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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess .apr11

  1. 1. 2011APRIL
  2. 2. HOW MUCH MONEY are you losing daily in your service drive?On averageat least oneneeded fluid servicegoes unidentified per car. Give your service department the tools to show your customers what they need on the SP T Ask your Fluid / Equipment supplier for Fluid Rx Diagnostics or call us directly ® INNOVATION AWARD "Preventative Maintenance Tool of the Year" For a FREE Sample visit or call 866.517.8484
  3. 3. Join 295 Only $ Per Month• Composite/Benchmarking • R O I / A n a l i t i c s • Monthly Personal Coaching/Training• Most Up To Date Stastics & Data • Live Interactive Exercises • Monthly Group Webinar• Complete Operational Process • T h o r o u g h Q & A ’ s • Tips, Tactics, Secrets etc... • Free Tools, Ideas, Resources • SYNERGY CALL FOR DETAILS 866.566.6340
  4. 4. 11,123 used vehicles sold 2010 311 percent increase in used inventory retail turns 2009 to 2010 170 dollars of average price concession 2010 1 solution to master the marketBefore Jack Anderson started using vAuto’s RealDeal athis 18 dealerships, he was accustomed to pre-ownedcustomers questioning his prices. Not because hisvehicles were over-priced, but because the customersweren’t confident that they were getting the best value.RealDeal changed all that. Jack replaced negotiationwith documentation, reducing his average priceconcession, tripling his pre-owned turn and sellingmore used vehicles than ever before.“I’d recommend vAuto’s RealDeal to any dealer.My sales have improved and so has ourcustomer satisfaction.”With vAuto, Jack is now a Market Master.You too can become a Market Master.Visit or call 877-828-8614to learn how. Jack Anderson, Used Vehicle Director West-Herr Automotive Group Buffalo, New York
  5. 5. THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220. 2300 Hurstbourne Village Dr, Suite 1200 Louisville Kentucky 40299 | 877.818.6620 / 502.588.3170 | / | Susan Givens, Publisher Thomas Williams, VP & Creative Director Dave Davis, Editor & Creative Strategist Brian Ankney, Account Manager Ryan Ruth,John Warner, Sales-Improvement Strategist Account Manager Susie Horne, Account Manager jwarner@autosuccessonline.comfeature solution leadership solution marketing solution sales & training solution how Many sales opportunities will you lose toDay? lokey MerceDes-benz Discovers the fortune hiDDen with Live Chat: Engage Shoppers, Monitor Online Behavior and Leverage Business Intelligence vseo strategy increases internet sales 28 percent appointMents set anD consistently captures More than 95 successful Managers are successful teachers the high achiever’s guiDe to getting things Done rate your Dealership’s online perforMance in 5 teDDy nissan averages More than 60 percent sales call yeah i’ve got a Mobile Dealer website, so what? Manage relationships to influence reputation how to improve your closing percentage by painting personal pictures Death of the traDitional salesperson, part 8 in their inactive (lost custoMer) Database custoM Music to your custoMer’s ears the be-attituDes of internet car sales relevant reciprocity in a cyber worlD Drive Sales congratulations, you’re pregnant at napleton’s palM beach acura percent of all inbounD service calls sales eDucation toDay: the reality vs. the ideal, part 1 staying in business stories sell easy steps toddSmith 24 36 28 10 20 22 18 26 40 16 30 08 42 32 34 38 14 richardf.Libin JoelleJay pogoParr MarkTewart susanGivens bradSipes shaneBoland chadPolk JamiePowers glennPasch MarshBuice JohnBrentlinger MattBaker MerlaTurner erikStuttz susanGivens bryanAnderson 12 6 20 42 1
  6. 6. SusanGivens marketing solution vseo strategy increases internet sales 28 percent at napleton’s palM beach acuraIn today’s market it is imperative for dealers Group’s 35 branded franchises, located in Google also indexes all video-sharing sites, notto optimize their online marketing strategy. Florida, Illinois and Missouri. just YouTube. This means that the more videoVideo search engine optimization (VSEO) is sites a dealer distributes their video content to,one of the most effective means of generating Napleton’s VSEO platform automates the more opportunity that the search enginesthe highest possible volume of quality traffic to thousands of activities to ensure their will index those videos and consider it relevantyour Web site. dealership captures the most popular search content for search returns; the result is multiple terms and as many relevant keyword phrases listings for key words or phrases like “PalmDealerships like Napleton’s Palm Beach related to the Acura brand as possible on all the Beach Acura.”Acura, in West Palm Beach, Florida, recently major search engines organically with high-implemented a digital marketing platform to impact videos to increase their ”page one” Napleton’s Palm Beach Acura is ranked inhelp them optimize video assets to appear on results. With increased page one results, and the top-30 Acura dealers in the country and istop of the leading search engines like Google, more page one results than their competitors, third out of 48 dealers in the southeast region.Yahoo, Bing and YouTube in their local market Napleton’s statistically increases their chances As the No. 1 Acura dealer from Palm Beach toto attract, sell and service more customers of a consumer clicking on one of their dealer Tennessee, Napleton’s is also very proactiveprofitably. “Since initiating our VSEO strategy videos or links versus those of a competitor. about online reputation management. Whilein November of last year, our Internet sales “We have found that using VSEO is a very optimization is key for online recognition andare up 28 percent,” said Terry Leeder, General effective tool to push the competition off of presence, maintaining and managing contentManager of Napleton’s Palm Beach Acura. page one on valuable search engine sites like is equally important. Napleton’s makes sure Google, Yahoo and Bing,” Cole said. This the right message is out there. Napleton’sOnline video is a highly effective and cost- practice has become vital to the success of manages as much of their online exposure asefficient means of advertising within the their online marketing strategy. possible to promote the positive message theyautomotive industry. With more than 90 percent want customers to see and they make sure theirof consumers using the Internet to research and “People would rather watch the movie online content is accurate and streamlined toshop for goods and services, Napleton’s works than read the book,” said AJ LeBlanc, vice help consumers reach what they are lookingto proactively dominate their local market president and co-founder of www.Car-mercial. for without having to go through too manyonline in an effort to reach the more than two com, the company that Napleton’s Palm Beach hoops to find the information they need. Whenmillion people living within a 30-minute drive Acura uses. “VSEO is ‘targeted TV,’ and a consumer clicks on a page one result forof their dealership. “We’ve increased our overall VSEO allows dealers to deliver their message Napleton’s they can quickly access informationonline presence in this competitive market by to engaged consumers. Google reports that on vehicles, financing, parts and service,targeting actual in-market consumers at the consumers are 55 percent more likely to click current specials, available inventory and more.research phase of the buying process when on thumbnail video images than static links, sothey’re looking for a product and pricing in their Google actually gives more ranking authority Susan Givens is the publisher of AutoSuccess.local market,” said Brian Cole, e-Commerce to video which places videos on the top of She can be contacted at 877.818.6620, or byDirector of the Ed Napleton Automotive search engine results,” LeBlanc said. e-mail at
  7. 7. JoelleJay leadership solution the high achiever’s guiDe to getting things DoneHigh achievers. Go-getters. Type-A 2. sort and purgepersonalities. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start digging. Go through your pile of “stuff” andWhatever you call them, one thing is certain: look at each item to determine what you shouldThese people want to do it all, and they want to keep and what you can toss. For each item, askit all right now. yourself: • Is this idea or information still important toWhile having many lofty and simultaneous me? “Realize that the answer to gettinggoals is a good thing, doing too many things • Can I retrieve this information from everything done isn’t about doingat once can make you feel overwhelmed and elsewhere should I ever need it?stressed out. There just never seems to be • Is this information duplicated somewhere less, especially since high achieversenough time to make everything happen. But else? gain great happiness from gettingthat doesn’t stop high achievers. They are • Will this information or idea help me reach many things accomplished. They’redetermined to make everything happen, even if one of my goals?doing so ruins their day and everyone else’s in determined to do whatever it takesthe process. As you decide which items to keep, put them to meet their objectives. Rather, this in separate piles or files as they relate to a is about having a system in place thatRealize that the answer to getting everything particular goal or task. can simplify the process of doingdone isn’t about doing less, especially sincehigh achievers gain great happiness from 3. organize your list many things fast — one that willgetting many things accomplished. They’re Look through all your “keep” papers and ideas bring you progress as well as peace.”determined to do whatever it takes to meet to get clear on which goals are truly importanttheir objectives. Rather, this is about having a to you and what steps you need to take. Put all planning and organizing; it’s already done. Andsystem in place that can simplify the process of your ideas and action items into one organized most important, no more confusion of what todoing many things fast — one that will bring list, preferably on one page. You don’t have to do when. Just look at the list, take the top taskyou progress as well as peace. painstakingly detail every action step at this and knock it out. What could be easier? point; the objective is to simply create oneIf you’re ready to supercharge the completion coherent “to-do” list, rather than have multiple Mission completeof your “to-do” list without becoming lists floating around your office. This process works for a variety of scenarios,overwhelmed or alienating others, the including special event planning, home andfollowing five-step process will help you get it 4. rank the list in chronological order family goals, work and business projects,all done, with less stress and greater results. Redo your list one more time, now paying as well as long-range strategizing for special attention to the order in which you professional and personal objectives. And1. Make a Mess feel you should do things. At this point, you while it’s designed for high achievers whoIf you’re like most high achievers, you likely can also add more detail to your action items. tend to have many high-priority tasks goinghave numerous sticky notes, lists, files, piles, In other words, you can list not only what to on at once, it works for anyone who simplypapers, and a host of other items spattered do, but also how to do it, who to call for help, wants to end the stress and chaos of havingaround your office, on your desk and in your which resources you may need, etc. You may incomplete tasks hanging over their Each one is meant to help you move feel as if you’re wasting time here by going By taking the time to complete this five-stepforward to reaching your goals; however, over the same tasks, but trying to rank your process, you can finally meet all your goalsas the piles and files grow, they become initial ideas in chronological order is difficult and achieve the results you want.overwhelming, no matter how neatly you may until you can see them all on paper at once.have them organized. Therefore, begin by Dr. Joelle K. Jay, Ph. D., is an executive coach and the senior managing partnergetting all of your ideas and notes in one place. 5. get going! of the leadership development firm, PillarMake a big pile of all the papers and items in Now that all your ideas are organized, all Consulting. She can be contacted atthe middle of your office floor or on your desk. you have to do is take action and tick off the 775.324.5377, or by e-mail atDon’t leave anything out. tasks as they’re completed. No more thinking,
  8. 8. Drive Sales with Live Chat:Engage Shoppers, Monitor Online Behavior and Leverage Business Intelligence.Shoppers’ online behavior and expectations about vehicle purchases we engaged people on the site. Live chat is perfect for this. People havehave changed dramatically, and your communication should reflect these questions but many don’t want to call or come into the store to get answers.”changes. As the evolution of Internet technology and innovation continuesto accelerate, consumers expect more choices and instant gratification. Jim Bell, Internet performance and marketing director for Don Ayres Honda,For example, live chat has become the “1-800” phone number of today. began researching live chat options more than a year ago, and deployedIn the 1980s, businesses were slow to offer toll-free numbers. As more chat last winter. “We all know that a lot of people search for automotivecompanies provided them, it became a consumer expectation to conduct information while they are at work. Many of them can’t talk on the phonebusiness. The companies that didn’t provide toll-free numbers began to while working because they are being monitored. Sometimes even e-maillose prospective customers, while those that did gained more customers. is monitored, but they can ‘stealthily’ use live chat. We constantly chat withLive chat now follows the same path. Innovative dealers began to offer it Website visitors during the work day who give us their phone numbers andearly on, and now consumers expect this alternative contact experience. tell us to call them in the evening. By the time we talk on the phone, we’veIt is true that technology has given consumers more control, but it’s already given them valuable information and begun building a relationship.also true that technology can give you more power to track and analyze It’s a great service for everyone involved.”shoppers’ behavior. By offering consumers a faster, more interactiveonline experience, you can leverage technology behind the scenes to Successful Live Chat Requires Highlycapture more data that can be turned into business intelligence. Trained, Dedicated Chat RepsBy now, most dealers understand that live chat is a required component Making the important decision to deploy live chat is a start, butof a successful online marketing plan. Chip Diggs, director of Internet understanding the staffing requirements is just as important for success.sales and marketing at Zeigler Automotive Group, began using live chat Some dealers have the internal resources to manage chat from within theon his dealerships’ Websites more than six months ago. “Even a year dealership, but many do not. It is critical to understand that dedicatedago, we weren’t convinced that we needed live chat, but now we know chat reps are required for effective live chat. Further, the reps must beit’s a necessity. Most Website visitors expect it, and you can actually lose trained in best practices for the unique communication requirements ofshoppers if the service isn’t available. Chat has enabled us to ‘soften’ the first chat. If your dealership does not have staff members who are committedcontact with clients. We invest a great deal to drive traffic to our Website, and trained to manage chats, then it is essential to use a qualified serviceand we finally realized that we would earn more leads from this traffic if that can handle the chats for you. “If you’re planning to manage live chat from within the dealership, the activMobile™ biggest challenge is staffing,” Diggs said. “You must have dedicated, highly trained staff to handle the chats. You will lose shoppers if they think chat is available, but no one responds to them. We have an Internet team with 10 trained sales people who manage our chats. We now typically sell 125 to 130 vehicles per month just from Internet sales, and live chat is an integral part of this.” Bell takes a different approach. “We don’t have the internal staff to manage chat, so we use ActivEngage’s full service live chat, ActivConcierge. It’s great because the chat reps really make our Website visitors feel like a part of the dealership, and all chat transcripts and contact information are tied directly to our BDC. Our customers consistently tell us how much they like having live chat available on the Website, and we don’t have to worry about managing the chats from within the dealership.” Data Drives Internet Marketing Success Once live chat has been deployed and properly managed, it’s time to look at the tracking and analysis that turn mere data into business intelligence. Measuring online data is a start and can help you better serve consumers, but refining that data is the key to leveraging its true value. Measuring and refining relevant data allows you put it in perspective, and learn how to use it to improve your business. While looking at numbers on spreadsheets may not be particularly enjoyable, examining data via interactive charts and graphs, within the context of your overall marketing plans, is always illuminating — and actually can be fun. Further, three levels of consumer data should be captured and analyzed: visitor, engagement and conversion. Visitor data lets you know how shoppers find you and how they navigate your Website. Engagement data tells you where and how they take action. Conversion data lets you know where and when they take the crucial step of moving from visitors to qualified leads.
  9. 9. Live Chat with Business Intelligence activDashboard™ and the Bottom Line Automotive retail success is still (and always will be) all about creating an outstanding customer experience, but today we must use online technology to meet and exceed shoppers’ expectations. Consumers spend a lot of time online, and most are now trained to expect instant gratification. Live chat, coupled with business intelligence, helps you provide this gratification and sets you apart from your competitors. With the prevalence of text and instant messaging, most consumers are comfortable with, and even have a preference for, live chat online. In the end, it comes down to improving the bottom line, and live chat that incorporates data tacking and analysis consistently yields outstanding results. “On average, we set appointments with half of the people we chat with,” Diggs said. “Of those appointments, we typically close 80 percent. Live chat is now one of our highest percentage closing tools. It’s really amazing. Clients who use live chat are ready to do something. It’s on their minds right now and they want someone to help them in a non-Connect the Dots with an Internet invasive way, and they want that help immediately.”Marketing DashboardNow that you’re tracking the data, an online marketing dashboard is “We’ve already had hundreds of chats in just the first few months of use,”essential to refine it and realize its full value. Advanced dashboards allow Bell said. “We have increased our sales leads, and have been pleasantlyauto dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers to track all marketing surprised that parts and service leads have also increased. Some peoplemetrics — including Website analytics, conversion points, ROI and even use live chat to schedule service appointments. There is a highmore — from a single Webpage. Historically, monitoring dealerships’ return on the investment and it’s a great convenience to shoppers. In fact,online marketing from multiple campaigns, vendors and sources was some shoppers will even leave your site if live chat isn’t available.”time-consuming, complicated and sometimes impossible. Now, however,technology allows this consolidation, and the best dashboards quickly and The foundation of success is creating a great customer experience,easily display all marketing campaign performance. The most advanced whether shoppers are in the showroom, on the phone or online. Andonline dashboards also have a single login that enables dealerships to see with more than 90 percent of vehicle consumers conducting research andexactly how their Internet business is performing in one location. shopping online, it’s not enough to merely have a nice-looking Website — with a form for shoppers to submit their contact information beforeAnalytics dashboards should incorporate all marketing data from live you even help, phone, e-mail, third-party lead sources, Website analytics and anyother sources used. The data can then be integrated and analyzed to Diggs summed it up: “In the past, customers had to give up their informationprovide dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers advanced business before we gave them anything. Chat now allows us to give before weintelligence to create the most effective marketing and sales mix. A receive. Once we answer questions and send requested information viasingle online dashboard login also ends the inefficiency of creating and chat, shoppers are much more comfortable and willing to give us theirmonitoring multiple reports, and puts the most important information contact information. It’s sort of like having to deposit money in the bankinto an interactive visual display, helping you connect the marketing dots. before trying to make a withdrawal. We start the relationship by giving, so it’s no wonder that live chat leads have such high closing rates.”Mobile is Now MandatoryIt is also important to note that consumers increasingly access the Todd Smith is the founding partner and chief executive officer ofInternet via mobile devices and expect full Website functionality on activEngage Inc. He can be contacted at 866.891.1193, or by e-mail at devices. Mobile applications are now available to offerdealers advanced chat functionality on mobile devices. Web-based,native mobile applications provide full live-chat capability, unlike other www.activengage.commobile offerings that merely allow text or instant messaging. Further,with advanced technology, live chats can be seamlessly transferredbetween mobile devices and computers. For example, a dealer canbe at his/her desk chatting with a customer and the shopper requestsdetailed information about a car on the lot. The dealer is then able toeffortlessly transfer the live chat to his/her mobile device and continuethe conversation while walking to the vehicle of interest. In addition,chats can be moved from the mobile device back to the computer, with Sales Associate: Hello how can I help you today?no interruption in the communication. Chat transcripts and contact Tom Smith: I am looking for ainformation are then seamlessly entered into the dealership’s ILM, CRM 2012 Chevy Silveradoor DMS, with no manual data re-entry. Sales Associate: I can help you with that! activConnect™ Toolbar
  10. 10. BryanAnderson marketing solution Active involvement in one’s online reputation has quickly become a vital component of any Manage successful branding strategy. This holds true for the auto dealer as it does for his favorite relationships to restaurant down the street. The sea of online consumer forums (Google Places, Yelp!, Yahoo influence reputation Local, etc.) is a significant voice with which to contend when promoting your dealership. The game changes frequently, so managing this expansive sea can prove difficult when going itThe need for online reputation management (ORM) is indisputable, especially following massive alone. Finding a reputation management solutionchanges made by Google last October. And with new customer forums created daily, dealers can that works for you, with your existing processesno longer ignore the importance of a strong online reputation. Ultimately, it’s about selling and and your data, is fundamental for success.servicing more vehicles; first, however, we must understand what it is and how it works. Truereputation management tracks customer actions and their opinions around your brand, reports Exactly how does a dealer best manage hison those actions and opinions, and influences the content posted by engaging with consumers at online reputation? More and more, dealers arestrategic points in the sales and service cycle. paying attention to what the online community is saying about them; but simply tracking reviews, while necessary, is a far too passive response. You may solicit ratings as a means to improve online reputation, but a successful reputation management strategy must go beyond mere solicitation. Above all this, the ability to influence consumer interactions will take a dealer’s reputation management to an entirely new level. By far, the smartest way to drive reputation management is through relationship management. Think about it: No matter how strong or weak, positive or negative, there is always some level of relationship with your customers. In fact, the stronger the relationship, the stronger the influence you have on consumers to post content that will leave your competition green with envy. Your prospects and customers — everyone managed through strong CRM processes — are the very people you can influence the most to leave positive, compelling comments about your dealership online. The natural link between a strong CRM and a successful ORM strategy is undeniable. That link leverages the existing relationship to generate online content and turn it into measurable ROI — a crucial component far too often missed with most ORM solutions. CRM-directed relationship marketing engages customers at just the right times through their preferred media preference. This timely engagement is the key to generating a high quantity and quality of responses. The final step is simply to distribute this valuable content across sites such as Google Places, CitySearch, and DealerRater; and do so in such a way that maximizes reputation wherever your prospects might find you online. Reputation management is practically over- discussed these days. To keep clear of the ORM fog, stick with the basics: Employ an agile strategy that best utilizes your CRM and lean on a provider who can help make sense of the jungle. Then, having influenced your brand consistently across the Web, you can enjoy the profitable fruit of a five-star reputation. Bryan Anderson is the founder of Autobase. He can be contacted at 866.667.9659, or by e-mail at
  11. 11. The New PlatformEmpowering Connections“It is very important for me to have a company like that has one login for everything. One platform allows us to be efficient and provides us with analytics that we need to help run our dealership. We have built a strong relationship with our Account Manager, and they are proactive with recommendations on areas we can improve upon. What I like most is that everyone at is willing to help.”Ben WeirGeneral ManagerVehicle Operations,Pearson Ford + 223 % Pearson Ford Website visitors have increased 223% since using the platform.To learn more, visit or call us at 888.785.5418
  12. 12. GlennPasch leadership solution successful Managers are successful teachersIn this competitive marketplace, a successful customer’s needs. Keep that up.” Now, that what they did previously, and see where theybusiness needs not only a great company vision is something they can repeat. It is a specific may be cutting corners. It should be very easybut also great managers to see it through. action that the employee can duplicate. to get them back on track.Examine any successful dealership’s business My second point is: All feedback must be an I have been asked what percentage of timemodule and you will find a great manager action the employee can emulate. should be dedicated to the top performers. Thatthere turning each goal into reality. A great depends on your day’s activities, but I suggestmanager understands how to take hold of Helpful hint: When thinking of feedback, if at least 40 percent of your training time shoulda company’s vision and translate it into you cannot get up and demonstrate how to do be spent with your top people. They are theprocesses and procedures that will accelerate it, then you are not being clear enough. ones who will be there for the long run andtheir staff to the top. their bad days impact your bottom line more. This type of feedback makes your follow-upWe are all here today and in our current easier. When you return, the person either will One last point: Let’s discuss the opposite ofpositions because many people took the time be doing it or they won’t. If they are, then again, a good communicator. I believe unsuccessfulto teach us how to succeed. Our parents, our compliment them, as this locks in the behavior communicators fall into two categories:teachers, our friends, our coaches in sports and and they will continue to achieve results. If theyother business people — if you think about are not doing what you need, it will be easy The “Love to Hear Myself Talk” teacher —how many people impacted your life through to get them back on track as long as you are They take too much time, too many examples.teaching or coaching, it is overwhelming. specific about what you expect them to do. Somewhere during the training, they are focused on how smart they are, how well theyThe best of this list made an impact because are doing and lose their audience. The listenerthey took the time to show you how to do Now let’s look at another popular feedback phrase: “I need you to pick up your numbers.” shuts down and stops hearing what is said.something and you applied the training and This, in turn, frustrates the teacher and bothlearned. That is the mark of a great manager. My response to the manager would be, “How can I pick up my numbers? Did the numbers spiral into a place where nothing can be taughtSo how did they do it? Excellent communication. fall on the floor?” Sarcasm aside, I want each or learned. manager to realize what they are actuallyHow many of you in sales or service have saying versus what they really may be trying to The “Look How Much I Got Done” teacherheard the following: communicate. — They are focused on speed and moving on• “Good job. Keep it going.” to the next task. This type of teacher assumes• “Your numbers are dropping — let’s get it What they could say instead is, “I need you to everyone picks things up as quickly as they rolling.” listen to what the customer is asking so you can do. They do not take the time to make sure• “You’re killing it today!” provide the correct information. This way, you the information is anchored in and able to• “Come on, you can do better than that.” will book more service appointments instead of be applied properly. They come across as if• “Last month we missed our sales goal. This dropping so many calls out of frustration. This they are talking down to the staff. Then upon month we need to knock it out!” will lead you to close more sales.” Again, in this review, the people do not grasp what was case, the feedback was detailed and actionable. taught and the teacher would never think it wasIn my many years of delivering training to their fault and the listener spirals to the placemanagers, I cannot tell you how many times I A word of caution: Managers can be lulled of no learning.have had to address these same issues. So, can into a very dangerous comfort zone when their Managing a successful team is teaching peopleanyone tell me how the employee is able to teams are achieving the results they expect. to change behavior to achieve success. If youimprove from that vague feedback? They do not dig into why their people are are not willing to put in the effort to correctly getting results. Successful people understand communicate what you are expecting, then youLet’s first address the “Good job, keep it up” what they need to achieve to attain positive are wasting everyone’s time. Have patiencefeedback. My first response to the manager results so they can repeat that behavior. and a sense of fun. If you are not enjoying thewould be, “What is ‘it’? Could you be more process, why should anyone else?specific?” Make sure you spend time anchoring in the proper behavior among your top people. Make Glenn Pasch is the COO of PCG DigitalThis leads me to my first point: All feedback them aware of what they do to get results so Marketing and the president of Improvedmust be specific. Maybe the manager could they can repeat that behavior. This way, if their Performance Solutions. He can be contactedhave said, “Great job. You are asking the performance drops for any reason, then you at 866.611.0998, or by e-mail atproper questions we designed to discover the can see what they are doing, match it against
  13. 13. How about a brand new, hi-tech, impossibly easy to sell product that sets your store apart from the competition? How about a new high margin profit center for your F&I department? How about a product that prevents lost sales by notifying you of low battery levels? How about all this AND being able to locate every car in inventory, at any time, from anywhere? Introducing VehSmart™, distributed by G&A Marketing. What is VehSmart™? It’s the newest and most advanced in-vehicle communication system. It combines the power of GPS/Satellite with cellular technology, so your customers can connect with emergency services, roadside assistance, or get live help 24/7. VehSmart™ has more advanced safety & security features than the most popular “on-demand” service. And it can be installed quickly and easily on any vehicle - new or used.* Plus, VehSmart™ gives you the ability to locate every vehicle in your inventory, accessible anytime, from anywhere. VehSmart is a registered trademark of VehSmart Services, Inc. For free information, details and exclusive pricing, send an E-mail to Put “Smart” in the subject line. No purchase necessary, no obligation. *VehSmart™ can be installed on any vehicle manufactured 1996 or after (866) 460-0539 www.gamarketing.comOUR MISSION: To be the industry’s best at leading dealerships to achieve maximum performance through marketing, training, consulting and motivation.