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By Steve Lausch
At first, this sounds a bit backwards from what most dealers would say when reaching out to their customers. It is especially backwards in the days of economic strain for the consumer, interrupted supply from the manufacturer and struggling profits for the dealer. Still, more and more dealers are trading the standard “happy birthday” call (and other forced conversations) for this surprisingly different script; and, as it plays out, the new approach has been responsible for some astonishing results:

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  4. 4. SeanWolfington marketing solution google+ could change auTomoTive markeTing foreverThe brand of a dealership is affected by the your google+ circlesbrand of its dealer, and vice versa. In a social The difference between Google+ and other social networking sites is who you choose to sharenetworking-driven world, it is important to your information with — your audience. In Google+ terminology, these are your “Circles,” andstay connected — and in positive light — with your means for categorizing your contacts. To create your set of Circles:customers, industry colleagues, employees and • Review the set of group Google+ has already established: “Friends,” “Family,”any others who are responsive of your role in “Acquaintances” and “Following.”the business. • Modify these to match the groups of people you are interested in sharing information with, be it “Industry Colleagues” or “Employees” or even “Customers.” Note: When you assignRecently, Google caused a stir when it launched someone to a circle, they will be notified, although they will not be aware of the name of theGoogle+, the new social sharing service that’s circle they were assigned to.currently available only to those lucky memberswho receive an invitation; however, unlike other mind your settingssocial sharing sites (Facebook being the first Each circle has its own settings; therefore, it’s important that you carefully read the fine printthat comes to mind), the all-new Google+ begs pertaining to each. This is especially important if you have several different circles and wish toits users to practice “sharing decorum.” share things differently according to each.first Things first adding to your circlesThe only way to use Google+ right now is Your circles aren’t circles without some contacts in them, so here is how to start adding them:by invitation, and due to the high amount of • Browse Google’s suggestions for who to add to your circles; these are derived from your mosttraffic the site has generated, invitations have frequent Gmail and address book contacts.slowed down. Before you even get to that step, • Because Google+ isn’t integrated with other social networking sites, you will have to searchhowever, there are some prerequisites to fulfill for your friends’ contact information.before one can start sharing. • Rest-assured, Google is bound to deliver on integration, but for the time being, updating your Google contacts is the best way to go. To update: Log in to Google, go to first is creating and/or updating your com and click “Contacts.”Google Profile. In addition to its functionalityin Google+, your Google Profile helps you initiate a huddlemanage your online reputation. Unlike customer Google+ refers to private conversations within a group as the “Huddle.” To use this feature:reviews, a Google Profile gives the dealer the • Test it out first. Choose a circle, preferably one that you are comfortable testing the waters with;opportunity to control the information about I suggest your friends. As you catch on to which circle receives your conversations — andthem that is available on the Web. while Google works out its own glitches — you’ll want to keep the conversation light-hearted. hanging out in google+To do so, follow these steps: Google+’s most interesting feature is the Hangout, where Webcam conferencing simulates the• Log in to Google: activity of socializing face to face. To Hangout: accounts/ServiceLogin; if you don’t have an • Click the green “Hangout” button on the right panel. A preview dialog box will appear account, create one. This account will be used allowing you to preview what your live image looks like. to connect your Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa • Next, add individuals or entire Circles to your dialog box – you can also indicate to your and any other Google services you use. contacts that they are invited to join if they wish.• Once logged in, create your Google Profile • As with the Huddle, it’s best to start small and with those you are most comfortable with. here:; fill your • Be warned: it is possible to mute someone, although that person — and everyone else in the profile with photos, a short biography, Hangout, for that matter — will know who muted who. So be polite. awards received, industry events attended, links to positive articles published, links mix it up to your business’s Website and any other There is plenty to do on Google+ in addition to Huddling and Hanging Out, including: positive content you have available. • Google+ features a sports utilities for photo sharing• It’s just as important to make the profile • Google+ is equipped with an automated content discovery tool “public.” To do so, visit com/accounts/ManageAccount. Stay up to date on new Google+ developments, experiment and gain an edge by checking in• If you have existing Picasa albums, review periodically with sites such as,, Google’s YouTube them and the sharing settings you previously page, and other industry blogs. established, as these will be shared with Sean Wolfington is an automotive entrepreneur in digital marketing. He can be contacted at your Google+ circles. 866.802.5753, or by e-mail at
  5. 5. TracyMyers marketing solution maTching your experTise To your perfecT markeT understanding your market and What They WantLast month, I examined why you should that it should be small enough for you to become recognized as a specialist, but it should be largeunderstand yourself and your offer, which enough to enable you to make a lot of the first part of a three-step process inbecoming the “go-to” expert in your highly The next step in understanding your market is being clear about what they are looking for. Peopleprofitable marketplace. always buy something for one of the following reasons: 1. To get pleasure or make their life better in some wayOf course, knowing yourself is only part of the 2. To avoid/reduce pain or solve a problemstory. It’s even more important to get to knowyour target market. If you don’t know who Most products or services do one or the other — some do both. Ideally, you should be able tois in your market, you won’t be able to reach present what you do in both categories. The following exercises will help.them, and you won’t make money. If you don’t 1. List the biggest problems your target market faces.know what they want, you’ll have no chance of 2. Identify why they still haven’t solved the problem.satisfying their needs. 3. Describe how your product or service makes their life better.The better you get to know your market, As always, it’s a good idea to get someone else to give you feedback in this process. You couldthe more chance you will have of becoming even ask your customers directly.special to them and of building a successfulbusiness. The first part of this process is to The key to promoting yourself as the “expert brand” is ensuring that you talk to your market indefine your ideal customer. terms of benefits. Focus on how what you do makes their life different.• Identify the key characteristics of your ideal It’s crucial to understand the difference between benefits and features. Features are simply the customer — details such as age, gender, facts about your product or service. Your customers and prospects want to know what you can hobbies and geographic location. do for them to make their lives easier, better, more fun or more profitable, so make sure you take• Define the most important psychological time to identify what your clients are really looking for from your services and present this in the factors of your ideal customer — what’s form of benefits. important to them, what motivates them, and what they want to achieve. There is nothing wrong with being able to list features of your product or service, but you need to be able to turn those into something that has a benefit for your customer. The key question is• Describe why you like working with your “what does that mean for me?” ideal customers. So, are you still with me? Hang in there, review the past two months’ columns, and get ready for• Identify where your ideal customers hang next month when I share step three: “Matching Your Offer With What The Market Wants.” out and where you can connect with them — both online and off-line. Tracy Myers, C.M.D. is a noted small business marketing and branding solutions specialist, best-selling author, speaker, car dealership owner and entrepreneur. He can be contacted atThe key to having the right target market is 866.860.0029, or by e-mail at And The Winner Is… Find out on October 9, 2011 The 2011 Automotive Website Awards will be presented at the 2011 DrivingSales Executive Summit We invite you to the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas to nd out all of this years award winners. Limited numer of VIP Tickets Available. Contact us today 732-450-8200 x2 The AWA - The industry’s most in uential technology awards. Event information and tickets: www.automotivewebsiteawards.com10
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  7. 7. “leave your Wallets at home”At first, this sounds a bit backwards from what most dealers would say when reachingout to their customers. It is especially backwards in the days of economic strain forthe consumer, interrupted supply from the manufacturer and struggling profits for thedealer. Still, more and more dealers are trading the standard “happy birthday” call (andother forced conversations) for this surprisingly different script; and, as it plays out, thenew approach has been responsible for some astonishing results:• A South Carolina dealer sold 71 vehicles off of a single campaign.• An Illinois dealer grossed $135,000 in an initial effort with this selling strategy.• A Georgia dealer now earns 46 percent higher gross with this process over standard showroom traffic.• An Ohio dealer averages more than $500 in lift per vehicle on new sales and $1,000 on pre-owned sales.• A Florida dealer is seeing 14 percent of all monthly sales attributed to this approach.What are They doing differently?Due in part to good practice, and part to strategic response to the downturn of thepast years, these dealers have made reselling current customers a primary focus. Mostdealers, with any good business sense, would agree: Repeat business is important.These dealers, however, are taking it to a whole new level.Each day, these stores sort through the data from all finance deals over the past fewyears. The goal: Find all qualified customers who, with no money down, could lowertheir current payment and get into a newer vehicle. To do it right, they carefullyresearch each deal by:• determining the current value for each vehicle by model, mileage and market info, among other factors• calculating payoff while considering refundable items like credit life, disability, GAP and roadside assistance• identifying a specific term, based on buyer preferences and a specific rate based on buyer history• factoring in all current manufacturer rebates and incentives• running the buyer’s vehicle preferences and present vehicle against current inventory• aligning within the dealer’s acceptable profit structure for any model or vehicle typeThe finished product is a daily list of opportunities simply waiting to close: customerswho can “leave their wallet at home” and get into a new or newer vehicle, with a newwarranty, with little to no money down.engaging the right buyersWith list in hand, these dealers turn to high-powered, multi-touch, multi-channelmarketing campaigns to engage their customers. From high-quality, first-class mailersto permission-based digital campaigns with video, pre-qualified buyers are invited tothe showroom to save money, not spend it. Once with a sales professional, the structureof the current deal is quickly and easily accessed. Lease and purchase options areserved up for all recommended vehicles in inventory. The conversation immediatelyfast-forwards from if the customer will purchase to how the customer will purchase.everybody WinsTell the average consumer they can get into a new or newer vehicle, lower theirmonthly payments and do so with little to no money down, and then note what theydon’t do. Answer? In the vast majority of occasions, the consumer doesn’t shop and theconsumer doesn’t haggle. Why? The customer believes he has already achieved whatanyone hopes for in the process of buying a new or newer vehicle: a good deal. But thereal win is for the dealer on at least two fronts:Gross – As stated, consumers are unlikely to haggle when they’ve already found the“killer deal.” This means with less negotiation, you close the deal faster and at highergross. In fact, many dealers are generating an additional $500-1,000 gross per vehiclesold by using this equity strategy. And that doesn’t count the second-generation salefrom acquired trades.Inventory – Consumer behavior has driven supply down and pricing up for pre-owned vehicles in many markets. And with vehicles commanding a premium price-point at the auction, dealers must do a better job at finding quality trades to build astrong inventory.And speaking of inventory, our five dealers (and many others like them) are increasingtheir average turn by saying good-bye to aged vehicles on the lot. If they can use
  8. 8. customer data to identify inventory for qualified buyers, there is nothing stopping them Who Where WWfrom identifying qualified buyers for specific inventory. The process is simply turned don asher, general sales managerinside out, and customer lists are generated of people who will happily take that unit college hills honda (Wooster, oh)off your hands if it means getting into a newer vehicle with little to no money down. “I used to get the service appointment list for thebetter Than a cup of coffee next business day, pull old deals, run trade values,We were always coached that some of our best opportunities were not on the lot, but call for payoffs, outline deals and make the customerin the service drive. We were told that offering a cup of coffee was the perfect entrée contact,” said Don Asher. “It would take me fiveto a conversation of if and when the consumer would be in the market for the next hours to dig up five deals. Now I can look at 50vehicle. Unfortunately, like the traditional “happy birthday” call (which, by the way, deals in five minutes because of DealActivator.” Inis still a good customer touch), most patrons smell the sales pitch along with their the first few weeks, College Hills Honda witnessedcomplimentary cup of French roast. There’s a better approach. an immediate boost in sales with this campaign, “but what many [dealers] don’t account for is the fact thatBecause the information used to generate equity leads flows right from the CRM, they are also improving fixed ops income,” Asherdealers can quickly and easily identify which of their customers are scheduled for said. “The recon work collected from these dealsservice that day. Even better, they can use the same methods to look a day or even a generates more income for parts and service. Plus,week into the future, make the proactive call and look like a hero to the customer on every trade we are able to build a ton of valueabout to spend $100, $300, $500 or more in the service drive. This is a huge win because we have every service record on file to sharefor the consumer. with the new owner. This is a huge selling point.” Fixed ops aren’t the only areas of improvement,real dealers. real results. however. The dealership is now averaging anWhile some of these dealers are single-point stores, others are large dealer groups. additional $500 per vehicle on new sales and $1,000While some own domestic franchises, others sell imports. But as you will read, they on pre-owned sales. Based on their return to marketall are finding success in accelerating turn, maximizing gross, and driving repeat report they are at 82 percent, 28th in the nation. “Ourbusiness in the showroom and conquest business in the service drive – all by using customers are so excited, because they are savingDealActivator, the equity management solution from Autobase. money on monthly payments. They don’t even thinkWho Where about shopping,” Asher said. “Not a single deal fromWW robert koreman, interactive marketing director resnick auto group (schaumburg, il) this campaign has shopped! They value our honesty and appreciate our initiative to save them money.” Who Where“In today’s economic climate, we had to begin focusing more on building loyal owners,and not just on conquest business,” said Robert Koreman. “The doors aren’t swinginganymore, so we needed to utilize customer data in a way that entices our owners to WW larry oblinger, general sales managerbuy and gives our staff a purpose in contacting them.” Koreman and the Resnick Auto bmW of naples (naples, fl)Group recorded immediate results from their use of DealActivator, with more than 70vehicles delivered from their first campaign. “Between Toyota and Lexus sales, we are “Valid information regarding the upgrades to anseeing a combined gross of more than $135,000 and counting from one campaign,” existing vehicle is now included in our sales calls,”he said. Gross per unit also increased as compared to standard deals. “We average 45 said Larry Oblinger. “[DealActivator] has motivatedpercent higher gross on sales from in equity customers,” Koreman said. “My managers our salespeople because these calls are easy to makeall agree: This is the best lead generation tool they have ever seen.” and result in success.” Beyond the advantages of moving clients into newer vehicles is the unrealizedWho Where wealth of pre-owned inventory that results fromWW kirt cahill, cfo east coast honda (south myrtle beach, sc) this equity cycle. “This has become an outstanding source of pre-owned inventory,” Oblinger said. “We“We are able to keep loyal customers, because the information is factual. Customers receive better trades, and so the money spent onsee that this isn’t a gimmick,” said Kirt Cahill. As with any dealership using pre-owned inventory is primarily for reconditioning,DealActivator, East Coast Honda customizes the profit structure for their leads as well not for transport and auction fees. Ultimately, weas the design of their equity campaigns each month. “We have flexibility now that we are able to present a better product at a lower cost.”never had before,” Cahill said. “That is important. We should be in control, not the Client retention is a natural byproduct with thisproduct.” Out of the gate, East Coast Honda averaged 22 sales per month from this program. “We have fewer missed opportunitiesprogram alone, and sold 71 vehicles from a single campaign. The quality and quantity regarding client retention, resulting in more salesof their pre-owned inventory increased dramatically through trades with equity and increased profitability,” Oblinger said. Thecustomers, paving the way toward second-generation sales. “If a dealer can’t sell impact of using this campaign was instant for BMW10 cars a month from this, they need to reevaluate their process,” Cahill said. “The of Naples. In a few short weeks, the store was seeingproduct practically does all of the work for you.” 14 percent of all sales attributed to the new program and with significantly higher gross. “Any tool thatWho Where can produce immediate results is worth the money,WW craig hooten, internet sales director gwinnett place ford (duluth, ga) and we couldn’t be more satisfied,” Oblinger said.“It’s a creative and effective way for us to engage with the sold customers in our When a solution is available that not only increasesdatabase,” said Craig Hooten. The use of DealActivator at Gwinnett Place Ford has the profit margin on sales and increases valuableskyrocketed gross profit. Gross on these deals was measured to be 46 percent higher pre-owned stock, but also makes the consumer gladthan that of standard deals. “We’re averaging close to double our profit margin on deals to hear what you can do for them, it is one of thosethat have been generated by this campaign in comparison to walk-in-traffic and Internet rare win-win situations that salespeople from anytraffic,” Hooten said. The impact on sales happened almost overnight. In fact, due to area would love to be a part of. Perhaps even morethe return seen from these new leads, the sales team is now seeking them out. As much valuable than the immediate reward, however, is theas 13 percent of all sales have come from this program. “When customers feel they are feeling you’ve engendered in the customer who feelsgetting a good deal, they’re excited,” Hooten said, “and most importantly, will become that you’ve helped them; they’ll tell their family andloyal. We are able to tally a victory in both categories.” friends, and you’ve made a customer for life.Steve Lausch is the director of marketing for Autobase. He can be contacted at 866.626.7128, or by e-mail at
  9. 9. ScottJoseph marketing solution “Do you think this direct mail piece has sales markeTing lessons appeal?” “Can you suggest any improvements?” learned from a I do my best to answer them all, but time can be loT of TesTing in short supply. In this month’s article I want to share a few of the critiques that seem to come up most often. I want to remind you, once again,I am frequently asked to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Most of the requests come that no ad will bring you business unless itfrom individuals who read our blogs and articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. convincingly answers these two questions: • What can you do for me?When people e-mail me, they often attach copies of their ads and promotional materials, along • How do I know you can do it?with questions like these:“Scott, can you suggest a way to improve this e-mail?” Answering those questions is your advertising“Is the headline on this ad strong enough?” challenge in a nutshell. To write ads that “pull,” you should headline the strongest benefit you can offer a customer; and then follow up with proof of your ability to deliver that benefit. When you do both of those things, you are doing a super job of selling. And remember: Advertising is nothing more than salesmanship in print, an e-mail — or in your mailbox. Everybody wants a better deal. Everybody wants to be special. Sell people what they want and give them what they need. Make sure the benefits of the product or deal you are selling are ones that your customers and prospects regard as most important to them — not you. You may have lease specials that are better than anything you or your customers have seen in years. But what happens if the person buying only cares about the selling price or their trade value? So, for that customer, make sure in your ads that you explain how and why your sales price and/or trade value is better than anywhere else in town. Today, a data analytic team with the right skill set can identify what matters most to your prospective customers. In addition, technology allows you to create a unique offer to each individual you are advertising to based on their buying behaviors and profile. In the new economy, if you are not marketing this way you will never maximize your advertising potential. It goes right back to making sure that you have the right message and the right audience for that message. Make sure, too, that what you place before the buying public is perceived as believable. Sometimes, in an effort to make an offer or deal sound great, you can cross that fine line where a person no longer believes what you are saying or selling. Always be truthful. So, are your ads effective? I’ll examine the ads sent in by the first 20 readers of this article for free and give you my opinion. Just send them to the e-mail address below. Scott Joseph is the president of JL Marketing, Inc. He can be contacted at 888.835.1689, or by e-mail at
  10. 10. MarshBuice sales training solution familiariTy is as a dog reTurning To iTs oWn vomiTAre you tired, frustrated, and had enough? leads to unemployment. The cycle of “leap-frog” then begins jumping from job to job; swingingAre you thinking about throwing in the like a blind fighter into the darkness of self-confidence and doubt-hoping to find the person youtowel? Before you cry out “No mas!” or begin once were. Your DNA has not changed, you are no less talented than you once were, but I’ve gotwhistling “The Thrill is Gone,” go into the news for you: Yesterday ended last night.bathroom and look in the mirror. What yousee is the sum of your past decisions and If you were a computer, what operating version are you running? Are you operating Me 1.0 oractions or lack thereof. When you walk out a newly updated version Me 5.1? New updates replace the older ones, causing your operatingof the bathroom, the direction you go begins system to run faster, stronger and more efficiently. Technology is ever advancing. Apple didyour future. not rest on its laurels when they introduced the iPod. They turned technology on its head, breaking conformists’ views of how things are and mandated how things are now going to be.The one thing that is good about the past is They crushed the way music is sold, and with the introduction of iPad, will likely make laptopsthe lessons learned. Often we return to our obsolete. Like every company, Apple must constantly tweak, poke, prod and probe because theypast like a dog returns to its own vomit — it realize today’s invention will quickly become yesterday’s news. Introduction is re-invention;is familiar, and because of its familiarity, as your problem is not the economy, it is your lack of invention.vile as it may be, it always goes back. Whatgot you “here” will not take you “there.” The Think of this recession as a reset-tion, a blank canvas of sorts. Every industry, every person getsreason why you might be frustrated and not a mulligan; we each get to start over. It is one big reset button. If you think about it, we are allseeing the results you once did is because you on the same ship, just on different decks. Now standing before you is opportunity and invention.are returning to familiarity instead of venturing It is now time to reinvent yourself and seize your opportunities. If you are selling cars the sameinto the unknown; you are playing it safe. way you have always sold them, update your version. New updates are tweaks to older, outdatedWhen you play it safe, you are comfortable versions; some systems may need to be scrapped all together. Every two years, most vehiclesand become complacent; complacency robs are “refreshed;” they are not total makeovers, just tweaks such as new technology and softeraction; lack of action leads to erosion; erosion bodylines. They change due to consumers’ demands. Every four to five years a new body style replaces the older version — even if it is a hit, the manufacturer reinvents a better version. If the buying public demands newer versions of what you are selling, don’t you think they expect the same from you? At the core of effective selling is reinvention. We all have “hit the wall” moments in our lives. These are moments, experiences such as the loss of a loved one or job, foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy and obesity. These moments are bookmarks in our book titled Life; it is at these points where we have to make a choice to reinvent our lives for the better. Some learn from experience, while others never recover. If you don’t like the direction your life is heading, change it. Your life doesn’t have to be that of a train forging ahead on the tracks someone else laid. You have the ability to derail at any moment and go a different direction — a direction in which you chart the course of these un-chartered waters. We have a rare opportunity in our lives where everyone gets to begin again; now marks your new beginning. It is your time to reinvent yourself in order to reach your full potential. The opportunity for reinvention exists for everyone willing to venture from the known into the unknown; some will take the leap, others will return to familiarity as a dog to its own vomit, blaming everyone and everything else besides themselves. As Max Dupree wrote, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” There are no more Mondays in which to begin something; begin it now and do not stop until you end up with now spelled backwards… won. I will see you next time on the newly paved black top. podcast interviewee Marsh Buice is the sales manager of Mark Dodge Chrysler, Jeep. He can be contacted at 866.535.5006, or by e-mail at
  11. 11. BrianPasch marketing solution don’T neglecT Website pages, videos, press releases, testimonials, etc. The “+1” click is a positive vote for your Website assets. These votes will The ‘googlized’ eventually influence search position much like links from other Websites. consumer Once an empowered consumer decides to “+1” your digital assets, their thumbnail profile photo will appear to their network of friends. TheseDealers need to look at the value of their Reviews posted on Google Places arecustomer base in terms of the new power given extremely visible. Every month, a dealer’s thumbnails will catch the eye of consumers andto “Googlized” consumers. The consumer business name is searched thousands of times. increase click activity. Why? Their photo underthat we need to identify has an e-mail account Each time, Google Places and consumer your listing is their stamp of approval.associated with Google services. reviews are displayed on Page One. You can’t hide any longer from your online reputation If you compare the power of GooglizedIt might be a Gmail account, or no ; you don’t scores now that Google Places consolidates consumers to increase brand awareness, clickknow unless you ask. The message of this reviews from multiple Websites. traffic and enhance your digital advertising everyarticle is that you cannot afford not to ask. day, their worth soars over a non-GooglizedDelaying impacts all of your digital marketing However, the Googlized customer has a special consumer who sends you a notecard of perk. Reviews posted by Googlized consumers can also be used in Google Boost advertising 550,000 google accounts a dayBusiness owners need to implement processes to make your PPC ads stand out from local When businesses realize that 550,000 Androidto ask and identify consumers with Google boring text ads. Google Boost does not include mobile devices are activated per day and thataccounts. Why? Recent changes in how reviews posted on third-party review sites. each has a Google account, the tsunami ofGoogle displays search results give your influential Googlized consumers will grow. Are This is a game changer for dealers operating you ready for the tidal wave of power?customers who have Google accounts in markets where their competition is usingunprecedented power. Google Adwords. Google Boost creates ads that The boring SERP of years past is now a are more compelling to the eye and increase technicolor quilt of thumbnails and consumers and reviews click traffic. Best of all, in most cases they areThese Googlized consumers can place a review cheaper than the Adwords per click costs. Brian Pasch, is CEO of PCG Digitaldirectly on Google Places, which impacts Marketing and the founder of the Automotiveyour business every day. For many businesses, google consumers can now +1 Internship Program. He can be contacted atGoogle Places is the No. 1 source of free your Website pages 866.849.1560, or by e-mail atreferring traffic to their Website. Googlized consumers can now “+1” your
  12. 12. TD Auto Finance Chrysler Financial and TD Bank Group have joined forces to become TD Auto Finance.Introducing TD Auto FinanceTD Auto Finance is a North American, top-5bank-owned auto finance company that We’re ready for your business.combines more than 45 years of automotive Call TD Auto Finance today at 1-800-200-1513financing expertise from Chrysler Financial or visit us online at the financial stability of TD Bank Group.All of which means we understand yourbusiness and are committed to helping itgrow, today, and into the future. Part of the TD Bank Group, a Aaa-rated bank ranked as one of the safest banks in North America.TD Auto Finance LLC, is a subsidiary of TD Bank, N.A. TD Bank Group is a trade name for The Toronto-Dominion Bank. Used with permission. For detailed credit ratings for The Toronto-Dominion Bank and TD Bank, N.A. visit Credit Ratings are not recommendations to purchase, sell, or hold a financial obligation inasmuch as they do not comment on market price or suitability for a particular investor. Ratings are subjectto revision or withdrawal at any time by the rating organization.