to revolutionize video for Web sites. But we’ll never load up every page with video or annoy allowing me the latitude to try all these crazy state’s second automile. people by having it play as soon as you hit the page. We just launched our blog, which will contain things, we wouldn’t be in a place to not only a variety of topics we think consumers will find interesting, but it won’t be overly “salesy” — remain competitive in the years to come, but AS: How do you differentiate your dealer in the highly that’s where I think many dealer blogs go wrong. begin to take back incremental business from competitive Boston market? our competition. TM: Two key areas: reputation and SEO. We are the No. 1-ranked Nissan dealer in the world, as What most people never realize is that our “site” is actually seven — and soon to be 11 — Web rated by consumers on, and we tell everyone about it. The key is transparency. sites, all designed so that each profit center can be optimized separately. The power of these sites Timothy P Martell is the digital marketing . From the moment you submit a lead online through the entire buying process, we continually is that while they are so incredibly complex behind the scenes, they are grammar-school simple and customer relations director for remind you about — we don’t hand-pick happy customers to write reviews. If up front. Marlboro Nissan. He can be contacted at you send us a lead and we don’t respond, or you think you were treated badly, you already know 866.418.7304, or by e-mail at about DealerRater, because we tell you about it up front. We’re confident about that because — Try this out: Go to our homepage ( and watch all our nice scrolling from our owner, Jeff Batta, who is notorious for taking ups and working deals himself, to the banners. Then go to Google and search “Nissan Altima Boston.” Now the first banner you see is For more information about TK Carsites, GSM, Dan Hedin, to our sales manager, Josh Keevan, to every last salesperson — everyone our Altima special. Or Google “used nissan specials boston.” Sure, we’re No. 1, but click on it. contact JD Rucker at 866.426.4760, or by knows it’s about the customer first. You start out immediately on the used car page, one less click to get what you want. e-mail at away from interstates and contending Occasionally, someone has a bad experience or something goes wrong. It is so easy to turn a AS: What’s been the most valuable digital marketing tool you’re using todaywith far larger competitors, a small rural customer around, though, and that’s where I feel we really shine. I make sure that customers know that is new to your dealership?dealership in Massachusetts has mastered if anything goes wrong, whether it be in parts, service or sales, that they can contact me and I’ll TM: I think the way we can use banner ads to promote our message is huge. Sure, a lot of vendorsWeb strategies and online tools to become really listen and try to resolve it to their satisfaction. To date, I’m batting 1,000. I’ve yet to have an give you banner ads, but ours are search friendly. From a marketing standpoint, this is huge forone of the volume leaders in the whole of unhappy customer I couldn’t turn into a fan. relevance. I also think the way our store is going to be using video very soon will blow everyoneNew England. We sat down with Timothy away. The low-quality video you see on everyone’s sites will become passé very soon. I have hadP. Martell, digital marketing and customer Our other key area for success is SEO, and this is where we truly stand alone. We own Google, a peek at what our video people are working on, and it is incredible.relations director for Marlboro Nissan, located and that is in no small part thanks to TK Carsites and Pasch Consulting Group. I’d been tryingin Marlboro, Massachusetts to learn the secrets to find a way to combine the power of social media with content-based SEO, and these two AS: How have the expectations of customers changed in the past few years?they have discovered to level the playing field companies were the weapons I needed to put it into action. We literally control thousands of Web TM: It’s not so much that their expectations have changed as much as it is our desire to showand succeed in challenging times. properties and social media profiles. This allows for absolute market domination, and when all is them that they can expect more. That they deserve better than what they’re used said and done, there will be no way to search for one of our vehicles in a city or town in a 500- to. I don’t care if it sounds cliché — we really do care and we do itAutoSuccess: Tell us about yourself mile radius from our dealership and find someone besides us. We’re not just looking to be No. 1, better than the other guy. I answer e-mails and take calls on my daysand how you got into this industry either. We are aiming to literally remove our competition from page one of Google — the first 10 off; in fact, I talked to a customer on the phone from bed a few hoursTimothy Martell: I was born into it! My results will all be for Marlboro Nissan. That is market domination. after a surgery. Our GSM will come into the dealership on holidaysfather, George Martell, is the COO of Albrecht when we’re closed all by himself just in case someone has a questionAuto Group, our dealer group. Oddly enough, All of this is possible because I have the two best minds in automotive SEO at my disposal, or wants to buy a car, and we’ll sell at least one car every time! That’sthough, I had no real interest in the car 24/7. JD Rucker, chief marketing officer of TK Carsites is nothing short of a true social media a commitment most aren’t willing to make. So I guess you could saybusiness at first, so I went to college in Florida guru, and Brian Pasch, owner of Pasch Consulting, knows how to put a Web site on Page 1 we’re changing our customers’ expectations, one at a time.for electrical engineering, computer science, of Google in days instead of months. Prior to our collaboration, they were competitors. Nowand business administration, and at one point I through the wonderful world of non-disclosure agreements, we all play together in the same AS: What’s the overall philosophy of your Web site, as itsold vacuum cleaners door to door for a year, sandbox. It’s just one of the examples of what can happen when vendors collaborate instead of pertains to inviting potential customers in?working 18 hours a day, seven days a week compete. In fact, JD and Brian are hosting an SEO boot camp the day before NADA this year. TM: “Yes.” It’s all about “yes.” Are we a Nissan dealer? Sure. But we’ll— it was a crazy life and I left to keep my You can be sure I will be there. get you anything. Want a brand new Honda? We’ll find a way to get it.sanity. I found myself selling cars at a Nissan Want a brand new Toyota? We can do that too. New, used, whatever. Wedealership, and that was it — I was hooked. AS: How far has your dealership come in recent months in terms of digital have customers that love us so much and don’t want to go to another marketing? dealer after being spoiled by us; but if their kid is graduating and just hasAS: Describe your dealership – its TM: Two years ago, we were forced to find a new provider when our current one was going out to have an Accord, no problem, we’ll handle it.size, its location and its competition. of business. This is when I stumbled upon TK Carsites. I was reluctant at first, because it seemedTM: If you’d see our little store, you’d never many of their practices flew in the face of every SEO bone in my body, but the results were there. AS: What idea would you like to leave ourguess we were the No. 5 volume Nissan dealer Time and time again, their sites were No. 1 in search. At this point, I had endured three vendor readers with today?in New England. Our lot is less than two acres, changes and they were always a nightmare. Every time we would lose all our rankings and virtually TM: Never reach the point where you aren’t driven for improvement.and we operate out of a 15,000-square foot disappear off the Web for three or four months. Something was different this time, though. Not It’s great that we do so many things right at our store and it’s greatbuilding (some of our competition’s owners’ only did we fail to experience any drop in traffic (about 4,000 visits a month back then), but we had that we are very profitable even during one of the worst recessions in photography credit: Zach Billings and Andrew Martin, Marlboro Nissan
  6. 6. sales&trainingsolution SeanStapleton YOUR NEXT CRM SHOULD BE A MOBILE CRM “Internet response times are Technology continues access, they can quickly glance at their smart very important, and most to change our way of phone wherever they are and know what is manufacturers put a large life and the automotive industry. According going on within their store. They can see how emphasis on maintaining fast response times. Mobile to a new report issued by Nielsen, there were many leads were received today, the day’s CRM solutions are the 56.9 million mobile Web users in July of this sold counts and appointment counts, and perfect solution to improve year. A large percentage of your sales staff much more. Managers and dealer principals response times.” likely already has a Blackberry, iPhone or can also use it if they are out of the store to similar smart phone. It only makes sense to keep an eye on what is going on. You can extend the functionality of your dealership’s give managers immediate insight into your CRM system to these smart phones to business and team performance at a glance, increase usage and functionality. with mobile dashboards and reports, accessed through your smart phone. Internet response times are very important, and most manufacturers put a large emphasis Having mobile CRM access also makes it on maintaining fast response times. Mobile easy for your salespeople to collect leads CRM solutions are the perfect solution to outside of the dealership. While at the gym, improve response times. When an Internet the grocery store or wherever they may be, lead is received within your CRM, your sales your sales staff could easily capture customer • It should support multiple types of smart staff can be instantly notified on their smart information and create a new lead on their phones. phone so they know a new lead has arrived. smart phone. • To be truly valuable, it should include They can be in the showroom, on the lot, inventory functions. on a test drive or even at home. Wherever If your mobile CRM contains inventory • It should support special mobile e-mail they are, they will know they have a new functions, you can also use it to remotely templates. lead and need to respond. It is easy to access look up important inventory information. the dealership’s CRM system right on their Having mobile access to your inventory is Mobile Web access is growing rapidly as phone to view all the details of the lead and great for looking up availability, pricing, more and more people switch to an iPhone, the customer’s history. They can then use vehicle details, pictures and more while on Blackberry, Google Android and other smart their smart phone to call the customer or the go. phones. What will the future of mobile CRM send an e-mail and log that contact within the be? We will have to see how it evolves. mobile CRM to stop the response time clock Here is a list of things to consider when Having mobile access definitely increases and update the customer’s contact history. selecting a mobile CRM solution: CRM usage, productivity and the value of the • Mobile CRM functionality should be CRM to your dealership. Mobile CRM is also great for managers and part of your main CRM, not a secondary dealer principals. They are usually busy solution. Sean Stapleton is the executive vice running around the store and don’t have a lot • Mobile CRM is not just a Web-based president of VinSolutions. He can be of time to sit down at a computer and log in CRM; it must be designed and optimized contacted at 866.587.7629, or by e-mail at to the CRM. With a CRM that allows mobile for smart phones. 1 4
  7. 7. sales&trainingsolution TedRubin LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE GRAND BAZAAR I recently took a trip I help you?” There is a reason why we don’t and the speed is up again. This time, the rugs to Turkey. It is an ask customers, “Can you help me make some are more similar, more specifically in line amazingly beautiful country with an incredible money off you?” with the one that you originally stopped on. Have you ever felt like you were mak- Tewart Enterprises Inc is helping us ately and I guarantee those results. history. While parts of the city and culture are However, they will throw in the odd one once ing little mistakes that are costing you to make our entire business more clearly very modern, the roots of its ancient Once you are seated and comfortable, they in a while just to mix it up. tons of money at your dealership? Do sound. With years of successful ex- • Sell more vehicles without spending past are evident in the food, the architecture start to inquire about your interests. This you feel like there are hidden profits perience, this team is innovative and $1 more on advertising and the way people interact with each other. conversation — and it is a conversation, rather After about 20 more minutes, you generally • Increase your gross profits any- This couldn’t be more noticeable than at the than a pitch — allows you to get to know find a few that you want to look at more in your dealership that are just waiting up-to-date presenting fresh ideas each other. What I really liked was that you seriously. They remove all the other rugs. to be uncovered? If you are like most to keep up with our ever-changing where from $300 to $800 a vehicle Grand Bazaar. This is where I learned that I am only a novice salesperson; I was about to felt they were honestly interested. They asked There are usually three on the floor. If not, dealers, the honest answer is, YES, business. I would recommend Tew- • Make an extra $100,000 or more in be taught by the old pros. Their sales process where we were from, what our home was they will sort of guide you down to three. You Absolutely! art Enterprises Inc. to anyone who your service profits in 90 days or less has been successful for a very long time, and like, what type of designs we had seen, where have choices, but not too many. Then they • Double and even triple your sales it’s not because they are resistant to change. we had been in Turkey so far, and which help you narrow to two, and then to one. Now wants to improve their business. areas we liked most. All of these questions you are ready to negotiate. It’s a shame for YOU not to make – Doug Mathers and service customer retention It’s just because it works. I learned a powerful and interesting lesson. This is the story of were designed to create definition of who we more money, when these dealers do Russwood Auto Center, Lincoln, NE • Double your appointments and are and our particular needs and tastes. And Everything is right there in front of you. You it so easily… sales conversion from Internet leads, how — and why — my wife and I bought a get a price right away. You also get a discount Turkish rug in the Grand Bazaar. because this is such a conversational, personal My name is Mark Tewart and I am the Web site leads, third party leads right away. You have now spent significant process, you feel that the interest is truly in Our association with Tewart En- President of Tewart Enterprises Inc. • Increase your F&I Product pen- Rugs are one of the biggest commodities you, and not just selling you. time with your salesperson. You both have a vested interest in this sale and purchase. terprises has been nothing short For almost two de- etrations by 25% in Turkey. They can be expensive, costing Only once they feel they have gathered As well, you like each other at this point. of extraordinary. Our sales volume between $800 and $10,000 on average. At the same time, there is considerable detail and enough information does the “sales” The genuine comfort, help and interest had increased over 30% in the first sixty cades I have been helping dealers There are a few things immediately one • Discover the procession begin. Rug after rug is brought out, all played very well with me, and I felt an differentiation in quality and aesthetics, so people buying rugs are generally fairly well rolled out and laid on the floor. There are so attachment to the salesperson. days of implementation. More find hidden prof- that every dealer secret that will importantly, our sales gross in- versed in what to look for, and how to buy. many that they start to lay them on top of each other. It is hard to keep track. They do this The back and forth itself gave credibility creased an average of over 68% its and correcting should be doing to make your dealer- This immediately reminded me of a product little mistakes that ship an additional that I have been selling and working with for intentionally so you can see the effort they go through to help you. to the ultimate price paid for the rug. Time invested and willingness to negotiate also over the first five months of imple- were costing those make money, million dollars the past 20 or so years here in the States…. mentation. The bottom line result I asked several store owners why they do this. helped to build a relationship that ties you more to your salesperson. However, the was an increase of over $350,000 dealers hundreds of especially in this or more over the Here is their process: You walk into a shop thousands of dol- next five years — and someone immediately greets you, but Most said it is how it has always been done. One said that it helps to focus the customer. most leverage that they had over me was the friendliness and the conversational interaction net to the Dealership Operation. I lars. These almost- economy. We have several they do not wait outside and pull you into “At some point, they will see something they we had. It felt easy and comfortable. You have used many sales systems over magical solutions clients who have the store. After a brief introduction, you like enough to stop us. There are so many rugs. feel that you are being treated attentively, the years and none of them have turn little mistakes into instant cash already experienced this and it will are offered something to drink. Hospitality is a time-honored custom in Turkey and a It is likely that you will like dozens of them. with respect and thoughtfulness. Salespeople ever provided the success that we machines of bottom-line profit. make the hair stand up on your neck very important part of their culture. This is But, you have to narrow it down. This allows were knowledgeable, conversational and well are experiencing with the Tewart when you hear this. you feel like you have control over the process. versed in the product. just pure, premium customer service. Their But, since it is so overwhelming, customers System. Because I have not met you and do not primary concern is to slow you down and get you comfortable before moving on in any way. will stop us after only about 15 minutes or so. We did ultimately buy a rug (two, actually). Walter Alfaro, GM know anything about your dealership, I What they land on is not usually what they But, the lessons I learned about customer Perry Ford can’t say how much money is being left Call 888 2 Tewart (888 283-9278) or unrealized at your dealership. However, e-mail to schedule There was no talk of selling anything, and will buy,” he explained, “but, it is very close to service as a selling tool were the most valuable at first it felt a little odd to me. You are what they will buy. That is our landmark.” take aways that I brought home from my trip. Our grosses went up 30% on the a private and confidential interview. Paying attention to people, treating them with I can say FOR CERTAIN that the compelled to relax and slow yourself down. respect and helping them find what they want front end, and we added almost 50% number of dollars is substantial and You are being treated with respect, and you This is exactly what happened with us. You ***We will share candid and specific are being catered to. It is virtually impossible realize the shear volume of rugs in the shop, is a tried and true method to successful selling in the back end. The best part of that would shock you, if you knew. information that will prove to you with- to refuse, and it is nice to have the attention. and that you could be sitting there forever. So, in the Grand Bazaar — and your dealership. is that our sales also increased over out a doubt what I am saying is true. You This conveys a strong message that their intent you stop them when you see something that is 25% and continue to increase. There are a few things that every will see real dealer examples that support is to help you first, not just to sell you. I think at least close to what you like. Then, they can Gary Minneman Jr, GM dealer should be doing to make these results. Because of time constraints, that every really smooth and successful sale focus their efforts on similar rugs. Then they Ted Rubin is a founding partner of that I have ever made was generally because stop the process for a bit and you drink some ActivEngage. He can be contacted at Sunshine Toyota money, especially in this economy. there will only be a limited amount of I was able to help someone find what they more tea and chit-chat a bit more. Then, they 866.387.9061, or by e-mail at needed or wanted. Hence the question, “May begin the process again. The rugs start flowing Working with Tewart Enterprises is The Great News is that I have identified dealers accepted into this program. different from other consultants and those little mistakes and have big solu- P.S.: Please, only Dealers or General trainers. We are getting results with tions for them. NO BS, just real measur- Managers may very satisfied customers. In addition, able results that start happening immedi- respond.16