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AutoSuccess Dec07


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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Dec07

  1. 1. Sell What It Does, Not What It Is Volume 6 • Issue 6
  2. 2. WE’RE PROUD TO SAY WE’VE DONE SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW. “Highest in Dealer Satisfaction With Online Buying Services For New Vehicle Leads” OF COURSE, WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN WHAT GOT US HERE. “Highest in Dealer Satisfaction With Online Buying Services For Used Vehicle Leads, Two Years in a Row”This honor says a lot. It says that car dealers appreciate our service. It says that we help generate business.And as the only company to earn these awards for both new and used car services, it says that we keepimproving our service. That’s something we will continue to do. We want to thank our dealers for helping usearn these awards. They’re more examples that show What We Do Works.For information, call 877-261-9418 or visit today.©2007, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “” is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. received thehighest numerical score for used vehicle leads in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2006–2007 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services Studies. 2007 study SMbased on 1,758 dealer evaluations in May–June 2007. received the highest numerical score for new vehicle leads in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates2007 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services Study. Study based on 1,758 dealer evaluations in May–June 2007. Your experiences may vary. Visit SM
  3. 3. Over 2 Million Vehicles Processed Daily Visit Us at NADA 2008! Booth 3601 WestHomeNet 866.653.1155 220 Willowbrook Lane | West Chester, PA 19382 | 23 egap no elcitra ruo eeS
  4. 4. Artful Questioning 8 TomHopkins Getting What You Want From People How to Get Buy-In, Follow Through and Enthusiastic Participation on Projects, Tasks and Goals 10 PattiWood on the cover The Value of Mentors 11 BrianTracy Hitting the Jackpot...With Digital Ads! 12 DaymondDecker Failing Forward Successfully Can Mistakes Actually be Good for You? 14 DebbieAllen Personal Success 18 SeanV.Bradley Is This As Good As It’s Going to Get 20 RalphPaglia The Power of Now 22 MarkTewart Exceed the Online Customer’s Expectations 26 LisaKeller What Does it Take to Succeed in Sales 30 MichaelYork Two Words That Can Make a Difference 32 JesseBiter Internet Sales 20 Group 36 SeanV.Bradley Dump Your Sales Slump 38 RalphR.Roberts helping to support... God is the source of all supplyHebrews 12:1 - Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Brian Balash, Sales-improvement bb11@sellingsuccessonline.comThomas Williams, Creative Director Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Scott Schaeffer, Sales-improvement Strategist God is the source of all sschaeffer@sellingsuccessonline.com3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | www.SellingSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counselbefore implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ namesavailable to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. STS TomHopkinssales&trainingsolution Artful Questioning Many automotive When salespeople say things like that, involving the shortest time period possible. salespeople who they’re doing nothing more than adding It’s all about the time and convenience of haven’t yet reached the professional stage to the old stereotype of car salespeople as the client. think professional selling is exactly the being right up there with lawyers on the opposite of what it really is. They get started. list of people with whom you least want In fact, there’s a dealership in my local They learn the product and what the special to spend your time. When they use such area that’s bragging about one of the offers are, and then push them on the next aggressive methods, what are they doing? most common objections people have to client who comes into the dealership. They’re pushing, aren’t they? They’re shopping for a new vehicle — the length of nagging, pleading, arguing. They’re telling time required to do it. They are promising When you entered the selling field, you potential clients things they may not care not more than one hour of time to handle all may have thought, “Now my job is to talk to hear. They’re trying to ram obvious self- the paperwork required for an automotive and talk and talk.” So off you go. “Here it serving statements down the future clients’ purchase. One hour from decision to drive- is folks. The single, best answer to your throats. In effect, they are saying, “I’m out away. The only way they can make and keep driving needs. Oh, you’re going to love it. to make you buy something. The only reason a promise like that is to have their sales You’d better get one now before we run out I’m doing that is to put money in my pocket, team gather all the necessary information of inventory.” and I don’t care whether what you buy helps for the paperwork as they discuss the you or not. I’ve got a quota to meet.” various vehicles. They have to ask the right The professional automotive salesperson, questions in order to hear the right answers the true Champion, realizes that people have True Champions, those who make successful to economize on the client’s time. two ears and one mouth, and that they should long-term careers in the automotive business, be used in those proportions. This means realize that telling isn’t selling. Champion Have you ever been surprised at how freely that after talking 10 seconds, you switch salespeople never make people feel they’re you’ve talked to certain salespeople before your mouth off, switch your ears on, and being pushed for the simple reason that they buying from them? They were alert and listen for 20 seconds. This also means that, never push. What they do instead is to lead. interested. You felt comfortable with them. instead of overwhelming your future client They find out by asking questions where Recalling those conversations, you may with your knowledge of the automotive the buyer wants to go. Then, they take them think you were leading and the salesperson industry and your particular line of vehicles, there. was following. Superficially, that may have you encourage them to tell you what they been true. In a deeper sense, however, that know, what they need and what they want. Champions lead their prospects from the professional salesperson was leading all the Let’s compare the two methods. initial contact to happy involvement in way and you were following all the way. new or used vehicles by not talking all The average salesperson sounds something of the time, but by listening most of the How did that happen? The Champion sales like this: time, and by asking artful questions. In all professional encourages you to start off in • “This is the best truck there is on the this alert and pointed questioning, the true your direction of interest. Once you set your market today. Nothing can touch it. professional maintains a friendly attitude of direction, he or she gets smoothly in front and We’ve also got the best deals because interest and understanding that encourages begins to lead you toward any of several open we’re miles ahead of the competition. the prospect to open up and give the desired paths to purchase. When artful questioning You’d might as well get it now and not information freely. reveals which of the several paths is best, the waste your time looking any further.” Champion guides you smoothly and warmly They ask questions about the current vehicle to the best solution they have to offer for your • “Our dealership will do more for you or vehicles they own. They ask about past needs. Because you don’t feel you’re being than any of the others. You really vehicles the clients may have loved. Current sold, you choose to own. should buy from us.” needs — such as length of time on the road, number of passengers, cargo space World-renowned master sales trainer • “This special pricing is only available requirements, safety and economy — are all Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom for a few more days. Why waste your considered. Top pros come across as expert Hopkins International. He can be time shopping around? You can’t get advisors whose only focus is on finding contacted at 866.347.6148, or by e-mail anything like this for less.” the right vehicle at the right investment at Log onto Avoid expensive yearly contracts! Calculate leases, click DEMO LINK Auto Raptor is a AUTO RAPTOR monthly web finance, and subscription starting at to play and experiment with Auto Raptor today! $395 per month cash deals within (includes all updates). Auto Raptor’s CRM The Ultimate Automotive Then sign up for a FREE 30 day trial & CRM & DeskTool by clicking FREE TRIAL! 1.866.583.14348
  6. 6. From the Desk of Mark Tewart, PresidentTewart Enterprises Inc • Tewart Management Group Inc. “I Will Guarantee You That I Can Make3 Out of Every 10 of Your Credit Turn Downs Buyable”It’s as close to growing money on trees • Motivate lenders for faster and deeperthat you will ever experience. approvalsIn fact, I can do even better... • Develop tremendous customer loyalty and customer referralsI will probably get 5 out of every 10 ofyour credit turn downs buyable because... Would you agree that the single greatestI have a PROVEN, copyrighted, trade- challenge you face today in order to maxi-marked and proprietary system for making mize every sales opportunity and youryour credit turn downs buyable and I will gross profit is your customers’ credit andprove it to you. their credit scores?Yes, it’s legal, ethical and meets ALL guide- What impact would you see in your opera-lines. This is a credit improvement program tion if your customers could legally have MARK TEWARTthat is proven and gets results. It is NOT a their credit scores increased by 50,100,credit repair program. Don’t confuse the Industry Consultant even as much as 250 points with yourtwo. Often the so-called credit repair pro- credit reporting agencies — all accordinggrams are shams and scams based upon monthly — guaranteed to Federal Law and with a money backfleecing people with poor credit. • Stop paying outrageous fees to special guarantee? financing companiesI can prove to you exactly how it is doing • Increase your gross profits How much would it be worth if 30% towhat I am telling you right now at current • Turn “eventual customers” into deliveries 50% of your “turned down” credit applica-dealerships. TODAY tions became vehicle sales from YOURYou can speak directly to the dealers and • Tie the customer to the extent dealership?see for yourself. they MUST purchase from you • Reduce staff frustration and manager Look at what dealers are saying about thisThe results have been mind blowing! valuable profit improvement program: “pre-qualifying” Here’s the Deal “We went from delivering 180 unitsEveryday you feel the pain of losing cus- to over 300 per month thanks to thistomers and watching money walk out the program”door because you can’t get the customer - Randy Miller, Sales Directorapproved. Town & Country Ford - Evansville, INImagine getting a minimum of 3 of every Call 888 2 Tewart (888 283-9278) /10 of those deals to be buyable. What 513 932-9526 to get a FREE, No Hasslewould that do to your sales, gross profit Presentationand bottom line?• Our dealers are experiencing an aver- Mark Tewart, Presidentage of $4,300 gross profit per copy on Tewart Enterprises Inc.these deals that are getting approved that www.tewart.comwere once turned down. On just ten dealsthat’s an extra $43,000 Gross profit! P.S. Remember, I am guaranteeing in writ-• Deliver more new and used vehicles ing 3 out of every 10Bonus! Call and schedule your 15 minute, Free, no obligation presentation for your dealership by January 21 and you will receive my Tewart Distance Learning program for FREE for 30 days.* *Demonstration absolutely for Dealers and Manages only please See my article on page 22
  7. 7. STS Getting What You PattiWoodsales&trainingsolution Want From People How to Get Buy-In, Follow Through and Enthusiastic Participation on Projects, Tasks and Goals Your boss walks for work from them. In fact, you should build crave facts and more facts, but they have into your cubical relationship credits with them every week trouble making decisions because they have and says, “I need that project from you by so, when you really need them, you have so many details to consider. They welcome 2:00,” turns around and walks out. How do relationship credits to draw on when you are documentation, lengthy testimonial and you feel? Well if you’re a get-it-done kind of in dire straights. Also know a warm “hello” statistical evidence that proves your point. person, you might appreciate that he didn’t and a sincere “thank you” are as necessary as Explain until you are blue in the face, and waste your time with niceties and was in and food and water to the Amiable. The Amiable they’ll ask for more. They have great insights out. But if that is not your style, you may get think carefully before taking any action, and and opinions and don’t always get a chance pretty mad. they don’t like change, so you really need to express them out loud, so ask them before to talk them through any new projects or you tell them, “Do it this way” and you will You’re really excited to tell your team you changes in old routines to get them to buy get more buy in. Whether you give them a have a new project. It will require a lot of work in and follow through; otherwise, they will task face to face or through e-mail, they will and the deadline is almost impossible to meet keep doing it the old way or what they may e-mail you back with problems, mistakes without everyone putting in extra hours, but consider the way that has “always worked and why it won’t work. Be prepared and, you’re pumped. You go in smiling and ready before.” They need to feel a sense of security if possible, make sure you deal with their to rock. Speaking with an enthusiastic voice before moving forward. They best way to criticisms face to face, or your project will and lots of gestures and rah-rah language you get work from an Amiable is to become their drag out and weigh down with back-and- tell the team about the project. How do they friend. Make your body language warm, forth conversations and e-mails with what respond? Well if they are fellow expressive smile and make your voice soft and relaxed. non-Analyticals would consider minutia. types, they might jump on the band wagon Even when you think the “deal is done,” they with equal enthusiasm, but if they are get-it- The Expressive or Get Appreciated will want to come back with one more fix. To right analyzers, they are sitting there shaking This type of person wants to be challenged; avoid delays you may even give a deadline their heads thinking of all the details that need they enjoy learning about new, exciting for criticism and say, “Get back to me by this to be taken care of; in other words, all the things. So if you present them with a new date with problems and, after that, no matter mistakes that they will need to fix and how project, they may jump on it just because it is what we will go forward.” To make sure they they will be spending every waking hour for new. But, because they love new stuff, they are receptive, don’t interrupt them; they like the next three weeks. Different people need are easily bored and may not follow through their solitude and prefer to know you will be different delivery styles. on work that requires details or lots of small coming to talk to them rather than having print forms and multiple steps. If you need you just drop by. Make your body language If you have an important idea to communicate that kind of detail work from them, you may appropriate and reserved and your voice to someone at work and you need other have to check back with them or provide slow and low volumed, and allow long silent people’s buy in, you have a task to assign some sort of social interaction or pat on the pauses for them to think before they speak. to someone and you want to make sure they back feedback when they do. For example, follow through, or you want to make sure when they turn in their monthly time sheets The Bottom-liner or Get it Done you will get enthusiastic participation, what’s or travel vouchers on Fridays, let them know This type of person values brevity and makes the best way to present your message? You that they will get to sit and have coffee with quick decisions. They want you to tell them need to consider the personality of the person you. Or instead of e-mailing in work, have short and sweet what you do and what you you are going to talk to and form a message them present it at the weekly meeting. They want them to do. They like summaries and and delivery style that suits them. We often burn hot and cold, so keep your face to face they want to be told their task. Forget the go in to persuade someone using the style or over the phone delivery lively. They like boring details, and for goodness sake don’t of communicating that is comfortable for bold statements, new directions, initiatives, repeat yourself. Make your e-mail requests us. What we need to do is consider is the bright ideas and enjoy a good sense of humor. to them in bullet points. They can juggle personality type of the person we are speaking Expressive types like to lead and influence multiple tasks, but like the feeling of getting a with. Below are the four basic personality others, so if you give them tasks where they task done. You may want to break long-term types of the DISC personality inventory and can get other people on board, you will have detailed projects down into mini-projects for their characteristics. Read what each one a highly motivated worker. And if they are them. They fear a lack of control, so they likes and prepare your message and delivery hip to your project, they will be your rah-rah need to know they are in charge of their part style to match your communication recipients cheerleader and supporter. They like to be of the project. They gain energy from being needs. Understand the underlying traits of the noticed and appreciated; that is like food and in charge and meeting challenges and being four main types, but know that most people water for them and feeds them deeply. forceful and commanding, so know what you are a combination. want, say it and stick to it. Make your body So now you know how to present your ideas language confident and your eye contact The Amiable or Get Along projects and tasks to others. You can get more direct and your voice strong and fast paced. This type of person wants to be your accomplished with a lot less stress. Make friend. They respond to heavy use of the your body language energetic and open and Patti Wood, MA, CSP is a professional word “you” and the promise of an ongoing your voice up-beat and fast paced. speaker, author and coach at relationship. They like warmhearted, friendly Communications Dynamics. She can be10 conversations and a relaxed pace. Ask about The Analytical or Get it Right contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mail their weekend and their kids before you ask This type is smart, careful and accurate. They at
  8. 8. STS BrianTracysales&trainingsolution The Value of Mentors Benjamin Franklin The advice you seek should be guidance important because many people, especially once said, “there are regarding your character and personality young people, are extremely impatient, two ways to acquire wisdom; you can either and specific ideas on how you can do your always looking for shortcuts. When they get buy it or borrow it.” By buying it, you pay job better and faster. Remember, you can’t advice on something that another person has full price in terms of time and cost to learn figure it all out by yourself. You must have spent many years learning, they often try to the lessons you need to learn. By borrowing the help of others. You must find men and add variations and improve on it without it, you go to those men and women who have women who will guide you and advise you having mastered the original instruction. already paid the price to learn the lessons on the road of life, or you will take a long, and get their wisdom from them. long time getting anywhere. Remember, when you open yourself up to guidance and input from another person, This is the essence of the mentor-protégé There are two vital qualities to look for in a concentrate first on understanding and relationship. By going to people who are mentor. The first is character and the second learning exactly what that person has to teach ahead of you in the personal or professional is competence. you. You can then modify and change that arena and opening yourself to their input, lesson to suit your changing circumstances. advice and guidance, you can save yourself Character is — by far — the most important. the many months (maybe even years) it Look for a mentor who has the kind of The second factor that determines the would take and the thousands of dollars it character you admire and respect. Look for a influence of a mentor on your life is the would cost to learn what you need to learn person who has high degrees of intelligence, willingness of the mentor to help you in all by yourself. integrity, judgment and wisdom. The more every way possible to achieve your goals. you associate with men and women who We know that the more emotionally involved M.R. “Kop” Kopmeyer, a respected success are advanced in the development of their someone is in our lives, the more susceptible authority, once told me that perhaps the character, the more you will tend to pattern we are to being influenced by that person. fastest way to get ahead was to study the them and to become like them. When you seek out a mentor, you must look experts and to do what they do, rather for someone who genuinely cares about you than trying to learn it all by yourself. In The second quality you look for in a mentor as a person and who really wants you to be fact, he mentioned that no one lives long is competence. This means that the person successful in your endeavors. enough to learn everything he needs to learn is extremely good at what he or she does. A starting from scratch. To be successful, we good mentor in your career is one who has Next month, we’ll look at steps necessary absolutely, positively have to find people the knowledge, skills and abilities to move to build a successful mentor-protégé who have already paid the price to help ahead far more rapidly than his or her peers. relationship. us learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. The impact of a mentor on your life is Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO dependent on two additional factors. The of Brian Tracy International. He can be The mentors you choose should be people first is your degree of openness to being contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail you respect, admire and want to be like. influenced by another person. Openness is so at 11 the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  9. 9. FSfeaturesolution delivers a defined acquisition. Hitting the Jackpot... CLICK HERE: Flat Rate Flat Rate means a fixed cost per month With FOR SPECIAL OFFERS ON regardless of traffic or amount of impressions. This may appeal to a dealership that is testing 2007 BMW 7 SERIES an online campaign generally targeting niche Digital Ads! markets. Catch the Fever 2007 BMW Many Dealers are realizing that online 7 SERIES marketing is now their best investment and are shifting budgets from traditional media DaymondDecker to digital initiatives including Digital Ad marketing strategies. It’s impossible to ignore the results. $399 Are your dealership’s advertising strategies These results demonstrate that auto retailers Digital Ads are now all the buzz. We are now paying off? If not, it’s time to review the have the sense to recognize the continued accustomed to seeing a Web page bordered The eBusiness staff and the entire management 8 Cylinder, Black Leather, stakes and align your wager with the hottest growth in the online automotive audience by online advertising. Far from being Power Everything team at Courtesy Chevrolet San Diego are thing to hit the online strip — Digital Ads. and the unparalleled opportunity to target merely wallpaper, eDealers are realizing LEASE excited about their continued progress for With over 70 percent of the population in specific customer prospects and capitalize on the increasingly rich online ad formats are the remainder of 2007, and on into 2008. So North America now utilizing the Internet as driving more of the exact types of customers effective in sparking the interest of car buyers far in 2007, they have increased their self- a means of communication and shopping for they want into their showroom floors, Web and encouraging them to spend a significant generated percentage of total Internet leads products and services, eDealers are hitting sites and telephones. amount of time interacting on the Web site reading a newspaper ad, then being able to Make it a point to check on your Digital Ads’ received by 24 percent, and those leads are the jackpot with online display advertising to after click-through. Market research proves touch it and be automatically “teleported” to performance every few days. By monitoring converting into sales at a much higher closing drive significantly more traffic and profits to Rules of the Game that Digital Ads consistently generate the your dealership showroom. That’s powerful. your ads’ performance, you can modify or rate than the leads they purchase from third their dealership’s Sales, Finance, Service and The No. 1 rule is to know the game. Luck comes highest conversions into showroom traffic, Another tremendous advantage of Digital eliminate under-performing ads before they party lead suppliers. Parts Departments. and goes, but knowledge stays forever. With completed lead forms and telephone calls. Ads over traditional print ads is the capability waste away your advertising dollars. the right message, the right placement and In other words, the right online ads generate to infuse dynamic media enrichment like On the House: Co-Op Advertising Dollars and Sense the right marketing strategy, your dealership sales and profits. audio, video and animation to better highlight Business Mechanics of Digital Ads If you are leery about your investment in By the end of 2007, trends indicate that nearly can make every online initiative payoff with your dealership’s specials. It’s like a TV Every dealership must spend money to sell Digital Ads, how about letting your OEM $30 billion will be spent in North America for increased sales and profits. This brings us to Understanding the basics of Digital Ads commercial infused into your newspaper cars. Spend aggressively, but spend smart by foot some of the cost? Through an online online marketing, a mere drop in the bucket rule No. 2: Consult a professional. Consulting will help your dealership in designing and ad and then click-enabled to become an knowing the market and mechanics of Digital cooperative advertising management strategy, compared to the nearly $40 billion forecast a qualified Digital Advertising professional implementing an effective and lucrative advertisement on steroids — a virtual 800- Advertising. The basic business model of dealers can capitalize on the marketing muscle for 2010. The United States, together with is crucial to the success of your dealership’s online strategy for each dollar of Digital Ad pound gorilla in the world of advertising. the Digital Ad is simple. Different payment and advertising incentives of their OEM. Canada, currently support an historical 233 Digital Ad strategy. Many Digital Advertising budget. models can be used depending on the primary Many dealers are not aware that the same co- million Internet users. Research by eMarketer and closely related Search Engine Marketing Marketing Your Digital Ads goal of your dealership’s campaign. op advertising reimbursements are available indicate trends that online advertising will (SEM) firms make promises but are unable What is a Digital Ad? The placement of your Digital Ad is crucial not only for traditional media, but for Digital more than double as a percentage of total to deliver satisfactory results because they Digital Ads are the most popular form of • Cost per Thousand/Cost per Impression - to its success. Post your ads on sites visited Ads as well. Courtesy Chevrolet participates media as car dealers and other advertisers lack both basic knowledge and a deep advertising on the Internet, and I’m sure CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand and CPI to by your potential customers. If you’re in all areas of OEM co-op advertising and learn how to spend their marketing budgets understanding of the latest trends that drive you’ve seen more than your fair share of Cost Per Impression. Each time a user views promoting Ford Mustangs, buy space on sites commonly receives over $3,000 a month in smarter instead of just bigger. successful online automotive marketing Banners, Skyscrapers, Leaderboards and a Web page, that constitutes one impression. visited by college students like YouTube or refunds. initiatives. For example, how many SEM Squares of various sizes. A Digital Ad is a Typical CPMs for less-targeted inventory The demand for online advertising is booming, high-impact graphic or video ad displayed MySpace. The quality of leads generated providers capitalize on your OEM’s current can range from $0.25 to $5.00 per thousand ‘No Gamble’ Guarantee and the increasing numbers of dealers who within high-traffic Web sites, like CNN. from targeted markets generally yield higher incentives and rebates in order to increase impressions. Therefore, a dealership that The unparalleled advantages of Internet are channeling advertising budgets away com, that prospective and existing dealership click-throughs and are more likely to result in the QUALITY of traffic they are driving into wants to purchase 100,000 impressions at a marketing have given birth to a whole new from traditional media and implementing customers see when a page loads within an increased sales and greater ROI. your Web sites and landing pages? $5 CPM will sign a contract for $500. If you realm of advertising for dealerships. Whether digital marketing strategies are skyrocketing. area around the dealership’s local address To post a Digital Ad, you can do either or all buy space on a targeted site that is popular it be through a non-animated display of the Amateur-created online Digital Ads such (geo-targeted) or targeted region. This of the following: with car enthusiasts who are in an attractive dealer’s logo or expandable Skyscraper, as Banners, Leaderboards, Skyscraper and Digital Ad commonly advertises a make or • Pay publisher sites to post your ads demographic for your dealership, you can Digital Ads are helping dealerships to inline GIF and JPG images are okay, but if model, and it can also be used to promote • Pay an Ad Network to post the ad expect to pay up to 10 times the rate of successfully reach customers in a targeted, Tips for you’re like most dealers, odds are that you seasonal events, fuel economy, sales events, untargeted ad inventory. cost-effective and measurable way. will want some professional help in this special finance services or incentives such as Digital Ad Payoffs highly volatile and competitive industry of low APRs, Trade-In assistance and factory The most effective and cost efficient manner to distribute Digital Ads is through • Cost per Click - CPC is normally associated When you gamble, your risk is determined by online automotive retailing where there are rebates. A Digital Ad is simply a form of with paid Search Marketing; however Digital chance. With the right partner and the right an Ad Network. The role of the modern 1. Use enticing shapes/colors many ads competing for viewer attention. customer communication and a portal into Ads can be priced this way when the aim is to online marketing strategy, the only chance Internet Advertising Network is to transact, Look for industry experts who can match their your sales funnel. drive traffic. CPC pricing models are based involved with Digital Advertising is the 2. Create catchy headers serve, track and report the distribution of expertise with your dealership’s inventory, on paying only for those ads that experience chance to promote and grow your dealership, 3. Incorporate animation Digital Ads from advertisers to publishers branding and local market reputation in a How Do They Work and Why a “click-through.” boost profits, and increase ROI. With the using an efficient, interactive marketplace. 4. Use creative designs manner that serves your store’s marketing are They There? Large Ad Networks include a combination right marketing combination and the right 5. Choose optimal placement mission by creating and distributing into the An online Digital Ad can be very similar • Cost per Acquisition (Cost per Lead) - Cost team, you can turn your online investment of search engines, media companies and right Web sites the most innovative, attention- to a traditional ad you would place in a per Acquisition (or Lead) is a pricing model into a sure bet with a big payoff. 6. Engage with interaction technology vendors. grabbing graphic content. newspaper or magazine; but, there is a based on paying for direct results. This 7. Rotate banners regularly huge bonus available: the added ability to Always have more than one ad to promote model takes many forms (leads, sales, etc.) 8. Target your banners Fundamentals of Digital Ads transport a potential customer directly to a each vehicle. A Digital Ad usually burns out and is increasing in popularity due to the ease Daymond Decker is the product marketing 9. Monitor banner performance Through the rise, fall and resurgence of Landing Page, Microsite, or a Deep Link, after a surfer has seen it three times. If your of implementation and accounting compared manager for ADP Digital Marketing. He can online display advertising, eye-catching such as into the inventory of your Virtual click-through is steadily declining, then it is to traditional media. This model is great for be contacted at 866.507.9577, or by e-mail 1312 10. Do your math and exciting multimedia-enriched animated Dealership. Just imagine your customer time to rotate your Digital Ads. dealerships, as you pay only when an ad at
  10. 10. STS Failing Forward DebbieAllensales&trainingsolution Successfully Can Mistakes Actually be Good for You? Hopefully, you make allow the fear of failure to stop them from success, but until success is compared with a mistake now and achieving their goals. failures — people don’t truly understand the again, because failure can actually be good whole story of how business works. for you. If you haven’t made any mistakes If you study the failure and challenges of for a while, you may be playing it too close business, you will discover the ultimate Why Don’t They Teach Failure In to your comfort zone and not stretching success secrets of any enterprise. These are School? yourself far or fast enough to achieve high the key lessons we all must learn to grow Failures tend to disappear from business level goals. To aim high, you must accept and expand our opportunities in life. education curriculum. Information about some of the risks that go along with learning business failures is often scarce or ignored something new. If you want to create shamelessly fabulous completely, yet it is inevitable. On the other success, study all the failures. hand, information on successful companies Risks come with the acceptance that you and their success strategies is in generous will make some mistakes along your journey Most highly successful people were not supply. towards your wish. But you will want to successful from the beginning; they had to avoid making costly mistakes or making struggle a little or a lot to reach their peak Companies that pursue unsuccessful the same mistake over and over again. Use potential. Walt Disney, for example, was strategies either change their business good common business sense. actually fired from his first job because he strategies or they go out of business. A was told that he was not creative enough. successful company is described as having Everyone has their share of challenges. You used visionary management and innovative will constantly be tested in life when new Not creative enough? Luckily, he didn’t marketing strategies while a failing business challenges arise or you grow, change and listen to his clueless boss and trusted his is accused of poor business management develop in life. own innovative ideas. and overall bad business skills. You will always be challenged with new Believe and trust your innovative ideas, So why don’t we teach future entrepreneurs areas of your life that stretch you past your too. more about failure? Wouldn’t that save us current abilities and expertise. It may be a ton of money from mistakes that could making the next big sale, starting a new We all have a tendency to focus on success have been avoided in the first place? Can business, beginning a new relationship or and fear failure when things don’t go as you imagine telling your banker to add an working through a new opportunity that is planned. So don’t be too hard on yourself additional $20,000 for the mistakes that you full of not only excitement, but extremely if you feel that you are making too many plan to make in your new business venture? difficult challenges, as well. Yet all failures mistakes to make it to the top. Hang in there They would think you were crazy. Yet that will help you learn more about yourself and and be patient. Once you overcome the is exactly what is going to happen while you help you in turn to build your self-esteem at challenge you won’t have to do it again and develop the business. the same time. you will be failing forward faster. You simply must make mistakes and Learn From Your Mistakes and Success takes time, just as it takes time for overcome challenges to see what works and Move On you to adjust and learn new skills. But, be does not work in life. It is necessary to make Actually I don’t even like the word aware that mistakes will continue to happen mistakes to improve, both personally and “mistake.” even after you have reached a high level of professionally. success. I believe that mistakes are simply challenges Mistakes are in deed good for you when in disguise. Realistically, most of us don’t You will always need to be learning they place valuable lessons in front of you get it right the first time around. Successful something new in business to stay fresh, and teach you how to leap over challenging people make mistakes all the time, but the innovative and on top of your game. So hurdles. only difference is that most of the failures when you think you have it all figured out go unnoticed because they don’t give up and and have made all the mistakes you need to they keep on going. make to learn, something will challenge you again and test your confidence. Successful people make it look easy. It’s easy looking in from the outside. We don’t Mistakes and challenges are going to occur often notice or acknowledge their failures. anyway, so the sooner you learn from them, Successful people evaluate their failures, the sooner you will become more successful Debbie Allen is an author and come up with new solutions to the challenge in whatever you want to do. professional speaker. She can be and try again — this time more educated14 contacted at 866.467.4104, or by e-mail than the first. Successful people also don’t Most people tend to reach conclusions about at
  11. 11. STS SeanV.Bradleysales&trainingsolution Personal Success Dealers and managers spending $5,000 per month or $60,000 per want you to tell everyone in your dealership are fond of telling year on sales consultants that are untrained — your associates, managers, your owner, their employees that the car business is or poorly trained. That makes no sense to me. everyone. It’s NOT just for your dealership like owning your own business. Oh, really? Dealers should invest wisely on recruiting or business success. It will be your roadmap What exactly does that mean? I remember the RIGHT employees for their team. It is a and compass for your life, professional and my GM getting me all excited during our huge red flag when your store spends more business success. Saturday meetings telling me that I had on balloons or some hokey advertising or my very own business; but minus all of the give aways than on education and personal Get a piece of paper and draw three boxes. headaches and expenses. He used to tell us development of its most valuable assets, its Yes, a square, another square and one more. that the more we put into it the more we get people. You should be looking at three side by side out of it. Sound familiar? I am sure it does. squares on your sheet. Dealership sales teams should be trained on: You may have heard the same speech or given • Product knowledge Label Box 1 “Goal” that speech word for word. To a certain extent • Standard Operating Procedure I agree. Selling cars is like owning your own • Objections & Rebuttals Box 1 is simple: It states the goal. Let’s say business in that you get paid commissions • Psychology for this example, your goal was to be the No. based on the work you produce — that is, the • Strategy 1 Internet Sales Manager in the WORLD. cars sold. When you own your own business • Communication That is exactly what you are going to put in you generate revenue when someone buys • Technology & the Internet Box 1 — No. 1 Internet Sales Manager in the your product or service. • Organization world. Put your specific goal there. • People Skills / Problem solving I know several talented sales professionals / Dealing with difficult people or In Box 2 we want to define the goal. This will making over $200,000 a year selling cars on situations take some more thought on your part. I hear the showroom floor. But those individuals • Networking and the LOST ART of all the time someone wants to be the best at are a small percentage of the over 230,000+ Prospecting this or that, but what does that really mean? automotive sales people at new car dealerships You need to really understand what it is that in the U.S. The problem is that most sales Your people should be motivated and you are trying to do in order to do it. An people, whether they work on the showroom compensated for proactive professional example of some elements in this box might floor or in the Internet or BDC area, don’t development. For example, some of our state: know how to run their own businesses. dealers reward their people for reading • Highest gross with online customers relevant business books like Stephen Covey’s • Fastest response time When you start and run your own business, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” or • Highest CSI online you usually have some experience in the Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow,” or for reading • Most volume online business you are starting or have a support articles in magazines like AutoSuccess or • Most knowledge of Internet sales — network to guide you through the initial keeping up with the content in professional third-party lead source provider sites, start-up phase. It really isn’t fair to expect newsletters from companies like Dealix or most knowledge of industry info sites someone to be able to sell cars on the floor Carsdirect. The point is you need to create like, Kelly Blue Book, or in an Internet department just because you a culture of education and professional Carfax, etc. gave them a brochure and told them to take development in your store. Instead of hand- • Most knowledge and utilization of ups, or because you have a computer and are me-down magazines from the Dealer or GM, dealership technology, such as the buying leads for them. I travel all over the make your staff order subscriptions from dealership Web site and ILM/CRM country and overseas, training and consulting ALL of the magazines, and make them sign • Highest customer retention with online for dealerships and it still amazes me to see up for all of the blogs and newsletters (most customers that most dealerships have very little — if are FREE). • Always cutting edge — setting trends any — training other than what the OEM not just following them. Staying one mandates for product certification. When Think about Tiger Woods who swings 1,000 step ahead of competition. dealers do invest in training it usually trains practice strokes for EVERY live stroke in • Highest ROI — least amount of money their team on the basics: the road to the sale, tournaments. What about a boxer? How spent BUT MOST profit made online. and the six- or 10-step program that has been many jabs or hooks do you think he throws in • Highest certification achieved — OEM, in existence for the last zillion years. practice? Now, think about how many times NADA / NCM / State associations, your people are role playing, drilling trying etc. Most dealers pay lip service to the fact they new word tracks, objections and rebuttals? • Industry recognition — covers of say that their people are their most important Throw away your checker boards in your magazines, awards, interviews, fame, resource. I think it is truly a shame that dealers dealership and start playing chess. Get your etc. don’t invest in their own people. The average team to think strategically. • Create an amazing working dealership spends approximately $50,000 environment. per month in advertising and the average I am going to give you a simple but • Happy at work and content where you18 dealership has about 10 sales consultants extremely powerful system for personal are at. on the floor. That means that dealers are success. I invite you to try this exercise and I • The ability to evolve — able to
  12. 12. measure and benchmark performance as far as you want to go with technology. You recap, the first box states the goal, second and constantly evolve to the next level can set up your ILM/CRM so it can help your box defines that goal and the third box road of success. dealership realize its goal. Let’s say you get a maps how to get you there. • Able to make a ton of money for your lead but are too busy to respond immediately. dealership at the same time able to cut You can set up your ILM/CRM to forward If you would like any assistance in creating expenses and increase ROI. the prospect to the next available Internet your roadmap to personal success, feel free • Create a network of strong Internet salesperson if you don’t respond in a certain to e-mail me and it would be my pleasure to managers and BDC directors that you amount of time. This will ensure response get you started on the road to success. can rely on, such as an Internet 20 time integrity. There are other solutions group. as well, like call connect. This allows the • Have the best dealership Web site on prospect to submit a lead and be directly the planet in look, feel, technology and connected with an available person instantly highest conversions. in real time. Sean V. Bradley is the CEO and founder • Have the best ILM/CRM — set-up, of Dealer Synergy. He can be contacted content, processes, e-mail templates, This exercise can be very powerful to your at 866.893.1394, or by e-mail at phone scripts, objection/rebuttals, etc. personal success at work or at home. To • Know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and WHY you are doing it.Now on to Box 3, where the rubber reallymeets the road. I would like you to developyour personal action plan on how you aregoing to make everything in Box 2 happenand when. Go through the items in theprevious box bullet point by bullet point.For example: If one of my goals was to havethe most knowledge of third-party providersor Internet Web sites that a prospect mightsearch on, then I would need to researchall of those sites. I would create a schedulefor my week and during the week I wouldallocate ample time to research all of thesesites. I might start by simply going to thesesites that I know about, such as AutoTraderand, and go through theentire site like I was a prospect searching formy new vehicle. I might even mystery shopthese sites and my competitors to see howother dealers respond and to see exactly whatmy prospects go through.I wouldn’t stop there. I would also call mylocal vendor sales reps up and have themcome into the dealership and thoroughlyexplain their Web site and find out detailsand best practices directly from them.Specifically, I would ask them what theirbest dealers are doing to be the best. I wouldeven ask them what their worst dealers aredoing and why. You want to learn what thebest are doing so you can emulate them andfind out what the worst are doing so you canavoid their mistakes.Another example: If your goal is to have thefastest response time, then you need to makesure that you call ALL of your prospectsimmediately. This can be accomplishedtwo ways. First, you can just incorporatethat into your standard operating procedure,that you will be constantly vigilant for freshleads so you can respond immediately orclose to immediately. Another way to ensurerapid response time is through utilization oftechnology. You can set up paging notification 19which notifies you instantly that there is anew prospect in your queue. You can take it the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  13. 13. MS Is This As RalphPaglia marketingsolution Good As It’s Going to Get There is a lot this form and don’t forget to click on the of vendor noise SUBMIT button!” going on right now, and it can be difficult to separate the fact from fiction. Many J. D. Power and Associates reports that for dealers don’t really understand transactional the past four years the number of online car Web sites and what they are capable of, or buyers who are able to resist the above-value they don’t know who they can trust to give proposition has been consistently around 80 them the correct guidance. This emerging percent. There is a profound message that auto retail capability is more important than car buyers are telling us about the current just selling Web sites. Evidence shows that obsession we have with “Leads, Leads, consumers are using the Internet for more Leads are the most wonderful fruit, the more than just research. Consumers are buying you eat, the more you…” parts, accessories, service warranties and vehicles directly through dealers’ Web sites after those sites are equipped with The disconnect I eCommerce features using “My Account” see is that for the capabilities. Clearly more car buyers will discover how easy it is to buy a car as the last 20+ years, shopping cart eCommerce model becomes we have used more prevalent among dealership Web sites. the Internet as if it With that said, here is my question for you: were some type of Are Internet leads, and the methods, strategies billboard on what and gimmicks used to harvest them, as good we used to call as it is going to get for manufacturers and dealers selling vehicles online? With all the Information of the vast methods, strategies and tactics Superhighway that we use to generate and harvest Internet leads, anything that attracts a consumer These issues were dealt with long ago to a dealership qualifies as a harvesting by eDealers like Courtesy Chevrolet in technique. But, what about actually letting a Phoenix, Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, and car buyer, well, buy a car? Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City. These top-performing dealers are utilizing digital We talk about operating efficiencies, and marketing products that empower them with arm ourselves to the rafters with all manners transactional eCommerce Web sites. Cars of technology, people and best practices get sold directly from the “Deal Builder” to handle all these expressions of interest. function within “My Quotes” which includes There is absolutely nothing wrong with any credit, tiered interest rates, trade-in values, of this, (as long as the RFID is sterilized tax, title, fees, accessories, extended service first) but if I see one more Professor Gadget- contracts, protection plans, disclosures and designed auto retail “solution” that doesn’t accurate monthly payments. Dealerships actually make it easier to sell or buy a car, get the selling opportunity regardless as to I think that a seizure may be imminent. Car which step in the process each consumer companies and the dealerships they supply feels comfortable completing. Each “My exist to design, build, distribute, market and Account” created generates a highly qualified sell cars. The disconnect I see is that for the and genuine lead. last 20+ years, we have used the Internet as if it were some type of billboard on what we Ensure the profitability and competitiveness used to call the Information Superhighway of your dealership by evaluating and trying (does anyone remember that phrase?). We new things. have limited our use of this amazing two- Ralph Paglia is the national director way channel to something along the lines of of digital marketing solution for ADP “Here we are! Drive to our showroom Right Dealer Services. He can be contacted at Now…,” or, “Call this phone number Right20 866.883.9250, or by e-mail at Now…,” or, “C’mon, go ahead and fill out