Generic obd codes from p0100 to p0599


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Generic obd codes from p0100 to p0599:

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Generic obd codes from p0100 to p0599

  1. 1. AutoOBDToolsLearning CenterAutoOBDTools offical blog is used to share auto obd diagnostic toolsknowledge You are here: Home / Auto Code Reader / generic obd codes from P0100 to P0599 generic obd codes from P0100 to P0599 RSS By Lucy Quliar on July 26, 2011 | Leave a response RSS obd trouble codes produced by the vehicle’s PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. It’s a computer system which controls the vehicle’s engine performance by receiving information from sensors By using a code reader or scanner,mechanics can determine what’s wrong Search with the also can buy it for youself at amazon,ebay,sears etc,also you can buy it on to get high qulity,professional tools Search this site... P0100-P0199 The computer codes ranging from P0100 to P0199 have to do with sensors within the engine’s intake, exhaust, and carburetor. They may indicate a problem with the mass air flow Categories sensor, the oxygen sensor, the oil temperature sensor, or the fuel pressure sensor. Auto Code Reader P0200-P0299 auto key programmer The computer codes ranging from P0200 to P0299 indicates a malfunction in the vital parts auto user manual of the engine’s combustion cylinders. There may be a problem with the fuel injectors, the car repair terms combustion cylinders themselves, the injection pump and the throttle/pedal position sensors. OBD-II dtc codes lookup OBDII PDF E-BOOK Download P0300-P0399 This range of codes indicates problems with the engine’s output and ignition systems. There may be a problem with the crankshaft, camshaft, ignition coils, or timing chain. Archives P0400-P0499 This range of codes has to do with exhaust and emissions control. these codes indicate July 2011 (91) exhaust gases spilling out of the engine, water vapor in the catalytic converter, overheating, June 2011 (1) excess exhaust pressure, or a complete failure of the evaporative emissions control system. P0500-0599 This range of codes is related to electrical malfunctions. There could be a problem with the fuse box or electrical wiring, the idle control system, power steering, or cruise control could Recent Comments all be ailing. Jewel Fraize on free 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche Owner’s Manual pdf download POSTED IN Auto Code Reader Mobile Affiliate Profits on BMW TAGGED generic obd codes, generic obd codes from P0100 to P0599, obd trouble codes Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free System (ULF) Owner’s Manual betandhome on What is OBDII(On-Visitors Who Viewed This Article Also Viewed Board Diagnostic) HCG diet review on What are the usual reasons for an OBD diagnostic Failure poker training on AD900 Pro Key
  2. 2. Programmer user manual pdf download Benz seat sensor emulator HITAG 2 KEY TOOL Ford Scanner Code Reader Launch X431 Super 16 Diagnostic Connector Price: 29.99$ Price: 99.00$ Price: 39.10$ Price: 105.00$ Blogroll AutoOBDTools U581 LIVE DATA OBD2 EOBD TACHO UNIVERSAL V2008.01 Autoboss PC-MAX Wireless PS150 Oil Reset Tool Scanner Can-Bus Code CPU BOARD VCI Professional UPDATED Reader Price: 100.00$ Price: 170.00$ Price: 853.00$ 799.99$ Price: 235.00$ Leave a Reply Name * Email * Website Comment POST COMMENT ← PREVIOUSCopyright © 2011 AutoOBDTools Learning Center. Powered by WordPress and Trending.