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Is Your Dealership's SEO Working?: Advanced Metrics for Measuring Success

Are you unsure if your dealership's SEO is going in the right direction? Are you confused on what metrics and filtering you should use to show success?

Join PCG Digital Marketing's Chief SEO Strategist Matthew O'Such for this important webinar to learn how to use Google Analytics and website platform reporting tools to track your success.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 1:00PM EST.

During this webinar, Matthew will explain:

Google Analytics advanced filters and segments
Branded and non branded traffic to your website
Goal tracking
Advanced SEO techniques to achieve success

Plus, Matthew will be covering Capital Ford LINCOLN's case study for an overall traffic increase of over 80% from organic and paid search.

If you are any of the following, you should not miss this webinar:

General Managers
Dealer Principals
Internet Sales Managers
General Sales Managers
Marketing Managers

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Is Your Dealership SEO Working - Advanced SEO Tips & Tracking Metrics

  1. 1. Is YourDealership SEOWorking?Advanced SEO Strategies& Measurement for 2013by PCG Digital MarketingChief SEO Strategist – Matthew O‟Such
  2. 2. Matthew O’Such – Chief SEO StrategistPCG Digital Marketingmatt@pcgdigitalmarketing.comHi, I‟m Matt O‟Such, you may rememberme from such presentations as…Effective SEO Strategies &Why Google+ Is A PowerfulNew Marketing FriendGoogle Penguin Update:New Techniques To BoostYour
  3. 3. Who We Are – What We Do
  4. 4. PCG Digital - Started in 2005now serves over 180 dealerships, specializing in the automotive industry2010, 2011SearchEngineOptimizationSearchEngineMarketing(Paid)InternetReputationManagementSocial MediaSpecialistsProfessionalSEO ContentWritingPersonal,Unique &EffectiveStrategiesAutomotive Industry Conferences(250+ Attendees each)
  5. 5. Today‟s Presentation is not for Beginners……But don‟t worry, if you‟re not familiar with allthe terms below, you‟ll still survive
  6. 6. What we’ll cover today3 Advanced SEO techniques to achievesuccessGoogle Analytics Advanced filters andsegmentsSEO Measurements in the AutomotiveIndustry: Branded vs. Non-branded trafficHow Capital Ford Lincoln increased traffic by42% using SEO compared to Branded Traf.
  7. 7. Why we do “SEO” – not a gameEffective search engine optimization can makea site more crawlable and make individualpages more accessible and easier to find.… ensure that the right words are on the page,not just industry jargon that normal people willnever type.
  8. 8. You should already know… How to do Keyword Research Importance of writing unique and interesting content Meta Tagging – titles and descriptions Webmaster Tools, Sitemaps, Robots.txt, H1 – H2 etc structure Importance of Social Media Google+Business Page (or Google Maps) listings Google PageRank – Google Updates: Penguin, Panda & Venice
  9. 9. 3 Advanced SEO techniques to achievesuccess1. Utilize your dealership Umbrella/Group website &network The majority of attendees on the webinar today are fromGroups (3 stores or more)! Don‟t stop at the homepage linkto the brand, create landingpages for each location A one-page spread, all about thedealership, history, location, etc.and links to dealership assets Optimize content, blogs, specials,driving directions, geotargets
  10. 10. Why do this? Google trying to “diversify” listings on pageone search results It is getting more difficult to rank multiplepages of your site for one term Push up assets you benefit from to controlmore of page one
  11. 11. Utilizing your Umbrella/Group site Links to otherassets, usingAnchor text tooptimize links Deep linking Why do this?Increase assets onpage 1 fordealership name,and targetkeyword goals
  12. 12. Advanced SEO Technique #2 Microformatting aka Rich Snippets – helpsearch engines help you! Identify your business for Local Listings Now specify in the underlying code of your website Business Cars Infoo Business Nameo Location Lat & Longo Address, City, State, Zip Authorship Markupo Google+ Author profile linko Google+ Publisher link (your Google+Business page) Google‟s new Rich Snippets Tool shows us what iscurrently on the site/pageA good starter‟s Guide:
  13. 13. Where to test it?, you‟re going to make me write code?! - Of course not!...
  14. 14. Advanced SEO Tip #3:(great for local SEO)Citation & Link Building Know your listings Know your links Majestic SEO
  15. 15. Citations & Links Essentially the same concept Citations more specific to Local Listings Citation Advice SAME PHONE NUMBER – no more tracking #s SAME DEALERSHIP NAMEo “I tried this in my Google+Business Page / Maplisting and it didn‟t change”o CHECK – Google trusts it‟s sources – ifyou don‟t match, it may not change.
  16. 16. Citations & Links (cont.) Link Building & Audit Advice Trust Webmaster Tools “Links toYou” report Link Count reports will not match Watch your Competitiono OpenSiteExplorer – comparespecific links, anchor texto GO GET „EM! Use local contacts – Charities,Chamber of Commerce, LocalSports They all have websites, ask forlinks back when you sponsor!
  17. 17. Google Analytics Advanced filtersand segments Help you to filter your analytics faster Use the same benchmarking over and over Keep the important metrics in front of you andyour team Measure: Vehicle Detail Page Views Engagement by Traffic Source (aka Bounce Rate)
  18. 18. Let‟s take a look at somelive Analytics…
  19. 19. What we covered in Analytics Advanced Segments & Filtering Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic Filters
  20. 20. Matthew O’Such – Chief SEO StrategistMike Lizza – Sales ManagerDon Lampert – SEO StrategistPCG Digital Marketingmatt@pcgdigitalmarketing.comSo, Is Your Dealership SEO Working?Advanced SEO Strategies & Measurement for 2013
  21. 21. Upcoming Webinars with PCGInternet Reputation Management – WHY?!•Customers are talking about your business, whetheryou asked for it or not. What do potential customerssee when they search for your business?•For car dealerships in particular, customers arereviewing the entire buying experience - not just theproduct•Learn how to effectively monitor and manage youronline reputation wherever the discussion is takingplace, whether its Google+ Local or your ownFacebook page•Thursday, June 20 at 1pm eastern•