Chevrolet Beat


Published on Chevrolet Beat test drive and review. Also specifications,pictures,videos,cost,specs and on-road price of Chevy beat

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Chevrolet Beat

  1. 1. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Home Members Groups Forums Expert Reviews User Reviews Answers Login | Signup Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review Posted by TeamVicky under Beat, Car and Chevrolet. 0 Comments Introduction Not very long ago, people started writing off General Motors. But the bowtie is here to conquer. After cruising with cruze, Chevrolet plans to trump the rivals with Beat. Yes, its beat (carries the same name as the concept) – the next generation spark. Beat was shown along with the Trax and the Groove as a concept vehicle at the 2007 New York International show. Owing to the response, GM decided to put Beat into production. India is one very few countries to get the beat earlier. Why? not just because India is one of the largest hatchback market in the world but also India is the key market for GM’s comeback as well. Can Beat make a cut in the already crowded hatchback market? Can it beat the rivals. Design 1 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  2. 2. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Very few cars are as attractive as their hatchbacks! i can recollect only Maruti A-star before Beat. Beat is radical, striking and exudes youthfulness. The teardrop headlamps flows right from the A-pillar to the front. Like the Cruze, Beat also comes with GM’s new face – gold bow-tie logo and strong signature grille. The raised and elongated hood not just ensures beat meets high pedestrian standards of Europe but also gives masculinity. Accentuating the mascuine character are the roof rails which sits on It also makes up for the modest fenders which houses 14″ inch alloy. Styling The rear door handles are stucked in the C-pillar giving the beat a clean and uncluttered look. The chrome rounded taillamps and integrated rear tailgate spoiler dominates the rear. But the rear resembles Ritz sometime. Overall the styling is very impressive if not overtoned and could be the key factor for the success of this hatch. But i believe time has come for designers to think out-of-the box. Like they said bye to boxy structures, this new norm of making cars with elongated headlamps, rakish,rakish windscreen,claustrophobic rear and angled taillamps has started boring. Every small car confirm to this 2 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  3. 3. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews new norm in one or other way. Engine and mileage Under the hood is the 1.2L S-TEC II 16 valve engine. This gasoline is very much the advanced version of Aveo U-VA’s 1.2L one. It makes 80.5PS of peak power at 6200rpm and 106Nm of maximum torque at 4400rpm. The figures makes Beat one of the powerful hatchbacks in the lot. Also considering 965kg of kerb weight, it wins many hatchbacks in the power to weight ratio. But does it translate into on-road performance as well? see the next slide to know the same. A five speed manual gearbox is mated with this engine. Beat returns a mileage or fuel efficiency of 18.6kmpl (next only to Nano) under standard conditions Performance Turn on the ignition key, turn it again..but no feedback. You would never know the engine is on or off while in idling. Hats off to GM, the segment buyers who are going to spend most of the time in traffic signals would love it. Beat pulls off easily in first or second gear. Similar to low range, the mid range is 3 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  4. 4. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews also strong. 130kmph in third gear is an absolute possiblity. The engine is also revvy going all the way to 6000rpm. The taller fourth and fifth makes the beat a slouch in the highway. Downshift to overtake and work on gears to keep her in the power band. We managed to hit a impressive top whack of 155kmph. The gear shift quality is decent. Handling Built on the 300 series platform which is also the platform the cruze and upcoming next generation aveo. While the platform fell short with Cruze’s engine, it handles the beat with ease. The straightline stability is impeccable. Even at 130kmph we never felt unruffled. However, as typical of other city cars the suspension is tuned for ride than handling. Also it is undertyred (155/70 apollo accelere) and but making fun is not Beat’s forte. Though the steerring is not as light as Hyundai i10, beat is easy to maneuvere. Colours will be available in many colours – red, blue, green, brown, orange and ice blue. Styling 4 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  5. 5. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Not many cars have equally compelling as their exteriors are! Beat has it. Beat’s cute interiors is complemented by funky interiors. Look at the instruement panel, it is unique and refreshing. Inspired from the superbikes, the hooded speedo and digital multi information display is a cool stuff.Also, polished (piano wood lookalike) touches all over the cabin gives the cabin a upmarket feel. The decals are legible(tacho bares redline) and control knobs inspire soft touch. But the competitors like i10 and Ritz has set new set of standard. Beat lacks the much need charming dual tone interiors. Ergonomics Front seats are comfortable and comes with large seat travel. Footwell is also large but dead pedal is absent. Unlike the spark, steering column mounted controls suits the indian driving system well. The high set dash ensures controls for A/C and audio system are within reach and accessible. But if your co-passenger is tall, you have to scratch their thighs while shifting the gear. Also front passengers knees brushes against the central console and the glovebox. As typical of modern hatches, the front and rear end visibility is heavily compromised. 5 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  6. 6. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Space and Comfort Though the Beat is short on space, it is intelligently packed. The amount of stowage spaces the beat offers is incredible. From keeping coins to cellphone to bottles you can find a space. The glovebox and boot space are adequate. 170 litres of boot space with the seats up, and 994 litres of space if the 60:40 folding rear seats are down. Beat is strictly meant for four passengers as the track is narrow. The legroom at the rear is just short of perfect Larger rear occupants may find their knees brush the back of the front seats and compensate for the absence of lumbar support. However the headroom is decent, even a tall passenger can be comfortable. Ride quality and NVH uses Mcpherson strut at the front and compound crank type at the rear. The ride is complaint at low speeds and absorbs most shocks. As you move fast, few shocks can spike into the passenger compartment. But overall ride quality is impressive for a hatch. NVH is average, cost cutting could be the factor. When the engine is rev hard and as the tacho needle crosses 4000rpm you can see the signs of discomfort even 6 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  7. 7. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews in the face of rear passengers. The engine become very noisy even your papa at the rear seat can tell you drive smoothly. Suspension noise and tyre noise is also evident even when the windows aree shut. Features comes with 60:40 foldable seats,power steering,power windows alloy wheels, ABS, dual airbags,rear wiper, integrated music system, fog lamps,vanity mirrors, sunglass holder and two way movable ORVM. Forgive us Chevrole is yet to give us the complete feature list. However, to be priced competitively, Beat may lack remote locking,electrically adjustable mirros,steering adjustment (tilt and reach), sunroof and mileage indicator. Variants and Price will be available in three variants – 1.2, 1.2LS and 1.2LT. GM will officially launch the Beat in Delhi on 04th January. On the likes of Cruze pricing, Beat will be priced competitevely. Expect the pricing to range between Rs3.7 to Rs 4.2 lakhs Nice 7 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  8. 8. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Boot light Completely shutting air-con vents Not so nice No reading lamp for rear passengers Claustrophobic rear Look at this way Rear door handles is conveniently placed close to C-pillar. But kids needs adults help to open the door everytime Low set fuel lid is good but you have to crouch Verdict 8 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM
  9. 9. Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review at Expert Reviews Beat is futuristically styled, rides well, promises higher mileage, engine has good low and mid range and will be cheaper. Barring space and few necessary features, Beat has no shortcomings. Beat may not trump rivals but will set a league on its own 0 Responses to “Chevrolet Beat TestDrive & Review” No Comments Leave a Reply You must login to post a comment. © 2004 9 of 9 9/23/2010 3:37 PM