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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess mar11

  1. 1. 2011MARCH
  2. 2. THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220. 2300 Hurstbourne Village Dr, Suite 1200 Louisville Kentucky 40299 | 877.818.6620 / 502.588.3170 | / | Susan Givens, Publisher Thomas Williams, VP & Creative Director Dave Davis, Editor & Creative Strategist Brian Ankney, Account Manager Ryan Ruth,John Warner, Sales-Improvement Strategist Account Manager Susie Horne, Account Manager jwarner@autosuccessonline.comfeature solution leadership solution marketing solution sales & training solution yelp can be a headache for dealers – tips to get a successful review Presence there dang it, the Buck has to stoP somewhere, sometime is your social media marketing strategy social? search engine saturation Begins with the right increase your ProfitaBility with a modern call how to increase the value of your customers dealer increases car sales By 48 Percent with how Personal Pain and gain can sell you on achieving your objectives online inventory advertising strategies four keys to winning video strategy the Phone – your Biggest Profit leak how to win the game of google contrarian selling aPProaches ...and we make too much money working with family memBers: how a ‘true leader’ adds uP making dreams come true do size and shaPe matter? to yelP – or not to yelP it’s not Personal, it’s Just Business an interview with PhilNightingale invest in education or greatest asset weBsite Platform tracking system 26 28 16 24 18 20 22 30 32 40 42 08 43 36 38 34 10 erikStuttz marshBuice rhondaSavage JohnBrentlinger mattBaker merlaTurner markSpringer seanv.Bradley PogoParr BrianPasch susanGivens davidWojcik markTewart BryanAnderson dalePollak susanGivens scottJoseph 12 36 42 22
  3. 3. SusanGivens marketing solution having their cars only appear on the national Website, but they can place their inventory on dealer increases car regional and local Websites that are indexed by the most popular search engines like Google sales By 48 Percent and that provides maximum visibility for their inventory,” said Brian Pasch, owner of the with online inventory (AAN), the online advertising network that advertising strategies Rairdon Auto Group uses.While strategic online inventory marketing is a have more cars, larger marketing budgets and “Dealers in the network appear on top of thenew arena for many dealers, some in-the-know more search authority. Dealers realize they need search engines organically when in-marketdealers are already seeing noticeable results. to partner with inventory advertising Websites consumers search for popular terms so theirRairdon Auto Group in Washington is up 48 in order to reach more in-market shoppers. traffic and sales increase dramatically,” addedpercent in new and used car sales since kicking-off Sean Wolfington, co-owner of the Automotivea online inventory strategy in the spring of 2010. Rairdon Auto Group works with a national Advertising Network. membership-based online inventory advertisingWith more than 90 percent of consumers using platform that combines the power of a national At the recent NADA 2011 in San Francisco,the Internet to research and purchase new or marketing Website with hundreds of local DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awardused vehicles, it is essential for dealers to have and regional inventory advertising Websites. Winners were announced and AAN received thea robust online inventory advertising strategy to Through this platform, Rairdon has access to third-highest number of votes.connect with in-market shoppers. inventory syndication tools that allows them “We would like to congratulate today’s to integrate their car inventory on blogs, pressDealers are faced with a tsunami of marketing award winners. They have achieved what we releases, microsites and social media portals.information that attempts to leverage digital consider to be the highest possible accolade: They receive unlimited leads and can leveragemarketing, social media, geo-targeted the satisfaction of their dealer customers,” said the network to publish and syndicate theirapplications and online reviews to help increase DrivingSales CEO and Founder Jared Hamilton. inventory, promotions, sales and communitytheir market share. One priority, however, “The DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards activism to the most relevant automotive andremains constant: Sell more cars and retain are simply a reflection of the excellent results social media Websites in their market.gross. This objective creates a need for placing these solution-providers have generated fordealer inventory in front of as many consumers Rairdon also has their inventory integrated dealers across the nation, and we are proud toas possible to leverage their online advertising. in a custom tab on Facebook, increasing the recognize their accomplishments.” opportunity for followers to shop, and has alsoMost single-car dealership Websites are not increased their connection with local car buyers. Susan Givens is the publisher of AutoSuccess.powerful enough to compete with larger, She can be contacted at 877.818.6620, or bynational inventory marketing Websites, which “Dealers in our network are not restricted to e-mail at $300 MILLION WORTH OF INVENTORY. NO TRANSACTION FEES EVER. the largest dealer direct trading group in the u.s. deal smart. deal dir direct.™ rect 866.520.0983 “In today’s market, it is crucial to have as many avenues as possible to buy and sell inventory. Since we have over 500 used vehicles in stock, Dealerslink® allows me to work directly with other dealers trading FRONTLINE inventory without any transaction fees! I highly recommend this service!” Hunter Hollibaugh - Dave Smith Motors, Kellogg, ID “Worlds Largest Dodge Dealer”08
  4. 4. ScottJoseph marketing solution Today, things should be more efficient, effective and selective. Are they? how to increase Today, you run the real risk of alienating or accomplishing the polar opposite of what the value of you really want. Over-communicating, or saturating your customers with information your customers that is irrelevant to them, will cause them to become callous to everything you send them. Everyone knows the statistic that a mere fiveSocial media, e-mail, direct mail, texting, telemarketing, mass media, Websites, micro-sites…. percent increase in customer retention can resultThere are a lot of different ways to communicate with customers. There are more options today, in a 75 percent increase in customer value. Thein fact, than ever before. So, the real question that has to be asked is, “What is the overall goal of problem is most people haven’t figured out howall this communication?” to improve their retention by five percent. The relevance of your communication is a keyFor me, it’s simple: I want to increase the overall value of a customer, which in the end produces ingredient to any loyalty or retention marketinga much higher return on investment. program you have. Trying to be everything to everybody will have a negative impact. Think of it this way: • Increased relevance creates increased engagement from the customer. • Increased engagement creates increased satisfaction with you and your company. • Increased satisfaction creates increased behavior (and isn’t this what we need our marketing to do?). • Increased behavior creates increased value. • Increased value creates increased ROI. The exact opposite happens when your message is irrelevant. Marketing should not be about “getting your name out there.” It should improve the relationship you have with each and every customer. When this is done, your marketing will start to lead the customer’s behavior. So how do you do this? It all starts with the data. Make no mistake about it; the most important asset you have is your customer database. The more information you retain and collect, the stronger your marketing efforts can become. Good data is only half the battle, though. You have to have a reliable data analytic team or partner with the skill set to create profiles specific to each customer; that way, you only send information that is timely and relevant to their needs. A reliable data analytic team should be able to provide opportunities to: • Increase customer activity and spend during the customer’s lifecycle • Retain more customers • Prevent, or at least reduce, defection • Win back customers • Increase your profitability Data analytics has never been more important. In the April 2010 issue of AutoSuccess Magazine, our lead analyst, Sowmya Iyer, authored a great article entitled, “‘Target Audience,’ ‘Narrow Down’ and ‘Right List’ are the Most Overused Phrases in E-mail and Direct Mail Today: How You Can Really Move the Needle with Your Direct Marketing.” I recommend reading it or requesting a copy. You can also read Sowmya’s article on the J&L Blog at Scott Joseph is the president of J&L Marketing, Inc. He can be contacted at 888.835.1689, or by e-mail at
  5. 5. audit, I was looking for a partner who had great CSI tools to assist our efforts and help me develop a customer resolution system that would show results early on. We now survey all of our sales and service clients to determine how to do our jobs better. as: Beyond your team, what are you doing to bring so many more car buyers to mel hambelton ford? Pn: As I was developing my business plan, I understood it was not only important to build the Mel Hambelton brand; it was just as important to actually be part of our community and help show people that we are not simply here to sell cars, but through sponsorships and charity, we are willing to give back. I have tried to stay active in community events and we currently sponsor local sport teams, host benefit concerts and even have a company helicopter that is used in all sorts of ways. Our most recent involvement helped us gain national attention and a way to give back in a big way through the ABC Extreme Makeover el Hambelton Ford in Wichita, Kansas, developed a plan to increase sales, service Home Edition. and customer retention in a short period of time. The vision was simple: “go big” with people, processes, marketing and technology. This plan was put in place to Although I understood how important it is totake them to the next level, and judging by the increase in sales, service and overall customer make a change in the front end of our store —satisfaction, it worked. Mel Hambelton Ford has done more than execute a technology audit; they using technology to help indicate which of ourhave also done an exceptional job at giving back to the community. We recently sat down with customers are ready to purchase either new orGeneral Manager Phil Nightingale and spoke with him about the dealership’s new business plan, additional vehicles and using a combination customer satisfaction and future growth potential. of targeted marketing, Web presence and reputation management on the social networksautosuccess: tell us a little about yourself and the dealership, — my background as a service manager helpedand mel hambelton ford’s initial “go big” plan. me realize the importance of taking care ofPhil nightingale: Mel Hambelton Ford has been in business for 27 years, with our current people when they show up in our Servicefacility being home since June 2002. I was initially hired as a service director in June of 2008, Department. It is my belief that a poorly-runquickly being promoted to general manager the following year. As the general manager, I Service Department can lose customers; butnoticed that there were a lot of easy fixes; however, initially I would have to make some tough handling customers properly from their firstdecisions to reach my long-term goal of being a market leader. Luckily, I had a great foundation service forward will certainly earn you repeaton which to achieve our dealership’s long-term goals, as the facility is large enough to allow us business. As I studied our local market, Ito sell and service a larger number of the vehicles in our market. I never had a doubt that Mel noticed that some dealerships are so focusedHambelton Ford would be a market leader; my main concern was how we got it done. on sales they seem to forget how important service is to a customer’s overall satisfactionMy first job was to get the right people in place who could actually affect change, so I started with a dealership. I have made it clear to therecruiting immediately and, as a matter of fact, I now have the most tenure of any manager entire Mel Hambelton team that our missionin the store. My goal was to get the right mix of managers who conducted business the Mel statement includes 100-percent satisfaction inHambelton Way. We really felt as if we could make a change in the entire buying experience the Service Department and, with the buy-in offor our customers by focusing on their needs and simply putting the fun back into the entire my staff, this has definitely made a differencevehicle-buying process. in our overall strategy to increase sales. At Mel Hambelton Ford, we do not just sell a car; weWhen I first joined the Mel Hambelton team, our CSI was definitely sub-par and I recognized build lifetime relationships.that for us to reach our goals, we needed to address this immediately. The good news is that as: can you give us some numbersraising CSI is easy as long as you do what you say you are going to do when you say you are to show where you were and wheregoing to do it. I saw this and understood how important CSI is to the growth of any dealership, you are now?regardless of brand or location. My initial approach was to attract the right type of employees Pn: Great question — I am happy to say ourwho would relate to customers the “Mel Hambelton Way” — which is simply with honesty and plan to “go big” is working, as we have seenrespect. I also knew that if I could not measure the results and have early indications that there our vehicle sales increase from an average ofwas a potential CSI issue, I would be fighting an uphill battle. While conducting my technology 125 units per month to an average of 250 over
  6. 6. the last year, and we are just starting. February we wanted to take a deeper look at. We then scheduled demos with all of the “best of the best”was a banner month for us — we sold 293 technology providers that could assist us with CRM, ILM, inventory, market pricing tools, surveyunits. Our service is also continuing to grow; if tools and Websites to see who was the best can’t tell by now, I am a “fixed ops” kindof guy, and we have seen a 20 percent growth In the end, we chose the same vendor (VinSolutions) as the dealer I originally called from yourin repair orders year over year. magazine, as they had created an all-in-one solution that offered, by far, the best technology in most of the categories that were important to us, at the best price. I am now the dealer who has upgradedas: what do you attribute that success to? my dealership technologies while at the same time saving money as I replaced 10 vendors with one.Pn: Honestly, hard work by the entire staffand realizing that focusing all of our efforts as: so, after your plan was in place and your technology auditin the same direction can make an immediate was complete, what did you do that had the biggest impact?difference. We have become very proficient at Pn: I would say it was the ability to finally see all of my dealership and customer information inexecuting our new business plan and so far it one place that helped me make advertising decisions the right way. We have always been told thathas all worked perfectly. most dealerships know that 50 percent of our advertising campaigns work but most dealerships have no idea which 50 percent it is. When we combined our technology, using a more holisticas: you have mentioned how important approach, we were able to see results and discovered that the “pray and spray” advertising modelit was to do a technology audit at your is really a thing of the past and the future is all about targeted marketing efforts combined with thedealership; can you explain what that is ability to track results down to Website visits, sales and RO’s. We found out that we could launchand share your end results? better campaigns at less cost and increase sales and service to our customers.Pn: In today’s competitive environment, as: Paying less in advertising while making greater profits willI quickly realized that having the right confuse most readers as it seems impossible — can you explain?technology can make a difference and having Pn: Sure. When we finally got to see all of our legacy customer information – after we had thethe wrong technology can actually have a data cleaned and increased our customer e-mails by 35 percent – in a system that allowed us tonegative impact on your profits — if only run data queries which aligned customers in different advertising categories, we were able tothrough cost savings alone. We started by target campaigns that included relevant information to their needs today. We all know that whenresearching what most successful dealerships you receive a marketing piece that actually addresses your needs, you are far more likely to takewere doing today by reading articles in action. An example of this is that instead of sending something as simple as an oil change couponmagazines such as yours and contacting to all of our customers, we were actually able to see which customers had come in for regulardealers to ask them what they were doing service and sent them a coupon for tire rotation — if they had never done that within our Serviceright. As a matter of fact, we read an article in Department. If we had a customer who had never had an oil change in our Service Department,AutoSuccess about a dealer who saved $15,000 we sent them a discount offer. When you really look at the data that you have spent yearsper month while improving his technology and collecting, you can easily see which campaign will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Theprocesses that led to an immediate difference surprise was that, in most cases, it is less expensive to target campaigns than any other method asin his sales, service and overall profit. I you can replace mail with e-mail.immediately called this dealer and asked whatprocess his dealership developed in order as: that sounds like a lot of work and decision making;to make this decision. He told me how he explain how you handle this process.developed and completed a technology audit Pn: That is a very good question, as I had the same question myself when I started mywhile sharing his vendor surveys, comparison technology audit and launched my business plan. Luckily, our CRM system indicates whichworksheets and results. ad campaigns we should run and the associated budget, and then automatically — at both the customer and campaign level — shows measurable results. There are some campaigns thatI did not want to make a decision based on always make sense, such as communicating with customers who have declined service, weresomeone else’s recommendation alone, as unsold or have scheduled appointments; so, we set our system to automatically fulfill these withI knew that different products could impact no user interaction at all. One campaign everyone should run is to customers we know are in adealerships in different ways, so we began positive equity position. The technology we have in place now indicates which customers areour own technology audit with our long-term in positive equity by running their current vehicle against Black Book and NADA books, andgoals in mind. I would recommend that all automatically cues them up for us to market to the right way. To answer your question: This isdealerships go through an exercise similar to an example of how the latest and greatest technology can help a dealership get more done withthis because it is definitely an eye opener and, fewer a lot of ways, you quickly discover youdon’t know what you don’t know. I learned as: are you saying that you can get more done with fewer employees?that technology had come a long way and it Pn: Although that is a true statement, as a good technology partner allows you to accomplishcan really let a dealership accomplish a lot of more with fewer people by adding solid follow-up processes with no user interaction, at the enddaily tasks that in the past you would have had of the day, I am a realist and understand that our business will always come down to people andto hire a team of people to accomplish. processes. Good technology lets your staff focus on taking care of the customers rather than manually completing daily tasks, and the end result of people concentrating on what they do bestWe decided to send our audit team to several are happy customers and larger profits. At the end of the day, nobody knows our local economy,shows including Digital Dealer and NADA customers and community like we do, so we will always be hands see technology presentations and bringback recommendations of technologies that As a matter of fact, we looked at our long-term goals and determined that additional resources
  7. 7. needed to be focused on positions filled by the right people to aid us with our in-house marketing Our desking system also has built-in bankingefforts. We now have created a team to oversee our marketing campaigns as they pertain to radio, information, credit scores, a trade evaluationtelevision, digital and newspapers. We have built our own studio where we can cut our own radio tool and indicates a customer’s total value tospots and digital work for our store. the dealership — which increases the speed of the customer’s decision, making processIn short, upgrading our technology helped us anchor our overall business plan and allowed us to leading to higher profits.focus our attention on hiring employees we know will make a difference. The nice thing is; since we are now saving allas: while implementing your business plan and new technology at the same deals in our CRM, we will be able to view thistime, how do you find time to actually run the day-to-day operations? historical information when negotiating futurePn: The business plan and the technology upgrade are actually tied together; so with transactions with them. Isn’t technology great?VinSolutions as our partner, most of the things that would normally take the most time are nowfully automated. I already explained how the marketing was automated, but so are the Website, as: any advice for other dealers whoSEO, inventory marketing, management and sales processes. We even have additional options might be on the cusp of deciding tolike factory rebates, CSI and customer proposals running on auto pilot. I made sure that the make a big change themselves?partner I picked had the “best in class” reporting functionality so that I could get all of the Pn: Sure. I would give the same advice I got:information that was pertinent to my growth strategy sent to me via e-mail every day. The system Develop a rock-solid business plan, speak withdoes things that we tried to do in the past but never had time to do. For example, if we reduce successful dealers and conduct a thoroughthe price of a vehicle, our potential buyers automatically get sent notification indicating the price technology audit so that you, too, can learnreduction via an e-mail that also contains a full vehicle brochure, as well as additional vehicles that sometimes you don’t know what you don’tthey might like. If the customer re-engages through e-mail, we set an appointment; if they do not, know. Also, never forget — nothing replacesour system automatically schedules a call for the next day. When a customer arrives at the store, keeping focused on your goals and workingour sales reps can quickly gather information and enter it into the VinSolutions system with hard to achieve them. And last, but not least,little effort. This information, coupled with the previous customer information already stored in go big.the system, has helped us shorten the time it takes to process a vehicle transaction, making ourcustomer’s buying experience better and improving our overall CSI. The addition of “best inclass” technology has actually freed up my time to focus on customer and personnel management Phil Nightingale is the general manager of— allowing me to accelerate our long-term growth plans even faster. Mel Hambelton Ford in Wichita, Kansas. For more information about his dealership, visitas: tell us what you do to re-engage customers who leave store in an “unsold” status? For more information about VinSolutions,Pn: We have set up custom follow-up processes to better communicate with unsold customers contact the CSO, Sean Stapleton. He can bein a way that gets them to come back and talk about what made them hesitant to begin with. contacted at 866.854.7024, or by e-mail atI learned from my technology audit that 99 percent of the battle is to gather the customer in the first place, so we easily scan customers’ information into our CRM andalways make sure to get e-mail addresses. When a customer leaves the store in an unsold status,we have automated a process to send a survey via e-mail asking about their experience at ourdealership and what kept them from purchasing. If they fill this survey out via e-mail, we re-engage them using this information to get them to agree to a return visit. If the e-mail survey isnot filled out, our CRM tool prompts our team to make a call to the customer where we fill outthe very same survey within the system and reset the appointment on the phone. As we send outthe appointment verification e-mail, we add an electronic vehicle brochure with addition optionsand make it easy for the customer to gather the information they seek. When the customer clickson the brochure, they are directed to our Website where we can track both their site visit andbehavior patterns, which are saved to their CRM record, allowing us to better tailor our returnvisit sales presentation.Our all-in-one system also easily notifies our staff of their follow-up routine for a particular dayand not only tells our staff who to call, but provides call scripts for each particular task. Sinceour phone system is also integrated with our new technology, it makes it easy for management totrack all activities and assure that they are being completed in a timely you mentioned you now make higher profits; how is that being accomplished?Pn: This is all a function of creating a system that our entire staff follows every time a customerenters the showroom. We now use a desking and proposal system that is automated with our inventoryand DMS which allows us to instantly match up a customer with the right vehicle and present it insuch a way that leads to higher profits. Our system easily provides custom customer proposals that notonly show up to nine payment options, but compare them to leases and flex buys, as well.14
  8. 8. ErikStuttz leadership solution how a ‘true leader’ adds uPWhen you reflect back throughout your knows their people. A good manager knows their speech and nature. What is important tocareer, I’m sure a few people come to mind their product. An excellent manager knows understand, however, is their critical mission towho led you and made a genuine impact on their people, product and process so well move their team from a position of “what needsyour life. Many of the dealership management that they could – at any given moment, time to be done” to achieving their goals and tasks.teams we work with throughout the country or circumstance – take the place of their Without this role, even athletic teams could nothave had incredible results when they set out employees humbly and perfectly because they compete clearly define their roles towards becoming never live above their position or role withinTrue Leaders. the company or organization. Coaches also recognize the importance of developing a team dynamic in which its Scott Adams once said, “I’m slowly becoming aA simple definition of “leadership” is that it is players fulfill their roles and responsibilities convert to the principle that you can’t motivatethe art of motivating a group of people to act with the right attitude and contribute to – nottowards achieving a common goal. Put even people to do things, you can only demotivate contaminate – other members on the team. them. The primary job of the manager is not tomore simply, the leader is the inspiration and A coach shares clearly the definition of empower but to remove obstacles.” This meansdirector of the action. He or she is the person accountability:in the group who possesses the combination ofthat when any manager comes to work every 1. They explain what they want accomplished. day, they come wearing their “Solutions” t-shirtpersonality and skills that makes others want to 2. They are clear on why they expect results,follow his or her direction. instead of their “Problems” t-shirt. They spend thus showing respect to those they lead. their time working to make clear the path of 3. A coach leads and shows or shares how theyHere is how many of the dealerships we work their people and ensure that both the front end wish everything to be executed.with have defined a True Leader: A natural, and the back end of the business run like a well- 4. A coach has each team member demonstratewell-known progression of leadership can oiled machine. The best managers on the planet his or her responsibilities once commonly referred to as a “manager.” work diligently to ensure that they are hands on 5. A coach inspects and expects each teamHowever, it is less about the title and more and are never “above” their people. They also member to execute 100 percent what isabout the strategy. A mediocre manager spend their time building up their team members required of them. so that, if for any reason, the manager An important note, it’s not what the coach should be absent knows on game day…it’s what the player or called to another knows on game day! CarsDirect is the #1 New Vehicle area in the business, Lastly, it is critical to take time and “mentor” Lead Provider in the industry * their people are those they lead by building a relationship and more than capable bonding with their people! Not just asking of overseeing each day, “What are you doing?” but asking and managing, also, “How are you doing?” “How can I help even temporarily, you?” “How is your family?” A mentor leads the roles and by having a genuine concern for the people responsibilities they are responsible for. of their manager. When a business can Here is the equation by which our dealerships operate as well or define the term “True Leader”: better in the absence MANAGER + COACH + MENTOR = of its management, TRUE LEADER those managers The best, most innovative dealerships in the have done their job country find it takes a balanced focus on and led their people managing, coaching and mentoring to become in such a way that a True Leader. instructs, forms and inspires them to For every strong leader, we recommend their produce and fulfill focus be first on being effective managers, their roles on an second on coaching their people to ensure excellent level. results and third that they spend some quality time as a mentor to gain relationships with Secondly, we see a those they serve. need for coaching within the structure The effects of a True Leader without a doubt Find out how many customers we have in your area. of a business or are measurable. But more importantly, the Visit or call (800) 331-3380 organization. A reward of being a True Leader is memorable. good coach can Erik Stuttz is the founder of Automotive sometimes seem Legends Group USA. He can be contacted at overly demanding Experience, expertise, exceptional results. 866.386.0661, or by e-mail at or overly direct in *Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine, April 2010