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  1. 1. 2011SEPTEMBER
  2. 2. Automated Virtual Assistant You’ve Heard About Her... The Perfect Employee, Artificial Intelligence With Genuine Results Now Meet Her For a personal introduction call or visit her at 866.476.7748 11THCONFERENCE & EXPOSITION ®October 5-7, 2011 • Las Vegas, NV Booth #430
  3. 3. You Are GUARANTEED to Increase YourBottom Line in 1 Year by $250,000 or More...or I’ll Pay You $10,000!Hi, my name is Mark Tewart. I may have had the honor of coming into contact with youthrough my seminars, association meetings, NADA or NIADA conventions, articles inAutoSuccess or other magazines, my old Automotive Satellite Training Network shows oryou may have read my best-selling book How To Be A Sales Superstar.Whether you know me or not, you may be wondering what allows me to be able to makesuch an outrageous claim. The answer is simple: If a client follows my no gimmick, no BS,fool-proof and proven methods, the results are as predictable as the sun coming up everyday. That may sound arrogant to some of you, but to me and my select clients it’s just reality.Every year I have many dealers who ask me to work with them to help improve their salesand pro ts. I reject most of them. I only choose a few each year to work with on such a Mark Tewart,large scale. There are a few reasons why I carefully hand pick who to work with. President of Tewart Enterprises, Inc.The rst reason is that it’s easy for you to say you want to improve but most people don’twant to do the things necessary to make it happen. This isn’t some magic-button, Author of the Best-Sellerpie-in-sky fad. These are real-world and proven methods for massive pro t improvements. ‘How to be a Sales Superstar’It takes hard work and lots of commitment.The second reason for me being picky about who I work with on these projects is thatfrankly I don’t have the time. To create the massive results that you and I are looking forrequires a great deal of my time and e ort. Because of my time restraints, I refuse to spendtime and e ort with uncommitted dealers. I only align myself with passionate peoplecommitted to winning.The third and nal reason for me being selective is my reputation. I can’t write ads like thisand make such incredible guarantees unless I can bring the results. My reputation isbeyond solid.By the way, the $250,000 bottom line improvement is just an example. I have had somedealers increase their bottom lines by more than $1,000,000. Look at it this way; I don’t take$10,000 guarantees lightly. I put my money where my mouth is.Call my 24 hour Dealership Success Hotline to receive your “Dealership Success Check List” – Call Now at 888 612-5884 Ext. 90001 or Go to ***Dealers or General Managers Only***Sincerly, Mark Tewart | 888 2 TEWART - (888 283 9278)P.S. There is one very simple thing most dealers aren’t doing that you can doto unlock an additional 7 gures worth of pro t with no extra risk in the next5 years. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you can see for yourself.Call my 24/7 Dealership Success Hotline at 888.612.5884Ext. 90001 or Go to
  4. 4. AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 2300 Hurstbourne Village Dr, Suite 1200 Louisville, KY 40299; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 2300 Hurstbourne Village Dr, Suite 1200 Louisville, KY 40299. 2300 Hurstbourne Village Dr, Suite 1200 Louisville, KY 40299 | p 877.818.6620 / f 502.588.3170 | | Susan Givens, Publisher Thomas Williams, VP & Creative Director Dave Davis, Editor & Creative Strategist Brian Ankney, Account Manager Susie Horne, Account Manager John Warner, Sales-Improvement Strategist jwarner@autosuccessonline.comfeature solution leadership solution marketing solution sales & training solution Live Chat SuCCeSS: are your fixed ops employees sWimming WiTh sharks? maTching your experTise To your perfecT markeT When you see The Word ‘markeTing,’ WhaT’s The google colorized search engine resulT pages three Dealers Share their experiences and Results QuesTions To use in choosing The righT liTTle Things can make a big difference a look To The pasT, presenT and fuTure firsT Thing ThaT pops inTo your head? The difference maker – The Trade-in matching your offer With What the market Wants WhaT’s up WiTh your WriTe-ups? The importance of keyword research for seo The neW arT of selling cars markeTing company, parT 2 reTain Them, or lose Them “used” vs. “pre-oWned” greaT QuesTion(s)! rules of selling by ToddSmith 20 16 08 30 17 24 34 14 25 10 32 18 22 26 scottJoseph grantCardone JimKristoff franTaylor brianPasch TracyMyers susanGivens bryanAnderson marlenaSmith randolphs.Lofgren seanv.Bradley marshBuice markTewart chadPolk 12 7 0 8 1 2 1
  5. 5. “bLinkedSM is the best tool I have seen in 15 years.” bLinked SM Be Smart. Be Informed. bLinkedSM. This is the program that is changing everything. bLinkedSM is a data analytic service that marries your customer database, inventory, and manufacturer incentives to deliver more high-quality leads straight to your showroom floor. • ttract more customers with offers too good to refuse A — offers to upgrade their vehicles for lower monthly payments and no money down. • et your own margins to meet and exceed the profit S levels you want. • onvert more service appointments into sales with C incredibly accurate information for your sales team and perfectly matched offers for your customers. With email, direct mail, and microsite marketing included at no extra cost, bLinkedSM is the complete turnkey package poised to give your dealership an unmistakable sales advantage. Welcome to bLinkedSM — the next generation of direct marketing. Learn more today. Contact J&L Marketing at 800.346.9117 or email: for more information. Bill Cafarella General ManagerWest County Honda Ellisville, Missouri
  6. 6. SusanGivens sales & training solution The neW arT of selling carsToday’s car shoppers are driven by theinformation revolution. A study by Polk and “In order to create a shows that car shoppers advantage, dealerships mustspend an average of 18 hours researchingtheir purchase online. With the increase in evolve to meet the needs ofsmartphones, tablets and other wireless mobiletechnology, consumers are increasingly doing today’s consumer. Time is aresearch even within the dealership. precious commodity for them.The Internet has forever changed the way They’re in a hurry. They wantpeople shop for cars. There is an ever- instant information on-the-go. Theincreasing amount of information accessibleto customers, and often the sales consultant best way for sales consultants tois no longer the product expert. Customersfrequently test sales consultants to see address these needs is throughhow knowledgeable they are, and are often the use of mobile technology.”disappointed. The consumer’s car shoppingprocess has significantly changed with today’s For instance, a sales consultant holding a tablet when greeting customers conveys a greater sensetechnology, but most sales consultants still of professionalism. The customer’s fascination with tablets can also help the sales consultantuse the same decades-old sales approaches. to more quickly make a connection and provide information to ease customer fears. SalesWith the increasing complexity of vehicles and consultants build credibility and transparency into the process by providing a “let’s take a looktechnology, that knowledge gap will continue at that together” experience, allowing the sales consultant to spend less time finding answers orto grow. asking the manager and more time engaging with the customer. In fact, studies have shown that multimedia helps people comprehend and remember twice the amount of information. SeeingIn order to create a sales advantage, dealerships images and videos while listening to the sales consultant improves customer retention andmust evolve to meet the needs of today’s engagement.consumer. Time is a precious commodity forthem. They’re in a hurry. They want instant Truth, transparency and honesty in the sales process are what customers want, and dealers whoinformation on-the-go. The best way for sales deliver will win the sale. Dealerships that integrate mobile into the selling process can reigniteconsultants to address these needs is through the magic of the car-buying experience. Mobile applications can lay the foundation for today’sthe use of mobile technology. art of selling a car, creating the emotional connection, positive customer experience and vehicle value that has always driven sales success.Mobile tablets are an ideal solution foraccessing the growing volume of information Toyota Sunnyvale in Sunnyvale, California is currently using a tablet product that integratesthat is available today. They allow sales mobile applications into their selling process. “The three things that this has brought to our teamconsultants to quickly respond to questions from are: 1) the speed with which they can deliver information to the consumer that is relevant, preciseany location to build the value of the dealership, and accurate, 2) mobility that doesn’t limit them to sitting at a sales station, and 3) help for newthe vehicle and themselves throughout the salespeople to accumulate the product knowledge they’re going to need more quickly,” explainedcustomer’s entire car-buying experience. As has Mike Shum, general manager at Toyota Sunnyvale.been proven time and again, when the perceivedvalue of the vehicle is higher than its price, you “We are committed to helping dealers bring back the excitement and joy of buying a new vehiclehave a sale, but more often than not, the art of and improving the customer experience,” said Jim Hughes, principal of IntellaCar, the mobilebuilding value gets lost as sales consultants application technology that Toyota Sunnyvale uses. “We’ve seen a direct correlation betweenquickly jump to the deal. giving customers a more positive purchase experience and a dealership’s sales growth. Toyota Sunnyvale is able to give sales consultants easily accessible, tailored and compelling informationWith tablets, sales consultants are able to to make the sale and allows them to access information like vehicle features, options, inventory,address concerns that many shoppers have videos, photos, reviews and so on, right in the palm of their hand, enabling them to sell more carsabout going into a dealership. These concerns each month.” podcast intervieweeinclude whether the sales consultant knowsenough, if they will tell the truth and how long Susan Givens is the publisher of AutoSuccess. She can be contacted atthe process is going to take. 877.818.6620, or by e-mail at
  7. 7. BryanAnderson sales & training solution a look To The pasT, presenT and fuTureDriving sales to the next level each month things are done. Whatever approach you take this month, be sure to incorporate these tips:doesn’t have to be as hard as we tend to makeit. The right tools, used at the right time, The Past — Save-a-Deal Managementtargeting the right customers will help anyone Fortunately, what has been done in the past leaves us with a second chance. Good thing, sincesell more cars. This is true for the veteran and too often prospect opportunities are forgotten, lost or mismanaged by our salespeople. Whetherthe green pea alike, often as a result of small customers are thought to have purchased elsewhere, were unable to get financing or were simplytweaks rather than any major overhaul in how forgotten, it doesn’t mean we give up on them. Any true CRM will provide a strong “save-a- deal” mechanism. In the form of a logbook, this feature provides opportunity for a much- needed second pair of eyes to catch potentially lost business. A quick review by management provides the second chance for saving (and closing) the deal. Spending only a few minutes in this log each day will close more business each and every month. On the contrary, managers who ignore the past ignore real business opportunity today. The Present — Equity Management Another way to boost sales in the next 30 days is to know exactly which customers in your CRM are in a positive equity position right now. Not sure? Then you’re leaving money off the books this month — big money. Using your CRM to aggregate important customer, vehicle and OEM data can offer a daily list of leads simply waiting to close. Incorporate these “equity leads” directly in the CRM, from which you can launch engaging marketing campaigns, and you’ll discover an entirely new level of sales. The Future — Renewal Management Overlooking what might be coming down the pike can limit business as well. On the other hand, knowing when customers will be back in the market is the quickest way to create life-long, loyal customers. Again, it’s no surprise that a strong CRM with a strong renewal process is key. Customized to meet the dealer’s needs, a digital renewal log will manage marketing and personal follow-up for today’s customer and tomorrow’s prospect. If a renewal customer isn’t ready to purchase now, discover when and clarify your pipeline. Either way, do not forfeit the opportunity to resell many of these proven, qualified customers. It comes down to a look at customer data — a look to the past, the present and future. And while most auto dealers have the data somewhere in their stores, a comprehensive CRM is needed to bring it all together and put it at their fingertips. Once in place, this data can be used to better sell today and into the future, ensuring more sales and service revenue from more loyal customers. Bryan Anderson is the founder of Autobase. He can be contacted at 866.667.9659, or by e-mail at
  8. 8. “After looking at several di erentCRM vendors, we chose eLEAD as ourone-source partner and were able toreduce our number of CRM vendorsfrom 17 to 1 in all 80 dealerships.eLEAD gives us one CRM solutionthat seamlessly integrates xed andvariable operations and with over 700employees, their 24/7 support sta isunbeatable. eLEAD made it simple tochoose them as our long-term vendorand we’re thrilled with the return oninvestment.”- Bob Murray Director of Operational Marketing Asbury Automotive Group Websites | Search | Social | Reputation | CRM | Call Center | Data Mining | ILM | Desking | Inventory | Service and Reminders | Complete Management One Price. One Vendor. One Solution.888 431-6928 I
  9. 9. Live Chat SuCCeSS: three Dealers Share their experiences and ResultsLive chat has forever changed the way consumers expect service to beprovided online. Gone are the days of shoppers having to pick up the phone orsend an e-mail and wait for a response. With chat, consumers can receive informationimmediately, and on their own terms. Chat is effective because it begins the relationshipon the Website, while allowing shoppers to keep their anonymity if they choose to. In addition,Website visitors receive assistance and information before they are asked for any contact “Our chat provider also has fluent Spanishinformation, so there’s already a level of trust established. It’s like the opposite of cold calls. The speaking chat reps,” Bell said. “We recentlyshopper is already interested in your dealership — they’re already on your Website. And if they deployed the Spanish language option and wechoose to engage in chat, then they are expressing an even greater interest in your dealership. began converting Spanish speaking shoppersThese are key reasons why chat is such a powerful lead and sales generation tool. right away. We set an appointment on the first day of use and made the first vehicleWe recently spoke with three dealers who are achieving great results with live chat. Here’s what sale within a couple of days. It’s a really nicethey have to say about the benefits of dealership Website chat. option to have and shoppers appreciate it.”Don Ayres Honda Internet Performance and Marketing Director Jim Bell has worked in Acton Toyota of Littleton eCommerceautomotive retail for almost 15 years. He has served in the majority of dealership departments, Manager Justin Brun has worked withincluding lease retention and finance. Since he began in the dealership world he has seen many the dealership for nearly seven years. Thechanges and has actively tried to stay ahead of the learning curve. “When I started in automotive, award-winning dealership — includingthe dealership didn’t have a CRM. Back then, I don’t even think any of us even knew what a being named’s “Dealer ofCRM was. Tools and terms that we now use on a daily basis were unheard at that time. SEO, the Year” for three years in a row — takes aSEM, live chat, social media, etc. were still years away from entering our everyday vocabulary progressive approach to online marketing andand use.” has a dedicated Internet sales team of nine employees. Over all, Acton Toyota averagesMore than a year ago, the dealership’s Internet consultant recommended that they use live chat 25,000 Website visitors, 500 total leads andon the dealership Website. Bell was skeptical of the benefits of chat, but he was interested in 85 sales per month through the Internetthe ROI numbers his consultant gave him. Bell began researching chat providers and started department.following activEngage’s Todd Smith online. The two began corresponding on Twitter and thedealership deployed the company’s chat solution in November 2010. Always on the lookout for new innovations and tools to increase online leads and sales,“We decided to go with a full-service chat solution because we just don’t have the internal the dealership began using live chat on theirresources to manage the chats,” Bell said. “Professionally trained chat reps handle them for us warranty Website in late 2008. With theand the transcripts, leads and other shopper information are seamlessly transferred to our CRM. demonstrated success of chat on the warrantyChat provides another Website call to action and an alternative to phone and e-mail that shoppers site, Acton Toyota soon deployed live chatincreasingly prefer. We find that many Website visitors feel more comfortable with chat and find throughout the dealership’s less ‘invasive’ than other forms of communication. While our chat reps steer the conversationtoward getting shoppers’ contact information, ultimately customers feel like they are in control “I began researching chat providers in 2008with chat. They can give as much or as little information as they want in a low-pressure and read about activEngage in a dealershipcommunication channel.”As for the results the dealership receives from chat, Bell now closes more than 20 percent ofall chat leads for vehicle sales. In the first half of 2011, the dealership had 226 vehicle saleschats that converted into leads and sold 47 cars from chat leads alone. “I am certain that withoutchat, many of these site visitors would not have converted into leads or sales,” Bell said. “Someshoppers now have a clear preference for chat communication, and we now find offering theservice is a business imperative. I get back 12.5 times my spend on chat, and that’s just on sales.If you add service, it’s closer to 15 times my spend. Of all of our marketing initiatives, chatconsistently has one of the highest returns.
  10. 10. publication,” Brun said. “After extensive discussion we decided to use the activConcierge full- available to help our shoppers. I read the chatservice, managed chat. It is the best option for our dealership and we improved our Website lead transcripts and the reps do an outstanding jobgeneration and sales from the start. The service offers a level of immediacy that online shoppers at representing our dealerships and helping ourincreasingly demand. And, let’s face it, many people are leery of calling or e-mailing dealerships shoppers. We are very pleased with our livebecause they don’t want to give out their contact information until they feel that they can trust chat service.”the dealership. With live chat, they can move at their own pace, while we build a relationshipby helping shoppers get the information they need on their own terms. Because of this, we More and more shoppers choose live chat togenerate a high number of qualified leads from chat. Customers appreciate the fast and initially communicate with the dealers that they useanonymous assistance and generally reward us with their contact information. It’s a win-win to purchase and service their vehicles. Just assituation.” the early adopters of Websites, e-mail, CRM and SEO enjoyed a decisive advantage, todayAs for service, Brun added, “Everybody talks about having a ‘partnership’ between the dealerships using live chat capture moredealership and the service provider, but in most cases it’s just talk. We really do have a true customers and convert more visitors into sales.partnership. There are less-expensive chat services out there, but we find we more than get what Live chat provides the customer with a low-we pay for with activEngage’s services. They are constantly innovating and they really listen to risk way to communicate with the dealership,any feedback we have and take action when necessary. and it provides the dealership with an easy way to turn anonymous Web traffic into“Having chat available, in addition to phone and e-mail contact, helps us appeal to every relationships and sales.audience in our market,” Brun said. “The chat reps are extremely flexible and responsive. Whenchats are completed, the transcripts and other lead information go into our CRM with no datare-entry. The benefits of using a managed service for our dealership are tremendous. We offer For more information about the dealersbetter customer service on our Website and generate more qualified leads, with no work required presented, or activEngage, contact thefrom dealership staff members. And because a certain level of trust has already been established Todd Smith, the founding partner and chiefthrough chat, these leads have one of the highest close rates of all sources we use.” executive office. He can be contacted at 866.409.6755, or by e-mail at Haze, Internet Sales/Leasing Coordinator for the family-owned Fred Beans Ford LincolnMercury Mitsubishi dealerships, became convinced that consumers increasingly prefer to usechat on automotive retail Websites, based on research and changes in online shopping behavior.After Haze examined the available options, activEngage presented at Fred Beans’corporate headquarters and the dealer group management unanimously decided todeploy the company’s full-service live chat solution.“Our chat service is great for our dealerships,” Haze said. “Highly skilled chatreps manage the conversations for us. They give shoppers a great first impressionof the dealerships; they get contact information and set appointments for us. Theyalso keep in constant contact with us to keep up to date on our latest initiativesand to receive any feedback we have about the chat service. With live chat,we generate leads that I know we would have missed without the service. It’sfantastic.”Haze also was impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the chatreps. “I don’t think most of our shoppers have any idea that the reps aren’tat the dealership,” he said. “The people who manage the chats are not insome random call center. They are highly trained professionals who havean in-depth understanding of automotive retail in general, our dealershipspecifically and the medium of chat. Honestly, I don’t see how we couldmanage the chats better than they do.“Since using chat, we have increased lead volume and vehicle, partsand service sales,” Haze said. “Overall, we have had a four percentuptake in general leads, and I’m not surprised. All of our Websitevisitors are attended to and we can offer the same customer serviceonline that we do in the showroom. A knowledgeable person is always
  11. 11. MarlenaSmith marketing solution QuesTions To use in PART 2 choosing The righT markeTing companyLast month, we started to examine why it can products are measured, monitored and tracked. They want to prove to you their programsbe hard to find a reputable marketing company work so you will keep using them. Just the fact alone that they use an 800 number or onlineto help boost your traffic and increase tracking means they are confident — and you can be as well. Better still, some allow you tosales. Bascially, if you search Google for log on to a dashboard and see e-mails and actually listen to the calls. This should be built right“automotive marketing,” there are 171,000,000 into any event or program.listings; that’s a lot of data to wade through. Sowhere to start? 2. In this day and age, a Website seems so obvious. However, there are some people working from home or out of the back of their cars — seriously. A professional marketing companyBecause of placement, there is no guarantee should have a beautiful, efficient, informative Website. If they are in marketing and don’t haveof the type of business you would contact one with full disclosure of owners, products, contact info and more — run.on the Internet. It’s easy to make a “shade-tree marketing expert” look like a corporate 3. In order to build marketing branding, everyone in business, especially marketing people,conglomerate online, so let’s continue our should use an e-mail address based on their domain name for business. It’s professional,discussion on how to begin the weeding-out stable and appropriate. If they aren’t practicing best policies for their own company, how canprocess. you count on them to do that for your company? It is the little things that count because they add up to equal the big things.Last month, we looked at five basic questionsto ask a “new to you” marketing company. 4. Again, an office signifies stability. You can use Google Maps to look at the office — makeThis month, we’ll finish the list: sure they are not working from home or using a P.O. Box store for their address. If they work1. Is their marketing measured, monitored and from home and not an office, they may not have a business license – which means little or no tracked? recourse for you if something goes wrong with your marketing.2. Do they have a Website, and if so, what is their address? 5. Speaking our language is a must. If you need ups, they need to know how to deliver a high-3. Is their e-mail based on their domain name, traffic event. If your BDC needs inbound calls — that is important to know — they should or is it “” or “123@gmail. also be able to listen to the inbound calls and help you evaluate them for training purposes. com”? Knowing disclaimers, makes, models, “hooks” and giveaway insurance helps them to do their4. Do they have an office? What is the job in providing you traffic without “heat.” address?5. How much do they know about the auto I encourage you to spend the half hour it takes to discuss these questions with any new marketing industry? Do they speak your language? vendor you may wish to use. It will help you get to know them, their expertise and evaluate their potential ability to deliver traffic and sales to your dealership as promised. It creates theNone of the questions here are rocket science, foundation on which their marketing programs can be built.but it’s vital information to have. Why?1. Any marketing company that believes in Marlena Smith is the CEO of Automotive Marketing Promotions. She can be their own products will make sure their contacted at 866.386.5941, or by e-mail at See You at THE Show! DSES 2011 Bellagio, Las Vegas Oct 9-11, 201114
  12. 12. Providing the automotive industry with cutting edge digital sales solutions that utilize technology to stay ahead of the competition.Are you effectively advertising yourproducts and services? V-Active gives you the ability to change advertisements, promotions, and specials throughout your store. Let us design your custom campaign. $1,995 AutoSuccess promotional offer* Call today for details. Text VACTIVE To 41411 *$1,995 includes initial production, setup, and required hardware. A signed 24 month contract for $299 a month is also required. This monthly feeincludes hosting, repairs, maintenance, and one promotional update a month. Monitor not included. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.
  13. 13. SeanV.Bradley marketing solution greaT QuesTion(s)!I received a lot of great responses from my appointments; the more appointments, the more confirmations; the more confirmations, thearticle a couple of months ago on getting more shows; the more show, the more sales.Internet sales departments to effectively makephone calls. I had some people contact me with Here, however, is the most powerful advice I can give: Every dealership should really think aboutskepticism, but after we hung up from our call, having professional appointment setters in their dealership. We have clients all over this countrythey were complete believers. But, I also had and abroad, and it doesn’t matter if they are a small dealership, a large dealership, a dealer group,some communication with people who were highline, import, domestic or even an independent dealer. Our most successful clients havea little confused about the numbers and the professional appointment setters and some even have a full-blown team of appointment setters.strategy. So, this article is going to break thingsdown a little deeper. One recent example is Gary Mathews of Jackson in Jackson, Tennessee. This is a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Hyundai dealership that went from 35 units per month to 86 units per month and were on track for 102 for August. In a down economy, they have broken dealership recordLet me recap the highlights from that article: after record. And they are proud to tell you why: their dedication to their Internet business.• Your Internet sales department is primarily a One of the main keys to their success is that they have a team of appointment setters, and all phone sales department. they do from open to close in shifts is pound the phones and e-mail (the CRM is programmed• You want to have a minimum of 120 phone with an automated e-mail action plan). Think about it: How much more successful would your calls per day per rep. dealership be if you had a team of trained appointment setters, and all they did at your dealership• Do not let your team settle for mediocrity. was make phone calls all day from open to close in shifts?• Implement the “power hour” exercise ASAP.• The average connection ratio (From phone Remember that you only have an 11 to 14 percent connection ratio on the phones. So, if you only call attempts to connections) is only 11 to 14 make 50 calls, you will only have five to seven connections. Plus, if you leave this up to your percent. sales team to do, there will be no consistency. How could there be? They have to do follow-ups,• The key to success is understanding the product presentations and deliveries; they sometimes chase stips; they have days off, shifts off, logic: The more people you attempt to call, personal time, and so on. the more people you will connect with on the phone; the more connections, the more You need 100 percent consistency on those phones, from open to close. I will give you another example. We have a Honda dealership client in New Jersey that went from 60 units online to more than 200. How did they do this? Well, they had a team of 12 professionally trained appointment setters who made 120 calls per day five days per week for a total of more than 30,000 phone calls in one month. That’s what it takes to sell 200 units online. More than 15,000 phone calls to sell 100 units online. More than 7,500 phone calls to sell 50 units online. The push back I get from dealers is that they don’t trust “BDC reps,” “appointment setters,” etc. The reason why most are not successful is that they have the wrong people in those positions and most don’t have the proper training. At minimum, an automotive Internet sales / phone sales professional should be trained in areas including: • Inbound / outbound phone process • How to qualify a prospect and identify wants, wishes and expectations. • Objections / rebuttals • The power of leaving a great voice mail • Outbound / inbound e-mail protocol • How to execute the dealership’s value package proposition • Science of communication — tone, inflection, etc. • Automotive Internet sales knowledge • Product knowledge These people are truly phone sales professionals. The only difference between them and your showwroom sales professional is that they do not sell the vehicle; they sell the appointment. They should, however, be no less intelligent, skilled and trained. Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, a nationally recognized training and consulting company in the automotive industry. He can be contacted at 866.648.7400, or by e-mail at
  14. 14. FranTaylor leadership solution liTTle Things dealer peanuts compared to what they will get in return. can make a big • Have a meeting with the whole dealership the first Monday of every difference month. Acknowledge people’s birthdays, anniversaries, any newborns and crown the employee of the month. Any employee thatIt’s the little things that make you the most • Time off, instead of the money, might be a has sent the dealership a friend to buy a carmoney selling cars. person’s hot button. Find out what it takes gets to spin the wheel of fortune, ranging• Every sales rep should be mailing out hand- them to make each salesperson happy and from $50 to $500. A successful dealer told written birthday and holiday cards with have them earn it. me once that it is much cheaper to pay their business cards and a magnet in them. your people and keep them happy than to If allowed, have your referral amount on • Instead of paying big bonuses all the time, advertise. Have a birthday cake, muffins, the back of your business card. Also, have mix it up. Pay half in cash and the other half orange juice, donuts and so on. At the end of the referral amount and your picture on the with prospecting tools. the meeting, the GM or owner should thank magnet, as well, so people can remember everyone for doing a great job. Everyone your face. • Give everyone a chance. For example, if Joe likes to be recognized and get an “atta boy,” sold 12 last month, his qualifier is now 14 to and this will do just that. The cost is less• Start your morning meetings by training on a get the bonus. My bonuses used to start at 30 than $100 to do this. topic that your people know well in advance. a month. I hated it, but that is what got me to 40 and 50 cars a month. It’s the little things that make you big money in• Pay the performers by having dice rolls at the auto industry. For more inexpensive ideas a dollar a point for doing something good. • Want to attract heavy hitters? Send the to push the needle at your store and sell more It is cheaper to pay $50 a day to the people most-improved sales reps on small trips cars without spending more money, e-mail me who are doing the right things than to each month. Run a small ad in the paper at the address below. pay for advertising that might not work if congratulating the sales reps and managers your people don’t do the right things when who won. Have the winners say in the customers arrive. paper “I want to thank all my customers Fran Taylor is the president and for helping me win a trip to (wherever they CEO of Taylor Techniques. podcast interviewee• Always pay the bigger bonuses on went). After a while, you will have good He can be contacted at improvement, and not for simply doing sales reps contacting you for a job because 866.848.9864, or by e-mail at the job. most dealers don’t do this. This cost the the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 17
  15. 15. GrantCardone sales & training solution rules of sellingAutomotive salespeople, you must know the 2. know the price myth.rules to win the sale. You are in one of the most Price is a myth and is only real to the person who believes price is the reason. You can’t put acompetitive selling environments ever. Add price tag on something you really love, or something that solves an emergency. When askedto that a consumer who is terrified to pull the about price, provide the information, and then focus on building value or moving the buyer totrigger and who spends more time shopping a product that will better suit them and their budget. The buyer doesn’t need to be handled onthe Web than experiencing the product. It is price — you do. Do you know the value of your product? What makes it different, better and agame time, colleagues, and you have to be great investment? If you don’t know, you will never be able to sell another on it. Value is moreprepared like never before. Are you ready? Are important than price. Discounting does not add value or make the product/service a better preparing yourself everyday? People will pay more just because they like you. Value is what your customer will pay to feel emotionally satisfied — it’s the smell of new leather, the feel of the softest t-shirt, the look ofYou can want to be on top of the leader board, perfect shoes or the taste of the best vintage. Value is also what solves the buyer’s problems. If hebut that won’t put you there. You can wish and really loves the product, is certain it will solve his problems and actually has confidence in you,pray for more traffic and fatter grosses, but they he or she will come up with the money to buy your product.won’t come without you knowing the rules. 3. move up, don’t move down.In this economy, every opportunity has to Many salespeople make the mistake of offering something for a lower price when faced withcount — every phone call, lead and walk in. price objections. Price is a myth and not a valid issue. You have missed as many deals becauseYou could easily blow a deal just because you you were on too little car as too much. Think back to the last time a customer said they couldn’twere slow to answer a question, stammered afford it and then went down the street and spent more money. They were saying it was too muchthrough a response to your customer or you and you thought they said they couldn’t afford it. What they were saying was, “too much for thatjust didn’t respond with the right attitude. product.” When you move the customer down in price, he’s less likely to want this next productYour ability to communicate and mindset are if he didn’t want the first one, and might think that you can’t solve his problems. By moving himvital, and you must be committed throwing out up rather than down in inventory, you’ll get him thinking in terms of value and you will find outdoubts and operating with discipline. if his original objection is valid or not.Here are five rules that will simplify the sales 4. give, give, give!process, help you communicate effectively and Selling is the act of giving, not getting; serving, not selling. Instead of being interested in yourallow you to win the sale: own commission, focus on what your product really offers the customer and how your client is1. always agree with your customer. going to benefit from this experience. If your customer wants one option, give him three or sixagree first, negotiate later. or even 12 options. Those professionals who care the most are the ones who go the extra mile“No problem,” “Yes ma’am, I can help you to find ways to improve the customer’s life. You have to give more than information — givewith that,” “Most people are just looking, at choices, give options, give personal visits, give links to all the Websites that they might check forfirst.” Always, always, always agree with your on their own time. Basically, overwhelm people with so much “give” that they have to surrendercustomer. This is the single most important to your thrust. And don’t forget to offer personal visits. See my recent blog at http://dealer-and the most commonly violated rule in all of People are attracted to products, ideas 5. Write up, and never stand upand people who represent the things they’re in You will never close a deal if you don’t write the buyer up and you’ll almost never close a deal ifagreement with. This is a universal fact. I agree you’re standing up. Always bring a buyer inside for a presentation of your offer. If you don’t getwith everyone first, even when what they are to price, payments, difference, down payments and the like, you ain’t going home with a donesaying is “idiotic.” Disagreeing will only make deal. Make it easy for your buyer to look at numbers after the demo ride. “Come on inside andthem insanely idiotic. I will agree with a client let me get your figures and show you how easy it is to do business here.” Sit your client downand then move them off that product or close and show him or her what you can do for them, and substantiate it with facts. Also, make thethem for more money when it is appropriate. transition now between selling and closing. Now is the time to press for a close and a decision.People misunderstand this rule by just agreeing. Sell on emotion, close on facts and figures and logic. The biggest weakness of salespeople No. Agree, and then get your way. “I agree, is in negotiating and closing the transaction. If you find yourself not writing buyers, I assure it is a lot of money,” doesn’t mean you drop you that it is because you are weak in the close. If you are weak there, then you are weak. The the price. “I agree the payments are high, marketplace will not tolerate it today and it’s your responsibility to become strong in the close or but you knew you were coming to a BMW it’s going to cost you money and cost you sales. store, sir. You always pay extra for quality — sign here.” Agree and then Grant Cardone is an author and the CEO of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. He can be justify, establish reality and close. contacted at 866.865.3175, or by e-mail at
  16. 16. ScottJoseph marketing solution When you see The Word ‘markeTing,’ WhaT’s The firsT Thing ThaT pops inTo your head?Getting prospects “through the showroom LEADS = $door” to buy just once is advertising. associated to dset to “every lead is “If you change your min those leads. Your first you’d wasteKeeping those customers as ongoing valuable a cost,” there’s no way equally aware. make sure your staff isclients, creating new areas of profit, staying a step, therefore, is to son enquires, not simply that a perstep ahead of the competition can be tricky. It They too must realize n, but to buy.” for a price or informatiocalls for a whole host of skills and planning —that’s “marketing.” one in five, your cost equates to $133 per sale.There are plenty of great advertising ideas thatwill generate a lot of Internet or showroom If you change your mindset to “every lead is associated to a cost,” there’s no way you’d wastetraffic. The real question is, “What do you do those leads. Your first step, therefore, is to make sure your staff is equally aware. They too mustto capitalize on the leads or enquiries that are realize that a person enquires, not simply for a price or information, but to buy. They are going togenerated from your ads?” buy somewhere. Your collective task is to make it your dealership.enquiries cost money — Incidentally, the sales team must never be trapped into pre-judging a person’s motive fordon’t let Them Walk enquiring or their buying power.Because you fork out a small fortune everymonth to pay for your advertising, you are follow-up processesaware of just how much it really costs to get What processes do you have in place to follow up with each enquiry? You should have one fora person through the door, on the phone or people who buy and a completely different strategy for people who do not. When someone doesto your Internet site. If you spend $2,000 a not buy, do you rely on your rep or a BDC to follow up by phone or do you have a marketingmonth for a specific campaign you receive strategy in place that includes multiple channels, such as e-mail and texting? When someone75 enquiries. That’s almost $27 per lead. And does buy, what is your plan to create the type of customer experience to keep them coming back?that’s just a lead. If your team only converts What do you do to create more profit opportunities? Three powerful marketing Truths That go against common expectation One is the so-called 80/20 rule. It states that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your client base. And only 20 percent is generated by the other 80 percent. Good to know when you’re deciding where to direct your promotional dollars. Another is the “RFM” rule. In essence, it states that, first, the most “recent” purchaser will be more likely to buy than a non-recent one. This holds true even in the car business. Remember, a large percentage of your customers own more than one vehicle. Sometimes, we think if a customer just bought we should avoid advertising to them about buying another car. The truth is, we should be more aggressive with those buyers (at least the buyers who also own another vehicle). Second, the most “frequent” purchaser is more likely than an infrequent one. Finally, the purchaser of products in a given “monetary” range is most likely to respond to an offer in that same price range. Knowledge of this rule can save a fortune on e-mail and direct mail lists. And a third rule, as stated by American retailer and marketing genius Murray Raphel, is “It is far easier to sell more to the customer you have, than to sell a new customer.” To ignore previous customers is an expensive mistake. You should be prepared to ask recent customers to buy again — yes, even cars. The RFM rule has proven over and over again that the most recent customer is the most likely to buy again. Don’t confuse trade cycles with purchases. After all, nothing depreciates your car faster than the new one you just parked right next to it in the driveway. Scott Joseph is the president of J&L Marketing, Inc. He can be contacted at 888.835.1689, or by e-mail at